What does public space need? Large flower pots


What does contemporary public space need? Does the presence of cobbled squares exclude natural accents? How to combine several functions in one solution? The authorities of many European cities deal with similar doubts, regardless of their geographical location.

Colorful and mobile urban pots XXL gianto grande
Gianto Grande | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

In terms of the desire to commune with nature, we are not significantly different from the inhabitants of the furthest corners in Europe. Although in recent times many revitalizations have resulted in paving the surface in the hearts of cities, they do not have to be deprived of either comfortable infrastructure or … plantings – also that in the XXL version.

large flower pots terraformdesign.eu
Gianto Tablo | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

What can large flower pots do for your space?

Interestingly, city centers are required at the same time to gather a large number of people and provide a comfortable place for organizing open-air events. Therefore, the city authorities face a difficult task: to create a space with elements of nature, yet flexible enough to successfully fulfill the other roles entrusted to it.

large flower pots gianto sito terraformdesigneu
Gianto Sito | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

To deal with such conflicting interests, it is worth choosing mobile solutions, so the elements could be moved if necessary. Large flower pots, which combine several functions, guarantee saving valuable space.

Can large flower pots be used in some other ways?

Nowadays more and more European cities are arranged with large flower pots with a seat or table function. It is the only favorable way to bring both, a comfortable piece of furniture and a flower pot into the city, which will hold a bush or even a tree. Decorations of this type can be placed in the squares without interference in the ground. No complicated construction works or demolitions of pavements are required. Importantly, the individual components of the arrangement are so massive that they cannot be removed or even moved in case of vandalism.

large flower pots plane ring lux terraform
Plane Ring Lux | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

Such innovative decorations allow not only to plant, but also to furnish the space in a creative way … and with respect for the environment. The need for mobile, functional solutions in squares or pavements is directly connected with a fast pace of life and growing openness of citizens to changes. A planter, at which you can eat a meal or where you can sit, becomes the most required option of all.

Gianto Sito | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

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