Magical Autumn in Zielona Góra: Your Adventure Begins Here

When the colorful autumn palette unveils its charm in Zielona Góra, Poland, something truly magical happens. European cities are known for their ageless beauty, and Zielona Góra is no exception. Its historical streets and charming townhouses conceal treasures and stories from centuries past. Cozy cafes and parks invite visitors into a world full of romance and nostalgia.

However, it is in autumn that Zielona Góra truly comes to life. When the leaves fall, and the world takes on a golden hue, the cityscape transforms into a breathtaking paradise. Morning mists add a mysterious atmosphere, and the city feels inspired to emphasize the beauty of this season even more.

It is during these moments that those responsible for the city’s appearance turn to us, and we eagerly respond by adorning their city with charming autumn decorations. We have numerous creative ideas for capturing the essence of this season, and in our company, you will discover various options, each designed to enhance the magic of autumn in your city.

Staying true to rich autumn traditions, our arrangements include deep purple or burgundy heathers, decorative cabbages, and vibrant chrysanthemums. These flowers, known for their resilience and symbolism, add depth to the cityscape.

Zielona Góra: Where Autumn Reigns

One of the cities that has especially embraced the spirit of autumn is Zielona Góra. Known for its scenic landscapes and historical charm, Zielona Góra recognized the importance of celebrating this season in all its glory. It decided to create an autumnal paradise, and Terra Group had the privilege of being chosen for this task. Thanks to the amount of flowers, Zielona Góra has transformed into an autumn garden that delights the hearts and senses of its residents.

Chrysanthemums: Symbols of Remembrance

Chrysanthemums hold a special place in our hearts because they weave rich, nostalgic tales. In Poland, they symbolize All Saints’ Day, when families remember and honor their deceased loved ones by decorating graves with these colorful flowers. Their connection to this tradition makes them an excellent choice for our autumn decorations.

The Rustic Charm of Nature

Zielona Góra, in collaboration with Terra Group, has taken the spirit of autumn to a new level. In addition to live flowers, it introduced dry grasses to its urban garden. These grasses gently sway in the cool autumn breeze, adding a natural and rustic charm to the cityscape, enriching the appeal of this season in the city.

Time for Reflection and Connection

Autumn is a time for embracing change, celebrating the beauty of nature’s transformations, and showing respect for traditions that have endured for centuries. Zielona Góra, in all its magnificent splendor, captured the essence of this season. Thanks to our passion for creating unforgettable and meaningful decorations, Terra Group had the privilege of participating in this endeavor.

We are here to make your autumn experience truly exceptional. Contact us and let Terra Group turn your vision of autumn enchantment into reality. Whether you are considering a decorative project or have specific ideas in mind, we are ready to hear from you. Your adventure into the magical world of autumn in Zielona Góra begins now. Contact us today, and together, let’s create the magic of autumn!

As we witness the vibrant colors of autumn unfolding in Zielona Góra and cities around the world, we are reminded of the eternal beauty this season brings. Autumn is a time for reflection, connection, and profound gratitude for the ever-changing work of nature. As colorful leaves paint the city in their golden tones, we invite you to discover Zielona Góra and immerse yourself in the magic of autumn.

Choosing a Large Planter: A Year-Round Decor Solution

In the world of interior and exterior design, versatility is key. People seek creative ways to make the most of their resources, minimize waste, and embrace eco-friendly practices. In my family, we’ve found a unique approach to all these concerns: we use old newspapers as wrapping paper for holidays, paired with natural twine. This not only lends packages a beautiful, rustic charm but also lets us give a second life to something that might otherwise end up in a landfill. While classic black-and-white newspapers with that nostalgic ink smell are the favorites, even colorful magazines can be upcycled with a simple addition of colored ribbons and bows.

But what does this have to do with a large planter, you may wonder? Well, it’s all about finding year-round uses for everyday items. A large planter, such as the GIANTO, can be a fantastic addition to your home or outdoor space. Many people primarily associate planters with blooming flowers, but the possibilities go far beyond that.

Transforming Your Planter with the Seasons

Every season has its unique characteristics and charms, and there are endless ways to adapt your planter’s decor to match the time of year. Let’s explore some of our favorite ideas:

Spring (Wiosna) :

  • Embrace fresh flowers and delicate pastel colors.
  • Use the planter as a centerpiece adorned with tulips, daffodils, or magnolias.
  • Enhance it with light pastel ribbons and bows for that springtime allure.

Summer (Lato) :

  • Bring the summer vibe with colorful parasols and straws.
  • Hang decorative seashells, beads, or pom-poms for a playful summer look.

Fall (Jesień) :

  • Fill the planter with autumn leaves, pumpkins, or acorns.
  • Complement with warm, earthy colors like orange, brown, and red in your ribbons and bows.

Winter (Zima) :

  • Create a winter wonderland with evergreen branches, artificial snow, or miniature Christmas ornaments.
  • Decorate with white or silver ribbons and bows for a touch of frosty elegance.

Beyond Seasonal Adaptation:

Beyond seasonal adaptation, a large planter like the GIANTO offers endless creative possibilities. You can use it for more than just flowers; it’s a canvas waiting for your artistic touch. Think outside the box:

  • Trees: Plant small trees, turning your space into a mini urban forest.
  • Christmas Trees: Don’t forget Christmas trees; they look stunning in colorful planters.
  • Artistic Compositions: Explore artistic compositions like overflowing planters with pumpkins or chrysanthemums.

But your planter doesn’t have to stand upright all the time; it can also lie down. Some cities use this approach to create unique arrangements with changing flora and decorations every season.

Adding a Creative Spin

Cities and towns worldwide are adopting long-term solutions for their decorations. Think of these products as jewelry for your city, pieces that can adorn your urban landscape year after year, whether it’s an evening gala or a casual day out.

Celebrating Each Season:

For warm seasons, you can opt for floral decorations and leafy trees in your large planters. The vibrant colors will infuse energy, and the foliage creates a pleasant atmosphere. Studies have shown that greenery has a calming effect and positively impacts our well-being.

Ideas for Each Season:

  • Spring and Summer: Go for vibrant floral arrangements and leafy trees.
  • Autumn: Choose a blend of trees, ivy, grasses, and heathers, and slowly introduce chrysanthemums.
  • Winter: Let your large planters take center stage with small trees, and during the holiday season, decorate them with festive ornaments.

Embracing the Winter Chill

It’s a common belief that during winter, we need to dig up our plants and store our decorations. But with durable planters like the GIANTO, you can still enjoy vibrant colors during the winter months. However, they don’t need to remain empty. Many cities have employed planters to create winter wonderlands, with Christmas trees at the heart of the decor. In some cases, they’ve even replaced ornaments with red hearts for Valentine’s Day, adding a delightful twist to the holiday season.

Continual Inspiration

We’re thrilled that a single product can serve multiple purposes. The configurations from various cities worldwide inspire us to continue evolving and thinking outside the box. Lying planters are a creative, unconventional idea that allows almost anything to become part of your arrangement, even scattered gift packages. We can’t wait to see the fresh ideas this year will bring.

Our journey began with the art of reusing old newspapers as eco-friendly wrapping paper, a simple yet charming way to add a personal touch to holiday gifting. This approach not only saves resources but also transforms something destined for the trash into a work of art. Just like that, we found a parallel with how we can approach large planters – turning them into year-round showcases of creativity.

As we explored each season, we uncovered a wealth of ideas to transform our planters. From the fresh, pastel beauty of spring to the vibrant exuberance of summer, the warm and cozy embrace of autumn, and the frosty elegance of winter, your large planter can be a reflection of the changing world outside. But this is just the beginning.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting unique expressions with your planter. Embrace small trees, mini urban forests, or Christmas trees, and explore artistic compositions that overflow with life. These planters can be a part of your creative canvas year-round, telling a unique story for each season.

Additionally, planters can lay the foundation for urban landscapes, offering cities and towns a sustainable, long-term solution for outdoor decorations. Whether it’s a bustling evening gala or a peaceful day out, these planters become the city’s jewelry, able to adapt and shine year after year.

With nature-inspired hues, your planter can celebrate each season’s unique charm. Studies have shown that the presence of greenery has a calming effect and positively impacts well-being. These long-lasting planters can serve as the ultimate canvas for expressing the changing moods and colors of the seasons.

And when the winter chill sets in, don’t think of your planter as needing to hibernate. With their durability and adaptability, these planters can keep your surroundings vibrant even during the cold months. Christmas trees, hearts for Valentine’s Day – the possibilities are as varied as the seasons themselves.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, these planters serve as a timeless medium for creativity. As we draw inspiration from cities worldwide, we look forward to continually evolving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The story of lying planters, creative and unconventional, opens up endless opportunities for art and expression, even the most unexpected ones.

So, as you consider your planter transformations, we invite you to embrace the ever-changing seasons, to celebrate the flow of life, and to let your creativity bloom year-round. What’s your favorite season for planter transformations?

“In nature, we find the beauty that inspires the soul.”

Where to sit in the city to rest the best? – We checked what was going on in the cities.

It’s long been known that during our work day we look for a few minutes just for ourselves to regenerate, collect our thoughts and breathe. Some of us go to drink coffee, other go outside. People go outside, and where do they go? It turns out that the vast majority are looking for a quiet place close to nature. Our brain rests best around trees, grass and flowers. Saturated colors fill us with energy and willingness to act. The rustle of leaves soothes our nerves and calms our thoughts. Of course, we don’t always have available space with trees and meadows, but even in the urban jungle you can relax close to nature.

Today, we would like to present to you some of our projects, along with photos from the cities where our implementation took place.

For us, the most important thing was the combination of steppingstone, numerous colors, interesting design and nature. The combination of these features and needs resulted in projects that had never been dreamed of before. We are happy to see our products that have traveled to the other end of the world. Unfortunately, we will not be able to share everything. So we selected photos for you that show the diversity which we want to share.

The first city we want to present you is the Austrian city of Attnang-Puchheim, which has chosen GIANTO SITO flower pots – many of us also use them as benches. Who wouldn’t want to go out for a break and sit on a giant flowerpot? Or at least put a cup of coffee on it and look at the clouds… We like that!

Another Austrian city, Söll, chose colors, because when the world is becoming grayer and the day at work becomes monotonous, colors will give us dynamism and enthusiasm for further action! Of course, our offer includes neutral versions, but we admit it ourselves – the more color, the more life!

