How do hanging flower planters work?


Hanging flower planters for urban space resemble a ball covered with lush plants. But what is behind such an impressive effect? Why is the decoration mounted on lanterns such a popular solution in arranging towns and cities all the word?  

Hanging flower planters – what is it ?

When hanging flower planters are filled with hanging plants, it creates the effect of a floral ball. The solution is perfect for balconies, terraces, but also for public spaces. At home, all you need is a hanging flower basket with a hanger to create a beautiful effect. The case is a bit more complicated when it comes to cities. The hanging flower planters usually appear on street lamps, and to make them stable and resistant to all weather conditions, a really thoughtful and durable construction is needed.

Hanging flowerbeds on street lamps.

Terra hanging flower planters

The best solutions should be protected against copying by dishonest producers. That is why the Terra hanging flower planters have a number of patents that guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and ensure an excellent decorative effect. What distinguishes hanging flower baskets is their ring structure. Each of them has from one to even three levels that narrow towards the top. Such a structure means that the flowers planted in the planters create a perfect ball effect. The more rings, the more impressive the effect you will achieve. Thanks to this, even in the case of high street lamps and large spaces, it will not be possible to miss hanging flower planters.

Importantly, the steel structure of the hanging flower planters is resistant to rust. Moreover, the solid mounting as well as its construction dedicated to a specific infrastructure means that the suspended decoration will always stick firmly and stably, regardless of weather conditions.

Flower baskets on street lamps

Street lamps differ in diameter and height. In case of Terra hanging planter it is not a problem as they have a wide range of fixings. Additionally, city lamps do not always impress with their aesthetics, but their regular setting creates perfect conditions for launching greenery into even the most concreted places. A hanging flower planter can be placed at any height, so you can easily cover less attractive parts of the street lamp and obtain a beautiful effect, which is especially impressive in the case of long communication routes – promenades, main markets, main streets.

Hanging flowerbeds on street lamps.

Healthy flowers mean beautiful floral ball

This impressive decoration is the result of excellent conditions in which flowers grow. Only the lowest ring has a bottom, therefore the root system of plants has enough space for development. The open structure also allows the water to spread freely to all plants. Thus, it reduces the risk of overflow, which can lead to plant rot.

Hanging flower planters on lamps in urban spaces.

A solution that works

Many places have already found out how the hanging flower planters work in practice. The spring season is just around the corner, so it’s time for other towns an cities to join the group of beautifully flowered places!

A great way for flowers in the city

Due to comfortable movements of cars and people, modern urban space often appears as a desert covered with concrete without any greenery. Lack of flower beds and lawns makes it almost impossible to launch flowers – and their presence is so desirable by the inhabitants! In such a situation, hanging flower planters work perfectly. Floral balls mounted on street lamps  soften the austerity of urban architecture.

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