Zielona Góra – a city full of nature! Summer flowers 2023

In recent months, the inhabitants of our beautiful city have had the opportunity to admire the remarkable transformation that has taken place right in the city centre. The promenade, which is often filled with tourists and residents, has gained a new beauty thanks to the charming flowering. Flowers and plants have enlivened the urban space of Zielona Góra, creating picturesque landscapes and encouraging people to spend time outdoors.

flower towers

Summer burst of colour in the city centre

A flowered city centre is not only an aesthetic experience for passers-by, but also a great benefit for the environment. Plants help to improve air quality, absorb pollutants and emit oxygen, which benefits the health as well as the general well-being of residents. In addition, greenery has a calming effect on everyone, which is especially important for dynamic, modern cities.

flower pots
Read our article and take a look at the latest photos of summer flowering in Zielona Góra! See how the city has changed in recent months.

Stylish pots and the Flower Towers: the summer version of Zielona Góra

Pots from the URBANA collection from Terra Group were placed in the most recognizable places in Zielona Góra. Their size allowed for quite large plantings, so that real trees appeared in the very center of the city. These types of pots can serve as tools for dividing urban space into different zones. They can define the edges of promenades, squares or recreational areas, setting clear boundaries. In this way, URBANA pots helped to organize space and maintain order, while ensuring the comfort and safety of all pedestrians.

urbana flower pots

Old Town in Zielona Góra, Poland

Urbana planter

On the other hand, the Flower Towers placed on the promenade highlighted the identity of the city, which is famous for its greenery and surrounding nature. The Flower Towers have been beautifully flowered to delight passers-by and add many different colors to the urban landscape. Both the hanging and standing Flower Towers have been used to decorate Zielona Gora, so the image of the center has been greatly diversified. Zielona Góra is therefore an excellent example of how to wonderfully flower a city and introduce plants where this is usually not possible.

flower towers

Plants as a key element of public space

Plants play an extremely important role in public spaces. Their presence in the city center brings many benefits and transforms the urban environment into a welcoming environment. Flowers or trees add natural beauty to the area, creating green oases in the concrete jungle. They are not only an aesthetically pleasing element of the space, but also they improve air quality, noise absorption and provide shelter from the heat for residents.
The inhabitants of Zielona Góra are fortunate that their city is one of the greenest cities in Poland. This aspect directly affects the quality of life here and, and at the same time, influences the city’s attractiveness for foreign tourists.

zielona góra flower towers

So, who of you is planning a trip to Zielona Góra? See you there!

The magic of colorful umbrellas in the city

In a city full of gray concrete buildings and monotonous streets, sometimes all it takes is one flickering glance upward to discover the fascinating world of colorful umbrellas. When rainy clouds flood the streets and the sun hides behind a curtain, these delicate covers become not only a practical protection against changeable weather conditions, but also a magical touch that brings the city to life. Colorful umbrellas, like a rainbow on a gray background, add charm and joy to the urban space, attracting the attention of passers-by.

Why is it worth changing your city with this new trend? Check out our article below and get inspired! 

Colorful umbrellas as must-have in the city

All bustling streets in the city have their own unique atmosphere, but sometimes they lack color and vitality. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective way to enliven urban space – just hang colorful umbrellas in such places. These charming rain covers, hanging in the open air over the streets, transform the gray urban landscape into real painting canvas.

Colorful umbrellas in various shades and patterns, dancing in the wind, attract the eyes of passers-by and brighten up the surroundings. They create a magical scenery that tempts you to stop, take a picture, and take your loved ones for a walk. 

open space decorations

Colourful umbrellas over the city’s streets together with open-space decorations from Terra Group

In addition, colourful umbrellas not only enliven an urban space, but also enhance its character. Depending on your choice of colours and designs, you can create themed decorations that reflect the local culture, the given holiday, or add character to a particular neighbourhood. For example, in an art area umbrellas covered with painting motifs can be hung, while a shopping district could be dominated by umbrellas in intense colours to attract the attention of passers-by.

Colorful umbrellas as street decorations not only give the cityscape a unique charm, but also create space where people can stop, relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. They are small but expressive details that make public spaces more welcoming, inspiring and creative. Thus, colorful umbrellas are not only practical protection from rain or sun, but also a wonderful decoration that adds magic and vitality to our streets.

Colorful umbrellas enliven gray urban space

The suspension of colorful umbrellas in the city can become a major attraction for tourists. The umbrellas will create a unique and picturesque atmosphere that will draw people`s attention and make the city more interesting for potential visitors.

Tourists often look for unique places that offer not only historical monuments or traditional attractions, but also special visual experiences. Colorful umbrellas will create a unique scenery and will certainly attract the attention of travelers, encouraging them to slowly explore the city. 

What’s more, a street decorated with colorful umbrellas can become a popular place to take photos. Thus, the city can get more publicity on social-media and become one of the most alluring places for various photo shoots!

Examples of cities where umbrellas appeared 


Agueda, Portugal (pic. https://joujoutravels.com/umbrella-street-agueda-portugal/)


Istanbul, Turkey (pic. https://www.oldtowntravels.com/umbrella-streets-in-istanbul/)


Leszno, Poland (pic. M. Wiśniewski https://leszno.naszemiasto.pl/wracaja-kolorowe-ozdoby-w-lesznie-zurawie-zniknely-znad/ga/c7-8789891/zd/70786385)

Creative experiments and installations in the city

Bringing creative experiments and installations into the city has many benefits. Such activities will contribute to enlivening the gray and monotonous urban space. They will add color, vitality and character, while creating an attractive and inspiring environment for residents. Art installations can also become a symbol and expression of a city’s identity. In this way, it becomes recognizable and unique. Attracting tourists or activating the local community will be a great result of introducing art to city streets.

Color your space with colorful umbrellas and see how such street art can transform urban life!

XXL flower pots: Art in urban space

Urban space, full of concrete, metal and glass skyscrapers, often lacks greenery and natural beauty. Increasingly, however, designers and artists around the world are introducing new solutions that not only enliven our cities, but also bring utilitarian works of art into them. One of such solutions are XXL pots — impressive and innovative architectural elements that are becoming an integral part of the urban landscape.

XXL pots: Art that inspires and creates community in the city

XXL flower pots are huge plant containers that not only have a practical function, but also an artistic one. Unlike traditional pots, which are small in size and focus mainly on the function of holding plants, XXL pots are becoming the centerpiece of urban spaces. Their enormous size, unique shapes and modern designs attract the attention of passers-by, giving a distinctive look to a particular place.

Moreover, XXL flower pots are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Thanks to their size, they can hold large trees and shrubs, thus creating natural green islands in the middle of a concrete jungle. Plants in pots not only decorate the city, but also contribute to improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. In addition, XXL pots can also become spatial markers or protective barriers, dividing the urban space into different zones.

XXL pot

Art on a large scale – XXL pots as an urban attraction

XXL pots create unlimited possibilities for artistic expression. Designers, using a variety of materials, create unique compositions that reflect both contemporary minimalism and expressive abstraction. Pots can be made of concrete, steel, wood, glass or plastic, and their surfaces can be decorated with paintings, mosaics, or sculptures. These artistic masterpieces enrich urban spaces and give them a new dynamic.

