Let’s design your surroundings together. Visualizations of clients’ dreams

In today’s rapidly changing world, public space is of exceptional importance. This is where communities that are meaningful to us are formed, where we build our relationships or careers. That’s why it’s so relevant to launch greenery into city centers, and to maintain their integrity as well as safety with ergonomic solutions. Urban furniture, the Flower Towers or flower pots are inspiring products that can brilliantly transform any urban space. This is the mission of Terra Group – we are here to make your visions and dreams for public spaces come true. Our passion is to create places that inspire, pleasantly surprise and integrate the community. And now we also have something unique to offer – we’re opening the door to co-designing your surroundings.

Visualizations of clients' dreams

Personalized space designs

Whether you are an architect, urban planner, or simply a person who wants to make his surroundings more beautiful and functional, we are ready to become your partner. Our company not only provides high-quality urban furniture, flower pots and the Flower Towers, but also wants to help you with their perfect placement so that your ideas come to life. If you don’t have a specific idea, for example, a city center, don’t worry. We will be happy to offer you inspiring solutions, which have already been used by many municipalities in Poland.

What’s more, we offer something unique for each client – free visualizations and advice. These are not just words – we want to invite you to a creative collaboration that will bring the best results. We believe that the most effective work takes place when all parties are truly involved. Our team of experienced designers, architects, and product specialists is ready to help and guide you through every step of designing your space.

colorful umbrellas in Wroclaw

openwork colorful decorations

Visualizations of clients’ dreams

Visualizations are graphic representations of ideas, concepts, or projects in the form of images. They are designed to present a vision of a future project in an understandable and attractive way, allowing clients, architects, designers, and other interested parties to see what a particular project or space will look like after the arrangement. Visualizations can include interiors and exteriors of buildings, public spaces, parks, or small architecture elements on specific streets. Visualizations are very useful in the planning process, enabling a better understanding of the project and easier decision-making.

Visualizations of clients' dreams

Creating a free visualization on request is a service that allows clients to visualize their ideas and concepts in a real context. In the case of our company, which specializes in urban furniture, flower pots and the Flower Towers for public spaces, this process takes place in several steps:

  • Consultation, i.e., understanding the client’s needs: First, we thoroughly discuss with the client his ideas, expectations, and goals of the project. We find out what are the preferences regarding style, functionality, and aesthetics.
  • Providing the necessary information by the client: The client can provide us with existing plans, photos of the site and a brief project description. This allows us to get a general and detailed vision. A very important aspect is to make sure that the photo quality of the presented space is as high as possible. Then the visualization will be even more effective and aesthetic.
  • Creating visualizations: Based on the collected information, our team creates visualizations that reflect the client’s vision. This may include a graphic representation of street furniture, planters, the Flower Towers and their placement in real space.
  • Presentation to the client: After the work is completed, we present the created visualizations to the client. These allow to see what the project will look like in reality.
  • Making adjustments and improving the design: Based on the client’s feedback, we make adjustments, corrections, or changes to fully meet his needs.

Creating a free visualization on request is designed to help the client see the possibilities of a project and the benefits that specific products can bring to given spaces. It is also a great way to involve the client in the design process and joint creative collaboration.

Visualizations of clients' dreams

Creative design partnership

Ultimately, creating public spaces is much more than just choosing furniture or architectural elements. It is an opportunity to shape the surroundings in which people create their lives, work and relax. In our company, we firmly believe in the power of creative design partnerships not only to meet clients’ expectations, but also to surprise them with unique solutions suggested by our experts.

Your dreams become our inspiration, and our experience and knowledge are the tools that transform concepts into reality. Free advice and visualizations are just the beginning of what we can do for you. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer and take up the challenge of creating a public space that will delight every resident

Don’t wait any longer! If you dream of a unique space, please contact us. Together we will realize your project: from the vision to the final result. All you need to do is take the first step and contact us today!

Visualizations of clients' dreams

Hanging floral decorations – for cities with less space to arrange

In cities with little space to arrange, creating friendly and aesthetically pleasing public areas is a significant challenge. For urban planners and architects, it is a particularly difficult task if one wants to achieve harmony between functionality and economy, as well as preserving the character of a given city. The solution that is gaining popularity and attracting attention with its originality are hanging floral decorations. The hanging Flower Towers can become not only a charming element, but also a practical tool for the development of urban spaces.

Also, they have great potential in transforming the image and atmosphere of cities, especially those with limited space, where traditional methods of arranging greenery are often limited.

hanging flower towers

Benefits of using hanging floral decorations in cities with smaller areas

The use of hanging floral decorations in cities with smaller areas brings many benefits, both for the residents and the whole city. These charming decorations are an innovative solution for urban planners and architects, who are trying to add character and beauty to public spaces, which have limited development options.

What are the key benefits of hanging floral decorations in urban space?

  • Revitalizing gray urban space — one of the key benefits associated with hanging flower decorations in city centers. Gray and monotonous urban spaces, consisting of concrete buildings, sidewalks and roads, can seem cold and impersonal. By adding colorful, vibrant flowers here, you can entirely change the atmosphere of the city, giving it a more pleasant feel. It’s also a great way to express opposition to the concreting of entire city centers.
  • Improving the health and well-being of residents and visitors — bringing plants into city centers can have a wonderful effect on the health of residents. Urban greenery, such as hanging floral decorations, plants in pots, and flower meadows, for example, have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of residents, helping to improve the quality of life in the city. Communing with nature has a scientifically proven relaxing and stress-reducing effect. Urban greenery and the presence of plants in the city center allow residents to take a break from the urban hustle and bustle and calm down for a while. Walking among floral decorations or spending time in parks can help reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and bring relief during difficult times.
  • Social integration and creating friendly corners — plants and floral decorations give city centers a nice and relaxing atmosphere. Urban greenery is conducive to creating pleasant spots that encourage spending time outdoors and meeting friends or family. Such places become natural meeting points where residents can spend time together, talk and integrate. In addition, they often provide an ideal backdrop for various social and cultural activities.
  • Ecological value of decorations for local biodiversity — the hanging Flower Towers act as a bridge between the urban environment and the natural ecosystem. They bring nature to the city, providing a place for local insects, birds and small mammals, which find shelter and food among these plants. Besides, hanging floral decorations bring variety to the urban landscape, attracting different species of insects and birds. This in turn creates an ecologically sustainable space where urban flora and fauna coexist and support each other. Importantly, the presence of floral elements encourages pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies to visit the city. These little creatures play an extremely important role in the pollination of plants, including those species that are grown in gardens and on balconies. By supporting their presence, the city contributes to pollination and the development of vegetation.

