6 Essential Tips for Landscape Architects and Urban Planners: How Urban Green Spaces Improve Air Quality and Well-being

Urban green spaces play a pivotal role in creating healthy, functional, and sustainable environments. Landscape architects and urban planners have the crucial task of designing areas that enrich residents’ lives in multiple ways. Here are six essential tips on how to leverage urban greenery to enhance air quality and people’s well-being.

1. Enhancing Air Quality

1.1. Using Trees to Filter Air

Trees are incredibly effective in improving air quality. Through processes like photosynthesis and transpiration, trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen (O2). Additionally, leaves and branches capture dust and other air pollutants, such as particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and ozone (O3). Planting suitable tree species along streets, in parks, and on squares can significantly improve air quality.

Example: The “MillionTreesNYC” program in New York demonstrated that increasing the number of trees in the city effectively reduces levels of particulate matter and other pollutants.

Even without images from the “MillionTreesNYC” initiative, we offer an excellent solution for concrete-covered spaces where traditional tree planting is not possible.

In such areas, XXL planters can accommodate even large trees, making them ideal for places lacking traditional planting space.

XXL planters enable the introduction of greenery into areas where conventional tree planting isn’t feasible, such as plazas, pedestrian zones, or around buildings. These planters are mobile and can be easily relocated, offering flexibility in space management.

Moreover, these planters can be customized in various colors and even personalized with a logo, city crest, flag, or any desired inscription, allowing them to meet specific aesthetic and branding needs.

They are perfect for enriching urban spaces while offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

1.2. Green Walls and Roofs in Event Spaces and Offices

Green walls, or vertical gardens, and green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in event spaces and offices. These innovative installations not only enhance the aesthetics of interiors but also bring numerous health and environmental benefits.

Benefits of Green Walls and Roofs:

  • Air Quality Improvement: Plants on green walls and roofs filter the air, reducing levels of pollutants and dust, creating healthier environments both indoors and outdoors.
  • Aesthetic and Atmosphere: Green walls add elegance and natural charm to event spaces and offices. They can serve as focal points that attract attention and provide a serene background.
  • Noise Reduction: Plants on green walls act as natural sound barriers, absorbing and reducing noise, improving indoor acoustics.
  • Cooling Effect: Green roofs and walls help regulate building temperatures, reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering energy costs.
  • Increased Productivity and Well-being: Studies show that the presence of plants in workplaces can boost productivity and enhance employee well-being.
  • Green walls at events create a natural backdrop and friendly atmosphere.

In event spaces, green walls can create unique scenery and foster a sense of closeness to nature. In offices, they introduce elements of greenery that promote relaxation and can reduce employee stress.

Our green walls can be tailored to the client’s specific needs, offering a variety of plant species and unique compositions. They can also be personalized by adding company logos, city crests, or other decorative elements, making them ideal for both offices and event venues.

Example: In London, green roofs are used in public and commercial buildings, helping absorb pollutants and reduce the need for air conditioning.

2. Noise Reduction

2.1. Using Vegetation as Acoustic Screens

Plants, including trees and shrubs, can significantly dampen noise. Densely arranged plants act as natural sound barriers, absorbing, dispersing, and blocking street noise. Planting trees along major thoroughfares or around residential areas helps reduce noise levels and creates a more peaceful urban environment.

Example: In Berlin, green walls and plant screens are used along highways, significantly reducing noise in neighboring districts.

2.2. Creating Quiet Rest Zones

Urban parks and gardens can serve as zones of tranquility and rest in noisy cities. These areas, with strategically placed trees and shrubs, offer places for relaxation and stress reduction. Designing green spaces with acoustic comfort in mind contributes to the improved quality of life for residents.

Our Approach: XXL Planters with Trees

We present our unique solution: XXL planters with trees, perfect for creating quiet rest zones in areas where traditional planting is impossible.


  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Aesthetics and Customization
  • Noise Reduction
  • Ease of Maintenance

Our XXL planters are already used in various locations in Poland, creating friendly and relaxing spaces in shopping centers, urban parks, and events.

Example: Urban parks in Tokyo are designed to provide quiet spaces for relaxation, despite the city’s reputation for intense traffic and noise.

3. Impact on Residents’ Well-being

3.1. Promoting Mental Health through Contact with Nature

Contact with nature has proven positive effects on mental health. Spending time in urban green spaces reduces stress, improves mood, and increases overall happiness. Designing urban spaces with ample greenery can support residents’ mental health.

Example: Research in London found that access to parks and green spaces correlates with lower rates of depression and anxiety.

3.2. Encouraging Physical Activity

Urban green spaces, such as parks, squares, and walking paths, encourage physical activity. Regular walking, running, cycling, or exercising outdoors is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health. Landscape architects can design spaces that promote physical activity among residents.

Example: In Amsterdam, green bike paths with greenery are an integral part of the urban infrastructure, promoting a healthy lifestyle and increasing physical activity levels.

4. Building Strong Communities

4.1. Creating Spaces for Social Interaction

Urban greenery supports social interactions, which are crucial for building strong and integrated communities. Parks, squares, and community gardens are places where people can meet, talk, and spend time together. Designing these spaces with social gatherings in mind helps build bonds among residents.

Example: The “Community Gardens” program in San Francisco creates places where neighbors can meet, collaborate, and build relationships, strengthening local communities.

4.2. Shaping Friendly Public Spaces

Urban green spaces can also be designed to be welcoming to different age groups and social demographics. Creating spaces that are accessible and attractive to everyone promotes inclusivity and supports social diversity.

Example: Numerous green parks and squares in Paris are designed with the needs of various social groups in mind, fostering integration and active engagement among residents.

5. Supporting Biodiversity

5.1. Protecting Habitats for Wildlife

Urban greenery creates micro-ecosystems that provide habitats for many species of plants and animals. These areas support biodiversity and are crucial for the ecological health of cities. Designing green spaces with wildlife protection in mind supports ecological balance.

Example: Urban botanical gardens in Singapore are home to hundreds of species of plants, insects, and birds, enriching biodiversity in the city’s heart.

Our Approach: Green Corridors with XXL Planters

Our XXL planters with trees can play a key role in creating urban ecological corridors. They enable the introduction of greenery in places where traditional tree planting is impossible, such as narrow streets or concrete plazas. These planters can be strategically placed to connect different green areas in the city, creating a network of green corridors. Their mobility and customization options allow them to adapt to specific urban needs.


  • Support for Wildlife: XXL planters allow for the creation of connections between different green areas, facilitating animal migration.
  • Flexibility: Easy to place and move planters as needed.
  • Aesthetics and Functionality: Planters can be tailored to the surrounding aesthetics, making them attractive elements of the urban landscape.
  • Customization: Available in various colors and can be decorated with city logos, crests, or other elements.
  • Our XXL planters are excellent tools for creating green corridors in cities, supporting biodiversity and the health of urban ecosystems. Even in heavily urbanized areas, they help sustain natural ecological processes.

Urban greenery plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life in cities. It improves air quality, reduces noise, supports residents’ mental and physical health, and contributes to biodiversity conservation and climate adaptation. Investing in green infrastructure is an investment in the future of our cities and the well-being of their residents.

Inspiration from Our Projects

As a company specializing in small architecture, we have had the pleasure of participating in many projects that transformed urban spaces through the use of XXL planters and green walls. Check out our gallery for some of our successful implementations:

New Large Planters in Elbląg: 3 Fantastic Ways to Add Color to Public Spaces

In search of summer, let’s dive into the magical and colorful floral displays that have appeared in Elbląg. Thanks to the courtesy and very pleasant contact with the Municipal Greenery Management profile on Facebook, we can share with you fantastic photos of the planters currently gracing this coastal city!

1. Energetic Gianto Sito Planters

This year, Elbląg has embraced color, with planters in three energetic shades: yellow, green, and red, adorning the streets. These beautifully flowered planters encourage residents to take walks. Just look at how wonderfully these compositions present themselves, especially up close!

The Sito planters are not only decorative but also practical. They are designer, large planters with a round base, with a bottom adapted for transport with a pallet truck. Made from durable materials, they guarantee high resistance to damage. The specially designed shape allows them to function as a seat or a sandbox. This is an excellent example of how aesthetics can go hand in hand with functionality.