Painting XXL pots together can be a great idea to activate the local community. Creating such local works of art will be great entertainment for both young and old residents! A great background for such events are the white, smooth XXL Gianto pots from Terra Group, which have already been used in this way, e.g., by the City of Poznań.

Artists painting Gianto pots

Poznan Design Days

A space full of color. How are XXL pots transforming cities?

Artists and designers all over the world see the potential of XXL pots and bring them into urban space with increasing enthusiasm.  Thanks to XXL pots, art is making its way into streets and squares, merging with the daily lives of citizens. XXL pots not only provide us with aesthetic impressions, but also inspire to reflect on the role of art in public spaces.

Why not organize a pot painting event in your town? Graffiti lovers as well as classic art enthusiasts are sure to be delighted! A pot painting action in your city can be an exciting event and a great opportunity to involve the local community in creating artistic and creative spaces. Here are some steps that can help you organize such an action:

  • Contact the relevant city authorities or organizations responsible for the management of urban spaces, such as the city hall, the cultural department or the urban greenery board. Discuss your ideas and get permission to carry out pot painting campaigns in public areas.
  • Submit a project to the civic budget vote.
  • Identify strategic locations in the city, such as squares, parks or streets, where the placement of painted pots will attract the most attention. Choose areas that are highly visible and frequently visited by residents and tourists.
  • Inform the local community about the planned pot painting event. You can use various communication channels, such as social media, websites, local newspapers or posters. Encourage residents, art groups, schools, NGOs and local businesses to take part.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary tools and materials such as paints, brushes, palettes, rubbish bags, water for washing brushes, etc. Also provide adequate safety equipment such as protective suits and gloves for participants. Organize work zones and provide tables where pots can be painted.
  • Ensure photo or video documentation of the pot painting action. Share them on social media, local media, websites, and blogs to promote the participants’ creativity and attract the attention of more people.

Colorful decorations — for home, garden and urban space

Colorful decorations have magical power to transform the given space — they enliven it and add character to it. Whether in our homes and gardens or in urban spaces, the presence of colorful decorations attracts attention and gives joy to both residents and passers-by. In the following article, we will share with you the various possibilities that colorful decorations offer; we will also discuss their impact on the surroundings.

Let’s find out how bold colors and creative solutions can change our homes, gardens and urban spaces, adding life and character to them! Regardless of whether we are lovers of art, gardening or just want to change the surroundings, colorful decorations are an irreplaceable element that inspires everyone around!

Colorful hanging decorations

Colorful hanging decorations are striking decorative elements that can be set in various places. Depending on the expected effects, we can hang them above historic city streets, in a garden or park, or by a charming gazebo. Decorations of this type will not only add marvelous colors to the area, but also attract the eye of every guest. These elements can take various forms and colors — from popular, openwork umbrellas, through animals, to magnificent flowers.

Placing colorful decorations in the space is a great idea to prepare for the holiday season. After all, in the summer, we spend the most time in the open air. Openwork decorations are perfect for outdoors as they are made of durable material, and their forms emphasize the carefree atmosphere of holidays.

colorful decorations in cities

In gardens and outdoor spaces, colorful hanging decorations create beautiful landmarks, attracting the eye and inviting to explore the area. They can be hung on tree branches, pergolas, gazebos or garden nets, giving the space a unique aesthetic. Hanging decorations can have a variety of themes, from plant and animal motifs to abstract patterns, which allows you to match them to individual preferences and the style of the surroundings.

Colorful hanging decorations also have a practical application. They can be used as wind chimes that gently chime in the wind, creating a relaxing sound. In addition, they can also deter unwanted birds or insects, protecting plants from damage.

When we use colorful hanging decorations, we have unlimited possibilities of expression and personalization. We can choose from a wide range of colors, materials, and styles to create a striking arrangement that expresses our creativity and taste. Regardless of whether we want to add a splash of color to our home, garden or urban space, colorful hanging decorations are a great choice that will enliven our surroundings and attract attention.

colorful decorations in cities

Colorful umbrellas in the city

Colorful umbrellas in cities are becoming an increasingly popular and unique decorative element, adding charm and joy to urban spaces. Many cities around the world are introducing artistic initiatives that consist of hanging umbrellas in urban space. These brightly colored and diverse elements create picturesque scenes, attracting the attention of passers-by and creating a unique atmosphere. From narrow streets and promenades to busy squares, umbrellas in cities add character, creativity and positive mood, making the place even more attractive to residents and tourists.

Colorful umbrellas bring positivity and joy to urban spaces. Their presence enlivens the surroundings, making the place more friendly and pleasant for residents and tourists. They also create an impression of lightness and fun, making people feel more relaxed and satisfied with their stay in a given place. Colorful umbrellas can also serve as visual landmarks in urban space. They can help you navigate by pointing to meeting places, points of sale or important places in the city. In addition, their presence can attract attention and encourage exploration of a given area. Furthermore, initiatives with colorful umbrellas in urban space can foster social bonding. People often stop to take photos, admire the decoration, or chat with other passers-by. This gives them the opportunity to interact and exchange positive experiences, which helps to build community and a sense of belonging.

colorful umbrellas in Wroclaw

What’s more, colorful umbrellas can contribute to the increase in tourist traffic in a given city. Their presence creates attractive places to visit and photograph, encouraging tourists to spend more time in a given location. This, in turn, can affect economic development by increasing the number of visitors, both local and foreign, which translates into greater traffic in the surrounding shops, restaurants, and cafés.

Placing colorful umbrellas in urban space is therefore not only a beautiful decoration, but also an initiative that contributes to improving the aesthetics, atmosphere, and community in the city, attracting attention and encouraging interaction.

Colorful decorations for the summer — advantages

Urban space can gain a lot thanks to colorful decorations. Mural on the wall of the building, colorful lanterns or fountains are just some of the examples of how you can change the gray city landscapes. Colorful decorations attract the attention of passers-by, adding character to the city and creating a unique atmosphere. In addition, such artistic initiatives can have a positive impact on the community by encouraging interaction and bonding between residents.

openwork decorations

So what are the main advantages of placing colorful, openwork decorations in the summer in urban space?

  1. Openwork decorations are open and air permeable, which is especially beneficial on hot summer days. They allow wind to flow freely, which provides natural ventilation, bringing relief to residents and visitors.
  2. Summer openwork decorations add delicate charm and elegance to the urban landscape. Their subtle patterns and cutouts create beautiful light and shadow effects, which contributes to a unique atmosphere.
  3. Openwork patterns create natural shades that can protect passersby, cafés, or rest areas from direct sunlight. Thus, they provide pleasant and cool resting places on hot days.
  4. Openwork decorations are made of durable materials – fiberglass. They are weather-resistant and easy to maintain, which means they can please the eye for many years, requiring only minor maintenance.

We encourage you to decorate your space with openwork summer decorations, which will add charm and elegance to every beautiful city!

Contact Terra Group today to get more information on the available options and start creating a unique holiday atmosphere in the city. Let the summer in your city be unforgettable!

