How are Easter cardboard decorations made?


        For those who want to achieve a great effect for reasonable money, we have created a collection different than any other. How are Easter cardboard decorations made and what makes them such a good idea for this special time?

In these exceptional times, let’s choose exceptional solutions – also during Easter!

Easter, different than any other, is ahead of us – in these extraordinary times, many cities and public institutions tighten their belts, shifting their funds to health care. This year, however, should not be missing seasonal elements – after all, they will make our difficult everyday life more colorful. Easter decorations made of cardboard with a so-called honeycomb structure will bring more joy to our lives.

easter decorations for public space

Easter cardboard decorations – what are their advantages?

What makes this type of item an optimal solution? It has got many advantages, but first of all, it is budget-friendly. Also, its functional side should not be forgotten: Easter cardboard decorations – 2D Easter eggs are light and can go into any closed space. The endless range of colors and the possibility of any print or milled inscription will be appreciated by those who plan to create a personalized decoration.

Another advantage is its optional, spatial form, which can be placed on the ground as an individual element.

Or maybe you have plans for decorations on stands? It is not hard – you just need to choose the model that emphasizes the qualities of the chosen Easter egg.

easter decorations for public space

But-but – how are 2d and 3d Easter eggs made?

Easter cardboard decorations are an impressive solution for cities, kindergartens, offices or the broadly understood HoReCa industry … which we have been taking advantadge of for a long time. When preparing packages, packing some home items, you must have used some cardboard with a honeycomb structure – the “tasty” name of this technology results from the internal structure of the material. The tiny eyes are modeled on a real honeycomb made by bees. It has been known for a long time that the best ideas come straight from nature! Small eyelets alone are not able to help with packing, but… taken together, they create a large compact structure with a real power!

The cardboard made in this technique is very strong and at the same time still light. Contrary to ordinary paper, it is also much more resistant to mechanical damage. Unlike plastics, it is also much friendlier to nature.

easter decorations for public space

Easter challenge – create the most beautiful Easter eggs

You already know how Easter cardboard decorations are made, you have also learned about the benefits of using them. There is one more task ahead of you – although we know that it will not be easy, we would like to give you a challenge – let us know what pattern should be on the Easter eggs in your company or city! If you want to get to know all the possibilities, download the free material – the latest catalog of TerraEaster decorations and get inspired – click!

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