flower towers

Practical aspects of bringing hanging floral decorations in cities with small areas

The introduction of hanging floral decorations in cities with smaller areas involves a number of practical aspects that need to be taken into account when planning and implementing such an initiative. Cities with limited space for development require creative solutions to maintain harmony between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. What is worth paying attention to?

Choosing the right plant species

Choosing the right plant species is a key element in launching hanging floral decorations into cities with smaller areas. Properly selected plants are not only an added value to the aesthetics of the urban space, but also they have a significant impact on the success of the entire initiative. When selecting species, a number of factors should be taken into account, such as the climatic and soil conditions of the location, exposure to sun or shade, as well as resistance to pollution and changing urban conditions. Optimal plant selection allows you to create durable and beautiful compositions that please the eye of residents and visitors, while minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring long-lasting flowering. By selecting local and native plant species, the city can also support biodiversity and conservation, creating a sustainable urban space that is consistent with the character of a given location.


Care and maintenance of flowers for longer

Care and maintenance of floral decorations for longer are key elements contributing to the success of the Flower Towers in cities with a smaller area. Here are some key steps that will help your flowers last longer:

  1. Regular watering: Adequate moisture is essential to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Regular watering of flower decorations should be provided, especially during periods of drought and high temperatures. It is good to monitor the humidity of the substrate and adjust the frequency of watering to the current weather conditions, as well as the needs of the plants.
  2. Selecting the right substrate: A well-chosen substrate is essential for healthy plant growth. In the case of hanging floral decorations, it is worth using a light and well-draining substrate that allows you to avoid excessive flooding of the roots. The addition of nutrients to the substrate, such as compost or fertilizers, will support the plants in their development.
  3. Proper fertilization: A regular supply of nutrients is essential for healthy plant growth and long-lasting flowering. Use the right fertilizers, tailored to the plant species, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Avoid over-application of fertilizers, preventing excessive plant growth and stunted flowering.
  4. Pruning and care: Proper pruning will control the shape of the plants, remove withered flowers and increase branching, which in turn can affect the abundance of flowering. Regular removal of withered plant parts also helps to maintain their aesthetic appearance.
  5. Protection against pests and diseases: Monitoring plants and intervening early if pests appear are among the most important issues if you want your plants to look beautiful.

Inspiring examples of cities using hanging decorations

flower towers in germany

Lutzen, Germany

flower towers in poland

Świebodzin, Poland

flower towers bielsko-biała

Bielsko-Biała, Poland

hanging flower towers

Olsztyn Jurajski, Poland

hanging flower tower

Zielona Góra, Poland


How to plant Easter decorations? Starring openwork eggs and pansies!

Spring is just around the corner and together with March comes hope for more colors in cities, warmer temperatures and longer walks with the family.  Although there is still quite a winter aura, we are already looking for the first signs of the coming spring but also Easter, which can be a great opportunity to bring more beautiful flowers to any space. One of the most unique ideas may be planting of openwork Easter eggs — many Polish and foreign cities have already decided to do it. So, how to prepare such a natural decoration? Check out our guide and decorate your city step by step with Greenspired by Terra Group!

Easter decoration

Choose the perfect openwork egg

Openwork eggs are a great alternative to other classic Easter decorations. The openwork elements delight with its surface, which nicely emphasizes the urban space, and at the same time adds lightness to the landscape. Openwork eggs go in a variety of sizes and colors, although the most common are red, green, yellow, and white. After all, these are wonderful colors associated with Easter. Eggs can reach a height of 60 to 152 cm! Thanks to this, they can be used to create an amazing spatial arrangement, choosing eggs in different sizes and colors, and then placing them on a city roundabout or promenade. Below, you can see an example of such a project in Zielona Góra, Poland.

Openwork eggs

Line the bottom of the egg with agrotextile or garden foil

As openwork eggs have a rather specific construction, so it will be necessary to line their bottom with agrotextile or garden foil. Such material will protect the soil in the egg bowl and help to take care of the plants. Professional gardeners recommend, above all, agrotextile for such plantings, as it allows air and water to pass through. In turn, the main advantage of garden foil is its low price and ease of use. It is worth making a decision about the material after determining what flowers we are going to plant, as some of them have preferences that should be taken into account. One can also try to match the color of the agrotextile or foil to the egg — observing the projects from different cities, the most often chosen are bright colors of these materials.

Openwork Easter Decoration

Fill the bottom of the egg with suitable potting soil

For spring plantings, you will need universal horticultural soil. This is the best choice for classic projects, because flowers such as pansies, tulips, or narcissus do not need any special soil. If, on the other hand, you decide to plant some less common plants, make sure what kind of soil they require. Filling the egg with soil is very simple — once you have the padded bottom of the bowl, just fill it with soil, leaving some space from the edge of the container for the flowers.