Painted eggs! Hand-decorated XXL Easter eggs adorned the Austrian town of Fürstenfeld

Organizing interesting activities for residents is an increasingly common practice. After prolonged lockdowns in the pandemic, we had to relearn how to establish relationships in urban space, as well as adapt to the new reality. Therefore, many towns and cities meet the needs of residents and invite them to take part in various events. The Austrian town of Fürstenfeld perfectly organized and carried out the joint painting of Easter eggs. Find out the details in our post!

21 XXL fiberglass eggs

Department of Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld or the so-called marketing office, purchased 22 XXL eggs made of fiberglass from Terra Group. They decided on the T100 model, thanks to which the eggs were visible from a long distance. The eggs have been adapted to be attached to town lampposts. As part of the initiative, the eggs were appropriately distributed among various local institutions — schools, associations, and art groups. Each person participating in the action could show their ingenuity and creativity. Finally, each of the 22 XXL eggs became an independent work of art!

Decorating the town along the main street

Ready-made eggs painted by local artists were placed along the main street of the town – Hauptstraße. It served as a kind of gallery of the residents’ works. Such an outdoor exhibition created a colorful and at the same time spectacular scenery. Fiberglass XXL eggs attracted the attention of residents and visitors, and the artists could proudly admire their works during afternoon walks. Thanks to the excellent coordination of the project by Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld, it was possible to admire the unique end result.

XXL decorations

Handmade decorations are a plus for the town!

The XXL egg painting campaign was a huge success, as it involved both children and adults. Town residents, local artists, school children, but also amateur artists, were able to take part in decorating eggs according to their own ideas and preferences. Each egg was unique and special, reflecting the diversity of talents and imagination of residents.

This initiative not only contributed to enriching the aesthetics of the urban landscape, but most importantly enabled residents to establish closer social ties. The work on painting XXL eggs was an opportunity for joint action, exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration. People met in squares, parks, and streets to create something beautiful and unique together.

XXL decorations

The XXL egg-painting action was an excellent example of how, through art and creativity, it is possible to bring people together and make the town a friendlier and happier place. This event has become an integral part of the Fürstenfeld cultural life and will certainly be remembered as an unforgettable experience for all its participants.

Let this inspiring initiative set an example for other towns and cities, showing that creative integration actions can bring a lot of fun and strengthen social ties. Painting XXL eggs together is not only a way to decorate an urban space, but also to build a stronger and more united community.

The action was co-created by:XXL eggs in Austria

Vladimir Popov, Gertraud Wagner, Waltraud Trummer, Bettina Steiner, Hildegard Sammer, Hans Belfin,

Lebenshilfe Fürstenfeld,

students from BG/BRG Fürstenfeld

and students from Mittelschule Fürstenfeld

Operation of the municipal marketing department with the support of the Fürstenfeld municipality

Photos taken by Stadtmarketing Fürstenfeld

Painted eggs, openwork decorations and spring flowers — a review of urban projects from April 2023

Decorating cities for spring is one of the most awaited moments by residents. It is then that the squares begin to cover themselves with colors, and the air smells of spring flowers. On the occasion of Easter, many cities decided to flower their space, which is why we decided to review the most interesting projects to inspire others to similar activities!

Wernigerode decorations

Wernigerode, Germany

The town authorities of Wernigerode opted for classic decorations in the form of openwork eggs. Their white surface wonderfully brightened the urban space on rainy April days. Spring flowers were planted in the white eggs, and thanks to the combination of different species, the town could enjoy a very natural flowering effect.

St. Veit decorations

St. Veit, Austria

Austrian town of St. Veit added a lot of charm to the main pedestrian street with Easter decorations. Colorful openwork eggs perfectly matched the colors of the buildings. Flower arrangements, in turn, provided a breath of fresh air and attracted the attention of the residents. The example of St. Veit can be a great inspiration for other small towns — it turns out that with the help of well-thought-out, but small decorations, you can also beautify urban space.

Cieszyn decorations

Cieszyn, Poland

In Cieszyn, we were amazed by the creativity of the inhabitants. They decided to approach decorating the space in an original way — in addition to flowers in the square, they covered openwork eggs with colorful ribbons, referring to the tradition of painting Easter eggs. The ribbons perfectly matched the surface of the white openwork, and at the same time added many warm colors to the urban space. Congratulations on your ingenuity! Who knows, maybe other towns will get inspired by this project in the future…

Glogow decorations

Glogow, Poland

Glogovia Shopping Mall also decided to bring an Easter element into its building. In the central place, the administrators put a small pen with a fiberglass Easter bunny, next to which openwork eggs were installed. The natural flowering of the eggs helped warm up the image of the gallery and introduce a bit of real greenery. It’s also a marvelous idea for an insta spot for customers!

Smigiel decorations

Smigiel, Poland

The town of Śmigiel has been surprising us with beautiful projects for years. This year, they focused on natural, minimalist openwork decorations combined with live flowers. Colorful pansies in the cascade brought a spring atmosphere to the urban space. We really like solutions that are simple and very effective at the same time.

Zory decorations

Żory, Poland

In April Żory swarmed with Easter eggs! XXL Easter eggs appeared in various squares — both fiberglass and openwork ones. Thanks to this, the whole city was dressed in spring colors, and the inhabitants could admire the decorations throughout the entire period around Easter. Rows of fiberglass Easter eggs along the main streets caught the eyes of not only residents, but also visitors. A great idea to build positive associations with the municipality!

Prerov decorations

Prerov, Czech Republic

The Czech town of Přerov showed how to color the center of a concreted city. The easiest solution is to put a few colorful decorations in the center! Multicolored openwork eggs were planted with natural flowers, which also added a breath of spring freshness. We are glad that towns and cities are increasingly interested in bringing greenery even into places that are not parks or clearings!

Trzebiatow decorations

Trzebiatow, Poland

The approach to decorating the town of Trzebiatów in the spring was very professional!  The authorities organized a joint action of painting XXL Easter eggs, and then arranged an outdoor exhibition of them. Rows of hand-painted eggs perfectly decorated the streets of Trzebiatów, and delighted the residents. The Flower Towers with spring plantings appeared next to the eggs, which beautifully warmed the city center. Congratulations on this beautiful, large project!

Romania decorations

Casa Timis, Romania

Hand-covered eggs from Poland from Terra Group have even reached Romania this year! The luxurious resort Casa Timis decorated its space with them in a minimalist and very tasteful way. This is how they conveyed their wishes to their partners, customers, and guests. Bringing such personalized Easter decorations into the hotel space is a great idea to establish a closer relationship with guests!

We encourage you to check out our other entries about urban projects, and if any of you, dear Readers, have a suggestion for more interesting posts, let us know in the comments below!

XXL Easter eggs in Kozienice,  i.e. creative urban activities

Although Easter time has just passed, in some places we can still admire amazing Easter decorations. It turns out that more and more local communities are becoming very creative when it comes to decorating their urban spaces. This season, the Kozienice Municipality also took on such a challenge, and we have to admit that the result is simply stunning!

XXL fiberglass eggs as a canvas for local artists

As we mentioned in the previous article, residents have many possibilities when it comes to painting XXL Easter eggs. In some towns the eggs were decorated by kindergarten children, in others by local professional artists. It was no different in Kozienice — the local community joined forces and prepared the urban space for the coming Easter.

