10 Creative Ideas for Easter Urban Decorations


Discover with us 10 ideas for Easter urban decorations! Because if Christmas holidays enchant us with grand Christmas trees and twinkling lights, why not make Easter equally beautiful in our cities? We present to you our suggestions that will fill the streets with colors and smiles! (In collaboration with Terra Easter – Click!)

If you’re struggling to choose the perfect decorations for your city for the upcoming Easter holidays, don’t worry! We are here to help you. In each of the following points, we have included links expanding on topics related to Easter decorations. With them, in the year 2024, you will be able to prepare for Easter like never before!

1. Floral Towers and Cascades

Enchant your city with flowers! Floral towers are versatile decorations that can be tailored to the character of any city. Remember, they are beautiful not only at Easter but also throughout the year – with the right ornaments, we can use floral towers even in autumn and winter! How to do it? Click here!

2. Hanging Planters for City Lanterns

Lanterns are not just lights, but also color! Hanging decorations will add charm to every street and bring a springtime atmosphere. And there are plenty of options available; if you want more information on this topic, read more here: https://greenspired.eu/how-do-hanging-flower-planters-work/

  3. Charming Easter Bunny

Easter without a bunny? Impossible! Our decoration suggestions will bring a touch of magic and smiles to the faces of the youngest residents. For more inspiration: click here!

4. Easter Eggs XXL

Let the Easter eggs fill the cities! After all, what is a bunny without its eggs, which it leaves at our homes and gardens? Now also as large-scale decorations for cities and villages! Here is a wide selection of 2D and 3D eggs that will enliven every corner of the city. And if you want to know more, visit our post: click here!


5. Flowerbed in a Lace Egg

A lace egg filled with flowers is a delicate and beautiful decoration that will liven up the space around it. It’s delicate, but it can surprise you with its size! More on this topic here: https://greenspired.eu/how-to-plant-easter-decorations-starring-openwork-eggs-and-pansies/

6. Half of an Openwork Globe

Use a globe not only in winter! Create a magnificent Easter decoration from it that will delight the city’s residents. Of course, you can learn more about them, here’s the link: https://greenspired.eu/colorful-art-in-public-places/!

7. Roosters, Hens, and Figurines

Roosters, hens, tulips – everything associated with Easter will bring the city to life! And we have plenty of great solutions to offer you, take a look at our posts about hens and bunnies! Get in touch with us to get them: https://terraeaster.com/contact/! 🙂

8. XXL Planters

Large planters are an excellent choice that offers unlimited design possibilities. See for yourself how wonderful they will look on the streets! We have presented various possibilities for decorating them many times before, so let the gallery speak for itself this time, and if you can’t decide: Click here!

9. Lace, Unconventional Urban Decorations

Flowers, butterflies, birds – we can also decorate the city with less traditional symbols that will bring a springtime freshness to the streets! Check out more information on this topic in a longer post: https://greenspired.eu/colorful-decorations-for-home-garden-and-urban-space/

10. White Eggs for a Social Movement

Inviting residents to paint white eggs is an excellent way to collaborate and create an unforgettable Easter atmosphere in the city! You already know something about it, but if not, you can catch up on how to mobilize residents for outdoor fun, here: https://greenspired.eu/celebrating-diversity-how-cities-across-borders-unleashed-creativity-on-easter-eggs-8-inspiring-initiatives-in-poland-and-beyond/

When the city is engulfed in a spring explosion of colors and charm, and the streets are bustling with life, there is no better ending than painting white eggs together! Paints, smiles, and residents’ creativity merge into a fantastic symphony of colors, creating a unique aerial gallery that will remain in memory long after the holidays end. So let your social action become a legend of the city, inspiring future generations to create Easter magic on the streets together!

So which idea has delighted you the most? Share your opinion in the comments!

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