Easter openwork decoration in yellow and white

Plant your favorite flowers in the egg

The last step is the most enjoyable part – choosing the flowers and planting them in the previously prepared egg! Depending on the color and size of the egg, you can select a variety of flowers. A great idea can be the flowers, which will contrast with the surface of the egg, e.g., planting blue pansies in a white or yellow egg. Narcissus or tulips can also be successfully used for such a composition. You are only limited by your fantasy! Don’t forget to share a picture of your projects with us; We’d love to share your work on our social media! Below, you can also see the instructions for planting flowers in eggs in the form of a short video!

Unique solutions for cities — creative architecture on the example of Gianto pots

Public space is becoming an increasingly popular topic, so it is no wonder that we care about ergonomic solutions, greater comfort for residents and lush greenery in cities. Thanks to the growing social awareness, more and more design offices aim to improve urban space. It is for such initiatives that Polska Gazeta Wyborcza (one of the most popular polish magazines) organized the competition called Humanly Designed, which aims to select unique ideas. Last week, the final gala was held, and we could meet the winners of this year’s edition.

A more sustainable city

Various organizations applied for the competition: associations, designers, foundations, cooperatives, design teams, architects and entrepreneurs. There was even a special category for teenagers under 18 to reward them for their involvement in social initiatives for cities in Poland. All these groups are united by the desire to make cities more pleasant and accessible space for citizens. Sometimes it means launching multi-functional solutions, and other times it means the solutions that are smarter, greener or safer.

Gianto pots painted in Poznań, Poland

The guiding idea of the competition is, above all, to emphasize human needs. Urban space is supposed to serve residents and make them feel comfortable. Cities should be functional, but also pleasant, to encourage people to spend time outdoors!

As the main values of the jury turned out to be very consistent with the vision of Terra Group, we decided to submit Gianto city pots to participate in the competition.

Colorful Zebra bench around Gianto pots (Terra Group)

Gianto flower pot—humanly designed multi-functionality

The idea that guided us when submitting Gianto pots to the competition was to emphasize that one pot can provide many creative possibilities. After all, Gianto is a simple, yet unique planter that perfectly adapts to the needs of urban space and changes the environment for the better. Its main task is to launch greenery where it might seem impossible due to lack of access to the ground, underground installations, specific conditions — narrow streets, garage underneath, constructions with load limitations. We designed the Gianto planter so that it would meet even the most difficult conditions posed by urban space, and at the same time it would delight passers-by.

The shape of the Gianto pot is inspired by a classic pot. As a result of playing with the form, new variants were created, which bring additional functionalities. The flattened SITO can be used as a bench, TABLO and GRANDE are the largest models and such a scale is hard to find anywhere else — you can plant trees in them without worrying about space for their roots.

Classical pots on the city square

The most important advantages of the Gianto pot are:

  • XXL form, because large spaces need properly selected elements of street furniture,
  • the possibility of planting beautiful, lush flowers or even trees,
  • high-quality material that allows you to choose a variety of colors,
  • production in Poland.

A pot that became a bench

A beautifully planted pot encourages you to stay near it as long as possible. This is how the idea for compatible seats with the Gianto pot came about.  They give you a chance to rest surrounded by greenery and in a few moments, the pot changes into a designer city bench.

People relaxing on the Wave bench (combined with Gianto pots)

Wave Bench

The wave-inspired bench is a seat that winds around the Gianto planters. This modular solution easily adapts to the needs and space, and at the same time looks extraordinary. What if you could combine two, three, five, seven pots with a seat? This is not a problem for the Wave bench, because it consists of several basic elements that fit together like building blocks. As a result, a very functional piece of street furniture is created each time. The original shape of the bench makes it possible for different groups of people to sit on it at the same time, and each of them will have space for themselves.

Colorful Zebra bench invites people to sit

Zebra Bench

A round bench with a Gianto pot in the center gives you great opportunities to personalize the design. Each seat rung may look different, but the effect is phenomenal every time.

Can a city pot connect people?

We wanted our pots not to be just containers planted with plants. That is why we are extremely pleased that Gianto pots often become part of social initiatives: joint planting of plants, a canvas for local artists or a distinctive element of events. Thanks to this, they help to build awareness of the need for everyday contact with nature, respect and care for the common good, and also show that the cooperation of residents leads to beautiful effects.

Artists painting Gianto pots

One function is definitely not enough!


The Gianto pot is a decoration, a chance for additional greenery, a promotion for the city, a suitable container for trees, a bench, a railing, an element that separates space, a Christmas decoration, part of a social initiative, a canvas for local artists. We are very happy that we could take part in such an important competition for urban space. We hope you like our idea too! More information about the competition and the list of awarded projects can be found here.

Wondering what to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas? Give your tree a second life!

Christmas trees are one of the most important Christmas symbols in our culture. Although the custom of decorating a coniferous tree came to us from abroad, at this moment we cannot imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree. Many people decide to buy an artificial tree since such a decoration can serve for many years. Despite this, interest in live Christmas trees in pots has increased significantly in recent years – such a tree looks more natural and smells beautiful, which greatly contributes to creating a real Christmas atmosphere. However, the following question arises: what to do with it after Christmas?

Planting a Christmas tree in a pot in the garden

It is obvious that we prefer to avoid composting a beautiful coniferous tree, therefore, if you managed to buy a Christmas tree in a pot, you can try to transplant it into your garden so that it can permanently join the plant decorations outside. However, you must be careful as it happens that producers cheat their customers by selling them ordinary, cut Christmas trees put in a pot. Therefore, it is worth checking before buying whether the tree is rooted.

If everything is all right and your Christmas tree has roots, you can start preparing to replant it outside. You will need a shovel or spade and potting soil. At the beginning, it is worth putting the tree outside in a pot so that it gradually gets used to the temperature. After a few days, you can take it out of the pot and transplant it into the prepared pit in the garden. Importantly, Christmas trees should be planted when the temperature is above zero – so wait for the frost to subside! Also remember to use the right potting soil, which will ensure that your tree is well established in the soil. In popular stores, you can even buy special soil for planting conifers.

