Street lamp decorations – great way to decorate streets for Christmas


A long street in the vicinity of the center, a promenade or a market square are places about which city officials care most during the Christmas period. The surroundings of the main buildings, such as the town hall or the municipal council, are easy to decorate. It is enough to place a giant Christmas tree or interesting light illuminations in the center. The other areas though, may be a bit more problematic.

There are many solutions, but in this post we will focus on one which except the aesthetic function, has additional positive aspects. Street lamp decorations are basically standard in all representative places in the city. During spring and summer, to the delight of residents, they diversify metal street lamps with flowers, thus creating decorative objects from ordinary elements of public space. In winter, lanterns can also delight everyone. How? Read the text in which we will prompt how to turn hanging Flower Towers into Christmas street decorations.

In winter, hanging Flower Towers can turn into spruce balls with Christmas baubles.

Street lamp decorations all year round

The decorative potential of lamps has been noticed a long time ago. Very often, on the market square or promenade, street lamps are decorated with hanging, blooming plants. When winter comes, there is no possibility to have flowers. Therefore, usually the hanging Flower Towers are dismantled or left on a street lamp, which is not very aesthetic.

The first way seems to be better. The structure is not exposed to cold, snow or rain, which has a positive effect on its durability. However, people, time and suitable weather will have to be found for dismantling. Although it is not difficult to remove hanging Flower Towers from the street lamps, you need to take into account their number. If there are several dozen lamps on the market square, promenade or along the street, the work will be much longer than you might initially think, especially if frost or rain.

Leaving on the street lamp decorations doesn’t have to be a bad choice. First of all, pots made of galvanized steel can deal with unfavorable conditions during winter without any problems. Secondly, the lack of flowers can be replaced with another solution. TerraChristmas brand creates special Christmas decorations that effectively cover the hanging Flower Tower on the street lamp. Thanks to this, it not only gains a protective “disguise” that covers the planter, but also a completely different image.

Decorative Christmas balls consist of two parts. The hemispherical frame is made of durable steel, and aesthetic Christmas garlands which are woven between the wires, resembling vivid spruce twigs. After mounting on the street lamp, a ball with dense needles is created, fully covering the Flower Tower. Such street lamp decorations will look great if there are also Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations in their surroundings.

Christmas street lamp decorations will add to the atmosphere in the city.

Christmas street decorations adapt to the needs

You do not need to be a specialist to know that the best effect is achieved if the Christmas decorations are properly adjusted to the space. Original, one-of-a-kind compositions can become the main attraction of the city. Aesthetics is important, but also uniqueness, thanks to which the space will stand out and attract tourists. That is why it is very important to have an impact on the final appearance of the decoration, and not to choose standard variants.

The twigs on the Christmas covers come in three colors – classic, natural green, vivid red  and snow-white that brings to mind frosty winters. In addition to the color of the Christmas ball, you can decide whether the street lamp decorations will be equipped with additional elements.

First of all, it is worth adding traditional Christmas decorations to the spruce ball, such as Christmas baubles. One cover with a diameter of 700 mm holds about 30. This is an ideal number as the elements are evenly distributed but do not visually burden the Christmas ball. The choice of colors is yours, it can be one, two or many colors. Thanks to this, you will certainly be able to create an ornament in the colors of the city or one that perfectly relates to the surroundings.

To make the Christmas ball look amazing, also when it gets dark, choose Christmas lights in a warm or cold shade. It is not without reason that the most popular city decorations are Christmas illuminations. A string of LED lights will illuminate the spruce branches and add a magical atmosphere that will certainly encourage everyone to take afternoon and evening walks. In addition, street lamp decorations with bright, sparkling points look great in the photos.

Christmas balls with Christmas lights will create a unique atmosphere in the evening and encourage walking around.

Well protected urban pots

Hand-made spruce Christmas covers are dedicated to hanging planters – W600 by Terra, as well as Jiflor 600 and 800 by Atech. The designers paid special attention to the assembly system, which on the one hand must be durable and keep the decoration stable throughout the Christmas period. On the other hand, it had to be universal to fit various models of street lamps. That is why the fixing of the Christmas covers, depending on the diameter of the street lamp, can be placed on the top or bottom of the decoration.

Snow, frost, sometimes rain and sleet – these are the charms of the Polish winter. The worst thing is that they are the most favorable conditions for destruction, mechanical damage or the development of rust. Not all street lamp decorations can survive these difficult, cold months without visible changes. Christmas balls by TerraChristmas are made of galvanized steel, which works well even in severe frost and humidity. Thanks to the dense Christmas garlands, the hanging planters are additionally protected. Such a cover is not only a decorative but also a functional element: it allows you to keep the flower containers without dismantling and storing.

Street lamp decorations made of durable materials will survive even the harshest winter.

Original and functional Christmas street decorations

If the street lamps in your city are already decorated with flowers, it is worth considering Christmas balls. These are not only unique street lamp decorations, but also a great way to protect the whole construction for the winter and save time that would have to be spent on dismantling and re-hanging them in the spring.

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