Small Urban Architecture – A Key Element of Public Spaces with the New Cube Planter Collection from Terra Group


Small urban architecture plays a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of urban landscapes. Benches, trash bins, planters, pergolas, bus shelters, and lighting elements are details that have a significant impact on the comfort, safety, and overall perception of urban space by its users.

The Role and Importance of Small Urban Architecture

Improving the Aesthetics of Urban Spaces

One of the main tasks of small urban architecture is to enhance the aesthetics of public spaces. Carefully selected elements such as stylish benches, colorful planters, or modern streetlights can significantly raise the visual standard of a city, creating a cohesive and thoughtfully designed urban landscape.

Increasing Functionality and Comfort

Small urban architecture is primarily about practical elements that make everyday life in the city easier. Benches provide a place to rest, trash bins help maintain cleanliness, and lighting increases safety after dark. Each of these elements contributes to improving the quality of life for residents.

Impact on the Local Community

Small urban architecture also has a significant impact on the life of the local community. Places such as playgrounds or small amphitheaters become points of meeting, integration, and community development. They promote building human relationships and activating residents.

Key Elements of Small Urban Architecture

  • Benches: Allow for rest and are places for observing city life.
  • Trash bins: Help keep public spaces clean.
  • Planters and small greenery: Introduce elements of nature into the urban landscape, improving air quality and aesthetics.

New Cube Planter Collection from Terra Group – A Breakthrough in Urban Architecture!

Introducing our latest, modern collection of urban planters – Cube! These unique XXL planters are a true revolution in urban architecture, allowing for the planting of even large trees.

CUBE – Unlimited Design Possibilities

Cube planters offer unlimited design possibilities. With additional elements such as benches, stools, or trash bins, you can create unique and functional spaces in your city. This solution will bring an explosion of colors to urban spaces, enabling year-round decorations.

Personalization and Urban Identity

One of the greatest advantages of Cube planters is the ability to place a personalized logo or city crest. This makes Cube an important element of the city’s identity. The planters can be arranged like Lego blocks, opening up unlimited design perspectives.

Interesting Personalization Options:

  • Possibility to place a personalized logo or city crest
  • Painting the front sides of the planter in any color from the RAL palette

Additional Options:

  • Insulation
  • Bottom with or without drainage holes
  • Powder coating, matte or glossy
  • Logo plaque: stainless steel or monomeric foil
  • Hooks in the corners for tree alignment

Your Ideas Become Reality

CUBE is a planter for plants and a product where your ideas become reality. Choose a planter and give your city a unique, innovative, and original look!

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