Christmas Tree on the main square

Planting a Christmas tree in green areas on your estate

If you live in a block of flats or a tenement house, and you don’t possess your own garden, you don’t have to write off the Christmas tree at all. Use it as an additional element of greening the areas of the housing estate where you live. Many people pay attention to neglected urban areas, where it is in vain to look for nice shrubs or flowers, let alone a well-kept lawn! Therefore, many residents began to take the initiative and independently implement projects to restore greenery in such places; these can be small green belts at the entrance to a block of flats or a courtyard of tenement houses. It is worth activating the neighbors, or at least informing them that we are going to plant something in this place.

As urban areas do not always have good soil, you may need a shovel and more potting soil. It happens that when digging a hole for your Christmas tree, you will find fragments of rubble or old bricks, on which the tree will unfortunately not grow. After planting the tree, remember to secure it properly – you can put up a self-prepared plate with an inscription informing that you are giving the tree a second life … or simply secure this part of the area with wooden stakes and jute string. Thanks to this, the Christmas tree will be able to root well, and you won’t have to worry about the neighbors’ dogs knocking over the tree just after transplanting.

Christmas Tree in a pot

Decorations made of coniferous branches

If you don’t have any green space to plant a Christmas tree, try using conifer branches as the basis for your new house decoration. Spruce branches don’t have to be just for Christmas! You can use them to make a winter decoration for the door, or compose them with your favorite cut flowers. A bouquet prepared in this way will certainly beautify your table in the dining room or the interior of the living room.

Some creative people also decide to cut the trunk of the Christmas tree. You can conjure up amazing decorations from round slices of wood; if you want to come up with some interesting activity for your children, paint small landscapes on slices of wood and then hang them around the house. Another idea might be making cup coasters out of wood!

Also remember that the Christmas tree does not have to end its life immediately after Christmas. Sometimes it is enough to remove Christmas decorations from it to get a fresh-looking decoration – and not only in the apartment, but also in the urban space!

You can also check one of our latest articles, in which we recommend, how to overwinter a large Christmas tree pot in urban space.

Big, bigger or gigantic – what size of outdoor Christmas baubles should you choose?

Outdoor Christmas baubles are remarkable Christmas decorations that appear more and more often in the city centres, squares and along promenades. These types of decorations give a wide range of possibilities when it comes to arranging the space, especially since you can choose from four sizes of Christmas balls. To make your decision easier, we have prepared a short guide that will tell you what size of XXL baubles will be the best.

Four sizes of outdoor Christmas baubles

The very name of these unique Christmas decorations indicates that you will be dealing with the XXL format. Large TerraChristmas baubles are about 10 times larger than standard Christmas tree decorations. Thanks to this, they look marvellous individually when placed on a stand, but also in groups, arranged in a special pyramid, suspended from a tree or the ceiling. There are many ways to use them and if you add four more sizes to it, the wide selection can make you dizzy. That is why in this text we will present you projects showing all sizes of outdoor Christmas baubles.

Available diameters of outdoor Christmas baubles:

  • 60 cm,
  • 80 cm,
  • 100 cm,
  • 120 cm.

The 20 cm difference in diameter may seem insignificant, but when you put the smallest and largest outdoor Christmas baubles together, it turns out to be quite large.

warsaw-oversized-christmas-decoration-standing-100-60-cm- baubles-xxl-hanging-60-cm
Size of outdoor Christmas baubles: standing 60 cm and 100 cm, hanging 60 cm. Realization Warsaw, Poland.

A real giant – a outdoor Christmas bauble with a diameter of 120 cm

An outdoor Christmas baubles with a diameter of 120 cm is the largest variant. Perfect as a dominant in Christmas compositions, but due to its size, it will do a wow effect even when placed individually! The bauble will look especially good in large open spaces, in front of the entrance to the building. A considerable size is a great advantage if you want to display a sticker with your own coat of arms, logo or Christmas wishes.

The largest outdoor Christmas bauble from TerraChristmas – diameter 120 cm. Photo source: City of Horb am Neckar, Germany.

Just right – a oversized bauble with a diameter of 100 cm

A large 100 cm bauble is the most frequently chosen option. No wonder, as it suits virtually any Christmas project. Whether in the form of a pyramid in the city centre or freely scattered decorative spheres in the square, it will also look beautiful under the city Christmas tree, combined with other sizes of outdoor Christmas baubles. As in the case of the largest variant, the glued graphics will also be perfectly visible and certainly no one will miss them.

Small is beautiful – oversized baubles with a diameter of 80 and 60 cm

Although baubles with a diameter of 80 and 60 cm from TerraChristmas are much bigger than the traditional decorations hung on Christmas trees, they belong to the category of small decorations intended for public spaces. They look splendid together in large numbers, e.g. in a pyramid or as an addition to a bigger Christmas composition, both outside and inside. Moreover, an x-mas ball with a diameter of 60 cm is perfect for hanging on trees. This idea allows you to create a remarkable urban Christmas decoration.

Mix freely – get a special oversized Christmas decoration

Big outdoor Christmas baubles offer really enormous possibilities in creating Christmas arrangements. You can choose one or several sizes, a color or individually designed stickers. Regardless of the final decision, you will always be sure that all the elements will harmonize perfectly with each other and the decoration will be remembered by everyone. In the next year, you can arrange them differently or buy a few more pieces to get a completely new look. Thanks to this, your Christmas composition will never get bored, which is extremely important because large baubles are very durable and will serve you for many years.

Size of outdoor Christmas baubles: pyramid of baubles 60 cm, standing 120 cm. Photo source: City of Oschatz, Germany.
Size of oversized Christmas baubles: pyramid of baubles 100 cm, second plan red 80 cm and silver 100 cm. Realization: Leszno, Poland.

Openwork decorations – how to create a Christmas atmosphere in the city?

