Your beautiful city – Olsztyn, Poland. See the video

Think pink! The Flower Towers planted with pink flowers look beautiful! And what else is behind such a great effect?
This is the result of several components: first of all – tools. Particularly it means that the Flower Towers have an open-cross section.

Every ring of the construction is put on one after the other, so that the inner space can be open for roots and water. Plants can fully grow and thus reach impressive sizes.


See the video below:


Plantings in the hanging Flower Towers are also worth consideration. A model dedicated for street lamps has got a double-bottom system thanks to which a plant takes water whenever it needs. The effect? An exceptionally healthy, and attractive composition, not only at the pavement level but also high above it! In this way, an exceptionally attractive composition with intensive colors is created, making the city look as if it were seen through pink-colored glasses…and it is commonly known that some colors have a really positive impact on our lives!

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