XXL Easter eggs in the Kozienice Municipality were made by younger and older residents, including local artists.

Decorating Easter eggs was a social act and art materials were donated by the Mayor of Kozienice — Piotr Kozłowski.

We love this creative approach to decorating urban space—it serves all residents, and such actions certainly support establishing closer relations among neighbors. Beautifully painted eggs in the Kozienice Municipality delight everyone, which is why we strongly encourage you to visit the town and maybe even… join the action next year?

Thank you very much for the photos and congratulations to all the artists!

Innovations for spring 2023 — Easter decorations made of dibond

As the winter months slowly fade into oblivion, we begin to look for the first signs of spring. We track the first spring flowers, buds on trees and singing birds — cities finally take on more colors! So it’s the perfect time to prepare for the arrival of Easter and decorate the city with beautiful Easter elements. This year, new decorations made of dibond appeared on the market, the material that stands out from others with its durability. What are its main features? Check below!

Easter decorations in a city park

Dibond — what is it?

Dibond is a modern composite material that consists of several aluminum layers. These layers are connected by a polyethylene core, which makes dibond durable and lightweight. Therefore, it can be used in the production of various products. Another advantage of this material is its durability, which is why it can be used outdoors. Resistant to weather conditions, dibond has already been appreciated by architects, engineers and decorators, who take advantage of it to create various arrangements in public spaces. All these assets make dibond a great alternative to PVC boards. What’s more, the polyethylene used for the production of dibond comes from recycling, which is certainly a great advantage nowadays.

Decorations made of dibond are also light and easy to transport. They can be covered with different colors, and their surface can also have a different structure. Thanks to this, dibond has a wide range of applications and can be modified to meet the needs of each client.

Easter decorations on a main square

Dibond board — application

Dibond is primarily used for the production of various public architecture elements — these can be e.g., coffers, advertising stands or shop signs. The dibond board works great in these conditions, because it retains its durability for a long time and, if the board is properly covered with color, it will not fade over time. Various companies have decided to change the existing PVC advertising boards to more modern boards, made of dibond. First of all, this is motivated by durability, and thus, a lot of savings, because decorations do not have to be changed every season. Dibond elements will work well for years. What’s more, the dibond board can be cut with various patterns or inscriptions that will perfectly emphasize the character of any place or special occasion.

Colorful Easter Eggs in a city park
Łabiszyn, Poland (photo: Albin Łakomy)


Easter decorations 2023 made of dibond

Dibond Easter decorations may become a new trend this season. Eggs made of this material will be resistant to any weather conditions and will perfectly color the urban space. They will also work well as advertisements in hotels or restaurants.

In Terra Easter’s offer, you will find various patterns of 2D and 3D eggs — what’s the difference? 2D eggs are flat, so they can be used in different ways. Depending on your preferences, you can decorate a selected wall with them or mount them on a stand. 3D decorations take up a bit more space, so it is worth planning in advance where we are going to place them. Such eggs will attract the attention of passers-by and will color the public space. What’s more, when ordering such an egg, you can choose a personalized printout — this way you can easily get a beautiful decoration that will also become a showcase of your company, hotel, or restaurant. Easter wishes printed on the surface of the egg will pleasantly surprise all customers, and as we know, their satisfaction is the most important thing!

Check out Easter Decorations from Terra Easter by clicking here.


How to activate the local community? Painting Easter eggs by city dwellers as a joint event

Building a local community that will spend time together and take care of urban space can be a very difficult task. The pandemic circumstances had a huge impact on the increasing distance in relations between neighbors, which are only now beginning to recover. However, more and more cities are starting to propose interesting ideas for activating the local community. Working together can have a positive impact on all residents — it’s a good opportunity to get to know each other better, exchange ideas or just have a nice time.

It turns out that painting Easter eggs together can be a great idea for a local project. Such eggs can be used to decorate the city. In previous years, this idea was already implemented by e.g., Karpacz, Racibórz or Skała. So, how to organize such an action?

Ideas for painting Easter eggs together in your city

Spring brings higher temperatures, which is a great opportunity to finally spend some time outdoors. Organizing a local action of painting Easter eggs with such a pleasant aura will surely delight the residents! After long winter months, you can finally go back to walking and playing in the park. Painting Easter eggs together can be the perfect start to the spring season, which is full of various outdoor activities.

It turns out that there are quite a lot of ideas for preparing XXL Easter eggs. Thanks to the fact that many cities have already carried out such projects, we can take a closer look at them and be inspired by their actions. Importantly, every year more and more cities join this action, thanks to which many markets were decorated with beautiful, hand-painted decorations. Admiring them is a pleasure for both passers-by and people who took part in the project!

Colorful Easter Eggs in the city square

Easter eggs as an element of the city game — Karpacz

A great idea was implemented in Karpacz — colorful Easter eggs were used as an element of the town game. At the beginning, white, fiberglass, plain eggs from the Terra Easter collection arrived in the city. Then they were handed over to local artists so that they could decorate them according to their own ideas. The project involved, among others, Teresa Kępowicz, Renata Jaryczewska, Leszek Legut and Beata Makutynowicz. Thanks to so much involvement, about 20 such unique Easter eggs have already been created. In addition to local artists, Easter eggs were also decorated by children; and it’s all thanks to art workshops at “Culture Station”. Ready Easter eggs have been placed in various areas of the town — they have not been accumulated in one place on purpose, so that passers-by can look for them and enjoy the next prey during family walks.

The motto of this action was: “Hey seeker, spend this Easter in Karpacz!”. As a result, the town was eagerly visited by tourists who could try their hand at a family outdoor game. Riddles created by the Mountain Spirit were attached to each of the Easter eggs. Such a thematic walk around the area was an entertaining experience for both residents of Karpacz and tourists from all over the country!

Easter Egg painted by local artists

Painting Easter eggs with children — Bad Wimpfen

Another extraordinary undertaking is choosing white XXL eggs by the local government, which will be handed over to various institutions so that school children can decorate them together according to their own ideas. It’s obvious that children are very creative — so it’s worth giving them a chance to express themselves in this way! The German town of Bad Wimpfen followed in these footsteps and donated a white egg to a local kindergarten. The youngest children took part in painting an Easter egg by imprinting their hands on the surface of the egg. You can see the effect below.

Easter Eggs painted by children

Easter eggs painted by local artists — Brzesko, Kórnik

Some towns also came up with the idea of placing Easter eggs on the market square or promenade, where all residents can participate in the creation of Easter art works. Local activity organized in this way will surely be remembered by all participants, and will also give a lot of publicity to the commune. If your town is full of local artists, it is worth using their potential and inviting them to cooperate! Such actions were organized by Brzesko and Kórnik, the effects of which you can see in the photo below. Such unique Easter eggs emphasize the artistic atmosphere of the town, and will also provide works of art that the commune will be able to boast about for many years.

Easter Egg covered with paintings

Wondering what to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas? Give your tree a second life!

Christmas trees are one of the most important Christmas symbols in our culture. Although the custom of decorating a coniferous tree came to us from abroad, at this moment we cannot imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree. Many people decide to buy an artificial tree since such a decoration can serve for many years. Despite this, interest in live Christmas trees in pots has increased significantly in recent years – such a tree looks more natural and smells beautiful, which greatly contributes to creating a real Christmas atmosphere. However, the following question arises: what to do with it after Christmas?