A traditional Christmas tree, a shimmering star, a ball of fresh snow – these are one of the favorite Christmas symbols. Openwork decorations decorate private interiors as well as gardens, and their enormous popularity means that they appear more and more often in public spaces. Why is it worth choosing this type of Christmas decorations? What is the secret of their magical appearance? What forms are available and where do they look best? If you like openwork decorations, you will find answers to all your questions in this post .

Openwork decorations also for cities

Openwork decorations that evoke a magical Christmas atmosphere in interiors are most often made of wicker or plywood. However, such materials, although they are perfect at home, are not able to meet the challenges outside. Therefore, openwork decorations for cities should be made of very durable, moisture-resistant or frost-resistant material, which also is plastic enough to form various shapes. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will not last even one season.

Wire sphare made of fiberglass looks beautiful, durable and easy to clean.

Fortunately, the TerraChristmas brand has managed to find material, known in many industries, which is ideal for the production of openwork decorations – meaning fiberglass. Thanks to it, Christmas decorations can decorate open spaces without the slightest damage, even in the most difficult weather conditions. The structure is durable as well as light  and it will certainly look like new for many years. But let’s start from the beginning…

How are openwork decorations made?

The magic of Christmas begins already in the production process, where individual “threads” of fiberglass are immersed in a resin bath, thanks to which they become so plastic that they can be shaped in any form. If you are wondering why openwork decorations look so good, we will tell you a secret. In addition to the extremely original lace form, they have something special. Each piece is handcrafted with only little support from the machines. Thanks to this approach, each openwork decoration is one of a kind.

The plastic material allows to create Christmas decorations in the shapes associated with the Christmas period. In the TerraChristmas collection you will find: wire sphare, openwork ornaments, a cone Christmas tree and a star.

In the TerraChristmas collection you will find: wire sphare, openwork ornaments, a cone Christmas tree and a star.

Openwork decorations – we’re gonna say yes to them!

A Christmas tree has been standing on the highest podium of Christmas city decorations for many years now. The next place is occupied by Christmas illuminations, and right behind them there are giant ornaments that are gaining more and more popularity. Nevertheless, openwork decorations have great potential, too.

Why is it worth choosing openwork decorations?

  1. Openwork decorations guarantee a beautiful effect – the variety of available elements makes the created arrangement original and unique. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Lace work – handicraft has been the most desirable thing on the list of Christmas gifts. The openwork decorations made by the work of human hands are unique and each can have something really special.
  3. Christmas ornament in your favorite color – openwork decorations most often come in white, which harmonizes well with the winter aura, but if you care about a unique Christmas composition, nothing stands in the way of lace baubles, cones and stars to take on a bit more expressive colors like red, blue, pink, green or yellow.
  4. Production under control – openwork decorations are made in accordance with a patented method – patent number 10-2005-060-554, IPC: B29C 70/24 (2006.01), and are additionally reinforced with borosilicate glass in accordance with DIN 1295.
  5. The openwork decorations are made of fireproof fiberglass, therefore, they can also beautify closed spaces and will not contribute to any accidents or losses.
  6. The durability of the used materials guarantees that the openwork decorations do not change their form for many seasons, and the need for maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  7. The openwork decorations, despite their size, remain light. Thanks to this, they can be easily transported, no large machines will be needed for assembly, and the stars as well as  openwork baubles are perfect for hanging.

See how the openwork ball is assembled

Christmas in full splendor

Openwork decorations make an electrifying impression during the day when everyone can admire their unique construction. In the evening, when it gets dark, they can also be the main attraction. You only need to choose the variant with additional Christmas tree lights. It will make the Christmas the decorations eye-catching at any time of the day. The illuminated openwork decoration looks magical and is equal to other popular Christmas illuminations.

Christmas tree lights added to the wire sphares make the ornaments look great at night.

Openwork decorations in practice

Undoubtedly, openwork decorations can become the number one among city Christmas decorations, but if you are not convinced about it, we have prepared several projects that will prove they are worth trying.

Openwork snow ball

Airy, openwork decorations in the shape of sphare are a great idea for a composition inspired by baubles or snowballs. Low weight makes it easy to suspend them from the ceiling. Such an idea will be perfect for shopping centers or public buildings.

Low weight makes it easy to suspend them from the ceiling. Such an idea will be perfect for shopping centers or public buildings.

The wire sphare can function well as a standing decoration. Despite its round shape, it is enough to properly secure the ball to prevent it from rolling over to another place. The TerraChristmas brand offers a frame dedicated to this element.

A cone Christmas tree unlike any other

A cone Christmas tree is an alternative to a live tree. A garland imitating real conifer twigs is wrapped on the steel structure. The openwork version will surely appeal to all those who are looking for decorations resembling Christmas symbols, but in a completely different form. In its case, one will not see any green parts. The white lace structure adds lightness and freshness. As a result, it looks good in both closed and open spaces.

White, openwork Christmas tree cones look perfect in the company of large, red ornaments. Click on the picture to see the entire Luckenwalde project.

The star of Christmas composition

The star – it heralds the most important moment of Christmas. Therefore, it should not be missing among the urban Christmas decorations. An openwork star made of fiberglass can be hung and in this way it is possible to create the impression of a sparkling sky. An interesting solution is to mount the decorations on street lamps – the spatial star perfectly diversifies the winter aura, especially after adding lighting to it!

The openwork stars look beautiful.

Openwork baubles in a Christmas pyramid

Openwork elements stimulate our imagination. The round shape is reminiscent of a snow ball, but also a Christmas bauble. If a string is added to the decoration, there will be no more doubts. Although such an original Christmas tree decoration in a large format is impressive, it is worth going a step further. You can create a pyramid from several openwork baubles. The principle is the same as for the giant ornaments.

Pyramid made of openwork ornaments.