2. Unique Red Gianto Plane Ring Planters

Another extraordinary proposition is the red Gianto Plane Ring planters. These planters not only decorate the space but also serve a practical function – you can sit on them and enjoy the diverse vegetation after shopping. Made of solid and lightweight polyethylene, these planters are adorned with a decorative ring at the top of the structure, giving them a unique character.

Gianto Plane Ring planters fit perfectly into modern urban arrangements. They are ideal for arranging spaces such as offices, universities, corporate buildings, and hotels. Their elegant design and practical application make them an indispensable element of the urban landscape.

3. Modern Colorful Cube Planters

Finally, we have a novelty – colorful Cube planters! These cubic metal planters can be ordered in any color, from monochrome black or gray to multicolored. Cube planters are large enough to plant trees that will provide shade in the summer where it is lacking.

Cube planters are a true work of art that can be tailored to individual needs and preferences. Their universal design makes them suitable for various arrangement styles, from modern to classic. This is a perfect example of how functionality can be combined with aesthetics, creating friendly and beautiful public spaces.

Inspiration from Abroad and Trends in Urban Greenery

Until recently, we looked at foreign countries with a hint of envy, where investments in flowers, trees, and colors have been made for a long time. In many cities around the world, urban greenery is a priority, and public spaces are carefully planned and decorated. Elbląg follows in the footsteps of these cities, introducing innovative and aesthetic solutions into its public space.

Urban greenery is not only a matter of aesthetics but also ecology and public health. Plants in urban spaces help purify the air, reduce noise, and create a microclimate conducive to relaxation. It’s an investment in the future that brings tangible benefits.

Color in Public Spaces: Importance and Impact

Color in public spaces plays a key role in creating friendly and attractive places. Colorful floral compositions and designer planters not only improve the city’s aesthetics but also affect the well-being of residents and visitors. Color has the ability to attract attention, evoke emotions, and create a positive atmosphere.

In Elbląg, it is evident how significant well-designed public space elements are. Gianto Sito, Gianto Plane Ring, and Cube planters not only enrich the city’s landscape but also create places for rest and relaxation. This is a great example of how investments in the aesthetics of public spaces can benefit both residents and tourists.

The Future of Colorful Spaces

We are proud to contribute to the development and beautification of our cities. Elbląg is a perfect example of how colorful planters can change the face of public spaces, bringing life and energy to them. Congratulations to the cities and their management – we know it’s not the easiest job, but the results are truly impressive.

If you want to read more on similar topics, check out the articles below and sign up for our blog newsletter! Join our community and stay up to date with the latest trends in public space arrangement.

Small Urban Architecture – A Key Element of Public Spaces with the New Cube Planter Collection from Terra Group

Small urban architecture plays a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of urban landscapes. Benches, trash bins, planters, pergolas, bus shelters, and lighting elements are details that have a significant impact on the comfort, safety, and overall perception of urban space by its users.

The Role and Importance of Small Urban Architecture

Improving the Aesthetics of Urban Spaces

One of the main tasks of small urban architecture is to enhance the aesthetics of public spaces. Carefully selected elements such as stylish benches, colorful planters, or modern streetlights can significantly raise the visual standard of a city, creating a cohesive and thoughtfully designed urban landscape.

Increasing Functionality and Comfort

Small urban architecture is primarily about practical elements that make everyday life in the city easier. Benches provide a place to rest, trash bins help maintain cleanliness, and lighting increases safety after dark. Each of these elements contributes to improving the quality of life for residents.

Impact on the Local Community

Small urban architecture also has a significant impact on the life of the local community. Places such as playgrounds or small amphitheaters become points of meeting, integration, and community development. They promote building human relationships and activating residents.

Key Elements of Small Urban Architecture

  • Benches: Allow for rest and are places for observing city life.
  • Trash bins: Help keep public spaces clean.
  • Planters and small greenery: Introduce elements of nature into the urban landscape, improving air quality and aesthetics.

New Cube Planter Collection from Terra Group – A Breakthrough in Urban Architecture!

Introducing our latest, modern collection of urban planters – Cube! These unique XXL planters are a true revolution in urban architecture, allowing for the planting of even large trees.

CUBE – Unlimited Design Possibilities

Cube planters offer unlimited design possibilities. With additional elements such as benches, stools, or trash bins, you can create unique and functional spaces in your city. This solution will bring an explosion of colors to urban spaces, enabling year-round decorations.

Personalization and Urban Identity

One of the greatest advantages of Cube planters is the ability to place a personalized logo or city crest. This makes Cube an important element of the city’s identity. The planters can be arranged like Lego blocks, opening up unlimited design perspectives.

Interesting Personalization Options:

  • Possibility to place a personalized logo or city crest
  • Painting the front sides of the planter in any color from the RAL palette

Additional Options:

  • Insulation
  • Bottom with or without drainage holes
  • Powder coating, matte or glossy
  • Logo plaque: stainless steel or monomeric foil
  • Hooks in the corners for tree alignment

Your Ideas Become Reality

CUBE is a planter for plants and a product where your ideas become reality. Choose a planter and give your city a unique, innovative, and original look!

See our catalog here: https://library.terra-uk.eu/wp-content/uploads/Urban-CUBE-Collection-2024.pdf

Contact Terra Group to discover how Cube planters can transform the space in your city!

Contact us here: https://library.terra-uk.eu/kontakt/

Transforming Urban Spaces. Gianto Classic Planters and Balcony Flower Boxes

In today’s rapidly evolving urban landscape, space is increasingly at a premium. To address this challenge, our company offers innovative solutions that blend aesthetics with functionality. Our Gianto Classic polyethylene planters and balcony flower boxes not only bring vibrant color and energy to public spaces but also support eco-friendly initiatives.

Gianto Classic Planters Are Bringing Color to Cityscapes

Our Gianto Classic planters are renowned for their impressive size and rich color palette. In partnership with the city of Murzzuschlag, Austria, we have successfully introduced greenery in areas previously lacking garden space. Strategically placed colorful planters throughout the city have created new green oases that delight the eye and enhance residents’ quality of life.

These planters, filled with lush, vibrant blooms, infuse the city with energy and color. More importantly, they promote urban ecological initiatives by supporting pollinators such as bees. The plants chosen for our planters are specifically selected for their nectar value, helping to boost populations of these essential insects.

Balcony Flower Boxes And Greening Small Urban Spaces

Our balcony flower boxes are another innovative solution for urban spaces. They transform even the smallest balconies into green havens full of flowers and greenery. These boxes are perfect for city dwellers looking to add a touch of nature to their environment, regardless of space constraints.

Sustainable and Durable

All our products are made from high-quality polyethylene, ensuring durability and weather resistance. Moreover, they are fully recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainable development.

Partnership with Murzzuschlag – A Model for Urban Greening

Our collaboration with the city of Murzzuschlag is a testament to our dedication to enhancing urban public spaces. The introduction of our colorful planters and flower boxes has made the city greener, more vibrant, and more eco-friendly. We are proud that our products have contributed to creating a more attractive and sustainable environment for residents.

Visit Us at Archiexpo

We invite you to visit our booth at Archiexpo to explore our range of innovative products. We believe our Gianto Classic planters and balcony flower boxes will bring joy and ecological benefits to many more cities worldwide.

Click here: https://www.archiexpo.com/prod/terra-group-148105.html

By incorporating our planters and flower boxes, cities can enhance their public spaces, creating colorful, vibrant, and sustainable environments that benefit both residents and local ecosystems.

7 Vibrant Wonders: Unveiling the Zebra Urban Furniture Collection

In urban settings, where the pace is fast and the surroundings bustling, the Zebra Urban Furniture Collection emerges as an oasis of comfort and contemporary design. Crafted from durable steel and polyethylene, these benches and planters offer more than just a place to sit – they provide a vibrant pop of color and functionality to any outdoor space. With options ranging from circular benches with integrated planters to straight benches with or without backrests, the Zebra Collection offers versatility and durability for parks, campuses, plazas, and more. Explore the possibilities and make your urban environment truly stand out with Zebra.

Meet The Collection

Our steel benches and polyethylene planters are built to withstand the toughest weather conditions. With a wide array of color options available, you can easily tailor the benches to complement any environment.