The Austrians used flower pots from the GIANTO series. They have also used WAVE benches, thanks to which they can already enjoy a break in an undeveloped place. Our modular WAVE benches can be freely combined so everyone can create a unique space. Don’t like such saturated colors? No problem. There is a whole catalog of shades!

In the Czech city of Zvolen, very elegant (in our opinion) compositions appeared. The concrete-gray of the PLANE RING LUX flower pots and the crimson red of the flowers created a unique, stylish, and luxurious effect. Comfort and chic – this is what Czechs focus on!

Finally, we will introduce you to two more German cities – Stadt Gütersloh and Dreieich. A lot has happened here this year. The Germans focused not only on pastels and modern patterns, but also bright colors, which we have already seen above. But it is not everything! In addition to the explosion of color and design, natural classicism also appears in theese cities. GIANTO flower pots and ZEBRA benches from the TERRA CITY series appeared in Stadt Gütersloh. Beautiful choices please the eyes.

In Dreieich, there are URBANA, ZEBRA and WAVE benches. Some are very reminiscent of the old style, which we all miss sometimes. Modern seating, made of modern material, visually resembling wood – this is our solution. It’s nice to see such a variety of choices!

Where would you sit for your break?

Hanging floral decorations – for cities with less space to arrange

In cities with little space to arrange, creating friendly and aesthetically pleasing public areas is a significant challenge. For urban planners and architects, it is a particularly difficult task if one wants to achieve harmony between functionality and economy, as well as preserving the character of a given city. The solution that is gaining popularity and attracting attention with its originality are hanging floral decorations. The hanging Flower Towers can become not only a charming element, but also a practical tool for the development of urban spaces.

Also, they have great potential in transforming the image and atmosphere of cities, especially those with limited space, where traditional methods of arranging greenery are often limited.

hanging flower towers

Benefits of using hanging floral decorations in cities with smaller areas

The use of hanging floral decorations in cities with smaller areas brings many benefits, both for the residents and the whole city. These charming decorations are an innovative solution for urban planners and architects, who are trying to add character and beauty to public spaces, which have limited development options.

What are the key benefits of hanging floral decorations in urban space?

  • Revitalizing gray urban space — one of the key benefits associated with hanging flower decorations in city centers. Gray and monotonous urban spaces, consisting of concrete buildings, sidewalks and roads, can seem cold and impersonal. By adding colorful, vibrant flowers here, you can entirely change the atmosphere of the city, giving it a more pleasant feel. It’s also a great way to express opposition to the concreting of entire city centers.
  • Improving the health and well-being of residents and visitors — bringing plants into city centers can have a wonderful effect on the health of residents. Urban greenery, such as hanging floral decorations, plants in pots, and flower meadows, for example, have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of residents, helping to improve the quality of life in the city. Communing with nature has a scientifically proven relaxing and stress-reducing effect. Urban greenery and the presence of plants in the city center allow residents to take a break from the urban hustle and bustle and calm down for a while. Walking among floral decorations or spending time in parks can help reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and bring relief during difficult times.
  • Social integration and creating friendly corners — plants and floral decorations give city centers a nice and relaxing atmosphere. Urban greenery is conducive to creating pleasant spots that encourage spending time outdoors and meeting friends or family. Such places become natural meeting points where residents can spend time together, talk and integrate. In addition, they often provide an ideal backdrop for various social and cultural activities.
  • Ecological value of decorations for local biodiversity — the hanging Flower Towers act as a bridge between the urban environment and the natural ecosystem. They bring nature to the city, providing a place for local insects, birds and small mammals, which find shelter and food among these plants. Besides, hanging floral decorations bring variety to the urban landscape, attracting different species of insects and birds. This in turn creates an ecologically sustainable space where urban flora and fauna coexist and support each other. Importantly, the presence of floral elements encourages pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies to visit the city. These little creatures play an extremely important role in the pollination of plants, including those species that are grown in gardens and on balconies. By supporting their presence, the city contributes to pollination and the development of vegetation.

flower towers

Practical aspects of bringing hanging floral decorations in cities with small areas

The introduction of hanging floral decorations in cities with smaller areas involves a number of practical aspects that need to be taken into account when planning and implementing such an initiative. Cities with limited space for development require creative solutions to maintain harmony between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. What is worth paying attention to?

Choosing the right plant species

Choosing the right plant species is a key element in launching hanging floral decorations into cities with smaller areas. Properly selected plants are not only an added value to the aesthetics of the urban space, but also they have a significant impact on the success of the entire initiative. When selecting species, a number of factors should be taken into account, such as the climatic and soil conditions of the location, exposure to sun or shade, as well as resistance to pollution and changing urban conditions. Optimal plant selection allows you to create durable and beautiful compositions that please the eye of residents and visitors, while minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring long-lasting flowering. By selecting local and native plant species, the city can also support biodiversity and conservation, creating a sustainable urban space that is consistent with the character of a given location.


Care and maintenance of flowers for longer

Care and maintenance of floral decorations for longer are key elements contributing to the success of the Flower Towers in cities with a smaller area. Here are some key steps that will help your flowers last longer:

  1. Regular watering: Adequate moisture is essential to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Regular watering of flower decorations should be provided, especially during periods of drought and high temperatures. It is good to monitor the humidity of the substrate and adjust the frequency of watering to the current weather conditions, as well as the needs of the plants.
  2. Selecting the right substrate: A well-chosen substrate is essential for healthy plant growth. In the case of hanging floral decorations, it is worth using a light and well-draining substrate that allows you to avoid excessive flooding of the roots. The addition of nutrients to the substrate, such as compost or fertilizers, will support the plants in their development.
  3. Proper fertilization: A regular supply of nutrients is essential for healthy plant growth and long-lasting flowering. Use the right fertilizers, tailored to the plant species, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Avoid over-application of fertilizers, preventing excessive plant growth and stunted flowering.
  4. Pruning and care: Proper pruning will control the shape of the plants, remove withered flowers and increase branching, which in turn can affect the abundance of flowering. Regular removal of withered plant parts also helps to maintain their aesthetic appearance.
  5. Protection against pests and diseases: Monitoring plants and intervening early if pests appear are among the most important issues if you want your plants to look beautiful.

Inspiring examples of cities using hanging decorations

flower towers in germany

Lutzen, Germany

flower towers in poland

Świebodzin, Poland

flower towers bielsko-biała

Bielsko-Biała, Poland

hanging flower towers

Olsztyn Jurajski, Poland

hanging flower tower

Zielona Góra, Poland


Zielona Góra – a city full of nature! Summer flowers 2023

In recent months, the inhabitants of our beautiful city have had the opportunity to admire the remarkable transformation that has taken place right in the city centre. The promenade, which is often filled with tourists and residents, has gained a new beauty thanks to the charming flowering. Flowers and plants have enlivened the urban space of Zielona Góra, creating picturesque landscapes and encouraging people to spend time outdoors.

flower towers

Summer burst of colour in the city centre

A flowered city centre is not only an aesthetic experience for passers-by, but also a great benefit for the environment. Plants help to improve air quality, absorb pollutants and emit oxygen, which benefits the health as well as the general well-being of residents. In addition, greenery has a calming effect on everyone, which is especially important for dynamic, modern cities.

flower pots
Read our article and take a look at the latest photos of summer flowering in Zielona Góra! See how the city has changed in recent months.

Stylish pots and the Flower Towers: the summer version of Zielona Góra

Pots from the URBANA collection from Terra Group were placed in the most recognizable places in Zielona Góra. Their size allowed for quite large plantings, so that real trees appeared in the very center of the city. These types of pots can serve as tools for dividing urban space into different zones. They can define the edges of promenades, squares or recreational areas, setting clear boundaries. In this way, URBANA pots helped to organize space and maintain order, while ensuring the comfort and safety of all pedestrians.

urbana flower pots

Old Town in Zielona Góra, Poland

Urbana planter

On the other hand, the Flower Towers placed on the promenade highlighted the identity of the city, which is famous for its greenery and surrounding nature. The Flower Towers have been beautifully flowered to delight passers-by and add many different colors to the urban landscape. Both the hanging and standing Flower Towers have been used to decorate Zielona Gora, so the image of the center has been greatly diversified. Zielona Góra is therefore an excellent example of how to wonderfully flower a city and introduce plants where this is usually not possible.

flower towers

Plants as a key element of public space

Plants play an extremely important role in public spaces. Their presence in the city center brings many benefits and transforms the urban environment into a welcoming environment. Flowers or trees add natural beauty to the area, creating green oases in the concrete jungle. They are not only an aesthetically pleasing element of the space, but also they improve air quality, noise absorption and provide shelter from the heat for residents.
The inhabitants of Zielona Góra are fortunate that their city is one of the greenest cities in Poland. This aspect directly affects the quality of life here and, and at the same time, influences the city’s attractiveness for foreign tourists.

zielona góra flower towers

So, who of you is planning a trip to Zielona Góra? See you there!

XXL flower pots: Art in urban space

Urban space, full of concrete, metal and glass skyscrapers, often lacks greenery and natural beauty. Increasingly, however, designers and artists around the world are introducing new solutions that not only enliven our cities, but also bring utilitarian works of art into them. One of such solutions are XXL pots — impressive and innovative architectural elements that are becoming an integral part of the urban landscape.

XXL pots: Art that inspires and creates community in the city

XXL flower pots are huge plant containers that not only have a practical function, but also an artistic one. Unlike traditional pots, which are small in size and focus mainly on the function of holding plants, XXL pots are becoming the centerpiece of urban spaces. Their enormous size, unique shapes and modern designs attract the attention of passers-by, giving a distinctive look to a particular place.

Moreover, XXL flower pots are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Thanks to their size, they can hold large trees and shrubs, thus creating natural green islands in the middle of a concrete jungle. Plants in pots not only decorate the city, but also contribute to improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. In addition, XXL pots can also become spatial markers or protective barriers, dividing the urban space into different zones.

XXL pot

Art on a large scale – XXL pots as an urban attraction

XXL pots create unlimited possibilities for artistic expression. Designers, using a variety of materials, create unique compositions that reflect both contemporary minimalism and expressive abstraction. Pots can be made of concrete, steel, wood, glass or plastic, and their surfaces can be decorated with paintings, mosaics, or sculptures. These artistic masterpieces enrich urban spaces and give them a new dynamic.

Painting XXL pots together can be a great idea to activate the local community. Creating such local works of art will be great entertainment for both young and old residents! A great background for such events are the white, smooth XXL Gianto pots from Terra Group, which have already been used in this way, e.g., by the City of Poznań.

