Easter inspirations: large urban Easter openwork eggs


Is your space ready for Easter? Have proper decorations been already chosen? Urban Easter Eggs, openwork decorations are the proven ideas. Check, what can you choose for your surroundings and their citizens this Easter:

Openwork decorations can be arranged in any way, and the only limit is fantasy. Eggs made of fiberglass are a colorful, three-dimensional structure that can be set anywhere at any time of the year – in shopping malls, city markets or at home. Inside of the decoration, the first spring flowers can appear, catkins, young green grass, and in the following months also other decorative specimens: geranium, surfinia, heather.

source: www.terraeaster.com

An openwork egg can be…

a closed oval form or a semi-open form. It invites you to look inside and see its content – and the possibilities are numerous, moreover, they do not have to end with plants. It’s a great idea for displaying seasonal gadgets, especially in case of shopping centers. This type of Easter decorations can be admired in many European corners – from Germany, through the Czech Republic, to Polish towns.

source: www.terraeaster.com
source: www.terraeaster.com

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