Here’s what you need to know about Zebra urban furniture:

  • Compatibility with Gianto planters
  • Extensive color range
  • Powder-coated RAL painting
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel for durability
  • Smooth or textured surface options
  • Securely mounted to the ground for stability

Zebra urban furniture isn’t just about seating; it’s about creating inviting spaces that encourage social interaction and relaxation. Whether you’re enjoying a moment of solitude or engaging in lively conversations with friends, Zebra benches offer the perfect spot to unwind in the midst of urban hustle and bustle.

Explore the last image to discover the available color options and envision how Zebra furniture can transform your urban landscape. With Zebra, comfort, style, and durability converge to redefine urban relaxation. contact us here: https://www.terracity.pl/kontakt

To read more about our projects visit articles below:

Visualize Your Space: Unlock Free Visualizations to Transform Your Project Ideas + 6 Inspiring Examples!

Hey there, enthusiasts!

We’re thrilled to reintroduce our exclusive offer, tailored just for you. We understand the challenge of visualizing urban embellishments and small architectural elements within your space. That’s why we’re excited to present you with something exciting – complimentary visualizations, crafted to perfection!

Free Visualizations

Yes, you heard it right! Our team of graphic designers is will breathe life into your concepts right before your eyes. Simply reach out to us and share your vision. Whether it’s sprucing up urban landscapes, enhancing with planters, or infusing holiday charm – we’ve got your back. Plus, our visualizations offer a spectrum of captivating seasonal inspirations! To get in touch with us, simply visit us here: https://www.terra-uk.eu/contact

How does it work, you ask? It’s a breeze! Just furnish us with snapshots of your space and tell us about your preferences and available area. Our team will come up with free visualizations, offering you a glimpse of how our products will seamlessly integrate into your surroundings. It’s that effortless!

But wait, there’s more! Here’s a sneak peek at how our products can elevate your space:

  • Revamping dreary alleys into quaint retreats with our exquisite planters and benches.
  • Infusing festive spirit into city squares with our enchanting decorations.
  • Transforming recreational zones with our chic loungers and tables.

We understand the struggle of making decisions solely based on website images. Hence, we extend an invitation to envision our products within your own space. Our visualizations promise a crystal-clear portrayal of the transformative potential our products hold for your environment.

Don’t hesitate a moment longer! Connect with us now, and let’s bring your visions to life on screen – all at no cost to you!

Excited to dive deeper into the topic? Explore our captivating Easter, spring, and summer décor inspirations here: https://greenspired.eu/10-creative-ideas-for-easter-urban-decorations/ 🙂

Wondering how to maximize your space? Explore our latest proposal – Parking spaces!

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Until next time!

Ultimate Guide to Flower Towers: Positive Urban Landscapes Across 4 Seasons

As spring triumphantly arrives, it’s time to consider how to transform our cities into not just green spaces but magical and unique environments. Flower towers have become highly sought-after urban accents, adding beauty not only in spring but also enchanting throughout summer, autumn, and even winter!

Contact us now to order the perfect flower tower tailored to your needs! https://terra-uk.eu/contact

Beyond their practicality, flower towers offer a canvas for creativity. From cascading pansies in spring to a vibrant sea of petunias in summer and cozy heather arrangements in autumn, these structures undergo captivating seasonal transformations, breathing life into urban spaces year-round.

Versatile and Customizable Floral Displays

Our flower towers are versatile, fitting seamlessly into any setting, whether adorning expansive city squares, tranquil parks, or lush gardens. With customizable options, you can create a unique floral masterpiece that complements its surroundings flawlessly.

Beauty That Endures Year-Round

Prepare for winter magic with our special collection of Christmas covers, transforming your flower tower into a dazzling Christmas centerpiece!

Curious about how flower towers bloom in spring or sparkle in winter? Explore our showcase of diverse seasonal arrangements that captivate in every climate, enhancing the allure of urban landscapes with us! ? More pictures below! 🙂

Elevating Urban Spaces with Quality

Investing in flower towers not only enriches urban environments but also demands attention to quality. Our meticulously crafted structures prioritize safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring years of enjoyment for communities worldwide.

Each Flower Tower has been designed with the utmost attention to detail to ensure safe use without any hazardous elements. Our innovative cascading system and sturdy construction guarantee stability and resistance to any weather. Flower Towers have no sharp or other dangerous elements. Quality that enchants!

Thanks to years of experience and the use of the best materials, our Flower Towers are not only beautiful but also durable and robust. You can be sure they will serve you for many years! Thanks to our uncompromising quality, many cities in Poland, Europe, and even the USA choose our products, which serve them for years, reliably fulfilling their functions. A great example is the picturesque Świnoujście, where our flower towers delight with their arrangement throughout the year. From spring blossoms to winter aura, our structures are not only a spectacular ornament of the city but also a durable, indispensable element of the urban landscape. They enchant the eye of residents and tourists from all over the world, emphasizing the uniqueness and beauty of urban spaces.

Safety First

Rest assured, our flower towers are designed with safety in mind, featuring innovative anti-theft measures and sturdy construction to withstand any weather conditions.

If you’re wondering how to move our impressive towers, you don’t have to worry – we have fantastic solutions for you! We propose using a powerful forklift or efficient crane, which guarantee easy and safe transport even of the largest structures. With them, you can be absolutely sure that our towers will reach their destination quickly and without any problems, ready to enchant everyone with their majestic charm.

Visualization and Design Services

Unsure about integrating flower towers into your cityscape? Our team offers free visualization services, tailoring designs to your desired locations, ensuring a seamless transformation that delights residents and visitors alike.

Just send us photos of the places you want to transform to kamila.pieslak@terra-pl.eu, and our experienced landscape architects will propose the most spectacular solutions and create a personalized design that will delight everyone. Don’t wait any longer! Let us help you create a new, green image of your city. By investing in flower towers, you will make your urban space even more attractive and friendly for residents and visitors!

Looking for More Inspiring Photos?

Feel free to immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey through our spectacular arrangements of flower towers for every season. From spring explosions of color to winter fairytale landscapes, our gallery is full of inspiration that will stimulate your imagination. Visit it below to experience the magnificent views offered by our towers in every season, or deepen your knowledge about our projects here: https://greenspired.eu/seasonal-flower-containers/ 🙂

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Green Parking Trends in 2024 – 6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in XXL Planters for Parking Spaces

Parking lots – those mundane, uninspiring spaces typically associated with waiting and monotony. But what if we transformed them into vibrant havens by adding colossal planters bursting with colorful flowers and lush greenery? Discover how XXL planters in parking lots are evolving beyond mere functionality, becoming a captivating solution to breathe life into the urban landscape.

Elevating Aesthetics:

Gianto (and similar) large planters are dynamic design elements capable of infusing character and allure into even the most lackluster parking lots. These versatile containers, hosting a diverse range of plants from vibrant flowers to petite trees, create a visual feast for visitors. By introducing greenery, parking lots not only become more appealing but also invite a positive ambiance, benefiting users and enhancing the overall social environment.

Embracing massive planters in parking areas opens up a realm of possibilities for seasonal decorations, transforming spaces with colorful blooms in spring, shady trees in summer, ornamental grasses and shrubs in fall, and festive atmospheres with Christmas trees in winter.

This approach not only enhances the aesthetics of parking lots but also turns the journey from the lot to nearby destinations into a visually pleasing experience, uplifting spirits year-round.

Sustainable Development and Bee Protection:

In the face of expanding concrete jungles, finding green spaces in cities poses a challenge. Large planters in parking lots not only enhance the urban landscape but also act as sanctuaries for our vital friends – bees!

These planters don’t just add color but also provide a significant dose of natural joy. We give a voice to those without it – the bees! Through vibrant containers, we create a unique realm for them, supporting biodiversity and reveling in plant pollination.

By introducing greenery into parking lots, we become not just enhancers of urban corners but also environmental stewards. Our ecological initiatives are essential for:

Improving air quality

Providing respite on hot days

Mitigating the urban heat island effect

Offering shelter for pollinators

Reducing surface runoff of rainwater

Let’s actively contribute to crafting “Green Urban Spaces” with a smile, as our embrace of greenery visually conquers the concrete jungle while championing eco-friendliness!

