The Flower Towers – what is the secret of cascade planters?


In addition to traditional flower-beds, concrete or wooden urban pots, the Flower Tower  works very well in public spaces too. Properly selected plant species and the number of seedlings make the metal structure disappear in the thicket of dazzling flowers and leaves. This is why the Flower Towers, creating unique, natural decorations, are chosen by so many cities. However, it is not the only factor here.

What is their secret and why has cascade planter become a permanent element of the urbanized surroundings? You will find the answer to these questions in this post.

Design thought out to the smallest detail

At first glance, our flower pyramid is simply a metal structure consisting of rings that decrease with the height. To answer the question why such an uncomplicated construction works so well, you need to take a closer look at the Flower Towers.

Firstly – the material. It is the steel that is used in the production process of the pyramid. This material is light, easy to shape and cut, durable as well as resistant to external conditions. Metal flower constructions are protected against corrosion by a zinc coating and powder paint – which additionally gives an elegant finish to the whole. Such features allow for the creation of cascade planter that beautify the space for years.

Secondly – a stable internal structure. The Flower Tower can be up to 3 meters high, however, it still remains only a beautiful urban decoration, not a potential danger as there is a strong frame in the center of the rings. Such a frame connects all levels of the structure and allows for permanent attachment to the ground. Thanks to this, the Flower Towers are protected against falling, theft or acts of vandalism.

Thirdly – the finish. Once flowers have grown bigger in the Flower Tower, the metal structure will be completely covered, so it might seem that the finishing aspects are not very important in this case. However, the laser cut steel rings have sharp edges. To prevent injuries when planting flowers, the edges of the rings are covered with special seals.

Fourthly – mobility. The Flower Towers can be disassembled but the unfolded structure is much easier for storage or transport. This is not the only option for moving the Flower Towers. Previously planted pyramids are put in their place thanks to a forklift or a crane (the Flower Tower is equipped with a transport module).

Easy care is the key to healthy flowers

Plant Care is significantly facilitated by the fact that all levels, except the lowest one, in the Flower Tower are bottomless. This solution allows the roots to grow without limitation, and thus obtain really healthy and lush flowers.

Undivided space between levels also make things easier when watering plants in the Flower Tower. The lack of bottoms in the rings means that the water spreads inside in all directions and each of the seedling has an access to it, therefore the risk of overflow is much lower.

Can plant care in the Flower Tower be easier? Yes! It is enough to enrich the soil with a special nutrient TerraHydrogelVit to provide the roots with the maximum amount of minerals and water. The Flower Towers can also be equipped with an irrigation system. This is an extremely convenient option that will make all the rings of the steel pyramid evenly watered without too much effort.

Cascade planter suitable for any space

In addition to the well-thought-out design and facilitated care of plants, the Flower Towers have another great advantage. It comes in many sizes so thanks to it, adjusting to the needs of the space will be easier than you think.

Smaller models from 700 – 1200 mm high are great for separating space, nevertheless, they do not obstruct visibility and are perfect for pedestrian paths along the street. The smaller cascade planter can play an additional decorative role in a square, by a monument or a fountain.

Real giants (2000 mm and more) truly emphasize the importance of the place and complement large open spaces. The market square or promenade look much better with a row of the Flower Towers, and in front of the historic town hall will encourage tourists to take a commemorative photo.

The Flower Towers have a circle in the base, but in order to become a distinctive decoration of the entrance to the building, the offer also includes the so-called “halves”. Such a structure is based on a semicircle and thus it can be placed directly next to a wall or fence.

flowerbed-cascade-on-the-wall (2)

In addition, each Flower Tower looks great in a group, so you can freely combine different models. This way you will get a one-of-a-kind effect. If you are not sure how to plan plantings in your surroundings, ask the Terra Group team, who will help you choose the best combinations of flowers and also prepare visualizations of the project.

A natural decoration for years

The Flower Towers are resistant and durable, therefore, with proper maintenance, they will certainly please the eye for many years and never get bored. If you want to see how it is possible, visit our posts, where we describe how to arrange pyramids for each season of the year and how to prepare them for the next season.

What else is worth knowing about the Flower Towers:

  • in winter, the Flower Towers can turn into a giant Christmas tree – find out more in the post on the Flower Tower covers,
  • you can find the most beautifully planted Flower Towers on Facebook: TerraGroup.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Sales Advisor.

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