ZEBRA one of a kind – urban benches different than any others. modern bench for public spaces

It’s fabulously colorful or … toned. It will help to bring nature into the surroundings and become a trendy piece of furniture. This is an alluring decoration and at the same time an indispensable element of infrastructure. Zebra urban bench is a versatile solution for any space.

Wrocław, Poland | Source: www.terracity.eu

It made her debut only a year ago and ever since it has enjoyed growing popularity. No wonder! The Zebra round city bench is not only made of colorful elements, but also it has an unusual backrest created by a large urban pot that is able to contain not only decorative plants, but even a large bush and tree. Thanks to such an original form, it is an impressive complement to a square without trees, a cobbled town square or … a playground where children spend their time.

Source: www.terracity.eu

There is no zebra … without stripes! The Zebra urban bench has a way more to offer than just a classic black and white finish. It can be … whatever you want! From classic, toned and uniform gray to a multi-colored rainbow. Thanks to such a wide range of options, it works well both in the traditional space of the Old Market Square ( often protected by the conservator’s supervision ), as well as in a free, colorful playground of a kindergarten or primary school.

Source: www.terracity.eu

Importantly, the Zebra urban bench is fixed to the ground with special anchors – without undue interference in the pavement. This means that it can also reach places with extensive underground infrastructure – above parking lots, pedestrian crossings or the sewage system. Even after fixing in a specific place, it will not have any effect on other components of the “urban tissue”, and it will never disappear from its place – whether due to strong wind or vandalism.

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