Artists painting Gianto pots

Poznan Design Days

A space full of color. How are XXL pots transforming cities?

Artists and designers all over the world see the potential of XXL pots and bring them into urban space with increasing enthusiasm.  Thanks to XXL pots, art is making its way into streets and squares, merging with the daily lives of citizens. XXL pots not only provide us with aesthetic impressions, but also inspire to reflect on the role of art in public spaces.

Why not organize a pot painting event in your town? Graffiti lovers as well as classic art enthusiasts are sure to be delighted! A pot painting action in your city can be an exciting event and a great opportunity to involve the local community in creating artistic and creative spaces. Here are some steps that can help you organize such an action:

  • Contact the relevant city authorities or organizations responsible for the management of urban spaces, such as the city hall, the cultural department or the urban greenery board. Discuss your ideas and get permission to carry out pot painting campaigns in public areas.
  • Submit a project to the civic budget vote.
  • Identify strategic locations in the city, such as squares, parks or streets, where the placement of painted pots will attract the most attention. Choose areas that are highly visible and frequently visited by residents and tourists.
  • Inform the local community about the planned pot painting event. You can use various communication channels, such as social media, websites, local newspapers or posters. Encourage residents, art groups, schools, NGOs and local businesses to take part.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary tools and materials such as paints, brushes, palettes, rubbish bags, water for washing brushes, etc. Also provide adequate safety equipment such as protective suits and gloves for participants. Organize work zones and provide tables where pots can be painted.
  • Ensure photo or video documentation of the pot painting action. Share them on social media, local media, websites, and blogs to promote the participants’ creativity and attract the attention of more people.

Painted eggs, openwork decorations and spring flowers — a review of urban projects from April 2023

Decorating cities for spring is one of the most awaited moments by residents. It is then that the squares begin to cover themselves with colors, and the air smells of spring flowers. On the occasion of Easter, many cities decided to flower their space, which is why we decided to review the most interesting projects to inspire others to similar activities!

Wernigerode decorations

Wernigerode, Germany

The town authorities of Wernigerode opted for classic decorations in the form of openwork eggs. Their white surface wonderfully brightened the urban space on rainy April days. Spring flowers were planted in the white eggs, and thanks to the combination of different species, the town could enjoy a very natural flowering effect.

St. Veit decorations

St. Veit, Austria

Austrian town of St. Veit added a lot of charm to the main pedestrian street with Easter decorations. Colorful openwork eggs perfectly matched the colors of the buildings. Flower arrangements, in turn, provided a breath of fresh air and attracted the attention of the residents. The example of St. Veit can be a great inspiration for other small towns — it turns out that with the help of well-thought-out, but small decorations, you can also beautify urban space.

Cieszyn decorations

Cieszyn, Poland

In Cieszyn, we were amazed by the creativity of the inhabitants. They decided to approach decorating the space in an original way — in addition to flowers in the square, they covered openwork eggs with colorful ribbons, referring to the tradition of painting Easter eggs. The ribbons perfectly matched the surface of the white openwork, and at the same time added many warm colors to the urban space. Congratulations on your ingenuity! Who knows, maybe other towns will get inspired by this project in the future…

Glogow decorations

Glogow, Poland

Glogovia Shopping Mall also decided to bring an Easter element into its building. In the central place, the administrators put a small pen with a fiberglass Easter bunny, next to which openwork eggs were installed. The natural flowering of the eggs helped warm up the image of the gallery and introduce a bit of real greenery. It’s also a marvelous idea for an insta spot for customers!

Smigiel decorations

Smigiel, Poland

The town of Śmigiel has been surprising us with beautiful projects for years. This year, they focused on natural, minimalist openwork decorations combined with live flowers. Colorful pansies in the cascade brought a spring atmosphere to the urban space. We really like solutions that are simple and very effective at the same time.

Zory decorations

Żory, Poland

In April Żory swarmed with Easter eggs! XXL Easter eggs appeared in various squares — both fiberglass and openwork ones. Thanks to this, the whole city was dressed in spring colors, and the inhabitants could admire the decorations throughout the entire period around Easter. Rows of fiberglass Easter eggs along the main streets caught the eyes of not only residents, but also visitors. A great idea to build positive associations with the municipality!

Prerov decorations

Prerov, Czech Republic

The Czech town of Přerov showed how to color the center of a concreted city. The easiest solution is to put a few colorful decorations in the center! Multicolored openwork eggs were planted with natural flowers, which also added a breath of spring freshness. We are glad that towns and cities are increasingly interested in bringing greenery even into places that are not parks or clearings!

Trzebiatow decorations

Trzebiatow, Poland

The approach to decorating the town of Trzebiatów in the spring was very professional!  The authorities organized a joint action of painting XXL Easter eggs, and then arranged an outdoor exhibition of them. Rows of hand-painted eggs perfectly decorated the streets of Trzebiatów, and delighted the residents. The Flower Towers with spring plantings appeared next to the eggs, which beautifully warmed the city center. Congratulations on this beautiful, large project!

Romania decorations

Casa Timis, Romania

Hand-covered eggs from Poland from Terra Group have even reached Romania this year! The luxurious resort Casa Timis decorated its space with them in a minimalist and very tasteful way. This is how they conveyed their wishes to their partners, customers, and guests. Bringing such personalized Easter decorations into the hotel space is a great idea to establish a closer relationship with guests!

We encourage you to check out our other entries about urban projects, and if any of you, dear Readers, have a suggestion for more interesting posts, let us know in the comments below!

What to plant in a large pot? Discover the different variants of flower arrangements!

Spring is coming, and thus, we are slowly preparing to plant our gardens, yards and urban spaces. If you have already purchased unique flower pots for this season, all you need to do now is choose the plants you will plant in them. Large pots are a great base for turning the space around you green, as you can plant various species of plants in them. These include flowers, perennials, shrubs, and even trees! If you are looking for an interesting idea to implement such a flower arrangement, check out our proven ideas below and get inspired by the wonderful colors!

Flowers for large pots

Amazing colors of blooming flowers can brighten up any space. Even if you live in a big city full of concrete, you can put a large pot on your terrace and enjoy greenery all year round. It is worth investing in such a solution, because plants positively affect not only our physical health, but also our mood. If you dream of a unique plant and shrub composition, choose an XXL pot. In such a container, you can plant marvelous species of flowers without worrying that they will not have enough soil or water!

Below you will find our favorite flowers that will work great in various seasons. We divided them into annuals, bulbs, and perennials.


Annual plants

Annual plants such as petunias, begonias, and hydrangeas must be planted at the right time of the year. Such flowers are distinguished by the fact that they bloom beautifully, decorating urban spaces. When deciding to plant annual plants in large pots, one must take into account that in the next season it will be necessary to repeat this procedure. Unfortunately, the flowers below do not last long — but that’s their nature! Although such plantings have to be repeated every year, the spectacular effect one gets is definitely worth it.

  • Petunia
  • Ipomea light/dark
  • Tuberous begonia
  • Lantana
  • Dichondra
  • Solanum
  • Mandevilla
  • Coleus plectrantus
  • Hydrangea
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Heather

Bulb plants

Who doesn’t like the sight of tulips or crocuses heralding the coming spring? Bulbs are distinguished by their beautiful fragrance and colors, so it’s no wonder that they are one of the most popular flowers. In most cases, these are plants for one season, but sometimes, if we properly protect the bulbs, we can grow beautiful flowers from them the next year. Below you will find a list of our favorite bulbs used for planting in large pots:

  • Tulip
  • Hyacinth
  • Narcissus
  • Crocus
  • Decorative garlic
  • Muscari
  • Scilla
  • Kaiser’s crown
  • Lilies
  • Gladiolus
  • Canna


Perennials are plants that grow for many years. In colloquial terms, they are flowers of all seasons; in fact, the most common perennials are ornamental plants that are supposed to last more than one season. Among the perennials, one can find a lot of unique plants, perfect for flowering urban spaces or creating amazing compositions in large pots on the terrace. Some lovely perennials worth recommending are:

  • Heuchera
  • Verbena
  • Coleus
  • Aster
  • Ground-ivy
  • Surfinia
  • Pelargonium
  • Plantain lilies
  • Garden canna

Trees for pots outside

There is a lot of space around you where there are no trees? Concrete courtyards and squares do not have to be gray at all—just fill them with colorful pots in XXL size. In such large pots, you can easily plant bigger trees that will give some little shade on summer afternoons and bring greenery to the city center. An interesting new trend is planting palm trees in XXL pots—such a tree can conjure up an exotic atmosphere even in a cool Polish town!

  • Mountain pine
  • Palmate maple
  • Common hornbeam
  • Black locust
  • Paper birch
  • Southern catalpa
  • Thuja
  • Yew
  • Spruce
  • Palm trees

Ornamental grasses in pots

 It turns out that planting flowers is not the only way to bring greenery to the city. Ornamental grasses are also great for this role. They look marvellous in XXL pots, both in a composition with other plants and alone. It is worth delving into the subject of ornamental grasses and looking for varieties that will be most compatible with our sense of aesthetics. The Amur silvergrass or Chinese pennisetum will look great in pots with neutral, earthy colors. Such natural shades will ensure a friendly atmosphere in every city. Below, you can find a list of our favorite ornamental grasses for planting in XXL pots:

  • Lilyturf
  • Japanese sedge
  • Chinese pennisetum
  • Chinese pennisetum
  • Cogongrass

Compositions made of ornamental cabbage

Are you looking for an original idea to decorate flower pots? Decorative cabbage will work perfectly in this role, and you can compose them with ornamental grasses or flowers. However, if you want to prepare decorative plantings for autumn, the composition of ornamental cabbage will be a hit. You will find a variety of colors and cabbage types, which in combination will make an even greater impression than classic spring flowers. In addition, cabbage does not require demanding care, making it ideal for urban spaces or on the terraces of restaurants and hotels.

Compositions of plants in large pots

Are you wondering what plant compositions are best suited to large pots? It’s obvious that sometimes it’s better to see something with your own eyes, instead of using only your own imagination! That is why we have prepared for you proven combinations of plants that were used in various Terra Group projects. With each photo of the composition you will find information about the conditions needed for the plant, flowering time and specialized Latin names of specific varieties.

Urban decorations and functionality – how to make decorations in urban space practical?

