Painted eggs! Hand-decorated XXL Easter eggs adorned the Austrian town of Fürstenfeld


Organizing interesting activities for residents is an increasingly common practice. After prolonged lockdowns in the pandemic, we had to relearn how to establish relationships in urban space, as well as adapt to the new reality. Therefore, many towns and cities meet the needs of residents and invite them to take part in various events. The Austrian town of Fürstenfeld perfectly organized and carried out the joint painting of Easter eggs. Find out the details in our post!

21 XXL fiberglass eggs

Department of Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld or the so-called marketing office, purchased 22 XXL eggs made of fiberglass from Terra Group. They decided on the T100 model, thanks to which the eggs were visible from a long distance. The eggs have been adapted to be attached to town lampposts. As part of the initiative, the eggs were appropriately distributed among various local institutions — schools, associations, and art groups. Each person participating in the action could show their ingenuity and creativity. Finally, each of the 22 XXL eggs became an independent work of art!

Decorating the town along the main street

Ready-made eggs painted by local artists were placed along the main street of the town – Hauptstraße. It served as a kind of gallery of the residents’ works. Such an outdoor exhibition created a colorful and at the same time spectacular scenery. Fiberglass XXL eggs attracted the attention of residents and visitors, and the artists could proudly admire their works during afternoon walks. Thanks to the excellent coordination of the project by Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld, it was possible to admire the unique end result.

XXL decorations

Handmade decorations are a plus for the town!

The XXL egg painting campaign was a huge success, as it involved both children and adults. Town residents, local artists, school children, but also amateur artists, were able to take part in decorating eggs according to their own ideas and preferences. Each egg was unique and special, reflecting the diversity of talents and imagination of residents.

This initiative not only contributed to enriching the aesthetics of the urban landscape, but most importantly enabled residents to establish closer social ties. The work on painting XXL eggs was an opportunity for joint action, exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration. People met in squares, parks, and streets to create something beautiful and unique together.

XXL decorations

The XXL egg-painting action was an excellent example of how, through art and creativity, it is possible to bring people together and make the town a friendlier and happier place. This event has become an integral part of the Fürstenfeld cultural life and will certainly be remembered as an unforgettable experience for all its participants.

Let this inspiring initiative set an example for other towns and cities, showing that creative integration actions can bring a lot of fun and strengthen social ties. Painting XXL eggs together is not only a way to decorate an urban space, but also to build a stronger and more united community.

The action was co-created by:XXL eggs in Austria

Vladimir Popov, Gertraud Wagner, Waltraud Trummer, Bettina Steiner, Hildegard Sammer, Hans Belfin,

Lebenshilfe Fürstenfeld,

students from BG/BRG Fürstenfeld

and students from Mittelschule Fürstenfeld

Operation of the municipal marketing department with the support of the Fürstenfeld municipality

Photos taken by Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld

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