The blue and yellow trend in cities – the charity campaign „In Solidarity with Ukraine”!


Although the dreadful events in Ukraine have been going on for over a month now, it does not mean that the enthusiasm for help should be fading away. Organizations, cities, public and private institutions do everything in their power to support refugees, but also those in need who remained in their country.

In addition to collecting the necessary means to live, it is also important to show solidarity. That is why many cities decide to hang the Ukrainian flag on masts. Blue and yellow illuminations appear on buildings, and some murals are created on their facades. As a result of these events, a new trend was born – decorating urban spaces with spring flowers in the national colors of Ukraine. Most towns, planting the Flower Towers, flower beds and squares, decided to use blue and yellow pansies.

Blue and yellow large pots.

Summary of the charity action

The charity campaign “Solidarity with Ukraine” has ended. During this time, Terra Group sold 32 blue and yellow pots with a total value of PLN 40,139.25. As promised, 10% of this amount (PLN 4,013.93) was donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action Foundation. It helps those affected by the war in Ukraine, organizes humanitarian transports, and provides psychosocial and financial support.

Special thanks to:

  • The German city of Bottrop,
  • the Czech town of Zatec.
  • Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences,
  • the Polish municipality of Kosakowo.

Charity campaign of the Terra Group company

Solutions of the Terra Group company helped to bring greenery to places where it is not possible to create traditional flower beds. Therefore, it also observes the initiative to decorate the space with the colors of the Ukrainian flag with attention and approval. Additionally, in a spontaneous gesture of solidarity, the company saw the potential to help those most in need. For that reason, Terra Group created an action entitled “You show solidarity, we support those in need. Together we will do more! “. It means that if purchasing any number of Gianto pots (Classic, Sito, Tablo, Grande, Plane Ring Lux) in blue and yellow colors, the company will donate 10% of the net order value to the Polish Humanitarian Action foundation, which actively helps the victims of the war in Ukraine. Thanks to this, a small gesture turns into real support.

Blue and yellow city pots

Large city pots in blue and yellow colors will stay in the space longer than flowers, so the gesture of solidarity will not end with their fading. The initiative will keep reminding you of the constant need for help. In addition, in large pots, you can create beautiful plant compositions that will soothe and lift the spirits of not only refugees, but also those who provide support.

Charity campaign will bring help and beauty

The Terra Group charity campaign will bring not only help to those in need, but also natural beauty to the space. Please contact your Terra Group Account Manager.

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