All city residents want to live comfortably in their space, therefore, it is very important to take care of the landscape elements. We pay attention not only to places for waste segregation, public benches or playgrounds, but also to quite specific components of urban life. Of course, this applies to urban decorations that should please the eye of passers-by and build a coherent image of the city. After all, it is a natural human need to surround oneself with aesthetic objects. As the awareness of this subject is increasing among city authorities and local communities, one can notice more and more interestingly developed urban spaces. We admire various art installations, exhibitions of local artists and commemorative plaques. At such moments, however, one question arises: could urban decorations also perform practical functions?

Yellow urban pots

Modern street furniture

One of the most interesting ideas in contemporary design is creating useful street furniture. Such facilities not only meet the tangible need of the residents, which is integration and joint recreation in urban space, but also add an artistic flair to every place. For this reason, more and more cities decide to set up designer, modern public benches or flower containers to combine two goals in one:  the comfort of residents and the revival of public space.

People, who want to enliven their surroundings with bright colors, will certainly be interested in colorful, metal city benches. It is definitely a more budget option than art installations, as it will work in any space. Colorful benches attract not only the eyes of tourists and residents, but also themselves – passers-by will be much more willing to rest on a designer bench, which originally fits into the urban space. Importantly, such benches are made of various metals, making them much more durable. It is also impossible to ignore their advantages during bad weather; after the rain, it is enough to wipe their handrails with a tissue, and not, as in the case of traditional wooden benches, to wait for many hours for their drying.

Modern public bench with a flower pot

Public benches in non-standard, geometric shapes will work in the same way. Furniture with an artistic touch will add a designer character to each district—it will refresh the historic, traditional promenades, and will also match the fronts of modern hotels. In these cases, street furniture in gray or graphite colors will be a good choice.

How to take advantage of street furniture in a creative way?

A very original way to arrange street furniture is to use a construction that will allow to combine a bench with a flower pot. Thanks to this, it will be possible to launch greenery into the center of every city. What’s more, passers-by will be delighted with a bit of shade in which they can rest during hot days. A designer example of combining urban greenery with a public bench is the street furniture set, called QUINTOS, which goes together with GIANTO. This modular set allows you to freely integrate several large pots with wavy, modern benches. The unique advantage of this collection will be the ability to adjust the row of benches, colors of pots and their sizes to your individual idea.

Those who miss colors in urban space may like the idea of vibrant, round ZEBRA benches, which go with GIANTO pots. This uncommon project has already gathered a lot of fans, which can be admired, for example, in Łabiszyn (check the photo below).

Colorful urban bench with a flower pot

Another multi-functional solution is the combination of flower pots with bicycle racks. Such a decoration of a car park or promenade may encourage more people to use ecological means of transport, and at the same time, it will provide greenery to the public space. Placing such facilities between a busy street and a pavement will also ensure the safety of passers-by, which is a great advantage, especially in larger cities. Some also decide to aesthetically block the car traffic on the promenade… for which they use modular urban furniture — benches, the Flower Towers or litter bins. This solution will certainly increase the comfort of residents in many places.

You can read more about such projects in our posts on:

Designer large plant pots – an example from the town of Attnang-Puchheim

Large plastic pots appear more and more often in towns and cities, mainly because the plants planted in them beautify the space. Distinguishing XXL containers often become the hallmark of a given place. A perfect example is the Austrian town of Attnang-Puchheim. The large plant pots located there in one unique color create a harmonious coherence and a designer look.

Large plant pots outdoor

Plastic pots are the top pick when it comes to outdoor use. Durable plastic is perfect for changeable weather conditions. In hot and sunny summer or cold, snowy winter, the planters retain their color. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and much lighter than their concrete or wooden counterparts. Thanks to all these advantages, they will fulfill their role for many years, remaining in a great condition. The plastic planters can impress with their durability under one condition – the chosen material, should be tested and top-quality. It is worth taking an interest in large polyethylene pots from Terraform. Polyethylene is durable, resistant, and perfectly recyclable.

plant-pots-made-of-polyethylene-look-like -corten
Urban pots made of polyethylene will last in great condition for many years.

Thanks to the polyethylene used in the production process of large plant pots the choice of colors is endless. To attract attention and enliven the surroundings, usually, strong and vivid shades are chosen. Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Blue are just some of the options available. However, in addition to the basic variants, there are also quaint proposals that will make the plastic plant pot takes on a designer character. This category includes classic black and white as well as shades of gray, but to really stand out, it is worth choosing a variant that resembles Corten steel. Chocolate brown is not uniform, which allows to achieve a very similar visual effect to the corten popular among architects. It is the perfect combination of aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

Attnang-Puchheim focuses on consistency

Large corten-colored plastic pots were chosen by the austrian town of Attnang-Puchheim. Along the main street, Marktstraße, one can spot 15 pieces of Gianto Sito and 50 classic Gianto. Thanks to this approach, the most representative part of the town has gained coherent urban planters that allow  to launch additional greenery into the center. However, this is not their only task.

Thanks to the large plant pots, the most representative part of the city has received additional greenery.

Large plant pots instead of railings

The location of the plant pots has been planned so that they not only have an aesthetic function, but also block the possibility of parking in places that are not intended for this. The central street of Attnang-Puchheim is woonerf, a modern public space in which the height difference between the road and the pavement is eliminated. The lack of architectural barriers is a great convenience for pedestrians, people on wheelchairs, mothers with prams or cyclists, but also a temptation for drivers to leave their cars outside the designated parking space. Pots placed on the pavement at regular intervals eliminate the need for barriers or bollards and, importantly, do not limit the movement of residents in any way.

Restaurant garden in green surroundings

Outdoor dining is an inseparable part of restaurants. In the case of woonerf, to increase the security of guests, it is worth separating the premises from the street, which is often very close to the tables. In Attnang-Puchheim, the large Gianto Sito pots ensure the well-being of the eaters. The large size of the containers (the diameter of the pot is 180 cm) separates vehicles from the pavement cafe, and at the same time launch a green, plant screen, which additionally creates a sense of privacy.

In Attnang-Puchheim, the large Gianto Sito pots ensure the well-being of the eaters.

Large plant pots – aesthetics and functionality

The project from the Austrian Attnang-Puchheim paves the way for other cities and towns. Large plant pots can bring many advantages. First of all, a wide selection of colors – in this case, the focus was on consistency and a designer presence, i.e. the unique corten color. Secondly, the plant containers are a clever signal that shows drivers where vehicles should not be parked, which is extremely important, especially on woonerf streets. Thirdly, they perfectly separate zones, e.g. a pavement cafe from the road. Finally, they provide the option of additional greenery, which is so much needed, especially in the main points of the city.

Łabiszyn – the Kuyavian-Pomeranian town in flowers

Łabiszyn is a small Polish town located near Bydgoszcz. It is certainly not the first place on a long list of places worth visiting, but an appropriate approach to urban greenery makes Łabiszyn look better than many tourist towns. This is one of the main reasons that should encourage travelers to visit, and the authorities of other places to follow an example from Łabiszyn.

The center of Łabiszyn

Łabiszyn stands out from other places in Poland when it comes to the most important point of the city, i.e. the center. Contrary to the prevailing tendency to revitalize the Old Towns, which usually ends with a concrete empty square, Łabiszyn did not follow this path. In the most representative place, you can still see the square with a lawn, the Flower Towers, trees, paths, benches, and around it breathtaking flower beds with densely planted ornamental grasses and flowers. There are so many seedlings that the whole thing looks like colorful, fluffy carpets. As if that was not enough, the authorities of Łabiszyn focused on additional decorative elements. Yellow, blue and white large pots planted really luxuriantly are a decorative dominant.

The most important point in the center of Łabiszyn is the town hall. It is a simple but charming building that has also been decorated with flowers. Lush surfinas are hanging from the windows resembling pink pillows.  Pink dahlias appeared where there was access to ground and along the sidewalks the pots with a yellow variety and a plume of ornamental grasses were arranged. A metal bench winds around the plant containers (the colors of which match the planters in the central part of the market), providing residents additional seating. Admittedly, it is as impressive as it is efficient.

Nadnotecka Street

The Noteć River flows through Łabiszyn and surrounds the Old Town with two branches. However, the increasing distance from the town center does not mean a reduction in the care for public space. On Nadnotecka Street, there are colorful, round benches with flower pots, which delight with flowers every year. This is another classic example straight from Łabiszyn concerning the appropriate approach to aesthetics in the town. We are simply stunned looking at the effect.

Łabiszyn is beautiful in every aspect

The whole idea of planting not only the main part of Łabiszyn, but also the extraordinary care for plants, means that larger towns and cities would certainly envy such an effect. We sincerely hope that the photos will serve as inspiration for others, because our dream as well as other people too, is that the space in which they live or visit should be as aesthetically pleasing as Łabiszyn. Interestingly, this Kuyavian-Pomeranian town matches the unique and beautiful decorations to the season.

The Flower Tower after the season – 4 ideas for autumn decorations

Autumn has its rights – low temperatures and less sunlight mean that the flowering period is almost over. However, this does not mean that with the end of September, cities have to become gray and boring. Sometimes it is worth replacing summer plantings with autumn decorations, so that the surroundings continue to delight for the next months. In this text we will prove that the Flower Tower does not have to disappear at the end of summer.

Autumn decorations in the Flower Towers

Autumn decorations on a flower tower. Source: Oschatz City

In spring and summer, the Flower Tower plays the first fiddle and does not leave the scene for many months. As August gives way to September and heavy rainfall as well as lower temperatures come, the most common plants in the Flower Towers (such as surfinia, geraniums and ipomea) begin to lose their freshness. The beginning of autumn is a good time for care and preventive treatments to protect them against basic diseases and pests. However, it should be remembered that the time of summer decorations is almost over.

Usually, the first half of October is the time when withered plants should be completely removed from the Flower Tower. Then you have to choose one of the following options:

  • dismantle and move the Flower Towers to the storage area,
  • decorate the Flower Towers with plants that are more durable and resistant to external conditions to create an autumn decoration,
  • leave the structure – it is made of durable galvanized steel, so it should remain unchanged even in the most capricious weather, but one has to take into account that without any decorations, the Flower Tower will not be able to fulfill its basic role.

Why is it best to choose the autumn arrangement of the Flower Tower?

First of all, we extend the decorative function of the product and avoid the situation when the Flower Tower remains empty while waiting for Christmas (see our post to find out how, with the help of a special cover, turn it into an original Christmas tree). Moreover,  the Flower Tower left in its final place allows you to save time, money and work that would have to be spent on disassembly, transport and storage. Not to mention that in this case, the risk of losing a screw or other single element of the structure increases significantly.

