PVC baubles and Christmas trees – original outdoor Christmas decorations


When autumn is fully settled outside, the trees are shedding their leaves, and the days are getting shorter, this is a sign that it is high time to take care of the Christmas atmosphere. Outdoor Christmas decorations are essential elements of every city, restaurant, hotel, store, shopping center or office building.

Every year there comes a time when you have to consider whether to choose the ones from the previous season or pick something completely different. In order to make the right decision, it is necessary to ask yourself a few questions. Do the old decorations still look good? Are they damaged? Maybe it’s time for some change? New outdoor Christmas decorations will surely attract the attention of passers-by and guests, add a breath of freshness, and thus create a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas decorations are an important part of the city in December.

Standing or hanging decorations?

Outdoor Christmas decorations bring to mind mainly large, richly decorated Christmas trees, pyramids made of baubles, standing or hanging illuminations – in this case, the choice of shapes and patterns is simply unlimited: from a large bauble, through gifts, angels to Santa on a plane or sleigh with reindeer. This is big but at the same time breathtaking investment will certainly pay off. Not only will it become the main point of interest, a destination for walks and trips, but it will also be in every photo of tourists and locals. However, such outdoor decorations can be afforded if you have enough space for display and, of course, storage after the season.

In addition to large outdoor Christmas decorations, we cannot forget about smaller ones that will remind us of the upcoming Christmas at the entrance to the building, along the street or in the square. The Christmas Covers are perfect for such tasks. They are designed to change summer flowers into original free-standing Christmas trees. Moreover, summer plantings in urban pots can be changed into Christmas trees too and hanging Flower Towers on street lamps can be transformed into Christmas street decorations. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to check out our post on transformation of a flower tower.

Of course, this is where the list of ideas ends. In a shopping center or hotel, a golden figure of a reindeer will make a splash. A square, park or roundabout is a great place for XXL baubles. They will look best if set randomly across the entire surface. Outdoor Christmas decorations can take many forms, so it is also worth getting acquainted with less known examples, such as decorations made of PVC boards.

Christmas decorations made of PVC boards can be used indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Christmas decorations made of PVC boards

The construction of Christmas decorations made from PVC boards resembles advertising stands. Most often, they consist of one or two sheets that are attached to an X-shaped metal base. Precisely cut PVC boards with a colorful print and a stable frame create a unique Christmas decoration. Due to its light weight and easy assembly, transport and movement is not a problem. In addition, Christmas decorations can be quickly and easily dismantled after the season. In this way, they take up very little space.

Advantages of Christmas decorations from PVC board:

  • available in many shapes, sizes and colors,
  • they are light so they can be easily moved,
  • professional printing technology guarantees intense colors and great quality,
  • impervious to changeable, winter weather – the material is resistant to rain, snow or frost,
  • they have a strong, stable frame that can be attached to the ground – forewarned is forearmed,
  • they will decorate not only the interior, but also the market square, promenade, entrance to the building, the construction does not absorb water and does not need maintenance,
  • they will prove themselves as an urban Christmas decoration, decoration for a hotel, shopping center or restaurant,
  • due to easy cleaning, they are perfect for public institutions (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, offices).
Christmas baubles and trees made of PVC boards – original Christmas decoration for outside.

All shapes of Christmas

Everyone has a slightly different vision of Christmas, which is why PVC outdoor Christmas decorations come in many shapes and sizes. Basically they are divided into 2D and 3D decorations. The first ones are made of two polyvinyl chloride boards that are firmly attached to a metal frame. The second ones resemble folded plywood decorations. Two elements superimposed at right angles create a three-dimensional form. Both versions have a colorful print on both sides, thanks to which they look great on each side.

Christmas decorations made of PVC boards can take the shape of a Christmas tree with straight ends, upturned or rounded, but also the shape of Christmas balls, Santa Claus (3 versions), a snowman (2 versions), and a snowman with Santa – see all variants of PVC Christmas decorations. Christmas trees and baubles come in both 2D and 3D designs. Decorations with Santa or snowman are in 2D only.

PVC boards are ideal for making Christmas decorations.

Moreover, a Christmas tree and a bauble made of PVC boards can have various, colorful prints. Such outdoor Christmas decorations are a great solution thanks to which you will give Christmas and New Year’s greetings to all residents, tourists or employees. Another idea is to include the name of the hotel to gain an atmospheric advertising stand. There are many options, but there may be even more …

A unique Christmas decoration

Individual graphics can be printed on each PVC bauble and Christmas tree, such as company logo, city coat of arms, or your own wishes or text. Thanks to this, the created outdoor Christmas decorations will become one of a kind. They will build a Christmas atmosphere and also convey exactly what you want to say.

They will build a Christmas atmosphere and also convey exactly what you want to say.

Furthermore, if you decide on several decorations, you can create an infinite number of combinations – whether it is an alley of baubles along the sidewalk or a cheerful Christmas bunch by the city’s Christmas tree. In the next season, all you need to do is change the composition to get a completely different look.

Christmas atmosphere at your fingertips

There is no doubt that Christmas decorations are an inseparable element of any space – offices or public institutions. The wide offer makes the choice of Christmas decorations almost unlimited. However, it is worth choosing such elements that will become a unique accent, bring a smile to many faces and thanks to which you will be able to feel the magic of Christmas even more.

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