A family of openwork decorations

As it has long been known, the more the merrier. The rule applies not only to the family table during Christmas Eve, but also to Christmas arrangements. Openwork decorations should be placed next to each other to create a great composition. This solution will work very well in larger spaces where a single ornament will not make any impression. Openwork sphare or Christmas trees can be placed in large pots, so even without plants, they will still have a decorative function.

Openwork decorations – a Christmas shot at 10

Openwork decorations for cities are an impressive combination of tradition and modernity, the work of human hands, and the ingenious use of technology. It is worth using this functionality when arranging Christmas scenery in public spaces and give everyone a really beautiful Christmas!

How to decorate a hotel for Christmas? 4 suggestions to make you shine

Christmas decorations appear in houses, on city streets, but also in restaurants, shopping centers and hotels. While creating a delightful arrangement in your own home is simple and pleasant (as you can find beautiful, atmospheric accessories in every store), in the case of larger spaces, choosing the right Christmas decorations can be a bit more difficult. In this post, we’ll show you how to decorate a hotel, both inside and out.

Pyramid of Christmas baubles in front of the hotel entrance.

Why is it important to decorate a hotel for Christmas?

More and more families give up traditional Christmas at home in favor of spending them in some other wonderful place. A trip to the mountains, to the sea or other interesting place during the Christmas season is a great opportunity for hotels, apartments or guesthouses.

In order to make the stay of guests more pleasant, it is good to prepare for this period of time. It can be a special menu or additional attractions for children, but the most important aspect is the unique Christmas atmosphere. The easiest way to achieve it is by appropriately decorating the hotel. A large Christmas tree and Christmas lights are necessary, but to really stand out from the rest, it is worth choosing exceptional Christmas decorations.

Decorations in front of the hotel entrance

As a rule, the greatest attention when decorating is given to a reception area and a main hall. In our opinion, the best recommendation of a hotel is a nice entrance to the building and its surroundings. The appearance of external space will certainly affect the first impression of guests, so skipping this part is a real mistake. There are many ways to decorate an entrance to a hotel. If you want to hit the arranging mark, choose Christmas decorations that match character of a building and its size.

If there is a lot of space in front of a hotel entrance, a pyramid made of XXL baubles will be just perfect. This is an extraordinary, large elements that often decorates squares and the Old Town. Such a structure can have three levels (10 single baubles) or two (4 baubles). In addition, you can adjust it to your needs. You can choose the size, color, but also a personalized sticker, e.g. with the name of the hotel, logo or Christmas wishes.

In the case of hotels that have an entrance directly on the street and cannot afford Christmas decorations in the XXL format, we recommend choosing two smaller decorations placed symmetrically on both sides of the door. Our proposal is a figure of a nutcracker or pots with Christmas trees.

Original decoration for hotels nutcracker sculpture and Christmas tree in a pot
Our proposal is a figure of a nutcracker or pots with Christmas trees.

Hotel reception – the perfect place for decorations

The reception is usually the first point of contact between the staff and guests, and there should also be a Christmas atmosphere here. However, it is very important that Christmas decorations do not hinder work or movement. If the place is spacious, a standing XXL bauble with a sticker: “Welcome to the hotel! We wish you a pleasant stay” will be a very good idea.

A standing bauble at the reception desk will draw the attention of all guests.

However, it will be a bit worse for narrow or tiny spaces. This does not mean that you have to give up this type of decorations. All you have to do is choose a few smaller Christmas balls and hang them from the ceiling. Thanks to this, they will not hinder movement and the effect may exceed all expectations.

Hotel hall – a decorative main point of a hotel

Large space of a main hall is an ideal place for the Christmas cherry on top. The standard is an impressive, marvellously decorated Christmas tree. However, to really use the potential of this place, it is worth paying a little more attention to it. The Christmas tree will look even better when it becomes part of a larger composition. Undoubtedly, it is the fragrant spruce that will play the first violin in the Christmas arrangement, but it is worth placing gifts, decorative balls and openwork stars under it. Such additions will fill the space, but also allow you to cover the rack, which does not always look aesthetically pleasing.

large-christmas tree-in-hotel-hall
How to decorate a hotel for Christmas? A Christmas tree in the lobby is a must.

If a hall in a hotel is really big, you can have a splurge and choose medium-sized Christmas decorations, such as silver figurines in the shape of candy canes, candies or reindeer, which will perfectly complement the interior in a glamor style. It will be a good idea to place the throne of Santa Claus right next to the Christmas tree, which will certainly encourage guests to take a photo.

Think creatively and highlight your advantages

It is not advisable to decorate guest rooms, because not all of them celebrate Christmas. So what other possibilities are there to decorate a hotel? If you have already decorated all the standard points, it’s time for an individual approach. Think about what distinguishes your place. It can be a modern patio, roof terrace, garden with a view of the mountains.

Each space is an additional chance for special, Christmas decorations. A very interesting option are modular benches with pots and special Christmas covers. This is a great solution that will allow you to rest and enjoy the wonderful views all year round, and in winter it will become an eye-catching decoration.

Christmas decoration compatible pots are an extremely interesting solution for the hotel environment.

The magical atmosphere of Christmas in the hotel

There is no doubt that it is worth taking care of this long-awaited, magical Christmas atmosphere. It is enough to decorate the hotel in a unique way for Christmas to make guests even more satisfied, and this will make them more willing to visit it again, not only in the winter period.


Christmas illuminations and the energy crisis – how to create the magic of Christmas without electricity?

What happens with Christmas decorations in public spaces? Will the current world situation and the energy crisis force city authorities to look for savings in the field of Christmas decorations? Rumor has it that the towns are planning to significantly reduce or completely abandon Christmas illuminations. Does this mean that there will not be much-liked and awaited winter atmosphere? Fortunately, we have an idea that will make the public space delightful – it is enough to go for modern Christmas decorations that do not require lighting.

