Large pots and plants on the terrace


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Modern terraces become an extension of the living rooms – this is not a place for boring sun loungers! The terraces are gradually filled with elegant substrates made of exotic wood, and stylish roofs made of aluminum or polycarbonate. Large pots appear too – contemporary models that were only plant containers and now they are decorations, complementing the style of the entire terrace.



A terrace, whether it is an element of some higher  floor or the ground floor, is an obligatory element of every new house, and sometimes even public buildings. Often their area even exceeds the size of the living room! All this makes terraces a very important element of modern spaces – their arrangement turns out to be as important as the decor of the bedroom or kitchen furniture.



Choice of the right decorations will make the time spent on the terrace truly unforgettable. The element of nature matters, too. Although it is difficult to plant large plants directly on the terrace, large pots will solve this problem. Modern models will prove themselves even in the case of uncovered terraces – they will not be harmed by changing temperatures, rainfall or even snow. The model in the shape of a large bowl, Plane Ring Lux, does not have to be stored inside during fall and winter – this large pot is able to accommodate large amounts of seedlings, and thus bring the desired natural accent to the terrace.



Soaring, fluffy ornamental grasses are particularly popular – they will look great on terraces next to minimalist buildings, which sometimes require breaking their raw form. Which specimen to choose? This is a difficult choice that we leave to individual preferences – more about ornamental grasses we have already written in this post – click.

What about…ornamental grasses?



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