Transforming Urban Spaces. Gianto Classic Planters and Balcony Flower Boxes


In today’s rapidly evolving urban landscape, space is increasingly at a premium. To address this challenge, our company offers innovative solutions that blend aesthetics with functionality. Our Gianto Classic polyethylene planters and balcony flower boxes not only bring vibrant color and energy to public spaces but also support eco-friendly initiatives.

Gianto Classic Planters Are Bringing Color to Cityscapes

Our Gianto Classic planters are renowned for their impressive size and rich color palette. In partnership with the city of Murzzuschlag, Austria, we have successfully introduced greenery in areas previously lacking garden space. Strategically placed colorful planters throughout the city have created new green oases that delight the eye and enhance residents’ quality of life.

These planters, filled with lush, vibrant blooms, infuse the city with energy and color. More importantly, they promote urban ecological initiatives by supporting pollinators such as bees. The plants chosen for our planters are specifically selected for their nectar value, helping to boost populations of these essential insects.

Balcony Flower Boxes And Greening Small Urban Spaces

Our balcony flower boxes are another innovative solution for urban spaces. They transform even the smallest balconies into green havens full of flowers and greenery. These boxes are perfect for city dwellers looking to add a touch of nature to their environment, regardless of space constraints.

Sustainable and Durable

All our products are made from high-quality polyethylene, ensuring durability and weather resistance. Moreover, they are fully recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainable development.

Partnership with Murzzuschlag – A Model for Urban Greening

Our collaboration with the city of Murzzuschlag is a testament to our dedication to enhancing urban public spaces. The introduction of our colorful planters and flower boxes has made the city greener, more vibrant, and more eco-friendly. We are proud that our products have contributed to creating a more attractive and sustainable environment for residents.

Visit Us at Archiexpo

We invite you to visit our booth at Archiexpo to explore our range of innovative products. We believe our Gianto Classic planters and balcony flower boxes will bring joy and ecological benefits to many more cities worldwide.

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By incorporating our planters and flower boxes, cities can enhance their public spaces, creating colorful, vibrant, and sustainable environments that benefit both residents and local ecosystems.

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