Flower Towers – classic autumn decorations

Ornamental cabbage looks great on a flower tower

Creating urban autumn decorations does not have to be difficult at all. The most important thing is to use plants that will adapt to the weather conditions at this time of the year. On first sight, your choice may seem limited, but that’s not true. The Flower Towers can be planted with heathers or chrysanthemums – these two options already create a very wide range of colors, ranging from white, yellow, orange, through strong red, to rose and violet.

However, the choice does not end there, in addition to flowering plants, ornamental leaf species are also suitable. This category is dominated by ornamental cabbage, and right next to it there are plants that are both beautiful and durable: glechoma hederacea, gnaphalium, plectranthus glabratus or common ivy and periwinkle. Also, ornamental grasses are worth mentioning.

To gain a nice effect, it is enough to plant the Flower Tower with a selected plant in one or more colors. It is a proven method that guarantees satisfaction. Take a look at few autumn compositions, and you will find out that the simplest solutions are really good.

Choose diversity

By juxtaposing different colors of the same plant, you can create interesting urban decorations. Intertwined chrysanthemum seedlings in contrasting colors (red and white) change the Flower Tower into an autumn chessboard, two shades of decorative cabbage arranged in tiers or diagonally allow to create an aesthetic composition that looks good in any setting. However, in order to compose autumn decorations that will not be indifferent to anyone, you have to go a step further.

The appropriate selection of various colors and plants is a real art, but also a way to arrange a unique natural masterpiece. How can this be achieved? Take a look at the examples.

The diverse autumn compositions make an electrifying impression.

Decorative cabbages planted in stripes with chrysanthemums accompanied by a tuft of ornamental grass in a dark color. In this case, different sizes and colors of plants create clear layers that perfectly harmonize with each other. An unquestionable advantage of autumn decorations is the fact that it will look a bit different every day. Chrysanthemum buds will flourish, enriching the arrangement and adding color to it.

Skillfully selected plants are the basis for the appearance  of the Flower Tower, but also make it fit into the surroundings. An example is the second arrangement. The combination of maroon cranberry leaves, green accents in the form of juniper and long hanging shoots of the periwinkle turned out to be a great idea. The whole thing corresponds very well with the crowns of trees that change color for autumn.

Autumn harvest

After the summer season, the Flower Towers can also be decorated in a slightly different way. A multi-story rack gives many possibilities for this. The autumn Flower Towers, in addition to the aforementioned plants, decorated with natural elements will look marvelous too. These can be pumpkins, sunflowers, dried rowan fruits, leaves, as well as twigs of fir, pine, spruce, thuja or juniper. Dressing up of the Flower Tower can become a special event for residents. We are convinced that not only the youngest would like to take part in it.

For the autumn decorations, the Austrian town of Moosburg, apart from flowers, used moss, mushroom figurines, dolls, and even seasonal vegetables and fruits: pumpkin, corn, grapes. Moosburg shows that the Flower Tower can also be an original symbol of the area, highlighting its most important advantages.

Urban planters decorated with natural autumn decorations look spectacular.

The Flower Tower in the garden decorated for autumn

While natural decorations in cities after the summer season are becoming more and more popular, autumn decorations in front of the house, on the terrace or in the garden are absolutely common. Most often you can find heather in boxes, pumpkins or bunches of leaves. Such decorations can be perfectly displayed on the entrance stairs. However, what to do to prevent the fall decorations from being obscured by garden furniture or other items on the terrace?

The solution to this problem is all kinds of racks. Although the Flower Tower is associated mainly with urban space, it can also become an interesting autumn garden decoration. A steel structure planted with decorative cabbage or heathers will turn into a unique, very original, plant column. The Flower Tower on the terrace looks spectacular, but for an even better effect, it is enough to combine it with lanterns or other decorations. Thanks to this, you will get a very nice corner that will make you want to spend every free moment in the fresh air.

The Flower Tower can be an unusual and original autumn decoration on a terrace or in the garden.

Autumn in colors

The end of the sunny spring and summer period does not have to mean saying goodbye to flourishing urban compositions. The Flower Tower is perfect for a variety of autumn decorations, which will not only add charm to the space, but also fill the gap between summer and winter. Thanks to this, after this season, the Flower Towers will be ready for Christmas decor without any additional work. It is worth implementing some creative ideas to create a fabulous atmosphere even in a less unfavorable aura.

Unique fall planters ideas

Contrary to appearances, public space does not have to turn gray when surfinia or pelargonium start to fade away. Heather, chrysanthemum, echinacea, ornamental grasses … There are really many ideas for fall planters!

Fall planters with heather

Heather plants are the most popular autumn flowers. They are usually purple, but also pink or even red. They can withstand colder weather conditions and require practically no maintenance – therefore they are perfect for autumn compositions. Young heather seedlings can be easily planted in the dedicated pots. Creating decorations takes only a few moments. It is enough to transplant the plant from the container in which it grew first and immediately enjoy the beautiful visual effect. Heather looks great in the company of ornamental grasses, for example foxtail fountain grass or pampas grass.

Heather is one of the most popular autumn plants. It appears in the garden, on the terrace, but also in public space.

Chrysanthemum – queen of the autumn

Chrysanthemum is gradually moving away from the stereotype of a plant reserved only for the autumn decoration of necropolises. It is worth taking advantage of its values – lush flowering, beautiful colors and great resistance to changeable weather conditions. Chrysanthemum is one of the autumn blooming plants, which makes it a perfect colorful decoration for public spaces. Plants planted in large pots, boxes or the standing Flower Towers will create a beautiful autumn decoration. They look great on their own, but also with ornamental grasses, heathers or ornamental cabbage.

Chrysanthemum is great for autumn urban decorations.

One of the effective ideas for fall planters, which will work well in the city space, but also in the garden, with the use of pots and chrysanthemums, is to create a decorative “mound”. Plants planted on a low hill with overturned pots give a very interesting result. Additionally, if you combine varieties of chrysanthemums in autumn colors (yellow, orange, maroon), the composition will not be overlooked for sure.

The original use of pots in an autumn arrangement.

Autumn arrangements with ornametal cabbage

The urban space delights with floral compositions not only in summer, but also in autumn. From April to October, the Flower Towers and large pots can charm with impressive, lush seasonal plants, and at the beginning of autumn they are filled with ornamental cabbage and grasses. It suffices to look at the photos to see that it is a good idea. Also, such arrangement should be considered to appear in your surroundings too.

It is enough to reach for a few ingenious solutions to make the area delight with colors, even until the first frost.

Fall planters with pumpkins

The arrangement of cities after summer should not be limited only to flowers and plants when creating autumn decorations. An interesting and still rare idea are pumpkins, which are more and more often used in compositions due to the growing popularity of Halloween in Europe. This small element, which is plentiful in these months, becomes a great addition to autumn arrangements.

Fall planters with evergreen plants and pumpkins.

The second idea is to cover the ground with chestnuts. First of all, fall planters will look unique and charming. Secondly, you create a litter that will help to keep the substrate moist, protecting it from frost.

Fall planters with chestnuts.

Autumn arrangements – which colors to choose?

Autumn does not differ from summer in the possibilities of arranging flower pots. There are many plant species which bloom in September and the following months. Therefore, you can still count on the power of impressions and colors. In public space, the most common ones are: heather, chrysanthemums, ornamental cabbage, ornamental grasses – they are chosen primarily for their durability. However, the limited selection of plants does not necessarily mean less possibilities, because the above-mentioned species provide many colors of flowers, which if combined with each other, give various effects. Here are some of our ideas for fall planters:

  • golden autumn – flowers in warm colors, e.g. yellow, orange, red, with the addition of bright green or brown elements. Such a combination will certainly chase away the ubiquitous gray,
  • chic purples – autumn is the time of decorative cabbage and heather, which have a beautiful purple color. To add elegance to the composition, it is worth combining them with white,
  • all shades of green – this is not the first option that comes to mind about the upcoming autumn, but such compositions are pretty impressive. Especially together with the more popular warm colors.

Autumn decorations in durable pots

Planting autumn pots is only half of the success in decorating the city. As important as their content are the planters themselves, which must be durable enough to withstand unfavorable weather conditions. Among the materials that are able to guarantee that the decoration will not be marred by cracks or chipping, the best are: polyethylene, architectural concrete, corten steel. Increasingly, one can find pots made of them on the streets in European cities, not only in autumn, but also in winter.

Robust pots are the key to success when arranging autumn compositions.

It is worth remembering that pots made of low-quality plastic react badly to temperature fluctuations and rainfall – do not entrust them with seasonal compositions, because even the best autumn flowers will not look good in a damaged container.

Let garden, terrace and city pots be filled with autumn flowers

Autumn days always come too fast bringing cold, blush and gray. Instead of giving to the melancholic mood, it is worth coloring every space with flowers. Therefore, whether garden, terrace or urban pots, they should be filled with autumn arrangements already at the end of September.

Shopping mall landscape desing – how to create a friendly space

The shopping mall is one of the most visited places on the city map, both by residents and tourists. In order to offer customers the greatest availability of products, and at the same time maximum convenience, such facilities very often turn into small towns that are able to meet almost all the needs of visitors. It is worth paying attention to the shopping mall landscape as a well-designed external space can make the satisfaction of visitors significantly increase, and more importantly, they will want to drop by as often as possible.

There is no doubt that the main goal when visiting a shopping mall is comprehensive shopping. However, for a really successful shopping tour, an important aspect is not only a variety of shops and services, but also dining areas, entertainment and aesthetics. The appropriate combination of all those ingredients will allow to create a perfect place for a friendly meeting or plan a day off with the whole family. Most of the facilities look great inside, but when it comes to shopping mall lanscape, there is still a lot of work to do.

A square in front of the shopping mall

The surroundings of a shopping mall are very often limited to a huge parking lot stretching to the horizon. Unarguably, it is impossible to omit places for vehicles in the plan, however there is much more potential in the outer area. A well-designed square may become the greatest attraction for the youngest, but also for the older ones. It is enough to take care of a relaxation zone, attractions for children, plants and small architecture.

The shopping mall lanscape has great potential, all you need to do is design the square well to enjoy a functional space.

Why is the proper arrangement in front of a shopping mall so important? First of all, because it is the first space that visitors see, and if it looks nice and stands out with functionality, it will certainly become the showpiece of the complex. In addition, the spacious square is perfect for arranging an area for a break between visits to subsequent stores.

What should be in the surroundings of the shopping mall?

