Made-to-measure hanging Flower Tower!

hanging flower tower terra

They differ in… architecture and a range of the city budget. However, nothing stands in the way to plant smaller and bigger towns in the same nice way, regardless of the buildings types. A flexible approach to the hanging Flower Towers design gave, every kind of an area, perfect made-to-measure solutions, regardless of its needs and possibilities.

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What about…ornamental grasses?

This is the question that was asked when arranging this year’s greenery in the center of Świnoujście (Poland) and along the seaside boulevard. The answer turns out to be unequivocal – this is a great idea! We are sure that this unusual concept will enter the canon of the most popular flowers.

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A walk through Marian Square

It is a wonderful place. Not only does it have 2 main squares but also it is one of the most populous locality in Slovakia. Moreover, it also has the longest pedestrian zone in the whole country.  This is Žilina – a Slovakian city which has just gained its next advantage – beautiful flower towers in the heart of the city centre.

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Your beautiful city – Olsztyn, Poland. See the video

Think pink! The Flower Towers planted with pink flowers look beautiful! And what else is behind such a great effect?
This is the result of several components: first of all – tools. Particularly it means that the Flower Towers have an open-cross section.

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The new sezon for flowers in public spaces. Flower towers Terra Group

It’s already summer, so the season of flowering cities has begun for good. Town Halls, offices – all kinds of public buildings are visited by hundreds of clients. Usually, these visits are not much awaited – how to change it then? A professional service does matter here, however, that’s not all…

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