Easter decorations for kindergartens and schools


Easter is ahead of us, and although educational institutions accept fewer children now, it is still worth making them feel at home in schools and kindergartens. How to do it, without investing significant amounts, quickly and effectively? 2D and 3D Easter decorations come in handy – let’s get to know them all.

2D Easter decorations – a beautiful wall decoration and more

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Classic solutions are always on top of the trends – that’s why Easter eggs work so great as beautiful Easter decorations for kindergartens and schools. Due to the unique situation, their additional advantage is the relatively low price – seasonal arrangement does not have to mean substantial expenses … and it is very important that preschoolers and students could enjoy colors and eye-pleasing decorations. How to arrange 2D Easter decorations? You can put them on the walls or lean against them. Another option is their installation on special stands.

3D Easter decorations – a decoration of the corridor and an accent in front of the entrance

easter decorations for public space
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It is obvious that the crowds in front of educational institutions have decreased significantly, but it is still worth welcoming students and their parents. By choosing 3D Easter decorations, you can create an impressive setting in front of the entrance to the buildings – no worries – they are made of solid material, thanks to which they can be used outside, too. Click here for more ideas on how to arrange Easter eggs in open public spaces.

Another advantage is the safe use of decorations – they are light and have a rounded form, so even the most unruly toddler cannot hurt himself with them. This gives Easter eggs a solid position among the best proposals for schools and kindergartens.

Happy Holidays – give your children and parents best wishes

Next suggestion on how to color the children’s world are Easter eggs with milled inscriptions. This type of decorations can be hung on the walls or leaned against them. Nothing prevents Easter eggs from being installed on special stands, creating a string of colored elements along the sidewalk leading to the building or already inside of it – for example in the hall.

Easter eggs for public space
source: www.terraeaster.com

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