  • A relaxation zone, or in fact relaxation zones, because one point for all visitors of a shopping mall is definitely not enough. Benches, seats, deckchairs are elements that cannot be missing, but to be fully successful, you also need to ensure the right atmosphere. Even the most comfortable piece of furniture will not work when placed in direct sunlight, especially on a hot August day. It is best to plan a resting area under the tree or to provide a special roofing, e.g. sun sails.
  • Plants – it is a real ‘must have’ in every shopping mall surroundings, which can completely change the space. The best option is greenery planted directly in the ground, but if this is not possible, large pots are perfect for this task.
  • Small architecture – this is an extremely important aspect, starting from the utility ones, such as lamps, bicycle stands, garbage cans, to those that improve the appearance of the surroundings- sculptures, fountains, mist sprayings, street art.
  • Attractions for children – many shopping malls have playrooms where you can leave your children and go on a shopping tour in peace and without whining. However, special attractions outside can make a trip to the shopping mall something really special for the youngest.
  • Refreshments – the large space in front of the shopping mall is an ideal place for popular food trucks. Regardless of whether it is a small snack, ice cream, coffee or a dinner, it will certainly taste much better in the open air. A good-quality restaurant on wheels can even encourage you to visit a shopping mall.
Plants, attractions for children, benches, a fountain are all things that should be included in the shopping mall lanscape.

The secret of the perfect shopping mall landscape

Arranging area around a shopping mall may seem complicated, but it is enough to follow a few rules to create a guest-friendly outdoor space. Get to know our 3 points that will make the square look unique.

1. Choose the scale correctly

It cannot be denied that the building of the shopping center is a real giant, therefore the square around is large too. Extensive open space requires small architecture appropriately selected for its scale. In such a situation, large or standard-sized objects, but in larger numbers, work best. Without this rule, the elements “disappear” in space, and the square may look undeveloped and empty.

Appropriately selected street furniture is clearly visible in front of the Dodenhof Shopping Center near Bremen. Huge TerraForm pots appeared on the square (the largest Gianto Grande is 160 cm high). To furnish the open space even better, they were placed in groups of three, thus creating very intriguing arrangements. Large pots have one more advantage, they can be planted with trees that will provide the desired shade or create a very interesting, lush plant composition – be sure to see how you can make a really blooming public space in the very center of the city.

Three richly flowered, huge pots are a highly original piece of decoration in the square in front of the shopping mall.

2. Stand out

The square of the shopping mall offers a wide range of possibilities. The distinctive elements are highly recommended as they can be an ideal meeting point for visiting groups – it is a great convenience. Also, they encourage visitors to take a photo with them, which later will certainly appear on social profiles and will be an ideal promotion of this place.

What elements will make you stand out? In front of the Dodenhof Shopping Center there is a very interesting art installation – consisting of garden chairs painted in expressive, strong colors. They look marvellous in the company of equally colorful huge pots. There are really a lot of ideas, if you need more inspiration, check out our post on street art.

The colorful large pots and chairs are a very interesting art installation.

3. Say a definite ‘yes’ to changes

Shopping mall landscape should also change with the seasons. Thanks to this, regardless of the month, the square will look delightful. In summer, there are numerous possibilities. It is a time for flowers, splashing water from the fountain and relaxation zones. When most of the plants fade and the day is getting shorter and shorter, you should opt for eye-catching sculptures and decorations with lighting. In winter and spring, don’t forget about Christmas and Easter decorations – large-scale, of course. See the entry about XXL baubles and one-of-a-kind huge Easter eggs.

The decoration of the outdoor space of a shopping mall should be chosen according to the season. Summer is the best time for beautiful plant compositions.

A shopping mall – the place that will be remembered

A well-arranged surroundings around a shopping mall is as important as an aesthetic interior. The characteristic and well-planned external space will certainly encourage you to rest for a moment, as well as to visit more often.

Colorful art in public places – 4 examples of beautifying the city

If a city is to be a pleasant place to live in, a properly designed and useful space is not enough. Aesthetics, modernization of neglected urban elements  and properly  maintained plants are important too. It is worth adding some magic ingredient that will start attracting tourists  and make the city recognizable,  but also which will remain in the memory for a long time and even longer in photos. Art in public places, because we are talking about it, has enormous potential. See 4 examples of proven art installations that make a sensation in many places around the world.

Is public art important?

Art is associated with museums and galleries, where you can admire amazing sculptures and beautiful paintings. However, let’s face it, such places are not the first choice of tourists who visit the city. Artists found a way to reach a wider audience and this is how public art was created, e.g. graffiti, murals, or sticker art.

Art in public places is most often associated with illegally made graffiti.

Very often, painting on the walls of buildings is considered vandalism because it damages someone else’s property. However, art in public places does not have to be associated only with illegal activities. To enjoy unusual city decorations, all you need is an appropriate design as well as consents of local authorities.

Common accessibility is the greatest advantage for which it is worth moving artistic installations to open, public spaces. In addition, such unique works promote the place, attract tourists and make the city stand out from the crowd. We should also mention their decorative function, as well as the fact that the installations raise awareness of residents and visitors to artistic creativity. Due to its easy recognition, art in public places is often a characteristic meeting point.

Large colorful sculptures are part of art in public places.

Art installations in public space

Art installations in public places can take many different forms. From the aforementioned murals on the walls of buildings, through spontaneously performed actions, to carefully designed and solidly made sculptures or figures. We have prepared 4 examples of art in public spaces that will enliven the surroundings and can become the elements the city is famous for.

Colorful umbrellas over the street

It might seem that an umbrella is only useful in the event of rain. It turns out to be an item that will allow you to design a very interesting public art. What do you have to do? It’s easy. Just hang colorful umbrellas over the street. Thanks to this, a unique alley will be created, providing shade and a unique atmosphere that is worth capturing in the photos.

This type of art installation is perfect for narrow streets and small spaces, where there is no much place for standing decorations. In addition to umbrellas, other decorations can also be hung between the buildings. Openwork elements (e.g. figures in the shape of flowers, butterflies or cranes) made of fiberglass will look great. They are extremely durable as well as resistant to weather conditions, and at the same time have strong, expressive colors. For this reason, they will perfectly match colorful umbrellas.

King of photography – a big sign with the name of the city

A large inscription with the name of the city is a very popular way to launch an art installation into public space. Sometimes a single huge word turns into an entire phrase or a play on words, and in the capital of the Netherlands, for example, you can admire the inscription ‘Iamsterdam’. This trend of decorating cities is so strong that districts, housing estates, universities and even parks also want their own inscription.

Why is this happening? A large inscription with the name of the city has all the necessary features to become a must-have for any souvenir photo. Firstly, it is large and attracts attention, secondly, a glance is enough to be sure where the photo was taken, and thirdly, it gives almost endless possibilities of posing. More creative people will quickly abandon the idea of simply standing next to a large inscription in favor of spreading out in the letter “o” or standing on the highest possible part of an artistic installation.

A big sign with the name of the city usually appears on photos from the trip.

Original XXL figures

Sometimes a beautifully designed green space only needs a decorative icing on the cake, and on the other hand, there are highly urbanized places that only lack some nature. In both cases, the answer to the problems are huge openwork figures that work very well in the role of public art.

Garden decorations are a great addition to green public spaces.

You can choose from sculptures in the shape of butterflies, dragonflies, flowers or decorative spheres. Thanks to such elements the space gains a unique character. Of course, we do not forget about the places in which concrete predomines. Then the best solution is to create floral arrangements in a openwork bowl flower or a tilted globe. We guarantee that the effect will be electrifying.

Art in public spaces can additionally bring beautiful flowers into the environment.

Light illuminations not only for Christmas

The public space should be delightful during the day, but also after dark. That is why at Christmas, when the sun is setting very quickly, cities choose illuminations first and foremost. At this time, the market square, streets, roundabouts and shopping malls are decorated with millions of tiny lights, which are shaped like stars, baubles, gifts, reindeer (see our post on glowing Christmas decorations).

This type of Christmas art in public places is extremely popular, so why not choose the magic of light also in the summer season. After all, warm evenings encourage walks and it is worth preparing the surroundings for residents and tourists. Illuminations will look particularly good in the company of water reservoirs or fountains. Then the colorful rays reflecting from the water surface will create a fabulous spectacle.

Illuminations work well as public art, especially near the water.

Say yes to art in public places

Public art is not only graffiti or expensive sculptures made by artists. To create an eye-catching art installation, you need a few simple elements, such as colorful umbrellas, openwork decorations and a few lights. When you add flowers to it, you will get an extremely beautiful decoration that will enliven even the most concreted space.

If you like our ideas, see the catalog of summer decorations from Terra Group or contact your Sales Advisor.


How do hanging flower planters work?

Hanging flower planters for urban space resemble a ball covered with lush plants. But what is behind such an impressive effect? Why is the decoration mounted on lanterns such a popular solution in arranging towns and cities all the word?  

Hanging flower planters – what is it ?

When hanging flower planters are filled with hanging plants, it creates the effect of a floral ball. The solution is perfect for balconies, terraces, but also for public spaces. At home, all you need is a hanging flower basket with a hanger to create a beautiful effect. The case is a bit more complicated when it comes to cities. The hanging flower planters usually appear on street lamps, and to make them stable and resistant to all weather conditions, a really thoughtful and durable construction is needed.

Hanging flowerbeds on street lamps.

Terra hanging flower planters

The best solutions should be protected against copying by dishonest producers. That is why the Terra hanging flower planters have a number of patents that guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and ensure an excellent decorative effect. What distinguishes hanging flower baskets is their ring structure. Each of them has from one to even three levels that narrow towards the top. Such a structure means that the flowers planted in the planters create a perfect ball effect. The more rings, the more impressive the effect you will achieve. Thanks to this, even in the case of high street lamps and large spaces, it will not be possible to miss hanging flower planters.

Importantly, the steel structure of the hanging flower planters is resistant to rust. Moreover, the solid mounting as well as its construction dedicated to a specific infrastructure means that the suspended decoration will always stick firmly and stably, regardless of weather conditions.

Flower baskets on street lamps

Street lamps differ in diameter and height. In case of Terra hanging planter it is not a problem as they have a wide range of fixings. Additionally, city lamps do not always impress with their aesthetics, but their regular setting creates perfect conditions for launching greenery into even the most concreted places. A hanging flower planter can be placed at any height, so you can easily cover less attractive parts of the street lamp and obtain a beautiful effect, which is especially impressive in the case of long communication routes – promenades, main markets, main streets.

