Celebrating Diversity: How Cities Across Borders Unleashed Creativity on Easter Eggs – 8 Inspiring Initiatives in Poland and Beyond!


Easter eggs – not just hand-painted, but in an extraordinary XXL format.

We already introduced you to the kaleidoscope of Easter eggs offered by our company, and today, we’re thrilled to share a captivating visual journey with you! Behold a stunning collection of photographs showcasing remarkable XXL Easter eggs, passionately painted by schools, kindergartens, local artists, and communities. From the heart of Polish cities to the vibrant streets of Germany and even Austria, we’ve handpicked a selection of the most exquisite images to present this vibrant mosaic through a series of galleries. Interestingly, these hand-painted Easter eggs have sparked various social initiatives, including egg auctions for animal shelters, showcasing the power of creativity for a cause. And there’s more to discover!

Let’s embark on our colorful journey, beginning in the enchanting Karpacz:

In Karpacz, traditional Easter motifs converged with the creativity of local artists and children, resulting in a unique palette of colors. These decorations exuded the charm of spring and mirrored the distinctive character of the city. Engaging children in the initiative, Karpacz also hosted an Easter egg-themed outdoor game, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity. A testament to the fact that unforgettable experiences can be crafted while preserving local culture

Now, let us introduce you to the town of Kozienice:

In the Kozienice, the tradition of adorning the city with large, hand-painted, giant eggs has evolved into an increasingly thrilling annual tradition. Initially led by local artists, the initiative expanded to welcome community talents through a competition. This not only encouraged active participation but also empowered residents to express their artistic flair!

Next stop – Racibórz:

Racibórz entrusted its residents, who wholeheartedly embraced the initiative to paint extra large eggs. Witnessing the explosion of colors and the outdoor gallery, one can’t help but appreciate the fantastic idea!

Kórnik – Brzesko:

The Brzeski Rynek came alive with splendid decorations – large Easter eggs. Purchased by the City Hall, they were adorned by local artists collaborating with the Municipal Cultural Center’s staff. Ranging from a 1.5-meter giant to few others at 75 centimeters each, these Easter decorations not only beautified the surroundings but also infused the residents with a festive spirit, emphasizing the beauty of community and local collaboration.

Have you discovered the Easter eggs in Strzelce Krajeńskie? Here’s their story:

Colorful urban Easter eggs, also known as “Prokopki,” graced the market square in Strzelce Krajeńskie, not just symbolizing cherished traditions but also enchanting with intricate patterns. Unique and one-of-a-kind, these patterns were crafted by the hands of the late local artist, Mr. Jan Prokop, honored through the naming of these splendid eggs.

Now, let’s travel to another town – Skała:

Skała hosted a competition where students formed teams of eight to embellish XXL Easter eggs. The results of their collaborative efforts adorned the market square. Marvel at the magnificence!

Beyond our borders, Easter eggs journeyed all the way to Bad Wimpfen in Germany:

An intriguing project involved the local government ordering white XXL eggs, distributed to various institutions. Early school children had the chance to collectively adorn them, expressing their boundless creativity. The youngest ones even left their handprints on painted Easter eggs. The delightful results await your admiration below.

Finally, we venture beyond the Polish borders to Austria, to the city of Fürstenfeld:

The XXL egg painting initiative achieved resounding success, involving both young and old. Residents, local artists, school students, and art enthusiasts seized the opportunity to express their ideas and preferences through egg decoration. Each egg, a unique masterpiece, reflected the diversity of talents and imaginations within the community.

Photos courtesy of Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld

In this article, we’ve unveiled the positive impact of initiatives centered around the use of Easter eggs by diverse communities. Many towns consistently embrace the tradition of painting XXL eggs, organizing contests and outdoor games, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. Together with the initiators of these events, we celebrate the joy that individuals bring to these activities, creating a delightful social atmosphere – especially during Easter!

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