Christmas illuminations and the energy crisis

Electricity prices are alarmingly rising. The increase, already in hundreds of percent, means that both the ordinary people as well as the president, mayors or heads of the municipality must face this problem. A good solution seems to be to reduce electricity consumption in order to face the energy crisis unscathed. No wonder then that cities are looking for savings on electricity which is largely consumed by Christmas illuminations.

Christmas illuminations have been an integral part of Christmas for years. Will you have to say goodbye to them?

The decision is really tough because these are decorations that have become a permanent element of the urban landscape. Buildings, trees, and Christmas constructions (Santa’s sleigh, Christmas balls or Igloo) illuminated by lamps have recently become an inseparable element of the most popular places, and the flashing lights enjoyed not only the youngest, but also adult residents and tourists.

Limiting holiday illuminations will certainly have a positive effect on the bills, but it cannot be denied that it will come at the expense of the cosy atmosphere that so many people wait for all year round. We do not envy cities having to make decisions on this topic. However, the lack of Christmas lights does not necessarily mean the lack of Christmas decorations. We have prepared four interesting ideas that will make the space still delightful in this period of time.

Modern Christmas decorations without electricity

It gets dark quickly in winter, which is why glowing Christmas decorations seem to be the best and most effective idea. This is not the only option though. Modern Christmas decorations do not need lamps to shine!

Large baubles placed in various public places are a very interesting Christmas decoration. Pleszew, Poland.

Christmas baubles not only for the Christmas tree

Beautiful round decorations usually appear on Christmas trees. Large X-Mass Balls from TerraChristmas are a completely different scale of decoration. Their huge size means that their use is not limited only to hanging on a Christmas tree. They can be an independent, unique decoration of public spaces. Importantly, XXL baubles in each city may look different, because they are designed on an individual order. Not only does the size, color and finish change, but also the method of installation. Thanks to this, large modern Christmas decorations are perfect for creating Christmas compositions. Here are some examples from different cities:

Rietberg – large Christmas balls scattered around the square

Rietberg surprised the inhabitants with very original decorations for Christmas. Red and silver baubles of various sizes were placed in different parts of the town. There are as many as 25 individual balls and 3 pyramids consisting of 4 baubles. Modern Christmas decorations are placed on durable, steel stands.

Plattling – Christmas baubles tailored to your needs

Four XXL Christmas balls in Plattling were created on the basis of an individual project. Each of them was decorated with Christmas wishes and the emblem of the town. The decorations are placed on decorative steel stands, which have been aesthetically covered with coniferous branches. 

Museum of the Second World War – modernist architecture with modern decorations

The Impressive building of the Second World War Museum in Gdańsk, commissioned in 2017, has been decorated with Christmas elements – two magnificent pyramids consisting of 10 baubles. Each single ball is 80 cm in diameter, so the entire decoration measures as much as 3 meters. Additionally, one of them has a sticker with the museum’s logo on it.

Christmas decorations in an openwork version

Large baubles, cones resembling a Christmas tree and stars, all these elements made of thin but very durable fiberglass strips are another proposal that delights even without lighting. Check out our post about openwork Christmas decorations.

Classic Christmas figures

To avoid the need to illuminate Christmas decorations, it is worth focusing on unique, eye-catching elements. This is what classic XXL Christmas figurines are like. Most often, you can admire the Rudolph reindeer in public spaces, but this is not the only option. Next to the Christmas tree a statue of St. Nicholas, preferably one on a 1: 1 scale, will look great (the largest images of a friendly gentleman bringing gifts are up to 180 cm high). You can add a cute snowman to the set or create a land of sweetness by choosing figurines of candies and sugar canes. In front of the entrance to the building it is worth setting guards in the form of a nutcracker.

The full range of Christmas figures is available in the TerraChrsitmas catalogue.

Decorations compatible with XXL pots

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if the decoration, instead of only a decorative function, also allowed to store the pots in a very aesthetic way during the winter, without changing its location? The delightful flowers in pots are an inseparable element of many cities, but when the season ends and the one-year-old specimens disappear, the colorful container filled only with earth does not look very good. Fortunately, it does not need to be stored, it can stay in its place and continue to delight, you just need to choose the right Christmas cover for it.

In Ludwigsfelde, the flower pots stay in place throughout the winter, because with a special Christmas cover they make a beautiful modern Christmas decoration.

This solution is already known in the case of classic Gianto pots. Custom-shaped containers such as the Gianto Sito, Gianto Tablo, Gianto Grande and Plane Ring Lux also have a chance to embellish this season. You can choose a classic cover made of high-quality garlands – resembling a Christmas tree and openwork decorations in the shape of a ball or cone. Do you have pots from the Urbano collection (TerraForm) and you want to decorate them? Contact your Terra Group sales advisor, who will help you choose the right cover.

This season, planters with other shapes such as Gianto Sito, Gianto Tablo, Gianto Grande or Plane Ring Lux also have a chance to be decorated.

Beautiful Christmas without illumination

Modern Christmas decorations are not only sparkling lights. Time is difficult and the search for savings is definitely not surprising, but it is worth replacing the illuminations with other Christmas decorations so that the public space looks festive despite the energy crisis.

Designer large plant pots – an example from the town of Attnang-Puchheim

Large plastic pots appear more and more often in towns and cities, mainly because the plants planted in them beautify the space. Distinguishing XXL containers often become the hallmark of a given place. A perfect example is the Austrian town of Attnang-Puchheim. The large plant pots located there in one unique color create a harmonious coherence and a designer look.