Planting a Christmas tree in a pot in the garden

It is obvious that we prefer to avoid composting a beautiful coniferous tree, therefore, if you managed to buy a Christmas tree in a pot, you can try to transplant it into your garden so that it can permanently join the plant decorations outside. However, you must be careful as it happens that producers cheat their customers by selling them ordinary, cut Christmas trees put in a pot. Therefore, it is worth checking before buying whether the tree is rooted.

If everything is all right and your Christmas tree has roots, you can start preparing to replant it outside. You will need a shovel or spade and potting soil. At the beginning, it is worth putting the tree outside in a pot so that it gradually gets used to the temperature. After a few days, you can take it out of the pot and transplant it into the prepared pit in the garden. Importantly, Christmas trees should be planted when the temperature is above zero – so wait for the frost to subside! Also remember to use the right potting soil, which will ensure that your tree is well established in the soil. In popular stores, you can even buy special soil for planting conifers.

Christmas Tree on the main square

Planting a Christmas tree in green areas on your estate

If you live in a block of flats or a tenement house, and you don’t possess your own garden, you don’t have to write off the Christmas tree at all. Use it as an additional element of greening the areas of the housing estate where you live. Many people pay attention to neglected urban areas, where it is in vain to look for nice shrubs or flowers, let alone a well-kept lawn! Therefore, many residents began to take the initiative and independently implement projects to restore greenery in such places; these can be small green belts at the entrance to a block of flats or a courtyard of tenement houses. It is worth activating the neighbors, or at least informing them that we are going to plant something in this place.

As urban areas do not always have good soil, you may need a shovel and more potting soil. It happens that when digging a hole for your Christmas tree, you will find fragments of rubble or old bricks, on which the tree will unfortunately not grow. After planting the tree, remember to secure it properly – you can put up a self-prepared plate with an inscription informing that you are giving the tree a second life … or simply secure this part of the area with wooden stakes and jute string. Thanks to this, the Christmas tree will be able to root well, and you won’t have to worry about the neighbors’ dogs knocking over the tree just after transplanting.

Christmas Tree in a pot

Decorations made of coniferous branches

If you don’t have any green space to plant a Christmas tree, try using conifer branches as the basis for your new house decoration. Spruce branches don’t have to be just for Christmas! You can use them to make a winter decoration for the door, or compose them with your favorite cut flowers. A bouquet prepared in this way will certainly beautify your table in the dining room or the interior of the living room.

Some creative people also decide to cut the trunk of the Christmas tree. You can conjure up amazing decorations from round slices of wood; if you want to come up with some interesting activity for your children, paint small landscapes on slices of wood and then hang them around the house. Another idea might be making cup coasters out of wood!

Also remember that the Christmas tree does not have to end its life immediately after Christmas. Sometimes it is enough to remove Christmas decorations from it to get a fresh-looking decoration – and not only in the apartment, but also in the urban space!

You can also check one of our latest articles, in which we recommend, how to overwinter a large Christmas tree pot in urban space.

Designer large plant pots – an example from the town of Attnang-Puchheim

Large plastic pots appear more and more often in towns and cities, mainly because the plants planted in them beautify the space. Distinguishing XXL containers often become the hallmark of a given place. A perfect example is the Austrian town of Attnang-Puchheim. The large plant pots located there in one unique color create a harmonious coherence and a designer look.

Large plant pots outdoor

Plastic pots are the top pick when it comes to outdoor use. Durable plastic is perfect for changeable weather conditions. In hot and sunny summer or cold, snowy winter, the planters retain their color. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and much lighter than their concrete or wooden counterparts. Thanks to all these advantages, they will fulfill their role for many years, remaining in a great condition. The plastic planters can impress with their durability under one condition – the chosen material, should be tested and top-quality. It is worth taking an interest in large polyethylene pots from Terraform. Polyethylene is durable, resistant, and perfectly recyclable.

plant-pots-made-of-polyethylene-look-like -corten
Urban pots made of polyethylene will last in great condition for many years.

Thanks to the polyethylene used in the production process of large plant pots the choice of colors is endless. To attract attention and enliven the surroundings, usually, strong and vivid shades are chosen. Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Blue are just some of the options available. However, in addition to the basic variants, there are also quaint proposals that will make the plastic plant pot takes on a designer character. This category includes classic black and white as well as shades of gray, but to really stand out, it is worth choosing a variant that resembles Corten steel. Chocolate brown is not uniform, which allows to achieve a very similar visual effect to the corten popular among architects. It is the perfect combination of aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

Attnang-Puchheim focuses on consistency

Large corten-colored plastic pots were chosen by the austrian town of Attnang-Puchheim. Along the main street, Marktstraße, one can spot 15 pieces of Gianto Sito and 50 classic Gianto. Thanks to this approach, the most representative part of the town has gained coherent urban planters that allow  to launch additional greenery into the center. However, this is not their only task.

Thanks to the large plant pots, the most representative part of the city has received additional greenery.

Large plant pots instead of railings

The location of the plant pots has been planned so that they not only have an aesthetic function, but also block the possibility of parking in places that are not intended for this. The central street of Attnang-Puchheim is woonerf, a modern public space in which the height difference between the road and the pavement is eliminated. The lack of architectural barriers is a great convenience for pedestrians, people on wheelchairs, mothers with prams or cyclists, but also a temptation for drivers to leave their cars outside the designated parking space. Pots placed on the pavement at regular intervals eliminate the need for barriers or bollards and, importantly, do not limit the movement of residents in any way.

Restaurant garden in green surroundings

Outdoor dining is an inseparable part of restaurants. In the case of woonerf, to increase the security of guests, it is worth separating the premises from the street, which is often very close to the tables. In Attnang-Puchheim, the large Gianto Sito pots ensure the well-being of the eaters. The large size of the containers (the diameter of the pot is 180 cm) separates vehicles from the pavement cafe, and at the same time launch a green, plant screen, which additionally creates a sense of privacy.

In Attnang-Puchheim, the large Gianto Sito pots ensure the well-being of the eaters.

Large plant pots – aesthetics and functionality

The project from the Austrian Attnang-Puchheim paves the way for other cities and towns. Large plant pots can bring many advantages. First of all, a wide selection of colors – in this case, the focus was on consistency and a designer presence, i.e. the unique corten color. Secondly, the plant containers are a clever signal that shows drivers where vehicles should not be parked, which is extremely important, especially on woonerf streets. Thirdly, they perfectly separate zones, e.g. a pavement cafe from the road. Finally, they provide the option of additional greenery, which is so much needed, especially in the main points of the city.

Shopping mall landscape desing – how to create a friendly space

The shopping mall is one of the most visited places on the city map, both by residents and tourists. In order to offer customers the greatest availability of products, and at the same time maximum convenience, such facilities very often turn into small towns that are able to meet almost all the needs of visitors. It is worth paying attention to the shopping mall landscape as a well-designed external space can make the satisfaction of visitors significantly increase, and more importantly, they will want to drop by as often as possible.