Enhancing User Comfort:

Improving user comfort isn’t just about elegance; it’s an artful blend of benches and loungers with planters, turning the parking space experience into a genuine adventure!

XXL planters not only add aesthetics but play a pivotal role in daily life. Picture this: after parting ways with your partner in a store, you decide to “meet at the car.” Exiting the store, a picturesque bench surrounded by flowers appears next to your car, inviting you to a moment of relaxation. The heat becomes more bearable, shaded by a charming little tree. Now, instead of enduring boredom in a lifeless parking lot, you can sit on a bench surrounded by greenery, waiting stylishly, like a true garden artist!

Safety and Protection:

Safety in parking lots is a non-negotiable priority. Large planters aren’t just decorations; they act as effective protective barriers, precisely segregating pedestrian areas and vehicle traffic. Especially in crowded lots, they serve as an additional protective layer, significantly reducing the risk of potential accidents.

These planters can effectively function as barriers in no-parking zones, deterring drivers from illegally leaving their vehicles.

This solution not only enhances the aesthetics but also effectively prevents violations, creating a clear boundary between parking areas and restricted zones.

Introducing large planters in parking lots is a stride toward transforming urban spaces into appealing and functional areas. With greenery, improved aesthetics, environmental benefits, and safety, large planters become indispensable in modern, sustainable, and inviting urban landscapes. They provide residents and visitors with greener and more enjoyable spaces for parking and exploration, aligning with the evolving vision of urban spaces. As cities develop, these parking lot solutions will play a pivotal role in enhancing urban life quality and urban design aesthetics.

Take Command and Breathe Life In!

While immersing yourself in this article, have you pondered how to revitalize your space and infuse it with new life? If the concept of XXL planters has piqued your interest, fantastic! It’s not just an innovative approach to space design but also an opportunity to transform dull, lifeless areas. If you dream of giving your parking lot, square, or garden a new character, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re ready to craft a personalized space planning strategy for you, utilizing XXL planters. It’s not just a future for lifeless spaces but also a unique chance to create something genuinely extraordinary! Breathe new life into your space – contact us and witness the remarkable transformations we can achieve for you!

Connect with us here https://terra-uk.eu/.

And if any doubts linger – delve deeper! Explore more here Choosing a Large Planter: A Year-Round Decor Solution.

Remember to share your thoughts in the comments – your voice holds significance!

Title: The Elegance of Handcrafted Work: Openwork Snow Globes in the Light of Automation

In a world that is becoming increasingly automated, where artificial intelligence and robots are starting to replace manual labor, a ray of hope emerges. This year, openwork snow globes, those delicate and magically looking bubbles, have gained recognition in urban spaces. Handcrafted from fiberglass, soaked in resin, and solidified, they have become a unique and often integral part of many cities. Faced with the fear of job loss, there is a counter-movement advocating for the irreplaceable value of handcrafted beauty.

Our company proudly joins this movement, emphasizing not only the products we offer but also the artistry of our graphic designers. Instead of succumbing to the allure of computer-generated graphics, we celebrate the authenticity that only the human touch can bring. This commitment not only translates into exceptional products but also fills our workplace with laughter and a positive atmosphere because, after all, what is more precious than the people and relationships that can be formed (especially in the workplace, where we spend a significant portion of our lives)?

We often dive into the internet to immerse ourselves in the fascinating worlds of videos depicting the manual creation process. Videos showing African wall tiles being made one by one, arranging prints letter by letter, or the formation of clay cups – these are things that captivate us. What makes these videos so engaging? It’s not just the production process—it’s the feeling that each product has its unique character and soul that a machine cannot provide.

Watching an employee engage in work with passion, without haste, becomes a breath of fresh air in a world of constant tension for us. This may be because many of us operate in a pressure-filled environment, and these videos provide a brief respite. But is it only that? Perhaps the fascination also lies in observing the creative processes, in the awareness of how individual products come to life?

In this magical dance of hands and tools, combined with passion, something special is born. It’s not just the production of objects—it’s the creation of stories, the conveyance of emotions, and above all, the reflection of human dedication. In these videos, we find not only artisanal skills but also the beauty of human effort, making each of us feel connected to the creator and the work of art. This inspires us to appreciate manual labor, to notice the beauty in detail, and to celebrate the uniqueness that each handmade item brings to our lives. Today, we invite you to enter the fascinating winter world created by our designers, showcasing the elegance of handcrafted latticed snow globes. These snow globes are not just decorations—they are moments from another person’s life that enchant everyone who comes into contact with them.

These exquisite bubbles create an enchanted atmosphere, especially when adorned with twinkling lights. Evening strolls take on new warmth in their presence. What sets them apart is their versatility—they can stand boldly alone, form geometric pyramids, be mounted on lampposts, or even transform into unique Christmas trees. The only limitation is our imagination. One thing is certain—latticed snow globes have the power to create an enchanted atmosphere.

In the face of an automated world, we persistently assert that manual labor is not just an option but a celebration of the art of craftsmanship, a manifestation of individuality, and the unyielding human spirit. Openwork snow globes are not just a passing trend but, above all, a lasting testament to the power inherent in manual craftsmanship. As we step into the future, let the joy of craftsmanship not leave us, let the smiles it evokes become our daily companions, and let the warmth it adds to our lives always surround us.

The elegance of handcrafted work is a declaration and a reminder that amidst the hum of machines, the human touch will always find its place, leaving a mark in our hearts and in the workplace where we spend our time, as well as in the pulsating urban spaces. May this inspiring balance between tradition and modernity, between craftsmanship and technology, always be the foundation of our journey into the future.

LED Light Baubles: The Secret of Creating Holiday Magic and Their Amazing Possibilities!

Is there anything more magical than Christmas? It’s that time of year when the interiors of our homes become an oasis of warmth and love, streets shimmer with thousands of lights, and we all feel like children, eagerly awaiting Santa Claus. One of the undeniable symbols of these special days is the colorful baubles that adorn Christmas trees and bring that unique aura of holiday magic to our homes.

Each of us surely has our own memories associated with baubles. They can be small spheres, just 2 centimeters in diameter, gently flickering on the branches of the tree, or enormous, dazzling decorations that we see in shopping malls, car showrooms, and even on busy city roundabouts. Baubles can be made of glass, plastic, and sometimes even unusual materials like wood or wicker. They are a symbol of tradition, love for the holidays, and fine craftsmanship.

But what would you say to a completely new type of bauble that is entering the market of holiday decorations? Get ready for a revolution in the world of Christmas ornaments, because we present to you LED baubles that are changing the game – they illuminate cities and buildings in an incredible way. This is something you haven’t seen before, and it will definitely catch the attention of every passerby!

Our X-MAS 60 LED baubles are true giants in the world of holiday decorations. They are not just ordinary Christmas ornaments; they are a real source of magic. They can bring a smile to the faces of children who are fascinated by their changing colors and, at the same time, they work perfectly as unique decorations on dance floors during holiday parties. Imagine a Christmas tree in the city center that lights up with the colors of the rainbow at night – not with bright, blinding light, but with gentle, pastel shades that soothe the senses and create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.

For years, Terra Group has been striving to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our goal is to provide you with unforgettable holiday experiences that will stay in your memory forever. That’s why we are presenting something that has never been seen before – LED baubles that not only decorate but also enchant.

We encourage you to explore our offerings and get in touch with our regional representatives on our website at https://terrachristmas.pl/.

Get ready for unforgettable holiday experiences you’ve been dreaming of, because now they are becoming a reality!

Magical Autumn in Zielona Góra: Your Adventure Begins Here

When the colorful autumn palette unveils its charm in Zielona Góra, Poland, something truly magical happens. European cities are known for their ageless beauty, and Zielona Góra is no exception. Its historical streets and charming townhouses conceal treasures and stories from centuries past. Cozy cafes and parks invite visitors into a world full of romance and nostalgia.

However, it is in autumn that Zielona Góra truly comes to life. When the leaves fall, and the world takes on a golden hue, the cityscape transforms into a breathtaking paradise. Morning mists add a mysterious atmosphere, and the city feels inspired to emphasize the beauty of this season even more.