Hanging flowerbeds on street lamps.

Healthy flowers mean beautiful floral ball

This impressive decoration is the result of excellent conditions in which flowers grow. Only the lowest ring has a bottom, therefore the root system of plants has enough space for development. The open structure also allows the water to spread freely to all plants. Thus, it reduces the risk of overflow, which can lead to plant rot.

Hanging flower planters on lamps in urban spaces.

A solution that works

Many places have already found out how the hanging flower planters work in practice. The spring season is just around the corner, so it’s time for other towns an cities to join the group of beautifully flowered places!

A great way for flowers in the city

Due to comfortable movements of cars and people, modern urban space often appears as a desert covered with concrete without any greenery. Lack of flower beds and lawns makes it almost impossible to launch flowers – and their presence is so desirable by the inhabitants! In such a situation, hanging flower planters work perfectly. Floral balls mounted on street lamps  soften the austerity of urban architecture.

The Flower Towers – what is the secret of cascade planters?

In addition to traditional flower-beds, concrete or wooden urban pots, the Flower Tower  works very well in public spaces too. Properly selected plant species and the number of seedlings make the metal structure disappear in the thicket of dazzling flowers and leaves. This is why the Flower Towers, creating unique, natural decorations, are chosen by so many cities. However, it is not the only factor here.

What is their secret and why has cascade planter become a permanent element of the urbanized surroundings? You will find the answer to these questions in this post.

Design thought out to the smallest detail

At first glance, our flower pyramid is simply a metal structure consisting of rings that decrease with the height. To answer the question why such an uncomplicated construction works so well, you need to take a closer look at the Flower Towers.

Firstly – the material. It is the steel that is used in the production process of the pyramid. This material is light, easy to shape and cut, durable as well as resistant to external conditions. Metal flower constructions are protected against corrosion by a zinc coating and powder paint – which additionally gives an elegant finish to the whole. Such features allow for the creation of cascade planter that beautify the space for years.

Secondly – a stable internal structure. The Flower Tower can be up to 3 meters high, however, it still remains only a beautiful urban decoration, not a potential danger as there is a strong frame in the center of the rings. Such a frame connects all levels of the structure and allows for permanent attachment to the ground. Thanks to this, the Flower Towers are protected against falling, theft or acts of vandalism.

Thirdly – the finish. Once flowers have grown bigger in the Flower Tower, the metal structure will be completely covered, so it might seem that the finishing aspects are not very important in this case. However, the laser cut steel rings have sharp edges. To prevent injuries when planting flowers, the edges of the rings are covered with special seals.

Fourthly – mobility. The Flower Towers can be disassembled but the unfolded structure is much easier for storage or transport. This is not the only option for moving the Flower Towers. Previously planted pyramids are put in their place thanks to a forklift or a crane (the Flower Tower is equipped with a transport module).

Easy care is the key to healthy flowers

Plant Care is significantly facilitated by the fact that all levels, except the lowest one, in the Flower Tower are bottomless. This solution allows the roots to grow without limitation, and thus obtain really healthy and lush flowers.

Undivided space between levels also make things easier when watering plants in the Flower Tower. The lack of bottoms in the rings means that the water spreads inside in all directions and each of the seedling has an access to it, therefore the risk of overflow is much lower.

Can plant care in the Flower Tower be easier? Yes! It is enough to enrich the soil with a special nutrient TerraHydrogelVit to provide the roots with the maximum amount of minerals and water. The Flower Towers can also be equipped with an irrigation system. This is an extremely convenient option that will make all the rings of the steel pyramid evenly watered without too much effort.

Cascade planter suitable for any space

In addition to the well-thought-out design and facilitated care of plants, the Flower Towers have another great advantage. It comes in many sizes so thanks to it, adjusting to the needs of the space will be easier than you think.

Smaller models from 700 – 1200 mm high are great for separating space, nevertheless, they do not obstruct visibility and are perfect for pedestrian paths along the street. The smaller cascade planter can play an additional decorative role in a square, by a monument or a fountain.

Real giants (2000 mm and more) truly emphasize the importance of the place and complement large open spaces. The market square or promenade look much better with a row of the Flower Towers, and in front of the historic town hall will encourage tourists to take a commemorative photo.

The Flower Towers have a circle in the base, but in order to become a distinctive decoration of the entrance to the building, the offer also includes the so-called “halves”. Such a structure is based on a semicircle and thus it can be placed directly next to a wall or fence.

flowerbed-cascade-on-the-wall (2)

In addition, each Flower Tower looks great in a group, so you can freely combine different models. This way you will get a one-of-a-kind effect. If you are not sure how to plan plantings in your surroundings, ask the Terra Group team, who will help you choose the best combinations of flowers and also prepare visualizations of the project.

A natural decoration for years

The Flower Towers are resistant and durable, therefore, with proper maintenance, they will certainly please the eye for many years and never get bored. If you want to see how it is possible, visit our posts, where we describe how to arrange pyramids for each season of the year and how to prepare them for the next season.

What else is worth knowing about the Flower Towers:

  • in winter, the Flower Towers can turn into a giant Christmas tree – find out more in the post on the Flower Tower covers,
  • you can find the most beautifully planted Flower Towers on Facebook: TerraGroup.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Sales Advisor.

Spring in the city – pansies in a pot, daisies in a flower container

The Flower Towers are one of the most effective ideas for spring compositions in cities … but not the only one. Plants can also appear in flower boxes and pots – large, colorful and exceptionally resistant to any inconvenience. What to choose and what is the best way to plan plantings to make sure that spring will come to the city in its full glory?

Pansies – the best choice for cities

Blooming plants looming up from city streets and squares are the best way to say goodbye to winter and its grayness. Pansies, due to their charming appearance as well as resistance to cold and low requirements, are the best idea for the first plantings.

Interestingly, selected species of pansy bloom already on the first days of March, which is why they are perfect for arranging urban space. Thanks to pansies, you will be sure that spring will appear in the city in a blink of an eye. This charming, inconspicuous flower impresses with its properties: for lush flowering, it only needs fertile soil and a sunny (or even semi-shaded) place.

Various spring flowers

When decorating cities, not only pansies with color flowers will help. They can be combined in a spring composition with daisies, tulips and other weather-resistant plants. Pansies planted in the Flower Towers, flowerbeds, boxes, pots, Easter flower containers in the shape of an egg, and even hanging Flower Towers mounted on street lamps or walls, effectively color the gray surroundings at a time when you cannot count on other plants. Once their charm fades, they can be quickly replaced with summer plants: pelargonium, ipomea or surfinia.

Spring in the city – compositions in a pot.

Blooming Pyramids

The most resistant plants can be planted at the beginning of March so you will be able to enjoy the first flowers in the city even before the calendar spring. The Flower Towers bring color not only in summer, they are perfect for launching interesting compositions in every season of the year. If you want to learn more about it, check out our post on seasonal flower containers. No wonder that more and more cities and towns in Poland and not only decide to make spring compositions. Here are some of the most interesting arrangements.

In Strzelce Krajeńskie the Flower Towers planted with single-colored pansies were set. Each one had a different color of flowers (yellow, white, purple) creating a very impressive effect.

Spring in the City – Flower tower with pansies in one color.

Świnoujście presented asymmetrical, multi-colored spring compositions. The cherry on top were decorative bunny ears placed at the very top of the Flower Tower. Thanks to this procedure, spring has come to the city, but also a sign of the upcoming Easter.

In Rzepin, the Flower Towers were decorated with white and red (colors of the flag of Poland) pansies. Thanks to this, the spring flower containers in the surroundings of the Monument to the All Fallen (also known as the Eagle Monument) bring solemn, sublime mood.

Oschatz deserves special attention. The German town presents really impressive flower arrangements every season. Each level of the Flower Towers is decorated with different pansies or daisies.

Or maybe spring compositions in pots?

The first flowers in the vividly colored large pots from the TerraForm collection are also a good way to bring spring into the city. Polyethylene containers are chosen for public spaces for a reason – the material from which they are made guarantees resistance to mechanical damage and an unchanged color for years. The pots are almost indestructible, so they are an ideal solution for cities at any time of the year.

The first example to follow is Gorzów Wielkopolski! A red, blue and yellow pot is right next to a huge Easter egg. They have been planted with yellow, purple and blue pansies – the whole thing creates a beautiful Easter decoration.

Spring composition with pots.

For some time now, Dębno has been proud of the yellow and red Gianto and Sito pots, which already in spring are planted with flowers in various parts of the town. Also they are in the main square, where the pots are integrated with a bench.

Spring in the city

Plants in public space play a very important role. It is not worth waiting for the summer months with plantings. Flowers can successfully appear at the beginning of March. Thanks to this, not only spring will soon come to the city, but also blooming compositions will enjoy the residents almost all year round.

To help concrete squares – large urban pots restore greenery

A concrete square is something that often abhors residents. In summer, the heated surface does not encourage relaxation. However, complete removal of the pavement is not always a good solution. Is there an option to turn the urban desert into an oasis that is friendly to people? In our opinion, it is possible. In this case, large urban pots will be a great help here. Thanks to them, the square can turn green without any additional construction works. How is it possible? We will present three towns in which the square has changed beyond recognition.

A town square – what is its role?

Historically, the spacious square has been a lively heart of the city. All the main roads converged there to facilitate trade. With time, when the tradition of markets lost its importance and the local people started to go to stores or shopping malls, the flat, paved area in the center changed its functionality. Now the square is a place of rest for residents and tourists on a daily basis, and during holidays it is a space for celebrations, concerts, fairs and other important events.

On a daily use, the square is a place of rest for residents and tourists, but on holidays it is a space for celebrations, concerts, fairs and other important events.

Concrete vs green

These two extreme roles are the cause of disputes about shaping the surroundings. On the one hand, city events require a paved, empty square, and on the other, an ideal relaxation place needs all kinds of plants, benches, fountains, and garbage bins. To create a place that perfectly performs both functions, it is best to take them both into account when creating the project. Then you can easily arrange the appropriate zones. Things get more difficult when the square is already modernized and there is a huge concrete area. In this situation, there are two possible solutions.

Is there an option that will turn an urban desert into a people-friendly oasis? In our opinion, it is possible. In this case, large urban pots will help.

First of all, a complete change of the surroundings: removal of concrete pavement  and adding more plants. However, the costs of such a step are enormous and they are actually associated with the next major renovation. The second solution does not require additional heavy work. It is enough to put on large urban pots in which you can plant a variety of plants, and in the largest models even trees. To prove that it is possible, we will present three concrete squares which, thanks to mobile plantings, have found the perfect compromise between a paved surface and urban greenery.

