Shopping mall landscape desing – how to create a friendly space


The shopping mall is one of the most visited places on the city map, both by residents and tourists. In order to offer customers the greatest availability of products, and at the same time maximum convenience, such facilities very often turn into small towns that are able to meet almost all the needs of visitors. It is worth paying attention to the shopping mall landscape as a well-designed external space can make the satisfaction of visitors significantly increase, and more importantly, they will want to drop by as often as possible.

There is no doubt that the main goal when visiting a shopping mall is comprehensive shopping. However, for a really successful shopping tour, an important aspect is not only a variety of shops and services, but also dining areas, entertainment and aesthetics. The appropriate combination of all those ingredients will allow to create a perfect place for a friendly meeting or plan a day off with the whole family. Most of the facilities look great inside, but when it comes to shopping mall lanscape, there is still a lot of work to do.

A square in front of the shopping mall

The surroundings of a shopping mall are very often limited to a huge parking lot stretching to the horizon. Unarguably, it is impossible to omit places for vehicles in the plan, however there is much more potential in the outer area. A well-designed square may become the greatest attraction for the youngest, but also for the older ones. It is enough to take care of a relaxation zone, attractions for children, plants and small architecture.

The shopping mall lanscape has great potential, all you need to do is design the square well to enjoy a functional space.

Why is the proper arrangement in front of a shopping mall so important? First of all, because it is the first space that visitors see, and if it looks nice and stands out with functionality, it will certainly become the showpiece of the complex. In addition, the spacious square is perfect for arranging an area for a break between visits to subsequent stores.

What should be in the surroundings of the shopping mall?

  • A relaxation zone, or in fact relaxation zones, because one point for all visitors of a shopping mall is definitely not enough. Benches, seats, deckchairs are elements that cannot be missing, but to be fully successful, you also need to ensure the right atmosphere. Even the most comfortable piece of furniture will not work when placed in direct sunlight, especially on a hot August day. It is best to plan a resting area under the tree or to provide a special roofing, e.g. sun sails.
  • Plants – it is a real ‘must have’ in every shopping mall surroundings, which can completely change the space. The best option is greenery planted directly in the ground, but if this is not possible, large pots are perfect for this task.
  • Small architecture – this is an extremely important aspect, starting from the utility ones, such as lamps, bicycle stands, garbage cans, to those that improve the appearance of the surroundings- sculptures, fountains, mist sprayings, street art.
  • Attractions for children – many shopping malls have playrooms where you can leave your children and go on a shopping tour in peace and without whining. However, special attractions outside can make a trip to the shopping mall something really special for the youngest.
  • Refreshments – the large space in front of the shopping mall is an ideal place for popular food trucks. Regardless of whether it is a small snack, ice cream, coffee or a dinner, it will certainly taste much better in the open air. A good-quality restaurant on wheels can even encourage you to visit a shopping mall.
Plants, attractions for children, benches, a fountain are all things that should be included in the shopping mall lanscape.

The secret of the perfect shopping mall landscape

Arranging area around a shopping mall may seem complicated, but it is enough to follow a few rules to create a guest-friendly outdoor space. Get to know our 3 points that will make the square look unique.

1. Choose the scale correctly

It cannot be denied that the building of the shopping center is a real giant, therefore the square around is large too. Extensive open space requires small architecture appropriately selected for its scale. In such a situation, large or standard-sized objects, but in larger numbers, work best. Without this rule, the elements “disappear” in space, and the square may look undeveloped and empty.

Appropriately selected street furniture is clearly visible in front of the Dodenhof Shopping Center near Bremen. Huge TerraForm pots appeared on the square (the largest Gianto Grande is 160 cm high). To furnish the open space even better, they were placed in groups of three, thus creating very intriguing arrangements. Large pots have one more advantage, they can be planted with trees that will provide the desired shade or create a very interesting, lush plant composition – be sure to see how you can make a really blooming public space in the very center of the city.

Three richly flowered, huge pots are a highly original piece of decoration in the square in front of the shopping mall.

2. Stand out

The square of the shopping mall offers a wide range of possibilities. The distinctive elements are highly recommended as they can be an ideal meeting point for visiting groups – it is a great convenience. Also, they encourage visitors to take a photo with them, which later will certainly appear on social profiles and will be an ideal promotion of this place.

What elements will make you stand out? In front of the Dodenhof Shopping Center there is a very interesting art installation – consisting of garden chairs painted in expressive, strong colors. They look marvellous in the company of equally colorful huge pots. There are really a lot of ideas, if you need more inspiration, check out our post on street art.

The colorful large pots and chairs are a very interesting art installation.

3. Say a definite ‘yes’ to changes

Shopping mall landscape should also change with the seasons. Thanks to this, regardless of the month, the square will look delightful. In summer, there are numerous possibilities. It is a time for flowers, splashing water from the fountain and relaxation zones. When most of the plants fade and the day is getting shorter and shorter, you should opt for eye-catching sculptures and decorations with lighting. In winter and spring, don’t forget about Christmas and Easter decorations – large-scale, of course. See the entry about XXL baubles and one-of-a-kind huge Easter eggs.

The decoration of the outdoor space of a shopping mall should be chosen according to the season. Summer is the best time for beautiful plant compositions.

A shopping mall – the place that will be remembered

A well-arranged surroundings around a shopping mall is as important as an aesthetic interior. The characteristic and well-planned external space will certainly encourage you to rest for a moment, as well as to visit more often.

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