It is during these moments that those responsible for the city’s appearance turn to us, and we eagerly respond by adorning their city with charming autumn decorations. We have numerous creative ideas for capturing the essence of this season, and in our company, you will discover various options, each designed to enhance the magic of autumn in your city.

Staying true to rich autumn traditions, our arrangements include deep purple or burgundy heathers, decorative cabbages, and vibrant chrysanthemums. These flowers, known for their resilience and symbolism, add depth to the cityscape.

Zielona Góra: Where Autumn Reigns

One of the cities that has especially embraced the spirit of autumn is Zielona Góra. Known for its scenic landscapes and historical charm, Zielona Góra recognized the importance of celebrating this season in all its glory. It decided to create an autumnal paradise, and Terra Group had the privilege of being chosen for this task. Thanks to the amount of flowers, Zielona Góra has transformed into an autumn garden that delights the hearts and senses of its residents.

Chrysanthemums: Symbols of Remembrance

Chrysanthemums hold a special place in our hearts because they weave rich, nostalgic tales. In Poland, they symbolize All Saints’ Day, when families remember and honor their deceased loved ones by decorating graves with these colorful flowers. Their connection to this tradition makes them an excellent choice for our autumn decorations.

The Rustic Charm of Nature

Zielona Góra, in collaboration with Terra Group, has taken the spirit of autumn to a new level. In addition to live flowers, it introduced dry grasses to its urban garden. These grasses gently sway in the cool autumn breeze, adding a natural and rustic charm to the cityscape, enriching the appeal of this season in the city.

Time for Reflection and Connection

Autumn is a time for embracing change, celebrating the beauty of nature’s transformations, and showing respect for traditions that have endured for centuries. Zielona Góra, in all its magnificent splendor, captured the essence of this season. Thanks to our passion for creating unforgettable and meaningful decorations, Terra Group had the privilege of participating in this endeavor.

We are here to make your autumn experience truly exceptional. Contact us and let Terra Group turn your vision of autumn enchantment into reality. Whether you are considering a decorative project or have specific ideas in mind, we are ready to hear from you. Your adventure into the magical world of autumn in Zielona Góra begins now. Contact us today, and together, let’s create the magic of autumn!

As we witness the vibrant colors of autumn unfolding in Zielona Góra and cities around the world, we are reminded of the eternal beauty this season brings. Autumn is a time for reflection, connection, and profound gratitude for the ever-changing work of nature. As colorful leaves paint the city in their golden tones, we invite you to discover Zielona Góra and immerse yourself in the magic of autumn.

Choosing a Large Planter: A Year-Round Decor Solution

In the world of interior and exterior design, versatility is key. People seek creative ways to make the most of their resources, minimize waste, and embrace eco-friendly practices. In my family, we’ve found a unique approach to all these concerns: we use old newspapers as wrapping paper for holidays, paired with natural twine. This not only lends packages a beautiful, rustic charm but also lets us give a second life to something that might otherwise end up in a landfill. While classic black-and-white newspapers with that nostalgic ink smell are the favorites, even colorful magazines can be upcycled with a simple addition of colored ribbons and bows.

But what does this have to do with a large planter, you may wonder? Well, it’s all about finding year-round uses for everyday items. A large planter, such as the GIANTO, can be a fantastic addition to your home or outdoor space. Many people primarily associate planters with blooming flowers, but the possibilities go far beyond that.

Transforming Your Planter with the Seasons

Every season has its unique characteristics and charms, and there are endless ways to adapt your planter’s decor to match the time of year. Let’s explore some of our favorite ideas:

Spring (Wiosna) :

  • Embrace fresh flowers and delicate pastel colors.
  • Use the planter as a centerpiece adorned with tulips, daffodils, or magnolias.
  • Enhance it with light pastel ribbons and bows for that springtime allure.

Summer (Lato) :

  • Bring the summer vibe with colorful parasols and straws.
  • Hang decorative seashells, beads, or pom-poms for a playful summer look.

Fall (Jesień) :

  • Fill the planter with autumn leaves, pumpkins, or acorns.
  • Complement with warm, earthy colors like orange, brown, and red in your ribbons and bows.

Winter (Zima) :

  • Create a winter wonderland with evergreen branches, artificial snow, or miniature Christmas ornaments.
  • Decorate with white or silver ribbons and bows for a touch of frosty elegance.

Beyond Seasonal Adaptation:

Beyond seasonal adaptation, a large planter like the GIANTO offers endless creative possibilities. You can use it for more than just flowers; it’s a canvas waiting for your artistic touch. Think outside the box:

  • Trees: Plant small trees, turning your space into a mini urban forest.
  • Christmas Trees: Don’t forget Christmas trees; they look stunning in colorful planters.
  • Artistic Compositions: Explore artistic compositions like overflowing planters with pumpkins or chrysanthemums.

But your planter doesn’t have to stand upright all the time; it can also lie down. Some cities use this approach to create unique arrangements with changing flora and decorations every season.

Adding a Creative Spin

Cities and towns worldwide are adopting long-term solutions for their decorations. Think of these products as jewelry for your city, pieces that can adorn your urban landscape year after year, whether it’s an evening gala or a casual day out.

Celebrating Each Season:

For warm seasons, you can opt for floral decorations and leafy trees in your large planters. The vibrant colors will infuse energy, and the foliage creates a pleasant atmosphere. Studies have shown that greenery has a calming effect and positively impacts our well-being.

Ideas for Each Season:

  • Spring and Summer: Go for vibrant floral arrangements and leafy trees.
  • Autumn: Choose a blend of trees, ivy, grasses, and heathers, and slowly introduce chrysanthemums.
  • Winter: Let your large planters take center stage with small trees, and during the holiday season, decorate them with festive ornaments.

Embracing the Winter Chill

It’s a common belief that during winter, we need to dig up our plants and store our decorations. But with durable planters like the GIANTO, you can still enjoy vibrant colors during the winter months. However, they don’t need to remain empty. Many cities have employed planters to create winter wonderlands, with Christmas trees at the heart of the decor. In some cases, they’ve even replaced ornaments with red hearts for Valentine’s Day, adding a delightful twist to the holiday season.

Continual Inspiration

We’re thrilled that a single product can serve multiple purposes. The configurations from various cities worldwide inspire us to continue evolving and thinking outside the box. Lying planters are a creative, unconventional idea that allows almost anything to become part of your arrangement, even scattered gift packages. We can’t wait to see the fresh ideas this year will bring.

Our journey began with the art of reusing old newspapers as eco-friendly wrapping paper, a simple yet charming way to add a personal touch to holiday gifting. This approach not only saves resources but also transforms something destined for the trash into a work of art. Just like that, we found a parallel with how we can approach large planters – turning them into year-round showcases of creativity.

As we explored each season, we uncovered a wealth of ideas to transform our planters. From the fresh, pastel beauty of spring to the vibrant exuberance of summer, the warm and cozy embrace of autumn, and the frosty elegance of winter, your large planter can be a reflection of the changing world outside. But this is just the beginning.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting unique expressions with your planter. Embrace small trees, mini urban forests, or Christmas trees, and explore artistic compositions that overflow with life. These planters can be a part of your creative canvas year-round, telling a unique story for each season.

Additionally, planters can lay the foundation for urban landscapes, offering cities and towns a sustainable, long-term solution for outdoor decorations. Whether it’s a bustling evening gala or a peaceful day out, these planters become the city’s jewelry, able to adapt and shine year after year.

With nature-inspired hues, your planter can celebrate each season’s unique charm. Studies have shown that the presence of greenery has a calming effect and positively impacts well-being. These long-lasting planters can serve as the ultimate canvas for expressing the changing moods and colors of the seasons.

And when the winter chill sets in, don’t think of your planter as needing to hibernate. With their durability and adaptability, these planters can keep your surroundings vibrant even during the cold months. Christmas trees, hearts for Valentine’s Day – the possibilities are as varied as the seasons themselves.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, these planters serve as a timeless medium for creativity. As we draw inspiration from cities worldwide, we look forward to continually evolving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The story of lying planters, creative and unconventional, opens up endless opportunities for art and expression, even the most unexpected ones.

So, as you consider your planter transformations, we invite you to embrace the ever-changing seasons, to celebrate the flow of life, and to let your creativity bloom year-round. What’s your favorite season for planter transformations?

