Seasonal flower containers – the Flower Towers for 4 seasons


The best solutions are those that can used in various ways, regardless of the situation. Ordinary flower containers do their job, but only in summer … That is why, it is worth choosing the Flower Towers as their functionality allows to improve the aesthetics of public spaces, as well as gardens and terraces throughout the whole year.

Seasonal flower containers – an investment that pays off

Each public space should be equipped with benches and waste bins. However, to make the residents use them, the surroundings should be carefully decorated.  Without properly selected vegetation, a designed recreational area in squares, parks, avenues as well as on promenades or patios,  may turn out to be useless. That is why such places always need flower beds, trees or pots, thanks to which it will be possible to launch green accents.

The Flower Towers are an unusual element of small architecture. At first glance, it is simply a multi-story cascade pot. However, thanks to its durable metal construction, it will survive outside all year round – even in a capricious, rainy autumn and then harsh winter. No need for storage allows for considerable savings, which can be used to change plants depending on the season and thus turn the Flower Towers into multi-functional seasonal flower containers.

That”s not all good news, the Flower Towers decorated according to the occasion, reduce the costs of purchasing additional Christmas or Easter decorations. Seasonal flower constructions will surely become an urban decoration for many years and they will never get bored. The arrangement may change 4 times a year, and thanks to various compositions, selection of plants and colors, they will always look completely different than before. See what the Flower Towers can look like in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Spring – the Flower Towers decorated with pansies

This is the beginning of the annual flowering cycle, and at the same time a perfect moment for the first plants in urban space. Of course, during this period, there is no question of creating a lush Flower Tower with the structure completely covered with dense flowers. Seasonal flower containers are primarily decorated with pansies, which cope well in spring when temperatures can be completely unpredictable. Fortunately, garden violets come in many varieties. Multicolored flowers extend the possibilities of floral decoration.

In addition to the most popular species, you can also opt for daisies (Bellis perennis Pomponette) or forget-me-nots. Nothing prevents you from decorating seasonal flower containers in spring with all the plants mentioned above, thanks to which you will achieve a richly decorated composition. Such an arrangement will surely bring joy to the residents and notify about the upcoming summer period.

Summer – the best time for seasonal flower containers

Summer is the moment when the Flower Towers become the greatest attraction of urban space. It is simply impossible to pass by them indifferently. Most ornamental species bloom in the summer time. Due to the variety of available solutions, the summer flowering can be launched in many different ways: by bringing plants to markets, squares, promenades, and even to street lamps and facades.

The most popular flowers are surfinia, geranium, begonias, and ipomea. These are plant species that not only look great when planted in Flower Towers throughout the summer, but also do not cause many problems. Seasonal flower containers can be decorated with only one type of flower or different species can be selected accordingly to obtain a unique composition.

Autumn is not the end of flowers in seasonal flower containers

Are the flowers losing their charm in autumn? Nothing could be more wrong! This is the best time to decorate your seasonal flower containers with the most hardy plants that are unimpressed by changeable weather. This group includes: ornamental cabbage, heather and chrysanthemum.

The Flower Towers planted with these less popular but effective species, extend the presence of colors and nature in public spaces, even until the first frost, or even longer. Autumn flowers can survive the whole winter and still look good.

Another inspiring idea to create an amazing autumn composition is to decorate seasonal flower structures with natural decorations associated with this season, such as pumpkins or corn. Some cities also decide to arrange the Flower Towers in a Halloween style.

Winter – Christmas trees and seasonal flower containers

The frosty season can also be spectacular. Although it is difficult to find species that can withstand freezing temperatures, this is not the reason why seasonal flower containers would have to disappear from cities. Each level of the Flower Tower can be filled with spruce branches. Thanks to this, a very original decoration resembling a Christmas tree will be created. For an even better effect, seasonal flower structures can be decorated with bows.

This is not the only way for seasonal flower containers to turn into a Christmas tree in just a few moments. The Flower Tower covers from the TerraChristmas collection allow you to quickly hide the metal structure. They are in the shape of a cone and have lights as well as ornaments attached to them, so the final effect is achieved very quickly. You can read a little more about this magical Christmas method of changing seasonal containers in our post on Christmas covers.

Seasonal flower containers in Świnoujście

At first, it may seem impossible for seasonal constructions to look different in each season of the year and, additionally, without copying the same flowers in the following years. We are convinced that it can be done because we have been observing the places where the Flower Towers are located for a long time. There are cities that have mastered this art to perfection, thanks to which greenery in public spaces becomes an extraordinary tourist attraction. Additionally, one is encouraged  to spend time outdoors – on walking in the park or exploring more urbanized areas.

An exceptional example is Świnoujście,  a town located by the sea on the western border of Poland. Its economy is largely based on tourism and spa activities, so in the case of landscape architecture, aesthetic aspects are extremely important. The authorities of Świnoujście make sure that representative areas such as Plac Wolności or Park Zdrojowy attract tourists. As it turns out, seasonal flower containers are perfect for this task.

Plac Wolności

Plac Wolności in Świnoujście is the main point of the city. Previously, it served as a communication node. However, after a great modernization, which took place in 2013, it turned into a recreational space friendly to residents and tourists, with a fountain, benches and deckchairs, as well as lots of greenery in pots and seasonal flower containers. It is the first place where one can see how the decorations in the Flower Towers looked like over the years.

Plac Wolności from another perspective

Park Zdrojowy

Park Zdrojowy is a permanent point on the tourist map in Świnoujście, but also a perfect place for residents to rest. The area spreads over almost 58 hectares, combining wildly growing nature with plants cultivated by city gardeners. Among other things, one can see extensive flower carpets, fountains, and seasonal flower containers there.

Seasonal flower containers beautify the cities

The Flower Towers are a great, universal solution that allow to launch greenery into public space. A multi-level pot gives hundreds of arrangement options, thanks to which seasonal flower constructions will delight the eye for many years and constitute an unusual attraction.

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