Christmas atmosphere also in the workplace


Although nowadays we often choose to work remotely, our offices have been decorated for Christmas anyway. In these exceptional times, a unique atmosphere should not be missing anywhere, neither in our houses nor outside of them. Let’s see how openwork decorations work in this role.

Public urban space, home interiors, workplaces – these are the places in which we most often spend our time and each of them deserves an appropriate seasonal setting. Nothing prevents the elements that appear on sidewalks and squares from decorating our home interiors as well as office buildings and their surroundings.

source: Laboratoires Vivacy, France

The owners of the French company from the aesthetic medicine industry, Laboratoires Vivacy, took care of such setting. Openwork  balls appeared in the company’s management building – huge Christmas Baubles but also Christmas Pyramids arranged from them. There were  some unique elements outside the main building too. Airy XXL openwork spheres are resistant to weather conditions, therefore the outside space was arranged in a similar way.

source: Laboratoires Vivacy, France

The lawns in front of the Laboratoires Vivacy building were decorated with openwork balls and additional lighting, an elegant pyramid made of the same elements appeared in the hall.

source: Laboratoires Vivacy, France

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