Skwierzyna in the new edition

In 2016, the market in Skwierzyna was modernized. The neglected area disappeared and a large square appeared in its place. Thus, the most representative town space has returned to its former appearance from several dozen years ago. However, the area in front of the town hall no longer fulfills the role of the municipal merchandising space. Therefore, the town authorities faced the challenge of developing the square. After the renovation, street furniture appeared: simple in form, anthracite pots, benches, the hanging Flower Towers on lamps, and a fountain in the center. Although the water from it cooled the inhabitants down on hot days, they paid attention to the small amount of greenery.

In 2021, the town authorities decided to allocate part of the budget to bring additional plants into the square. In order not to interfere with the paving, large urban pots, which can be planted with numerous flowers and even trees, were selected. The market square in Skwierzyna was filled with gray and green containers of various forms. As a result, the plantings differed from each other depending on the size and shape of the pot.

  • The Gianto Classic model – in pots with a classic shape and a height of 95 cm, hanging plants appeared, creating the impression of “pouring flowers”.
  • The Plane Ring Lux model – a container in the form of a bowl, characterized by a small height (45 cm) and a huge planting space. In such pots resembling flying plates, rich floral arrangements with canna, ornamental grasses and surfinias appeared.
  • The Gianto Tablo and Grande models – these are the largest pots with a height of 120 and 160 cm, therefore, they can be planted with trees.

In total, 10 new large urban pots appeared in the main square in Skwierzyna. They filled the empty space with impressive decorative plants.

A distinctive accent in Mikołajki

The Sailing Village in Mikołajki is another place on the map of Poland that has decided to modernize its area. Various materials were used for the promenade reconstruction and a modern square, which needed to be developed, was built on Kowalska Street. It is a lively place visited by hundreds of tourists every day. That is why the city authorities decided to focus on an element that will be remembered by everyone, i.e. large urban pots. Their biggest advantage, which attracts the eyes of passers-by and even encourages them to take a photo, are vivid, juicy colors – red and orange. Such colors turned out to be a bull’s-eye and they wonderfully enlivened the gray surroundings.

Decorative trees and grasses were planted in large urban pots. The classic Gianto models as well as the huge Grande and Tablo pots, which can also serve as a table, appeared not only in Skwierzyna but in Mikołajki too. It will be perfect for a snack break while walking around the marina.

Large urban pots – some color for Torgau

The square surrounded by historic buildings is a real urban treasure. Many German cities and towns can boast of such an architectural gem, but one of them decided to stand out from the others. With what? Colorful, large urban pots! As evidenced by the large square in the very center, the Saxon Torgau has a commercial history. It turned out to be an ideal place for mobile greenery.

The vivid colors of the containers are a bold step. The success was achieved due to the balanced colors of the facades surrounding the market. Thanks to this, green, yellow, orange, blue and red pots have become a distinctive accent that does not create the effect of an urban mishmash. It turned out to be a great idea to arrange the containers in groups of 3 at numerous places on the square. Various models, colors, sizes as well as plantings create unique compositions, and the whole looks very coherent.

The case from Torgau shows that it is sometimes worth choosing less popular solutions to achieve an even better effect. Thanks to the colorful, large city planters, the square has gained its individual character and it will look fabulous on postcards or in holiday photos. If you want to see more pictures of the Saxon town, be sure to check out our Torgau post.

Large urban pots make the squares green

Large urban pots are a great solution for concrete squares. They launch plants into the most representative areas without the need for costly renovations. It is worth choosing models in which you cannot only create beautiful floral compositions, but also those that are distinguished by form, color and functionality. This way you can kill several birds with one stone. Therefore, eye-catching greenery will appear in the square, providing a place to sit or eat a meal comfortably.

Flowers in the city – 7 ideas on how to change public space

In every town and city, greenery is one of the most important elements. Green leisure areas, such as parks and forests, attract many residents and tourists on a daily basis. In these places, not only long-lived, shade trees, but also beautifully colored flowers play an important role. It’s no secret that nature attracts people, and the presence of greenery makes them feel better at once

For this reason city authorities prioritize flowers in the city when creating a human-friendly public space. Although decorating parks or squares with plants is not a problem, finding a suitable place for greenery closer to the center is much more difficult. It does not mean though that where built-up areas prevail and it is difficult to find even a small piece of lawn, you cannot provide a natural, vivid decoration. Thanks to our ideas you will discover how to decorate your town with flowers, not necessarily planting them directly in the ground.

A colorful touch on a concrete square

Places that are very often criticized by dissatisfied residents are squares. The most common complaint is the lack of greenery and the ubiquitous concrete. Even if well-meaning city officials would like to solve this problem, it is usually not possible to completely remove the hard surface. Is it because of the high costs, or due to the fact that the place would no longer fulfill its function (as the square with its large open space, is perfect for organizing rallies, demonstrations, concerts or happenings).

colourful-flowerpots-on the square
Colourful flower pots are a great way to arrange a large square.

Looking for a compromise, it is enough to reach for large pots. This is a great solution that will allow you to launch some greenery but also make the concrete landscape less of an eyesore. Flower containers in the city can be made of various materials. Although concrete pots have become the most popular ones, they are not completely without their drawbacks.

First, you have to take into account their high weight, and thus the lack of mobility (this can turn out to be extremely problematic when organizing events in the square). Secondly, gray colors can create a gloomy and monotonous mood. In addition, some models look like from a bygone era and do not fit the modern city concept. Another option is wood that looks interesting and elegant. However, to maintain its aesthetic appearance, frequent impregnation is necessary.

An alternative to the above materials can be polyethylene, which is equally durable and resistant to external conditions. Flower containers made of it can have any color and shape, e.g. a simple geometric form, look like a classic flower pot or a spaceship shape. The greatest advantage of such urban pots is their mobility. They are heavy enough not to tip over due to strong winds, and light enough to be moved with a forklift (the Gianto model has special holes in the bottom to facilitate safe transport).

This solution allows to change their location whenever and wherever it is required. During events, the pots are best placed at the edges of the square. In this way, the event zone will be separated and a lot of free space will be obtained. After the event, the containers with the plants will be moved back to their place, becoming the center of attention again.

Large polyethylene pots look great in groups.

Railing planters – no more monotony

Railings are an essential part of every bridge, and in public spaces they are also used to separate the pavement from a busy street. Despite the fact that vertical, steel rungs guard safety, they often become an unsightly element of the surroundings. Leaving them like this is simply a waste of potential for additional space for flowers in the city.

In this case, use special pots for railings, which, if properly planted, will make the balustrade aesthetically pleasing, turning it into a unique urban decoration. Additionally, there is a good chance that the bridge, full of flowers with a view of the river, will become a new landmark of the town and a perfect photo scenery for residents and tourists.

Flowers in the city are a very important element. They can be used to decorate railings.

The key to creating a durable natural decoration is the use of solid railing planters, which should be:

  • made of resistant material,
  • equipped with a professional fixing system that will protect the decoration against theft or fall,
  • equipped with a drainage system for excess water – a railing planter with a double bottom and a drain plug is a perfect solution.

In addition, the urban flower pot can have an additional insert, thanks to which, it is possible to replace the plants with no need to disassemble the entire construction. Therefore, you can quickly and easily change the plant composition even several times a year.

Walk along the blooming street lamps

Some lovers of walks choose green areas, others prefer urbanized surroundings. The long street, promenade, avenue are perfect places for a stroll. An indispensable element of such places is a line of street lamps that illuminate the route after dark. They are part of our next idea for flowers in the city. The plants placed on high posts are perfectly visible, do not take up place, creating a coherent, aesthetic public space.

As in the case of railings, the most important aspect will be to choose the right container for street lamps. Assembling a model with an insecure fixing system not only can destroy the decoration, but also it can injure someone if falling down. That is why, it is worth choosing only proven brands that have been on the market for many years.

For a stunning effect, choose hanging plants (such as pelargonium, surfinia, ipomea). They should be planted quite densely (about 25 seedlings). Thanks to this, you will get a lush flower ball.

Flowers in pots on lamp posts can make any walk more pleasant.

Flowers in the city – a way to have a nice rest

Comfort, aesthetics, usability – all aspects must be taken into account when arranging public space friendly to tourists and residents. In the city, flowers may not be enough to encourage people to spend time in the market square or promenades. In addition to natural decorations, one will need benches, garbage cans, bicycle stands, etc.

Very often, creating a coherent composition from all these individual elements of small architecture turns out to be a real challenge. As we support simple solutions, we recommend modular street furniture because they can be perfectly adapted to your public space, e.g. very original large pots connected with a bench winding around them – the Wave model. You can choose a version with one, two, three or even five plant containers. It is an interesting idea for flowers in the city or even trees that will provide shade and make rest even more enjoyable

Large pots and benches winding between them is an idea that will enhance the space.

Emphasizing a unique place

In every city one can find places, which require to be emphasized. A monument commemorating an important person or event surrounded by blooming plants look so much nicer. Vivid decorations will surely attract the attention of passers-by. They will encourage people to learn more about the history and monument itself.

The standing Flower Towers are great for this role. Two identical planters set on both sides of the monument look great and give a sublime mood. When it is located on a large square, one can try larger number of decorations or choose a tall model. The Flower Towers are available in the height range of 70 cm up to 340 cm. Therefore, you can easily choose the appropriate variant for the surroundings. And as to the plantings, there are many possibilities to create an appropriate composition. If you want to be inspired, take a look at a few examples of decorations.

Pyramids with color plants set at the entrance door to the building will give a floral welcome to all guests. They will be the first element to catch the eye of anyone entering. Thanks to this, one can easily locate the main entrance. In addition, it is a great way to draw attention away from not very representative facade of the property.

Flowers in the city can make the entrance to a building more attractive.

To emphasize the uniqueness of the place, not only the Flower Towers can be taken advantage of, but also large urban pots. Due to their substantial size, it is possible to plant not only seasonal plants (such as surfinia or geraniums), but also perennials and even trees.

Flowers in the city – a decoration that makes a difference

There is no doubt that flowers in the city play an important decorative function. Setting them in places that do not have direct access to the ground is often problematic. In such cases, one needs to be creative and reach for solutions that will still allow to launch plants there. Large urban pots, the Flower Towers, planters for railings or street lamps are perfect for this role. Thanks to them, it is possible to make the public space greener, more beautiful and pleasant for residents and tourists.