There is no doubt that the main goal when visiting a shopping mall is comprehensive shopping. However, for a really successful shopping tour, an important aspect is not only a variety of shops and services, but also dining areas, entertainment and aesthetics. The appropriate combination of all those ingredients will allow to create a perfect place for a friendly meeting or plan a day off with the whole family. Most of the facilities look great inside, but when it comes to shopping mall lanscape, there is still a lot of work to do.

A square in front of the shopping mall

The surroundings of a shopping mall are very often limited to a huge parking lot stretching to the horizon. Unarguably, it is impossible to omit places for vehicles in the plan, however there is much more potential in the outer area. A well-designed square may become the greatest attraction for the youngest, but also for the older ones. It is enough to take care of a relaxation zone, attractions for children, plants and small architecture.

The shopping mall lanscape has great potential, all you need to do is design the square well to enjoy a functional space.

Why is the proper arrangement in front of a shopping mall so important? First of all, because it is the first space that visitors see, and if it looks nice and stands out with functionality, it will certainly become the showpiece of the complex. In addition, the spacious square is perfect for arranging an area for a break between visits to subsequent stores.

What should be in the surroundings of the shopping mall?

  • A relaxation zone, or in fact relaxation zones, because one point for all visitors of a shopping mall is definitely not enough. Benches, seats, deckchairs are elements that cannot be missing, but to be fully successful, you also need to ensure the right atmosphere. Even the most comfortable piece of furniture will not work when placed in direct sunlight, especially on a hot August day. It is best to plan a resting area under the tree or to provide a special roofing, e.g. sun sails.
  • Plants – it is a real ‘must have’ in every shopping mall surroundings, which can completely change the space. The best option is greenery planted directly in the ground, but if this is not possible, large pots are perfect for this task.
  • Small architecture – this is an extremely important aspect, starting from the utility ones, such as lamps, bicycle stands, garbage cans, to those that improve the appearance of the surroundings- sculptures, fountains, mist sprayings, street art.
  • Attractions for children – many shopping malls have playrooms where you can leave your children and go on a shopping tour in peace and without whining. However, special attractions outside can make a trip to the shopping mall something really special for the youngest.
  • Refreshments – the large space in front of the shopping mall is an ideal place for popular food trucks. Regardless of whether it is a small snack, ice cream, coffee or a dinner, it will certainly taste much better in the open air. A good-quality restaurant on wheels can even encourage you to visit a shopping mall.
Plants, attractions for children, benches, a fountain are all things that should be included in the shopping mall lanscape.

The secret of the perfect shopping mall landscape

Arranging area around a shopping mall may seem complicated, but it is enough to follow a few rules to create a guest-friendly outdoor space. Get to know our 3 points that will make the square look unique.

1. Choose the scale correctly

It cannot be denied that the building of the shopping center is a real giant, therefore the square around is large too. Extensive open space requires small architecture appropriately selected for its scale. In such a situation, large or standard-sized objects, but in larger numbers, work best. Without this rule, the elements “disappear” in space, and the square may look undeveloped and empty.

Appropriately selected street furniture is clearly visible in front of the Dodenhof Shopping Center near Bremen. Huge TerraForm pots appeared on the square (the largest Gianto Grande is 160 cm high). To furnish the open space even better, they were placed in groups of three, thus creating very intriguing arrangements. Large pots have one more advantage, they can be planted with trees that will provide the desired shade or create a very interesting, lush plant composition – be sure to see how you can make a really blooming public space in the very center of the city.

Three richly flowered, huge pots are a highly original piece of decoration in the square in front of the shopping mall.

2. Stand out

The square of the shopping mall offers a wide range of possibilities. The distinctive elements are highly recommended as they can be an ideal meeting point for visiting groups – it is a great convenience. Also, they encourage visitors to take a photo with them, which later will certainly appear on social profiles and will be an ideal promotion of this place.

What elements will make you stand out? In front of the Dodenhof Shopping Center there is a very interesting art installation – consisting of garden chairs painted in expressive, strong colors. They look marvellous in the company of equally colorful huge pots. There are really a lot of ideas, if you need more inspiration, check out our post on street art.

The colorful large pots and chairs are a very interesting art installation.

3. Say a definite ‘yes’ to changes

Shopping mall landscape should also change with the seasons. Thanks to this, regardless of the month, the square will look delightful. In summer, there are numerous possibilities. It is a time for flowers, splashing water from the fountain and relaxation zones. When most of the plants fade and the day is getting shorter and shorter, you should opt for eye-catching sculptures and decorations with lighting. In winter and spring, don’t forget about Christmas and Easter decorations – large-scale, of course. See the entry about XXL baubles and one-of-a-kind huge Easter eggs.

The decoration of the outdoor space of a shopping mall should be chosen according to the season. Summer is the best time for beautiful plant compositions.

A shopping mall – the place that will be remembered

A well-arranged surroundings around a shopping mall is as important as an aesthetic interior. The characteristic and well-planned external space will certainly encourage you to rest for a moment, as well as to visit more often.

Colorful art in public places – 4 examples of beautifying the city

If a city is to be a pleasant place to live in, a properly designed and useful space is not enough. Aesthetics, modernization of neglected urban elements  and properly  maintained plants are important too. It is worth adding some magic ingredient that will start attracting tourists  and make the city recognizable,  but also which will remain in the memory for a long time and even longer in photos. Art in public places, because we are talking about it, has enormous potential. See 4 examples of proven art installations that make a sensation in many places around the world.

Is public art important?

Art is associated with museums and galleries, where you can admire amazing sculptures and beautiful paintings. However, let’s face it, such places are not the first choice of tourists who visit the city. Artists found a way to reach a wider audience and this is how public art was created, e.g. graffiti, murals, or sticker art.

Art in public places is most often associated with illegally made graffiti.

Very often, painting on the walls of buildings is considered vandalism because it damages someone else’s property. However, art in public places does not have to be associated only with illegal activities. To enjoy unusual city decorations, all you need is an appropriate design as well as consents of local authorities.

Common accessibility is the greatest advantage for which it is worth moving artistic installations to open, public spaces. In addition, such unique works promote the place, attract tourists and make the city stand out from the crowd. We should also mention their decorative function, as well as the fact that the installations raise awareness of residents and visitors to artistic creativity. Due to its easy recognition, art in public places is often a characteristic meeting point.

Large colorful sculptures are part of art in public places.

Art installations in public space

Art installations in public places can take many different forms. From the aforementioned murals on the walls of buildings, through spontaneously performed actions, to carefully designed and solidly made sculptures or figures. We have prepared 4 examples of art in public spaces that will enliven the surroundings and can become the elements the city is famous for.

Colorful umbrellas over the street

It might seem that an umbrella is only useful in the event of rain. It turns out to be an item that will allow you to design a very interesting public art. What do you have to do? It’s easy. Just hang colorful umbrellas over the street. Thanks to this, a unique alley will be created, providing shade and a unique atmosphere that is worth capturing in the photos.

This type of art installation is perfect for narrow streets and small spaces, where there is no much place for standing decorations. In addition to umbrellas, other decorations can also be hung between the buildings. Openwork elements (e.g. figures in the shape of flowers, butterflies or cranes) made of fiberglass will look great. They are extremely durable as well as resistant to weather conditions, and at the same time have strong, expressive colors. For this reason, they will perfectly match colorful umbrellas.

