Tall garden pots – a perfect complement to the outside space


Tall garden pots are perfect for almost any outdoor space, whether on the terrace, in front of the entrance to the building, or in the garden. To make them always look great, it is worth matching their color to the surroundings. Also it is important to choose the right durable material, carefully plan their location and, above all, decide what to plant in them. Too much information to search for? Fortunately, you’ll learn all of it from this post.

Where to put a tall pot?

Due to their dimensions, tall outdoor pots can be used in a number of ways. They work well at the entrance to the building, they add variety to the terrace or separate zones in the garden. By placing a tall pot one next to the other, you can create a unique railing, which will additionally provide a quiet corner, perfect for relaxation. Of course, the ideas do not end there, modern garden pots can be placed along the path or at their intersection. Thanks to this procedure, the space will look really delightful. The undoubted advantage of outdoor pots is the fact that flower arrangements can be adapted to the given season and thus you will get four different decorations.

Modern garden pots can be placed along the paths or at their intersection.

What flowers are good for outside planters?

A tall pot gives a lot of possibilities. On the one hand, you can plant one magnificent plant, e.g. ornamental grass or ornamental tree, which will stand out at once. On the other hand, the form of the container may encourage you to become more creative and make a lush composition. The tall pots are perfect for climbing species which, if planted by the edge of the pot,  will provide a beautiful cascade of leaves or flowers. For hanging plants, it is worth choosing those with a bushy, but also soaring form. Thanks to this, an eye-catching arrangement will be created.

Best Flowers For Container Gardening:

  • hanging plants form long shoots (the most impressive species can grow up to 1.5 meters). Thanks to large tall terrace pots they will present themselves in full splendor:
    • ivy-leaved pelargonium and petunias are flowering classics, very popular plants for balcony boxes that perfectly diversify large tall containers,
    • plectranthus,  ipomoea, chanterelle ivy, dichondra – known for their interesting leaves set on impressive long shoots, it is worth combining them with flowering species,
  • bushy plants are species that will fill the middle floor of the composition, these can be perennials, but also shrubs, which need a little more care and pruning so that they retain their proper shape and do not dominate the composition:
    • spiked speedwell , mossy sage, sedum spectabile, perennial coneflower, dasiphora fruticosa will delight with their flowers,
    • Fortune’s spindle, common barberry, senecio Angel Wings,  silver ragwort will fill the compositions with their green or silvery shades.
  • soaring plants – when designing compositions in tall garden pots, it is worth choosing one plant that will become the dominant of the arrangement:
    • ornamental grasses such as pennisetum purpureum, pampas grass, Chinese miscanthus,
    • canna – it is an unusually large, beautifully flowering plant. This is a proposal for large garden pots, because otherwise canna may overwhelm the entire composition due to its size,
    • ornamental trees – sea buckthorn, salix integra,rose or euonymus tree.

Large, tall garden pots require beautiful, lush compositions, so it is worth planting at least 2-3 different plants of a various form. The effect will pleasantly surprise you.

Brown, white or red pots – which color should you choose?

The flower arrangement in pots is extremely important, but it is not the only aspect that affects the appearance of the decoration. Another factor that cannot be overlooked is the right choice of colors. The best way is to adjust it to the surroundings, the appearance of the building, the terrace or garden decor, not forgetting about your own preferences.

A white tall pot will look good in almost every space, but take into account that it can get dirty easier. Brown garden pots are equally popular too, they are a classic among containers for a balcony or terrace. If you are looking for something practical, but also a bit more original, it is worth paying attention to corten containers or much easier to maintain polyethylene pots, which look very similar and do not need additional care.

The most options provide plastic tall pots, which can come in almost any color: from classic anthracite and white variants, to delicate powder colors, outstanding red, rose or blue shades that perfectly match the popular modernist style.

Modern pots from the Stella collection

If you are interested in modern pots, which are distinguished by a unique modernist style, be sure to learn about the Stella collection from Terraform. We offer a very wide selection of polyethylene pots with a unique form, which even without plants remain an impressive decoration of space. All thanks to designer, angular edges. The material from which the pots are made, assures high resistance, thanks to which the containers can winter outside in excellent condition. In addition, they come in two versions: with a shallow and deep bottom. Thanks to this, you can choose outdoor flower pots for the planned floral arrangement. Potted plants with a larger root system will certainly be satisfied with the second option.

Be sure to read the whole range of Terraform solutions. Certainly in the Stella collection you will find the highest quality pots that are perfect for the terrace, garden, hotel, restaurant or public space.

Tall garden pots- perfect complement to the terrace

Tall plastic pots mean a lot of arrangement possibilities. If you want the terrace to take on an interesting character, it is worth choosing them. The original form and beautiful pot plants will create an excellent decoration of the outside space.

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