The Polish province that inspires – XXL Easter decorations in two western towns


These two towns are only at a distance of 17 kilometers and they have a lot in common! This year, both of them set XXL Easter decorations – tailor-made, fabulously colorful urban Easter eggs. Let’s see!

XXL Easter decorations – in a new coat every year

Easter is behind us, but we are not slowing down, recalling the most unique seasonal compositions. This time, let’s take a look at the decorations that appeared in two towns of the western province in Poland. You could already admire first town in our previous posts as we presented openwork Easter eggs planted with flowers – click to go to this content. Don`t they look great? Sure, but the town authorities did not rest on their laurels and this year they surprised us once again.


How were the XXL Easter decorations presented in the western Polish town?

XXL Easter decorations urban Easter eggs prepared for display in a town are distinguished by colors and unique image. Each of them was made according to an individual project – this is how joyful geometric patterns, seasonal symbols and wishes for happy holidays appeared on the surface of large Easter eggs. Also, one of them was made with the name of the town. Decorations, fixed on special stands, appeared on one of the roundabouts, as well as in the very center of the town, right next to the City Hall.

The western Polish town inspires once again!

In previous seasons, the center of this western Polish town was decorated with openwork Easter eggs. Their additional advantage, apart from the vivid colors and light form, was the flowers – the base of large eggs was planted with pansies- it is hard to find a better symbol of spring! This year, the residents saw new elements – XXL Easter decorations – city Easter eggs turned out to be no less attractive than the already present items. On the surface of the huge eggs, there are not only colorful geometric patterns, but also the town emblem and traditional wishes for happy holidays. How will the authorities of this town surprise us in the coming seasons? We will find out soon!

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