Europe is blooming… Large colorful flower pots


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Nobody needs to be convinced about the importance of natural decorations in our cities. Fortunately, the trend of ‘concreting’ city centers has been diminishing, however, this is not always a fast process. Large flower pots are perfect for places that still need colors. Effect? Immediate!

Höchenschwand, Germany | source:


Colorful plant containers have already become standard items on the public space decoration list. They appear wherever, for various reasons, it is impossible to plant flowers and bushes in the ground: sometimes practical issues decide and the need to have an extensive square for various events, sometimes a complicated underground sewage network or the presence of underground parking lots. Traditional gardening is significantly more difficult.

Höchenschwand, Germany | source:

In return, European cities received an alternative – XXL flower containers, not only colorful and capacious, but also … mobile. They work well where urban outdoor events take place, as they can be easily moved – all you need is an ordinary, lightweight pallet truck. It is a good and economical solution for places with a complicated underground infrastructure network – the presence of flower pots, unlike traditional plantings, does not require pavement damage and burdensome, expensive construction works.

Torgau, Germany | source:

Large city planters decorate many Eorupean cities. Also, you can easily find them in Germany, for example, in Höchenschwand and Torgau cities. The authorities of Torgau took a step further and, in addition to classic plant containers, chose innovative models: a flower pot with a table function and a model with a seat. In both cases, the results of the makeover were immediate – the cities gained natural decorations, in seemingly unfavorable conditions for traditional planting.

Torgau, Germany | source:

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