“In nature, we find the beauty that inspires the soul.”

Where to sit in the city to rest the best? – We checked what was going on in the cities.

It’s long been known that during our work day we look for a few minutes just for ourselves to regenerate, collect our thoughts and breathe. Some of us go to drink coffee, other go outside. People go outside, and where do they go? It turns out that the vast majority are looking for a quiet place close to nature. Our brain rests best around trees, grass and flowers. Saturated colors fill us with energy and willingness to act. The rustle of leaves soothes our nerves and calms our thoughts. Of course, we don’t always have available space with trees and meadows, but even in the urban jungle you can relax close to nature.

Today, we would like to present to you some of our projects, along with photos from the cities where our implementation took place.

For us, the most important thing was the combination of steppingstone, numerous colors, interesting design and nature. The combination of these features and needs resulted in projects that had never been dreamed of before. We are happy to see our products that have traveled to the other end of the world. Unfortunately, we will not be able to share everything. So we selected photos for you that show the diversity which we want to share.

The first city we want to present you is the Austrian city of Attnang-Puchheim, which has chosen GIANTO SITO flower pots – many of us also use them as benches. Who wouldn’t want to go out for a break and sit on a giant flowerpot? Or at least put a cup of coffee on it and look at the clouds… We like that!

Another Austrian city, Söll, chose colors, because when the world is becoming grayer and the day at work becomes monotonous, colors will give us dynamism and enthusiasm for further action! Of course, our offer includes neutral versions, but we admit it ourselves – the more color, the more life!

The Austrians used flower pots from the GIANTO series. They have also used WAVE benches, thanks to which they can already enjoy a break in an undeveloped place. Our modular WAVE benches can be freely combined so everyone can create a unique space. Don’t like such saturated colors? No problem. There is a whole catalog of shades!

In the Czech city of Zvolen, very elegant (in our opinion) compositions appeared. The concrete-gray of the PLANE RING LUX flower pots and the crimson red of the flowers created a unique, stylish, and luxurious effect. Comfort and chic – this is what Czechs focus on!

Finally, we will introduce you to two more German cities – Stadt Gütersloh and Dreieich. A lot has happened here this year. The Germans focused not only on pastels and modern patterns, but also bright colors, which we have already seen above. But it is not everything! In addition to the explosion of color and design, natural classicism also appears in theese cities. GIANTO flower pots and ZEBRA benches from the TERRA CITY series appeared in Stadt Gütersloh. Beautiful choices please the eyes.

In Dreieich, there are URBANA, ZEBRA and WAVE benches. Some are very reminiscent of the old style, which we all miss sometimes. Modern seating, made of modern material, visually resembling wood – this is our solution. It’s nice to see such a variety of choices!

Where would you sit for your break?

Zielona Góra – a city full of nature! Summer flowers 2023

In recent months, the inhabitants of our beautiful city have had the opportunity to admire the remarkable transformation that has taken place right in the city centre. The promenade, which is often filled with tourists and residents, has gained a new beauty thanks to the charming flowering. Flowers and plants have enlivened the urban space of Zielona Góra, creating picturesque landscapes and encouraging people to spend time outdoors.

flower towers

Summer burst of colour in the city centre

A flowered city centre is not only an aesthetic experience for passers-by, but also a great benefit for the environment. Plants help to improve air quality, absorb pollutants and emit oxygen, which benefits the health as well as the general well-being of residents. In addition, greenery has a calming effect on everyone, which is especially important for dynamic, modern cities.

flower pots
Read our article and take a look at the latest photos of summer flowering in Zielona Góra! See how the city has changed in recent months.

Stylish pots and the Flower Towers: the summer version of Zielona Góra

Pots from the URBANA collection from Terra Group were placed in the most recognizable places in Zielona Góra. Their size allowed for quite large plantings, so that real trees appeared in the very center of the city. These types of pots can serve as tools for dividing urban space into different zones. They can define the edges of promenades, squares or recreational areas, setting clear boundaries. In this way, URBANA pots helped to organize space and maintain order, while ensuring the comfort and safety of all pedestrians.

urbana flower pots

Old Town in Zielona Góra, Poland

Urbana planter

On the other hand, the Flower Towers placed on the promenade highlighted the identity of the city, which is famous for its greenery and surrounding nature. The Flower Towers have been beautifully flowered to delight passers-by and add many different colors to the urban landscape. Both the hanging and standing Flower Towers have been used to decorate Zielona Gora, so the image of the center has been greatly diversified. Zielona Góra is therefore an excellent example of how to wonderfully flower a city and introduce plants where this is usually not possible.

flower towers

Plants as a key element of public space

Plants play an extremely important role in public spaces. Their presence in the city center brings many benefits and transforms the urban environment into a welcoming environment. Flowers or trees add natural beauty to the area, creating green oases in the concrete jungle. They are not only an aesthetically pleasing element of the space, but also they improve air quality, noise absorption and provide shelter from the heat for residents.
The inhabitants of Zielona Góra are fortunate that their city is one of the greenest cities in Poland. This aspect directly affects the quality of life here and, and at the same time, influences the city’s attractiveness for foreign tourists.

zielona góra flower towers

So, who of you is planning a trip to Zielona Góra? See you there!

The magic of colorful umbrellas in the city

In a city full of gray concrete buildings and monotonous streets, sometimes all it takes is one flickering glance upward to discover the fascinating world of colorful umbrellas. When rainy clouds flood the streets and the sun hides behind a curtain, these delicate covers become not only a practical protection against changeable weather conditions, but also a magical touch that brings the city to life. Colorful umbrellas, like a rainbow on a gray background, add charm and joy to the urban space, attracting the attention of passers-by.

Why is it worth changing your city with this new trend? Check out our article below and get inspired! 

Colorful umbrellas as must-have in the city

All bustling streets in the city have their own unique atmosphere, but sometimes they lack color and vitality. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective way to enliven urban space – just hang colorful umbrellas in such places. These charming rain covers, hanging in the open air over the streets, transform the gray urban landscape into real painting canvas.

Colorful umbrellas in various shades and patterns, dancing in the wind, attract the eyes of passers-by and brighten up the surroundings. They create a magical scenery that tempts you to stop, take a picture, and take your loved ones for a walk. 

open space decorations

Colourful umbrellas over the city’s streets together with open-space decorations from Terra Group

In addition, colourful umbrellas not only enliven an urban space, but also enhance its character. Depending on your choice of colours and designs, you can create themed decorations that reflect the local culture, the given holiday, or add character to a particular neighbourhood. For example, in an art area umbrellas covered with painting motifs can be hung, while a shopping district could be dominated by umbrellas in intense colours to attract the attention of passers-by.

Colorful umbrellas as street decorations not only give the cityscape a unique charm, but also create space where people can stop, relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. They are small but expressive details that make public spaces more welcoming, inspiring and creative. Thus, colorful umbrellas are not only practical protection from rain or sun, but also a wonderful decoration that adds magic and vitality to our streets.

Colorful umbrellas enliven gray urban space

The suspension of colorful umbrellas in the city can become a major attraction for tourists. The umbrellas will create a unique and picturesque atmosphere that will draw people`s attention and make the city more interesting for potential visitors.

Tourists often look for unique places that offer not only historical monuments or traditional attractions, but also special visual experiences. Colorful umbrellas will create a unique scenery and will certainly attract the attention of travelers, encouraging them to slowly explore the city. 

What’s more, a street decorated with colorful umbrellas can become a popular place to take photos. Thus, the city can get more publicity on social-media and become one of the most alluring places for various photo shoots!

Examples of cities where umbrellas appeared 


Agueda, Portugal (pic. https://joujoutravels.com/umbrella-street-agueda-portugal/)


Istanbul, Turkey (pic. https://www.oldtowntravels.com/umbrella-streets-in-istanbul/)


Leszno, Poland (pic. M. Wiśniewski https://leszno.naszemiasto.pl/wracaja-kolorowe-ozdoby-w-lesznie-zurawie-zniknely-znad/ga/c7-8789891/zd/70786385)

Creative experiments and installations in the city

Bringing creative experiments and installations into the city has many benefits. Such activities will contribute to enlivening the gray and monotonous urban space. They will add color, vitality and character, while creating an attractive and inspiring environment for residents. Art installations can also become a symbol and expression of a city’s identity. In this way, it becomes recognizable and unique. Attracting tourists or activating the local community will be a great result of introducing art to city streets.

