XXL Easter eggs in Kozienice,  i.e. creative urban activities

Although Easter time has just passed, in some places we can still admire amazing Easter decorations. It turns out that more and more local communities are becoming very creative when it comes to decorating their urban spaces. This season, the Kozienice Municipality also took on such a challenge, and we have to admit that the result is simply stunning!

XXL fiberglass eggs as a canvas for local artists

As we mentioned in the previous article, residents have many possibilities when it comes to painting XXL Easter eggs. In some towns the eggs were decorated by kindergarten children, in others by local professional artists. It was no different in Kozienice — the local community joined forces and prepared the urban space for the coming Easter.

XXL Easter eggs in the Kozienice Municipality were made by younger and older residents, including local artists.

Decorating Easter eggs was a social act and art materials were donated by the Mayor of Kozienice — Piotr Kozłowski.

We love this creative approach to decorating urban space—it serves all residents, and such actions certainly support establishing closer relations among neighbors. Beautifully painted eggs in the Kozienice Municipality delight everyone, which is why we strongly encourage you to visit the town and maybe even… join the action next year?

Thank you very much for the photos and congratulations to all the artists!

Wondering what to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas? Give your tree a second life!

Christmas trees are one of the most important Christmas symbols in our culture. Although the custom of decorating a coniferous tree came to us from abroad, at this moment we cannot imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree. Many people decide to buy an artificial tree since such a decoration can serve for many years. Despite this, interest in live Christmas trees in pots has increased significantly in recent years – such a tree looks more natural and smells beautiful, which greatly contributes to creating a real Christmas atmosphere. However, the following question arises: what to do with it after Christmas?

Planting a Christmas tree in a pot in the garden

It is obvious that we prefer to avoid composting a beautiful coniferous tree, therefore, if you managed to buy a Christmas tree in a pot, you can try to transplant it into your garden so that it can permanently join the plant decorations outside. However, you must be careful as it happens that producers cheat their customers by selling them ordinary, cut Christmas trees put in a pot. Therefore, it is worth checking before buying whether the tree is rooted.

If everything is all right and your Christmas tree has roots, you can start preparing to replant it outside. You will need a shovel or spade and potting soil. At the beginning, it is worth putting the tree outside in a pot so that it gradually gets used to the temperature. After a few days, you can take it out of the pot and transplant it into the prepared pit in the garden. Importantly, Christmas trees should be planted when the temperature is above zero – so wait for the frost to subside! Also remember to use the right potting soil, which will ensure that your tree is well established in the soil. In popular stores, you can even buy special soil for planting conifers.

Christmas Tree on the main square

Planting a Christmas tree in green areas on your estate

If you live in a block of flats or a tenement house, and you don’t possess your own garden, you don’t have to write off the Christmas tree at all. Use it as an additional element of greening the areas of the housing estate where you live. Many people pay attention to neglected urban areas, where it is in vain to look for nice shrubs or flowers, let alone a well-kept lawn! Therefore, many residents began to take the initiative and independently implement projects to restore greenery in such places; these can be small green belts at the entrance to a block of flats or a courtyard of tenement houses. It is worth activating the neighbors, or at least informing them that we are going to plant something in this place.

As urban areas do not always have good soil, you may need a shovel and more potting soil. It happens that when digging a hole for your Christmas tree, you will find fragments of rubble or old bricks, on which the tree will unfortunately not grow. After planting the tree, remember to secure it properly – you can put up a self-prepared plate with an inscription informing that you are giving the tree a second life … or simply secure this part of the area with wooden stakes and jute string. Thanks to this, the Christmas tree will be able to root well, and you won’t have to worry about the neighbors’ dogs knocking over the tree just after transplanting.

Christmas Tree in a pot

Decorations made of coniferous branches

If you don’t have any green space to plant a Christmas tree, try using conifer branches as the basis for your new house decoration. Spruce branches don’t have to be just for Christmas! You can use them to make a winter decoration for the door, or compose them with your favorite cut flowers. A bouquet prepared in this way will certainly beautify your table in the dining room or the interior of the living room.

Some creative people also decide to cut the trunk of the Christmas tree. You can conjure up amazing decorations from round slices of wood; if you want to come up with some interesting activity for your children, paint small landscapes on slices of wood and then hang them around the house. Another idea might be making cup coasters out of wood!

Also remember that the Christmas tree does not have to end its life immediately after Christmas. Sometimes it is enough to remove Christmas decorations from it to get a fresh-looking decoration – and not only in the apartment, but also in the urban space!

You can also check one of our latest articles, in which we recommend, how to overwinter a large Christmas tree pot in urban space.

The blue and yellow trend in cities – the charity campaign „In Solidarity with Ukraine”!

Although the dreadful events in Ukraine have been going on for over a month now, it does not mean that the enthusiasm for help should be fading away. Organizations, cities, public and private institutions do everything in their power to support refugees, but also those in need who remained in their country.

In addition to collecting the necessary means to live, it is also important to show solidarity. That is why many cities decide to hang the Ukrainian flag on masts. Blue and yellow illuminations appear on buildings, and some murals are created on their facades. As a result of these events, a new trend was born – decorating urban spaces with spring flowers in the national colors of Ukraine. Most towns, planting the Flower Towers, flower beds and squares, decided to use blue and yellow pansies.

Blue and yellow large pots.

Summary of the charity action

The charity campaign “Solidarity with Ukraine” has ended. During this time, Terra Group sold 32 blue and yellow pots with a total value of PLN 40,139.25. As promised, 10% of this amount (PLN 4,013.93) was donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action Foundation. It helps those affected by the war in Ukraine, organizes humanitarian transports, and provides psychosocial and financial support.

Special thanks to:

  • The German city of Bottrop,
  • the Czech town of Zatec.
  • Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences,
  • the Polish municipality of Kosakowo.

Charity campaign of the Terra Group company

Solutions of the Terra Group company helped to bring greenery to places where it is not possible to create traditional flower beds. Therefore, it also observes the initiative to decorate the space with the colors of the Ukrainian flag with attention and approval. Additionally, in a spontaneous gesture of solidarity, the company saw the potential to help those most in need. For that reason, Terra Group created an action entitled “You show solidarity, we support those in need. Together we will do more! “. It means that if purchasing any number of Gianto pots (Classic, Sito, Tablo, Grande, Plane Ring Lux) in blue and yellow colors, the company will donate 10% of the net order value to the Polish Humanitarian Action foundation, which actively helps the victims of the war in Ukraine. Thanks to this, a small gesture turns into real support.

Blue and yellow city pots

Large city pots in blue and yellow colors will stay in the space longer than flowers, so the gesture of solidarity will not end with their fading. The initiative will keep reminding you of the constant need for help. In addition, in large pots, you can create beautiful plant compositions that will soothe and lift the spirits of not only refugees, but also those who provide support.

Charity campaign will bring help and beauty

The Terra Group charity campaign will bring not only help to those in need, but also natural beauty to the space. Please contact your Terra Group Account Manager.