King of photography – a big sign with the name of the city

A large inscription with the name of the city is a very popular way to launch an art installation into public space. Sometimes a single huge word turns into an entire phrase or a play on words, and in the capital of the Netherlands, for example, you can admire the inscription ‘Iamsterdam’. This trend of decorating cities is so strong that districts, housing estates, universities and even parks also want their own inscription.

Why is this happening? A large inscription with the name of the city has all the necessary features to become a must-have for any souvenir photo. Firstly, it is large and attracts attention, secondly, a glance is enough to be sure where the photo was taken, and thirdly, it gives almost endless possibilities of posing. More creative people will quickly abandon the idea of simply standing next to a large inscription in favor of spreading out in the letter “o” or standing on the highest possible part of an artistic installation.

A big sign with the name of the city usually appears on photos from the trip.

Original XXL figures

Sometimes a beautifully designed green space only needs a decorative icing on the cake, and on the other hand, there are highly urbanized places that only lack some nature. In both cases, the answer to the problems are huge openwork figures that work very well in the role of public art.

Garden decorations are a great addition to green public spaces.

You can choose from sculptures in the shape of butterflies, dragonflies, flowers or decorative spheres. Thanks to such elements the space gains a unique character. Of course, we do not forget about the places in which concrete predomines. Then the best solution is to create floral arrangements in a openwork bowl flower or a tilted globe. We guarantee that the effect will be electrifying.

Art in public spaces can additionally bring beautiful flowers into the environment.

Light illuminations not only for Christmas

The public space should be delightful during the day, but also after dark. That is why at Christmas, when the sun is setting very quickly, cities choose illuminations first and foremost. At this time, the market square, streets, roundabouts and shopping malls are decorated with millions of tiny lights, which are shaped like stars, baubles, gifts, reindeer (see our post on glowing Christmas decorations).

This type of Christmas art in public places is extremely popular, so why not choose the magic of light also in the summer season. After all, warm evenings encourage walks and it is worth preparing the surroundings for residents and tourists. Illuminations will look particularly good in the company of water reservoirs or fountains. Then the colorful rays reflecting from the water surface will create a fabulous spectacle.

Illuminations work well as public art, especially near the water.

Say yes to art in public places

Public art is not only graffiti or expensive sculptures made by artists. To create an eye-catching art installation, you need a few simple elements, such as colorful umbrellas, openwork decorations and a few lights. When you add flowers to it, you will get an extremely beautiful decoration that will enliven even the most concreted space.

If you like our ideas, see the catalog of summer decorations from Terra Group or contact your Sales Advisor.


Big flower pots – big plants!

It would seem that bushy ornamental plants are an option only if planting directly in the ground. It turns out that the most beautiful specimens can be easily grown in containers – provided that they are really large containers. A palm tree or cannas  in the center of a paved square? No problem!

Bad Rappenau, Germany | source: www.terraform.pl

In the town centre of Bad Rappenau (Germany), as in many European locations, there is a large paved square with no place for traditional plantings. Nothing stands in the way of launching into this space the most popular “urban” plants in pots – surfinia, ipomea or pelargonium. However, since it is just an individual accent, won`t it disappear in the enormous space of the center?

Bad Rappenau, Germany | source: www.terraform.pl

There is such a risk. In really vast places, large plants, shrubs or ornamental trees will work best as they stand out from the market squares, becoming their most beautiful decorations. But how do you bring such demanding specimens to cobbled areas?

Bad Rappenau, Germany | source: www.terraform.pl

The lack of soil is not an obstacle – in the town of Bad Rappenau there are both extensive palm trees and lush cannas. It was possible thanks to the use of specialized tools. Really large pots  (the classic Gianto model and its variant with a seat) turned out to be capacious enough to provide the plants the right conditions.

Bad Rappenau, Germany | source: www.terraform.pl

An additional benefit is the mobility of such elements – this is important especially in places where sometimes free space is needed, for example, for open-air events. Gianto Sito is equipped with the function of the bench which is a very desirable element in the heart of every city.

Light and at the same time solid large pots that went to Bad Rappenau allowed to create a really interesting arrangement. Both the cannas and the palm trees have grown to impressive sizes.

No plants in the center. What now?

Although the paving trend of city centers is increasingly changing in favor of greenery, there are still places where plants are missing. The Old Town Squares,  promenades, sidewalks … Who does not know a place dominated by concrete? However, nothing is lost – there are solutions which allow natural accents also hit such places, and most importantly: they can survive in excellent condition.

All is not lost

Before the greening trend in public spaces takes off for good, and the centers of our cities will permanently  cover with lawns, ornamental plants or trees, some time will have to pass.  Lack of funds or good will are not always the obstacles. Complicated sewage system, parking lots or pedestrian crossings – all these elements can hide under the surface of city squares. Planting becomes difficult enough to abandon this idea in favor of other solutions…. But they do exist!

large flower pots plane ring lux terraform
Puchov, Slovakia | www.terraformdesign.eu

Where nature does not reach

Places defined as problematic –  meaning without ground or cut by underground infrastructure, do not have to be difficult to be decorated with flowers. It is enough to focus on plantings in containers. Modern city pots are quite different from those we know from the past. Contrary to the old ones, they are mobile and they delight with a solid workmanship as well as vivid colors and unique form. Just like the bowl-shaped pot Plane Ring Lux.

large flower pots plane ring lux terraform
Puchov, Slovakia | www.terraformdesign.eu

City pots to play with …  space

Contemporary urban space must be ready for many challenges: at one time it becomes a traditional square with ordinary everyday life, and on the other day it plays the role of the stage and the main backdrop for the harvest festival or city anniversary. For this reason that city pots must be mobile. In this way, new opportunities open up for cities. Not only the option of flowering places without any substrate, but also a chance to modify the composition at any time. XXL pots, such as a bowl-shaped flower container Plane Ring Lux ,give a chance to bring a large number of seedlings into the space. All without damage to the ground, and most importantly, without harming the plants.

large flower pots plane ring lux terraform
Puchov, Slovakia | www.terraformdesign.eu

Check this out! Modern bench with a flower pot – for public spaces

What does matter is functionality and setting of elements. Currently, the most popular trend aims at less cars and replacement of some streets and car parks with social gardens and squares.

public space bench zebra
source: www.terracity.eu

The striped zebra bench is made of steel covered with powder coating and in opposition to a wild zebra, it can go in any color – we are done with grayness!

source: www.terracity.eu

Modern bench with a flower pot – for public spaces

Together with such colorful solutions, our cities present themselves in a completely new light, and also as a friendly place to live. Actually, the stripes became an inspiration while creating one of the most colorful benches. In this round model – public space bench Zebra, the color lines create a hoop, which surrounds the pot with a large plant set inside of it. The bench is an attracting element for children, too. Also, more classical models with standard seats ( with or without backrest ) will make bus stops and squares more eye-catching.

source: www.terracity.eu

Mobile planters for special needs

City Days, harvest festivals, regional holidays, and even … visits of amusement parks. There is a lot of things going on in public spaces! Good things cannot last forever though… one may even be tempted to say that the greatest advantage of events in common spaces is their fleetingness. Waiting the whole year for a few days of events makes them unique. However, how to prepare a space for intensive use? How to make hundreds or even thousands of guests feel comfortable?