Color your space with colorful umbrellas and see how such street art can transform urban life!

XXL flower pots: Art in urban space

Urban space, full of concrete, metal and glass skyscrapers, often lacks greenery and natural beauty. Increasingly, however, designers and artists around the world are introducing new solutions that not only enliven our cities, but also bring utilitarian works of art into them. One of such solutions are XXL pots — impressive and innovative architectural elements that are becoming an integral part of the urban landscape.

XXL pots: Art that inspires and creates community in the city

XXL flower pots are huge plant containers that not only have a practical function, but also an artistic one. Unlike traditional pots, which are small in size and focus mainly on the function of holding plants, XXL pots are becoming the centerpiece of urban spaces. Their enormous size, unique shapes and modern designs attract the attention of passers-by, giving a distinctive look to a particular place.

Moreover, XXL flower pots are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Thanks to their size, they can hold large trees and shrubs, thus creating natural green islands in the middle of a concrete jungle. Plants in pots not only decorate the city, but also contribute to improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. In addition, XXL pots can also become spatial markers or protective barriers, dividing the urban space into different zones.

XXL pot

Art on a large scale – XXL pots as an urban attraction

XXL pots create unlimited possibilities for artistic expression. Designers, using a variety of materials, create unique compositions that reflect both contemporary minimalism and expressive abstraction. Pots can be made of concrete, steel, wood, glass or plastic, and their surfaces can be decorated with paintings, mosaics, or sculptures. These artistic masterpieces enrich urban spaces and give them a new dynamic.

Painting XXL pots together can be a great idea to activate the local community. Creating such local works of art will be great entertainment for both young and old residents! A great background for such events are the white, smooth XXL Gianto pots from Terra Group, which have already been used in this way, e.g., by the City of Poznań.

Artists painting Gianto pots

Poznan Design Days

A space full of color. How are XXL pots transforming cities?

Artists and designers all over the world see the potential of XXL pots and bring them into urban space with increasing enthusiasm.  Thanks to XXL pots, art is making its way into streets and squares, merging with the daily lives of citizens. XXL pots not only provide us with aesthetic impressions, but also inspire to reflect on the role of art in public spaces.

Why not organize a pot painting event in your town? Graffiti lovers as well as classic art enthusiasts are sure to be delighted! A pot painting action in your city can be an exciting event and a great opportunity to involve the local community in creating artistic and creative spaces. Here are some steps that can help you organize such an action:

  • Contact the relevant city authorities or organizations responsible for the management of urban spaces, such as the city hall, the cultural department or the urban greenery board. Discuss your ideas and get permission to carry out pot painting campaigns in public areas.
  • Submit a project to the civic budget vote.
  • Identify strategic locations in the city, such as squares, parks or streets, where the placement of painted pots will attract the most attention. Choose areas that are highly visible and frequently visited by residents and tourists.
  • Inform the local community about the planned pot painting event. You can use various communication channels, such as social media, websites, local newspapers or posters. Encourage residents, art groups, schools, NGOs and local businesses to take part.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary tools and materials such as paints, brushes, palettes, rubbish bags, water for washing brushes, etc. Also provide adequate safety equipment such as protective suits and gloves for participants. Organize work zones and provide tables where pots can be painted.
  • Ensure photo or video documentation of the pot painting action. Share them on social media, local media, websites, and blogs to promote the participants’ creativity and attract the attention of more people.

Colorful decorations — for home, garden and urban space

Colorful decorations have magical power to transform the given space — they enliven it and add character to it. Whether in our homes and gardens or in urban spaces, the presence of colorful decorations attracts attention and gives joy to both residents and passers-by. In the following article, we will share with you the various possibilities that colorful decorations offer; we will also discuss their impact on the surroundings.

Let’s find out how bold colors and creative solutions can change our homes, gardens and urban spaces, adding life and character to them! Regardless of whether we are lovers of art, gardening or just want to change the surroundings, colorful decorations are an irreplaceable element that inspires everyone around!

Colorful hanging decorations

Colorful hanging decorations are striking decorative elements that can be set in various places. Depending on the expected effects, we can hang them above historic city streets, in a garden or park, or by a charming gazebo. Decorations of this type will not only add marvelous colors to the area, but also attract the eye of every guest. These elements can take various forms and colors — from popular, openwork umbrellas, through animals, to magnificent flowers.

Placing colorful decorations in the space is a great idea to prepare for the holiday season. After all, in the summer, we spend the most time in the open air. Openwork decorations are perfect for outdoors as they are made of durable material, and their forms emphasize the carefree atmosphere of holidays.

colorful decorations in cities

In gardens and outdoor spaces, colorful hanging decorations create beautiful landmarks, attracting the eye and inviting to explore the area. They can be hung on tree branches, pergolas, gazebos or garden nets, giving the space a unique aesthetic. Hanging decorations can have a variety of themes, from plant and animal motifs to abstract patterns, which allows you to match them to individual preferences and the style of the surroundings.

Colorful hanging decorations also have a practical application. They can be used as wind chimes that gently chime in the wind, creating a relaxing sound. In addition, they can also deter unwanted birds or insects, protecting plants from damage.

When we use colorful hanging decorations, we have unlimited possibilities of expression and personalization. We can choose from a wide range of colors, materials, and styles to create a striking arrangement that expresses our creativity and taste. Regardless of whether we want to add a splash of color to our home, garden or urban space, colorful hanging decorations are a great choice that will enliven our surroundings and attract attention.

colorful decorations in cities

Colorful umbrellas in the city

Colorful umbrellas in cities are becoming an increasingly popular and unique decorative element, adding charm and joy to urban spaces. Many cities around the world are introducing artistic initiatives that consist of hanging umbrellas in urban space. These brightly colored and diverse elements create picturesque scenes, attracting the attention of passers-by and creating a unique atmosphere. From narrow streets and promenades to busy squares, umbrellas in cities add character, creativity and positive mood, making the place even more attractive to residents and tourists.

Colorful umbrellas bring positivity and joy to urban spaces. Their presence enlivens the surroundings, making the place more friendly and pleasant for residents and tourists. They also create an impression of lightness and fun, making people feel more relaxed and satisfied with their stay in a given place. Colorful umbrellas can also serve as visual landmarks in urban space. They can help you navigate by pointing to meeting places, points of sale or important places in the city. In addition, their presence can attract attention and encourage exploration of a given area. Furthermore, initiatives with colorful umbrellas in urban space can foster social bonding. People often stop to take photos, admire the decoration, or chat with other passers-by. This gives them the opportunity to interact and exchange positive experiences, which helps to build community and a sense of belonging.

colorful umbrellas in Wroclaw

What’s more, colorful umbrellas can contribute to the increase in tourist traffic in a given city. Their presence creates attractive places to visit and photograph, encouraging tourists to spend more time in a given location. This, in turn, can affect economic development by increasing the number of visitors, both local and foreign, which translates into greater traffic in the surrounding shops, restaurants, and cafés.

Placing colorful umbrellas in urban space is therefore not only a beautiful decoration, but also an initiative that contributes to improving the aesthetics, atmosphere, and community in the city, attracting attention and encouraging interaction.

Colorful decorations for the summer — advantages

Urban space can gain a lot thanks to colorful decorations. Mural on the wall of the building, colorful lanterns or fountains are just some of the examples of how you can change the gray city landscapes. Colorful decorations attract the attention of passers-by, adding character to the city and creating a unique atmosphere. In addition, such artistic initiatives can have a positive impact on the community by encouraging interaction and bonding between residents.

openwork decorations

So what are the main advantages of placing colorful, openwork decorations in the summer in urban space?

  1. Openwork decorations are open and air permeable, which is especially beneficial on hot summer days. They allow wind to flow freely, which provides natural ventilation, bringing relief to residents and visitors.
  2. Summer openwork decorations add delicate charm and elegance to the urban landscape. Their subtle patterns and cutouts create beautiful light and shadow effects, which contributes to a unique atmosphere.
  3. Openwork patterns create natural shades that can protect passersby, cafés, or rest areas from direct sunlight. Thus, they provide pleasant and cool resting places on hot days.
  4. Openwork decorations are made of durable materials – fiberglass. They are weather-resistant and easy to maintain, which means they can please the eye for many years, requiring only minor maintenance.

