Modular urban benches. How it’s working?

As they say, the beginnings are the most difficult, but don’t worry! To create an interesting project of urban furniture for your city, all you need is a little creativity and good intentions. When creating a bench, refer to the nature of the area – do you have an extensive pavement? Are there many passersby looking for a place to relax?

Mrzeżyno, Poland | Source:


In this case, you can let your imagination run wild. Start with a simple set: Gianto city planter + matching semi-circular seat. This is just the beginning! Now you can modify the form of decoration as you like: add a twin set and … turn it 180 degrees. In this way you created the beginning of the serpentine with XXL pots inside. Add or remove elements to make a unique urban bench, tailored to the needs of a specific area. But but…! Don’t forget to choose the colors!


Opole, Poland | Source:

However, if the space you want to arrange is not vast or if there is some architectural hindrance, the benches should not be expanded. Nevertheless, with modular seats you will achieve an equally good effect, as with a smaller investment, you will bring into the space the maximum number of plants, interesting decorations, colors and comfort. How is this possible? The rounded urban bench gives much more space to relax than its traditional counterpart. In its center, there is the large Gianto pot in an attractive, vibrant color. It is a way to bring together many beneficial solutions to a small space.



A serpentine interwoven with pots or a circle with a colorful container for flowers in its center? The Wave city bench gives such possibilities – its basic version consists of modules for any arrangement. Various combinations of urban furniture is a great way to create a unique composition – such decorations cannot be found anywhere else. Choosing a shape of a seat is just the beginning of playing with form. The next step is choosing a container for flowers – one, two … There are almost no limits in here!


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