Innovations for spring 2023 — Easter decorations made of dibond


As the winter months slowly fade into oblivion, we begin to look for the first signs of spring. We track the first spring flowers, buds on trees and singing birds — cities finally take on more colors! So it’s the perfect time to prepare for the arrival of Easter and decorate the city with beautiful Easter elements. This year, new decorations made of dibond appeared on the market, the material that stands out from others with its durability. What are its main features? Check below!

Easter decorations in a city park

Dibond — what is it?

Dibond is a modern composite material that consists of several aluminum layers. These layers are connected by a polyethylene core, which makes dibond durable and lightweight. Therefore, it can be used in the production of various products. Another advantage of this material is its durability, which is why it can be used outdoors. Resistant to weather conditions, dibond has already been appreciated by architects, engineers and decorators, who take advantage of it to create various arrangements in public spaces. All these assets make dibond a great alternative to PVC boards. What’s more, the polyethylene used for the production of dibond comes from recycling, which is certainly a great advantage nowadays.

Decorations made of dibond are also light and easy to transport. They can be covered with different colors, and their surface can also have a different structure. Thanks to this, dibond has a wide range of applications and can be modified to meet the needs of each client.

Easter decorations on a main square

Dibond board — application

Dibond is primarily used for the production of various public architecture elements — these can be e.g., coffers, advertising stands or shop signs. The dibond board works great in these conditions, because it retains its durability for a long time and, if the board is properly covered with color, it will not fade over time. Various companies have decided to change the existing PVC advertising boards to more modern boards, made of dibond. First of all, this is motivated by durability, and thus, a lot of savings, because decorations do not have to be changed every season. Dibond elements will work well for years. What’s more, the dibond board can be cut with various patterns or inscriptions that will perfectly emphasize the character of any place or special occasion.

Colorful Easter Eggs in a city park
Łabiszyn, Poland (photo: Albin Łakomy)


Easter decorations 2023 made of dibond

Dibond Easter decorations may become a new trend this season. Eggs made of this material will be resistant to any weather conditions and will perfectly color the urban space. They will also work well as advertisements in hotels or restaurants.

In Terra Easter’s offer, you will find various patterns of 2D and 3D eggs — what’s the difference? 2D eggs are flat, so they can be used in different ways. Depending on your preferences, you can decorate a selected wall with them or mount them on a stand. 3D decorations take up a bit more space, so it is worth planning in advance where we are going to place them. Such eggs will attract the attention of passers-by and will color the public space. What’s more, when ordering such an egg, you can choose a personalized printout — this way you can easily get a beautiful decoration that will also become a showcase of your company, hotel, or restaurant. Easter wishes printed on the surface of the egg will pleasantly surprise all customers, and as we know, their satisfaction is the most important thing!

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