We encourage you to decorate your space with openwork summer decorations, which will add charm and elegance to every beautiful city!

Contact Terra Group today to get more information on the available options and start creating a unique holiday atmosphere in the city. Let the summer in your city be unforgettable!

Painted eggs! Hand-decorated XXL Easter eggs adorned the Austrian town of Fürstenfeld

Organizing interesting activities for residents is an increasingly common practice. After prolonged lockdowns in the pandemic, we had to relearn how to establish relationships in urban space, as well as adapt to the new reality. Therefore, many towns and cities meet the needs of residents and invite them to take part in various events. The Austrian town of Fürstenfeld perfectly organized and carried out the joint painting of Easter eggs. Find out the details in our post!

21 XXL fiberglass eggs

Department of Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld or the so-called marketing office, purchased 22 XXL eggs made of fiberglass from Terra Group. They decided on the T100 model, thanks to which the eggs were visible from a long distance. The eggs have been adapted to be attached to town lampposts. As part of the initiative, the eggs were appropriately distributed among various local institutions — schools, associations, and art groups. Each person participating in the action could show their ingenuity and creativity. Finally, each of the 22 XXL eggs became an independent work of art!

Decorating the town along the main street

Ready-made eggs painted by local artists were placed along the main street of the town – Hauptstraße. It served as a kind of gallery of the residents’ works. Such an outdoor exhibition created a colorful and at the same time spectacular scenery. Fiberglass XXL eggs attracted the attention of residents and visitors, and the artists could proudly admire their works during afternoon walks. Thanks to the excellent coordination of the project by Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld, it was possible to admire the unique end result.

XXL decorations

Handmade decorations are a plus for the town!

The XXL egg painting campaign was a huge success, as it involved both children and adults. Town residents, local artists, school children, but also amateur artists, were able to take part in decorating eggs according to their own ideas and preferences. Each egg was unique and special, reflecting the diversity of talents and imagination of residents.

This initiative not only contributed to enriching the aesthetics of the urban landscape, but most importantly enabled residents to establish closer social ties. The work on painting XXL eggs was an opportunity for joint action, exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration. People met in squares, parks, and streets to create something beautiful and unique together.

XXL decorations

The XXL egg-painting action was an excellent example of how, through art and creativity, it is possible to bring people together and make the town a friendlier and happier place. This event has become an integral part of the Fürstenfeld cultural life and will certainly be remembered as an unforgettable experience for all its participants.

Let this inspiring initiative set an example for other towns and cities, showing that creative integration actions can bring a lot of fun and strengthen social ties. Painting XXL eggs together is not only a way to decorate an urban space, but also to build a stronger and more united community.

The action was co-created by:XXL eggs in Austria

Vladimir Popov, Gertraud Wagner, Waltraud Trummer, Bettina Steiner, Hildegard Sammer, Hans Belfin,

Lebenshilfe Fürstenfeld,

students from BG/BRG Fürstenfeld

and students from Mittelschule Fürstenfeld

Operation of the municipal marketing department with the support of the Fürstenfeld municipality

Photos taken by Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld

Painted eggs, openwork decorations and spring flowers — a review of urban projects from April 2023

Decorating cities for spring is one of the most awaited moments by residents. It is then that the squares begin to cover themselves with colors, and the air smells of spring flowers. On the occasion of Easter, many cities decided to flower their space, which is why we decided to review the most interesting projects to inspire others to similar activities!

Wernigerode decorations

Wernigerode, Germany

The town authorities of Wernigerode opted for classic decorations in the form of openwork eggs. Their white surface wonderfully brightened the urban space on rainy April days. Spring flowers were planted in the white eggs, and thanks to the combination of different species, the town could enjoy a very natural flowering effect.

St. Veit decorations

St. Veit, Austria

Austrian town of St. Veit added a lot of charm to the main pedestrian street with Easter decorations. Colorful openwork eggs perfectly matched the colors of the buildings. Flower arrangements, in turn, provided a breath of fresh air and attracted the attention of the residents. The example of St. Veit can be a great inspiration for other small towns — it turns out that with the help of well-thought-out, but small decorations, you can also beautify urban space.

Cieszyn decorations

Cieszyn, Poland

In Cieszyn, we were amazed by the creativity of the inhabitants. They decided to approach decorating the space in an original way — in addition to flowers in the square, they covered openwork eggs with colorful ribbons, referring to the tradition of painting Easter eggs. The ribbons perfectly matched the surface of the white openwork, and at the same time added many warm colors to the urban space. Congratulations on your ingenuity! Who knows, maybe other towns will get inspired by this project in the future…

Glogow decorations

Glogow, Poland

Glogovia Shopping Mall also decided to bring an Easter element into its building. In the central place, the administrators put a small pen with a fiberglass Easter bunny, next to which openwork eggs were installed. The natural flowering of the eggs helped warm up the image of the gallery and introduce a bit of real greenery. It’s also a marvelous idea for an insta spot for customers!

Smigiel decorations

Smigiel, Poland

The town of Śmigiel has been surprising us with beautiful projects for years. This year, they focused on natural, minimalist openwork decorations combined with live flowers. Colorful pansies in the cascade brought a spring atmosphere to the urban space. We really like solutions that are simple and very effective at the same time.

Zory decorations

Żory, Poland

In April Żory swarmed with Easter eggs! XXL Easter eggs appeared in various squares — both fiberglass and openwork ones. Thanks to this, the whole city was dressed in spring colors, and the inhabitants could admire the decorations throughout the entire period around Easter. Rows of fiberglass Easter eggs along the main streets caught the eyes of not only residents, but also visitors. A great idea to build positive associations with the municipality!

Prerov decorations

Prerov, Czech Republic

The Czech town of Přerov showed how to color the center of a concreted city. The easiest solution is to put a few colorful decorations in the center! Multicolored openwork eggs were planted with natural flowers, which also added a breath of spring freshness. We are glad that towns and cities are increasingly interested in bringing greenery even into places that are not parks or clearings!

Trzebiatow decorations

Trzebiatow, Poland

The approach to decorating the town of Trzebiatów in the spring was very professional!  The authorities organized a joint action of painting XXL Easter eggs, and then arranged an outdoor exhibition of them. Rows of hand-painted eggs perfectly decorated the streets of Trzebiatów, and delighted the residents. The Flower Towers with spring plantings appeared next to the eggs, which beautifully warmed the city center. Congratulations on this beautiful, large project!

Romania decorations

Casa Timis, Romania

Hand-covered eggs from Poland from Terra Group have even reached Romania this year! The luxurious resort Casa Timis decorated its space with them in a minimalist and very tasteful way. This is how they conveyed their wishes to their partners, customers, and guests. Bringing such personalized Easter decorations into the hotel space is a great idea to establish a closer relationship with guests!

We encourage you to check out our other entries about urban projects, and if any of you, dear Readers, have a suggestion for more interesting posts, let us know in the comments below!

XXL Easter eggs in Kozienice,  i.e. creative urban activities

Although Easter time has just passed, in some places we can still admire amazing Easter decorations. It turns out that more and more local communities are becoming very creative when it comes to decorating their urban spaces. This season, the Kozienice Municipality also took on such a challenge, and we have to admit that the result is simply stunning!

XXL fiberglass eggs as a canvas for local artists

As we mentioned in the previous article, residents have many possibilities when it comes to painting XXL Easter eggs. In some towns the eggs were decorated by kindergarten children, in others by local professional artists. It was no different in Kozienice — the local community joined forces and prepared the urban space for the coming Easter.

XXL Easter eggs in the Kozienice Municipality were made by younger and older residents, including local artists.

Decorating Easter eggs was a social act and art materials were donated by the Mayor of Kozienice — Piotr Kozłowski.

We love this creative approach to decorating urban space—it serves all residents, and such actions certainly support establishing closer relations among neighbors. Beautifully painted eggs in the Kozienice Municipality delight everyone, which is why we strongly encourage you to visit the town and maybe even… join the action next year?

Thank you very much for the photos and congratulations to all the artists!