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Nature-inspired blog for those who “feel the mint to nature”. For seven years now, together with you, we have been creating a place to which we invite all lovers of gardens, wildlife, but also urban greenery and landscape architecture.



Looking for inspiring ideas for urban greenery? Wondering how to take care of plant decorations on the streets of your city? Do you want to learn how to “smuggle” plants into common spaces? Or maybe you don’t know how to take care of your favourite home plant? In the blog we answer these and other questions!


Thanking you for your attention, we want to introduce some friends, because we are not alone in our efforts. The Blog Inspired by Nature was created on the initiative of the company Terra Group – a treasure trove of knowledge and experience from which we very willingly draw. 25 years on the city green market is doing its job!


IThe idea of our blog is to present unique people, products, inspirations, places and ideas – if you want to help us with that, please contact us by e-mail: