6 Essential Tips for Landscape Architects and Urban Planners: How Urban Green Spaces Improve Air Quality and Well-being

Urban green spaces play a pivotal role in creating healthy, functional, and sustainable environments. Landscape architects and urban planners have the crucial task of designing areas that enrich residents’ lives in multiple ways. Here are six essential tips on how to leverage urban greenery to enhance air quality and people’s well-being. 1. Enhancing Air Quality … Read more

Unwrapping the Debate: Christmas Tree in the City Center Sparks a Festive Controversy on Public Symbols and Traditions

Every year for several good years, there has been a debate about whether the Christmas tree placed in the city center is a beautiful decoration or an attack on people of other faiths. Interestingly, this dispute often seems to be inflated only in the media because when we talk about it with friends, it turns … Read more

Where to sit in the city to rest the best? – We checked what was going on in the cities.

It’s long been known that during our work day we look for a few minutes just for ourselves to regenerate, collect our thoughts and breathe. Some of us go to drink coffee, other go outside. People go outside, and where do they go? It turns out that the vast majority are looking for a quiet … Read more