A decoration and a flower pot in one – decorative eggs in 8 Easter arrangements


The egg is one of the most important Easter symbols. It refers to a new life and it is closely related to the subject of resurrection. The egg is an inseparable element of the Easter basket, we share it with our loved ones. In addition, beautifully decorated Easter eggs appear on each table. More and more often, Easter eggs are happen to be a decoration in public spaces as well. Of course, they have to be appropriately sized to the scale of the surroundings to make the right impression. Fortunately, the offer of large urban decorations keeps growing.

Decorative eggs with great potential are a noteworthy variant. In this post, you will learn how to prepare the surroundings for this extraordinary period. Can one Easter decoration become a great base for many compositions? Will the space  look original every year? We have prepared 8 different inspirations for you.  They should convince you that this investment will pay off.

Decorative eggs on a traffic circle with an Easter bunny.

Openwork eggs as an Easter decoration for cities

Large eggs, painted or covered with decorative stickers, are a very popular urban Easter decoration. If you want to know more about them, check out our post on giant Easter eggs. Another option are decorative eggs in which spring flowers can be planted. As a result, they not only become a beautiful decoration with a unique and eye-catching design, but also they function as an urban flower container.

Why is it worth choosing decorative eggs? Certainly, due to the long list of advantages:

  • they are made of fiber glass resistant to weather conditions, therefore, they will fulfill their role for many years in the same shape,
  • they are light,
  • made of two parts – it significantly facilitates transport and storage,
  • they have many colors and sizes to choose from,
  • strong, vivid shades add energy, it is extremely important when nature is just waking up, the leaves are still in buds, and the grass is not so juicy yet. The decorative eggs become a great option to enliven the gray-brown surroundings,
  • the possibility of planting plants in them,
  • a lot of arrangement options, which we will present in a moment.
Openwork eggs in a three-pack on a stand.

How to create an impressive arrangement for Easter?

Various colors and sizes of openwork eggs provide a lot of arrangement possibilities. First, you need to consider whether you want to present the Easter decorations individually, e.g. place them at a distance from each other along the street, on both sides of the entrance to the building, or in a composition.

Easter decorations in front of the entrance to the building.

The second option opens another door to make a unique Easter installation. In this case, think about number and colors of decorations. From experience, we can say that the most common choice is three decorative eggs of different colors and sizes. Of course, this is not the only option, it is enough to check how great white openwork eggs with yellow flowers and bows look. Such a composition could be admired in Polish city – Śmigiel.

Easter composition with openwork eggs in Polish citiy – Śmigiel.

Slightly open decorative eggs

This is by far the most frequently chosen option, as it allows you to perfectly display spring plantings, attracting the eyes of residents and tourists. Special brackets hold the upper part at an angle, thanks to which the egg is stable. In this form, openwork eggs are perfect for sidewalks or squares.

Openwork decorations with flowers in the city.

Slightly open easter eggs – another version

The upper and lower parts of the openwork eggs are not connected to each other, so instead of conjuncting them with special supports, create an ajar effect by leaning one element against the other. This solution makes the spring plantings even more visible, and the whole thing looks extraordinary. We recommend this option rather for soft surfaces, such as lawns.

Openwork eggs can be slightly open in two ways.

Closed openwork easter eggs

Another idea for decorative eggs is a completely closed structure. In this case, you can put flowers inside ( the lace structure of the decoration provides the plants with sufficient access to light ), or you can choose only a decorative function without an additional flower container. This is a great option when the weather is more like winter than spring and there is a risk that the flowers would freeze and wither. Of course, nothing prevents you from adding seedlings later when the temperature is right.

Closed openwork eggs in a composition.

A flower bowl

It is true that openwork eggs without the top part no longer resemble the most important Easter symbol, however, an elaborate bowl filled with pansies will impress many passers-by. The solution will be perfect both before and after the holiday season. Thanks to this, the ornament will serve its purpose much longer.

All three of the above-mentioned inspirations for decorative eggs: open, closed and without the upper part, you can arrange without any additional elements. This shows how easy it is to create a unique composition from the same decorations every year. Thus, this is associated with considerable savings in the budget.

On the flower carpet

A perfect idea for both green areas and lawns in the city center. Colorful openwork eggs blend in superbly with spring plantings. Most often, the plants are in the center of the container, but for a more floral effect, we recommend placing Easter decorations on a so-called flower carpet. The marvellous colors will create a fabulous and unique atmosphere. Just take a look at the arrangement from the German city of Oschatz that has taken advantage of this idea.

Oschatz | Source: Stadtgärtnerei Oschatz

With other openwork decorations

In the case of extensive areas, such as a large roundabout or a market square, it is worth taking care of additional decorative elements that will harmonize with each other. It’s best to choose Easter decorations of the same design. In addition to decorative eggs, Easter bunnies are very suitable too. This combination will certainly diversify the surroundings and arouse interest, especially among the youngest. The Easter bunny can be attached to the lamp, so it is also a great option for the main points of the city.

Easter bunny and decorative eggs in a spring composition.

In a wicker basket

The smallest variants of openwork eggs are 56 and 78 cm high. If they are not set in the composition with larger elements, it is a good idea to put them slightly higher. Thanks to this, they will be visible and certainly no one will miss them. An interesting option is to put them in a wicker basket, which is also associated with Easter. Accompanied by flowers, they will surely create an extraordinary spring attraction.

Openwork eggs placed in wicker baskets.

The after dark effect – string lights

Although light illuminations are more associated with Christmas, nothing prevents you from decorating spring decorations with lights. A simple procedure will make decorations  delight during the day and shine in the evening.

Easter decorations with lights.

Your city is beautiful for Easter

Easter decorations can magically change any public space. It is worth implementing the tradition of decorating cities also in the spring season, especially that decorative eggs offer a lot of arrangement possibilities. Thanks to this, they will certainly serve for many years.

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