Openwork decorations – how to create a Christmas atmosphere in the city?


A traditional Christmas tree, a shimmering star, a ball of fresh snow – these are one of the favorite Christmas symbols. Openwork decorations decorate private interiors as well as gardens, and their enormous popularity means that they appear more and more often in public spaces. Why is it worth choosing this type of Christmas decorations? What is the secret of their magical appearance? What forms are available and where do they look best? If you like openwork decorations, you will find answers to all your questions in this post .

Openwork decorations also for cities

Openwork decorations that evoke a magical Christmas atmosphere in interiors are most often made of wicker or plywood. However, such materials, although they are perfect at home, are not able to meet the challenges outside. Therefore, openwork decorations for cities should be made of very durable, moisture-resistant or frost-resistant material, which also is plastic enough to form various shapes. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will not last even one season.

Wire sphare made of fiberglass looks beautiful, durable and easy to clean.

Fortunately, the TerraChristmas brand has managed to find material, known in many industries, which is ideal for the production of openwork decorations – meaning fiberglass. Thanks to it, Christmas decorations can decorate open spaces without the slightest damage, even in the most difficult weather conditions. The structure is durable as well as light  and it will certainly look like new for many years. But let’s start from the beginning…

How are openwork decorations made?

The magic of Christmas begins already in the production process, where individual “threads” of fiberglass are immersed in a resin bath, thanks to which they become so plastic that they can be shaped in any form. If you are wondering why openwork decorations look so good, we will tell you a secret. In addition to the extremely original lace form, they have something special. Each piece is handcrafted with only little support from the machines. Thanks to this approach, each openwork decoration is one of a kind.

The plastic material allows to create Christmas decorations in the shapes associated with the Christmas period. In the TerraChristmas collection you will find: wire sphare, openwork ornaments, a cone Christmas tree and a star.

In the TerraChristmas collection you will find: wire sphare, openwork ornaments, a cone Christmas tree and a star.

Openwork decorations – we’re gonna say yes to them!

A Christmas tree has been standing on the highest podium of Christmas city decorations for many years now. The next place is occupied by Christmas illuminations, and right behind them there are giant ornaments that are gaining more and more popularity. Nevertheless, openwork decorations have great potential, too.

Why is it worth choosing openwork decorations?

  1. Openwork decorations guarantee a beautiful effect – the variety of available elements makes the created arrangement original and unique. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Lace work – handicraft has been the most desirable thing on the list of Christmas gifts. The openwork decorations made by the work of human hands are unique and each can have something really special.
  3. Christmas ornament in your favorite color – openwork decorations most often come in white, which harmonizes well with the winter aura, but if you care about a unique Christmas composition, nothing stands in the way of lace baubles, cones and stars to take on a bit more expressive colors like red, blue, pink, green or yellow.
  4. Production under control – openwork decorations are made in accordance with a patented method – patent number 10-2005-060-554, IPC: B29C 70/24 (2006.01), and are additionally reinforced with borosilicate glass in accordance with DIN 1295.
  5. The openwork decorations are made of fireproof fiberglass, therefore, they can also beautify closed spaces and will not contribute to any accidents or losses.
  6. The durability of the used materials guarantees that the openwork decorations do not change their form for many seasons, and the need for maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  7. The openwork decorations, despite their size, remain light. Thanks to this, they can be easily transported, no large machines will be needed for assembly, and the stars as well as  openwork baubles are perfect for hanging.

See how the openwork ball is assembled

Christmas in full splendor

Openwork decorations make an electrifying impression during the day when everyone can admire their unique construction. In the evening, when it gets dark, they can also be the main attraction. You only need to choose the variant with additional Christmas tree lights. It will make the Christmas the decorations eye-catching at any time of the day. The illuminated openwork decoration looks magical and is equal to other popular Christmas illuminations.

Christmas tree lights added to the wire sphares make the ornaments look great at night.

Openwork decorations in practice

Undoubtedly, openwork decorations can become the number one among city Christmas decorations, but if you are not convinced about it, we have prepared several projects that will prove they are worth trying.

Openwork snow ball

Airy, openwork decorations in the shape of sphare are a great idea for a composition inspired by baubles or snowballs. Low weight makes it easy to suspend them from the ceiling. Such an idea will be perfect for shopping centers or public buildings.

Low weight makes it easy to suspend them from the ceiling. Such an idea will be perfect for shopping centers or public buildings.

The wire sphare can function well as a standing decoration. Despite its round shape, it is enough to properly secure the ball to prevent it from rolling over to another place. The TerraChristmas brand offers a frame dedicated to this element.

A cone Christmas tree unlike any other

A cone Christmas tree is an alternative to a live tree. A garland imitating real conifer twigs is wrapped on the steel structure. The openwork version will surely appeal to all those who are looking for decorations resembling Christmas symbols, but in a completely different form. In its case, one will not see any green parts. The white lace structure adds lightness and freshness. As a result, it looks good in both closed and open spaces.

White, openwork Christmas tree cones look perfect in the company of large, red ornaments. Click on the picture to see the entire Luckenwalde project.

The star of Christmas composition

The star – it heralds the most important moment of Christmas. Therefore, it should not be missing among the urban Christmas decorations. An openwork star made of fiberglass can be hung and in this way it is possible to create the impression of a sparkling sky. An interesting solution is to mount the decorations on street lamps – the spatial star perfectly diversifies the winter aura, especially after adding lighting to it!

The openwork stars look beautiful.

Openwork baubles in a Christmas pyramid

Openwork elements stimulate our imagination. The round shape is reminiscent of a snow ball, but also a Christmas bauble. If a string is added to the decoration, there will be no more doubts. Although such an original Christmas tree decoration in a large format is impressive, it is worth going a step further. You can create a pyramid from several openwork baubles. The principle is the same as for the giant ornaments.

Pyramid made of openwork ornaments.

A family of openwork decorations

As it has long been known, the more the merrier. The rule applies not only to the family table during Christmas Eve, but also to Christmas arrangements. Openwork decorations should be placed next to each other to create a great composition. This solution will work very well in larger spaces where a single ornament will not make any impression. Openwork sphare or Christmas trees can be placed in large pots, so even without plants, they will still have a decorative function.

Openwork decorations – a Christmas shot at 10

Openwork decorations for cities are an impressive combination of tradition and modernity, the work of human hands, and the ingenious use of technology. It is worth using this functionality when arranging Christmas scenery in public spaces and give everyone a really beautiful Christmas!

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