Stettin, Poland | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

In such unusual circumstances, mobile decorations work well. Only components that can be easily delivered and then quickly dismantled can be so well adapted to the needs of the guests. Interestingly, the range of mobile city decorations is made up of not only XXL pots, but even … the Flower Towers. Models with a special transport hook can be moved from one place to another with a help of a small crane, without any damage to the plants.

Stettin, Poland | source: www.terraformdesign.eu


But let’s go back to the plant containers – when organizing City Days or complementing the elements of an amusement park, it is worth paying attention to the multi-functionality of the decorations. Outdoor events are often so popular that due to the limited space, it is impossible to set both purely decorative elements and those that improve the comfort in the area.

Stettin, Poland | source: www.terraformdesign.eu


In crowded spaces, mobile urban pots with a seat function or models with a table work really well. These large, minimalistic and robust containers can be delivered quickly and easily thanks to the special grooves for the light pallet truck. Their presence also means an additional bench or an alternative place to eat a meal – a perfect complement to the gastronomic zone of any larger event.

Stettin, Poland | source: www.terraformdesign.eu


This type of solution was chosen, among others, during the Holiday Park in Szczecin. This year’s event is the largest happening of this type available to guests after the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. No wonder that, after such a long period of isolation, lovers of strong emotions stormed the area of  szczecin Łasztownia and the entertainment facilities located there. After an exciting ride on an 80-meter carousel with chain swings, the only thing left to do is to satisfy the hunger for … delicacies in the gastronomic and leisure zone.

Stettin, Poland | source: www.terraformdesign.eu


Guests visiting the Szczecin amusement park will find not only small bars with take-away meals, but also they can relax while sitting on one of the XXL mobile benches with a flower pot. On the surface of the decorations, there are funny stickers referring to the place – it is an interesting way to functional, inspired by nature and aesthetically complement any outdoor event. When the gathering comes to its end, XXL pots can be quickly moved to another location, where they will become another attraction for passers-by.

Modular urban benches. How it’s working?

As they say, the beginnings are the most difficult, but don’t worry! To create an interesting project of urban furniture for your city, all you need is a little creativity and good intentions. When creating a bench, refer to the nature of the area – do you have an extensive pavement? Are there many passersby looking for a place to relax?

Mrzeżyno, Poland | Source: www.terracity.eu


In this case, you can let your imagination run wild. Start with a simple set: Gianto city planter + matching semi-circular seat. This is just the beginning! Now you can modify the form of decoration as you like: add a twin set and … turn it 180 degrees. In this way you created the beginning of the serpentine with XXL pots inside. Add or remove elements to make a unique urban bench, tailored to the needs of a specific area. But but…! Don’t forget to choose the colors!


Opole, Poland | Source: www.terracity.eu

However, if the space you want to arrange is not vast or if there is some architectural hindrance, the benches should not be expanded. Nevertheless, with modular seats you will achieve an equally good effect, as with a smaller investment, you will bring into the space the maximum number of plants, interesting decorations, colors and comfort. How is this possible? The rounded urban bench gives much more space to relax than its traditional counterpart. In its center, there is the large Gianto pot in an attractive, vibrant color. It is a way to bring together many beneficial solutions to a small space.

Source: www.terracity.eu


A serpentine interwoven with pots or a circle with a colorful container for flowers in its center? The Wave city bench gives such possibilities – its basic version consists of modules for any arrangement. Various combinations of urban furniture is a great way to create a unique composition – such decorations cannot be found anywhere else. Choosing a shape of a seat is just the beginning of playing with form. The next step is choosing a container for flowers – one, two … There are almost no limits in here!

Source: www.terracity.eu

Europe is blooming… Large colorful flower pots

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Nobody needs to be convinced about the importance of natural decorations in our cities. Fortunately, the trend of ‘concreting’ city centers has been diminishing, however, this is not always a fast process. Large flower pots are perfect for places that still need colors. Effect? Immediate!

Höchenschwand, Germany | source: www.terraformdesign.eu


Colorful plant containers have already become standard items on the public space decoration list. They appear wherever, for various reasons, it is impossible to plant flowers and bushes in the ground: sometimes practical issues decide and the need to have an extensive square for various events, sometimes a complicated underground sewage network or the presence of underground parking lots. Traditional gardening is significantly more difficult.

Höchenschwand, Germany | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

In return, European cities received an alternative – XXL flower containers, not only colorful and capacious, but also … mobile. They work well where urban outdoor events take place, as they can be easily moved – all you need is an ordinary, lightweight pallet truck. It is a good and economical solution for places with a complicated underground infrastructure network – the presence of flower pots, unlike traditional plantings, does not require pavement damage and burdensome, expensive construction works.

Torgau, Germany | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

Large city planters decorate many Eorupean cities. Also, you can easily find them in Germany, for example, in Höchenschwand and Torgau cities. The authorities of Torgau took a step further and, in addition to classic plant containers, chose innovative models: a flower pot with a table function and a model with a seat. In both cases, the results of the makeover were immediate – the cities gained natural decorations, in seemingly unfavorable conditions for traditional planting.

Torgau, Germany | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

What does public space need? Large flower pots

What does contemporary public space need? Does the presence of cobbled squares exclude natural accents? How to combine several functions in one solution? The authorities of many European cities deal with similar doubts, regardless of their geographical location.

Colorful and mobile urban pots XXL gianto grande
Gianto Grande | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

In terms of the desire to commune with nature, we are not significantly different from the inhabitants of the furthest corners in Europe. Although in recent times many revitalizations have resulted in paving the surface in the hearts of cities, they do not have to be deprived of either comfortable infrastructure or … plantings – also that in the XXL version.

large flower pots terraformdesign.eu
Gianto Tablo | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

What can large flower pots do for your space?

Interestingly, city centers are required at the same time to gather a large number of people and provide a comfortable place for organizing open-air events. Therefore, the city authorities face a difficult task: to create a space with elements of nature, yet flexible enough to successfully fulfill the other roles entrusted to it.

large flower pots gianto sito terraformdesigneu
Gianto Sito | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

To deal with such conflicting interests, it is worth choosing mobile solutions, so the elements could be moved if necessary. Large flower pots, which combine several functions, guarantee saving valuable space.

Can large flower pots be used in some other ways?

Nowadays more and more European cities are arranged with large flower pots with a seat or table function. It is the only favorable way to bring both, a comfortable piece of furniture and a flower pot into the city, which will hold a bush or even a tree. Decorations of this type can be placed in the squares without interference in the ground. No complicated construction works or demolitions of pavements are required. Importantly, the individual components of the arrangement are so massive that they cannot be removed or even moved in case of vandalism.

large flower pots plane ring lux terraform
Plane Ring Lux | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

Such innovative decorations allow not only to plant, but also to furnish the space in a creative way … and with respect for the environment. The need for mobile, functional solutions in squares or pavements is directly connected with a fast pace of life and growing openness of citizens to changes. A planter, at which you can eat a meal or where you can sit, becomes the most required option of all.

Gianto Sito | source: www.terraformdesign.eu