Large baubles not only for the Christmas tree – Christmas decorations outside


Christmas is getting closer and closer, and together with it the hot time of preparing public space for this special occasion. Although large baubles do not appear in every city yet, they have great possibilities. That is why they are ready to fight for their fame even with the biggest stars among the holiday decorations outside!

Large baubles are a great way to decorate your city for Christmas.

Christmas decorations outside

As every house, city gallery and school, dresses up for the upcoming Christmas, the outer spaces want to keep pace with them. Neighbors take part in unwritten competitions for the best decorated garden very often. These who lost promise themselves that next year their yard will look better  than the one belonging to the sneaky man next door. Cities are also facing a similar competition. Although there is no contest for the best decorated city yet, more and more funds of their budget are allocated to Christmas decorations outside.

In previous years, it seemed to be enough to invest in a giant Christmas tree and a few illuminations. Nowadays, outdoor Christmas decorations have become a festive attraction that allure locals to walk or tourists to visit some place. Of course, there is no need to explain that it significantly influences the promotion of the city.

It cannot be denied that the most photogenic elements of the exterior design are still huge light illuminations in the shape of a bauble, which you can enter or the sleigh of Santa Claus. However, it is not a foregone conclusion as perhaps this year all eyes will be turned in a completely different direction.

Large baubles are likely to become the hit of Christmas decorations.

Large baubles – the unique Christmas decoration

In search of unusual and original solutions, the TerraChristmas brand decided to choose Christmas decorations that have always appeared in almost every place, in our homes, school buildings, City Halls or town squares. Of course, we are talking about traditional Christmas baubles. Certainly, such outdoor Christmas decorations would not impress anyone, if not for one significant change. Small spheres hooked on coniferous branches were enlarged to the size corresponding to the open space.

Large baubles are as much as 120 cm in diameter, which is 10 times more than traditional balls on a Christmas tree.

While quite impressive Christmas tree decorations are 12 cm in diameter, large baubles are up to 120 cm. That is 10 times more! Such a size makes them unsuitable for hanging on a Christmas tree, but they become absolutely an original outdoor Christmas decoration. In addition, we are convinced that they will work just as well on a promenade, market square, in front of a train station or in a shopping mall.

How it’s done?

Snowfall, rain, or even hail and … positive temperatures, and in a moment frost – these are typical weather conditions during the Polish winter. Moreover, there are more difficulties  Christmas decorations will encounter. The list should be supplemented with: constant touching by the hands of kids, using them as a shield during a snowball fight, strange ideas of juvenile vandals, as well as being the center of attention throughout the holiday season. Fortunately, the large baubles are resistant to cold and mechanical damage. As a result, they will never break or scratch as easily as their smaller counterparts! What’s the secret?

Snow, rain, even hail and… temperatures above zero, and in a moment bitterly cold weather – for all these difficulties the large baubles by TerraChristamas are prepared.

In order to create Christmas decorations outside that would be ready even for the most extreme circumstances, it was necessary to find the right material. It should  also be: solid and durable (so that the decoration will last for years), light (the decoration appears only during the holiday season, and the transport of heavy elements generates additional costs), and at the same time allows to obtain a spherical shape. The choice fell on fiberglass, which is used in many industries. The best features are confirmed by the fact that the material from which large baubles are made is also used in aviation, dentistry, fiber optic telecommunications or the production of skis or high jump poles.

Big baubles in your style

In a domestic environment, outdoor Christmas decorations often surprise with their uniqueness and how well they reflect the character of the decorators. An individual idea for a Christmas decoration can also be easily transferred to cities: large baubles are available in the basic option in three traditional colors (red, blue, silver), as well as in three finishes (gloss, matte and glitter). For the most demanding customers, there is a custom option that significantly expands the range of available colors. The combination possibilities are endless, so every space can get unique Christmas decorations outside.

Large Christmas balls have one indisputable advantage. There are many possibilities of arrangement and changes in composition, so they can change their form every year. Christmas decorations can be set individually on durable stands or steel rings, hung on trees or arranged in a pyramid.

Pyramid made of large baubles.

A tower made of large baubles? It’s not magic, it’s just a well-thought-out design. The balls in the pyramid are fixed on the frame, so there is no risk that any of the elements will fall and spoil the entire effect. On the other hand, decorations placed on top of each other allow for even more combinations, just choose large baubles in more than one color.

Express it with… a bauble

A unique, eye-catching Christmas decoration, and at the same time a great place to put a coat of arms, logo or interesting graphics. It’s all thanks to the personalization service and durable stickers. Thanks to them, large baubles become more than just an original decoration. We guarantee that no one is able to pass them by indifferently, which is why it is the perfect place to put Christmas wishes or advertisements.

You can put any graphics or wishes on the large baubles, resulting in a one-of-a-kind outdoor Christmas decoration.

You can choose a ready-made example from the pattern catalog or create your own. If you cannot imagine the finished effect, send a photo that shows the target place of the decoration, and Terra Group specialists will prepare a visualization for you.

The best city decorations

Add a magic ingredient to a recipe for a happy Christmas in the city. Why is it worth putting on large baubles instead of traditional decorations?

  1. Original decorations will arouse interest for sure.
  2. Modularity – this year choose a pyramid, next year choose single frames and create a completely different composition or hang them on trees.
  3. For years – large fiber glass baubles are ready for all circumstances.
  4. Hassle-free – easy to transport, to assemble and to clean, what more could you ask for.
  5. Proven solution – large baubles decorate many cities – Świdnik, Vilshofen an der Donau, Marktredwitz, Luckenwalde, Horb am Neckar these are places (although this is not a complete list) where you can admire the giant Christmas balls. If you are curious, you can go with us on a virtual tour to see them all.

Big baubles win the hearts of the residents

Perfectly spherical shape, colors matched to the shades of the city, an individually selected label with the coat of arms and wishes, a charming pendant crowning the decorations, an impressive size, large glass balls in the form of a pyramid, something completely different – these are just a few of the long list of opinions you can hear from passers-by admiring the Christmas decorations outside. Maybe it’s high time for them to appear in your city too?  

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