Fight the grayness. Colorful and mobile urban pots XXL

How to keep some sun in the cities even in a shadowy day? How to get rid of the grayness in cities and invite some colors to them? How to bring some nature to the public spaces?

Many European cities have problems to deal with a square arrangement in the centre – it usually lacks color and nature. A real challenge turns out to be the creation of a nice surrounding of a town hall and other public buildings.

Thale, Germany | Source:

More and more often, citizens declare that they need a real contact with nature in public spaces. What is important, they require not only greenery but also a comfortable infrastructure, which allows to enjoy the nature but also positively influences the aesthetics of the surroundings. The answer to such needs is very simple: colorful and mobile urban pots XXL with a seat or table function!

Schkeuditz, Germany | Source:

An extraordinary form is not the only benefit of flower pots Gianto Sito and Gianto Tablo. To discover their next assets, one just needs to take a look at their base: hidden grooves in the bottom for lifts give some new possibilities to cities – pots can be transported in a blink of an eye to free up every space for events under the open sky or just to create some various arrangements.

Meerane, Germany | Source:

The mobility of pots will perfectly fit to the current world trend. All elements creating common spaces should be an answer to the needs of citizens, who expect various solutions and unique ways of arrangement.

Kindberg, Austria | Source:

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