Big flower pots – big plants!

It would seem that bushy ornamental plants are an option only if planting directly in the ground. It turns out that the most beautiful specimens can be easily grown in containers – provided that they are really large containers. A palm tree or cannas  in the center of a paved square? No problem!

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Mobile planters for special needs

City Days, harvest festivals, regional holidays, and even … visits of amusement parks. There is a lot of things going on in public spaces! Good things cannot last forever though… one may even be tempted to say that the greatest advantage of events in common spaces is their fleetingness. Waiting the whole year for a few days of events makes them unique. However, how to prepare a space for intensive use? How to make hundreds or even thousands of guests feel comfortable?

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Europe is blooming… Large colorful flower pots

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Nobody needs to be convinced about the importance of natural decorations in our cities. Fortunately, the trend of ‘concreting’ city centers has been diminishing, however, this is not always a fast process. Large flower pots are perfect for places that still need colors. Effect? Immediate!

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Fight the grayness. Colorful and mobile urban pots XXL

How to keep some sun in the cities even in a shadowy day? How to get rid of the grayness in cities and invite some colors to them? How to bring some nature to the public spaces?

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Modular urban benches. How it’s working?

As they say, the beginnings are the most difficult, but don’t worry! To create an interesting project of urban furniture for your city, all you need is a little creativity and good intentions. When creating a bench, refer to the nature of the area – do you have an extensive pavement? Are there many passersby looking for a place to relax?

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Urban pots – a sea of possibilities. Large flower pots

In the German coastal city Greifswald, some unusual urban pots have appeared. Their uniqueness lies in an original form as the edge of a container is extended not without a reason…

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