Easter urban decorations – a souvenir from Boguszów-Gorce


Although for several seasons Easter urban decorations such as openwork Easter eggs are becoming more and more part of the landscape of European spaces, we still do not have enough of them! Today we present the composition that went to Boguszów-Gorce (Poland) – it is colorful and joyful … but for more details, please check below!

The highest situated Easter urban decorations. Colorful remedies for melancholy

How to color the vast city square and give the residents a little joy in these difficult times? How to do it quickly and without complicated logistics? The city authorities had to deal with such doubts, however, many of them managed to face this considerable challenge. In Boguszów-Gorce, it was decided to use colorful Easter urban decorations – openwork Easter eggs, which were placed in the immediate vicinity of the town hall, the building towering over the vast, paved square. Let an intriguing curiosity convince you how unique this building is – it is the highest building of this type in Poland!

Three ways to make Easter urban decorations. Openwork elements in the town square

Composition from Boguszów-Gorce is distinguished not only by its unique location, but above all by its colors. The trio, which includes openwork Easter eggs in the most contrasting shades, will not let you pass by indifferently. How can you overlook the lush green, yellow and red Easter urban decorations? The flower decorations are eye-catching too as each of the Easter egg was slightly open to show first spring flowers planted inside. If anyone suffered from a lack of colors and textures, now they can breathe a sigh of relief. After all, it turns out that even a vast, paved square can flourish!

Spring, spring and… summer ideas for Easter city decorations

Easter is behind us, and spring will certainly pass faster than we would like to. This does not mean that the town authorities who decided on Easter urban decorations will be forced to look for new solutions for their spaces. Nothing stands in the way of using openwork Easter eggs also in the summer season. How to do this? It is enough to dismantle the upper part of the decoration, leaving its bottom – this is how a colorful flower bowl is created and it will play its role even throughout the whole year. In the warmest months, you can plant it with the popular surfinia, in autumn with the heather, and in winter … you can create original urban centerpieces with coniferous twigs.

We would like to thank the Promotion Department of the Municipal Office in Boguszów-Gorce for providing photos used in this post.

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