Large plant pots outdoor

Plastic pots are the top pick when it comes to outdoor use. Durable plastic is perfect for changeable weather conditions. In hot and sunny summer or cold, snowy winter, the planters retain their color. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and much lighter than their concrete or wooden counterparts. Thanks to all these advantages, they will fulfill their role for many years, remaining in a great condition. The plastic planters can impress with their durability under one condition – the chosen material, should be tested and top-quality. It is worth taking an interest in large polyethylene pots from Terraform. Polyethylene is durable, resistant, and perfectly recyclable.

plant-pots-made-of-polyethylene-look-like -corten
Urban pots made of polyethylene will last in great condition for many years.

Thanks to the polyethylene used in the production process of large plant pots the choice of colors is endless. To attract attention and enliven the surroundings, usually, strong and vivid shades are chosen. Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Blue are just some of the options available. However, in addition to the basic variants, there are also quaint proposals that will make the plastic plant pot takes on a designer character. This category includes classic black and white as well as shades of gray, but to really stand out, it is worth choosing a variant that resembles Corten steel. Chocolate brown is not uniform, which allows to achieve a very similar visual effect to the corten popular among architects. It is the perfect combination of aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

Attnang-Puchheim focuses on consistency

Large corten-colored plastic pots were chosen by the austrian town of Attnang-Puchheim. Along the main street, Marktstraße, one can spot 15 pieces of Gianto Sito and 50 classic Gianto. Thanks to this approach, the most representative part of the town has gained coherent urban planters that allow  to launch additional greenery into the center. However, this is not their only task.

Thanks to the large plant pots, the most representative part of the city has received additional greenery.

Large plant pots instead of railings

The location of the plant pots has been planned so that they not only have an aesthetic function, but also block the possibility of parking in places that are not intended for this. The central street of Attnang-Puchheim is woonerf, a modern public space in which the height difference between the road and the pavement is eliminated. The lack of architectural barriers is a great convenience for pedestrians, people on wheelchairs, mothers with prams or cyclists, but also a temptation for drivers to leave their cars outside the designated parking space. Pots placed on the pavement at regular intervals eliminate the need for barriers or bollards and, importantly, do not limit the movement of residents in any way.

Restaurant garden in green surroundings

Outdoor dining is an inseparable part of restaurants. In the case of woonerf, to increase the security of guests, it is worth separating the premises from the street, which is often very close to the tables. In Attnang-Puchheim, the large Gianto Sito pots ensure the well-being of the eaters. The large size of the containers (the diameter of the pot is 180 cm) separates vehicles from the pavement cafe, and at the same time launch a green, plant screen, which additionally creates a sense of privacy.

In Attnang-Puchheim, the large Gianto Sito pots ensure the well-being of the eaters.

Large plant pots – aesthetics and functionality

The project from the Austrian Attnang-Puchheim paves the way for other cities and towns. Large plant pots can bring many advantages. First of all, a wide selection of colors – in this case, the focus was on consistency and a designer presence, i.e. the unique corten color. Secondly, the plant containers are a clever signal that shows drivers where vehicles should not be parked, which is extremely important, especially on woonerf streets. Thirdly, they perfectly separate zones, e.g. a pavement cafe from the road. Finally, they provide the option of additional greenery, which is so much needed, especially in the main points of the city.

Łabiszyn – the Kuyavian-Pomeranian town in flowers

Łabiszyn is a small Polish town located near Bydgoszcz. It is certainly not the first place on a long list of places worth visiting, but an appropriate approach to urban greenery makes Łabiszyn look better than many tourist towns. This is one of the main reasons that should encourage travelers to visit, and the authorities of other places to follow an example from Łabiszyn.

The center of Łabiszyn

Łabiszyn stands out from other places in Poland when it comes to the most important point of the city, i.e. the center. Contrary to the prevailing tendency to revitalize the Old Towns, which usually ends with a concrete empty square, Łabiszyn did not follow this path. In the most representative place, you can still see the square with a lawn, the Flower Towers, trees, paths, benches, and around it breathtaking flower beds with densely planted ornamental grasses and flowers. There are so many seedlings that the whole thing looks like colorful, fluffy carpets. As if that was not enough, the authorities of Łabiszyn focused on additional decorative elements. Yellow, blue and white large pots planted really luxuriantly are a decorative dominant.

The most important point in the center of Łabiszyn is the town hall. It is a simple but charming building that has also been decorated with flowers. Lush surfinas are hanging from the windows resembling pink pillows.  Pink dahlias appeared where there was access to ground and along the sidewalks the pots with a yellow variety and a plume of ornamental grasses were arranged. A metal bench winds around the plant containers (the colors of which match the planters in the central part of the market), providing residents additional seating. Admittedly, it is as impressive as it is efficient.

Nadnotecka Street

The Noteć River flows through Łabiszyn and surrounds the Old Town with two branches. However, the increasing distance from the town center does not mean a reduction in the care for public space. On Nadnotecka Street, there are colorful, round benches with flower pots, which delight with flowers every year. This is another classic example straight from Łabiszyn concerning the appropriate approach to aesthetics in the town. We are simply stunned looking at the effect.

Łabiszyn is beautiful in every aspect

The whole idea of planting not only the main part of Łabiszyn, but also the extraordinary care for plants, means that larger towns and cities would certainly envy such an effect. We sincerely hope that the photos will serve as inspiration for others, because our dream as well as other people too, is that the space in which they live or visit should be as aesthetically pleasing as Łabiszyn. Interestingly, this Kuyavian-Pomeranian town matches the unique and beautiful decorations to the season.

Tall garden pots – a perfect complement to the outside space

Tall garden pots are perfect for almost any outdoor space, whether on the terrace, in front of the entrance to the building, or in the garden. To make them always look great, it is worth matching their color to the surroundings. Also it is important to choose the right durable material, carefully plan their location and, above all, decide what to plant in them. Too much information to search for? Fortunately, you’ll learn all of it from this post.

Where to put a tall pot?

Due to their dimensions, tall outdoor pots can be used in a number of ways. They work well at the entrance to the building, they add variety to the terrace or separate zones in the garden. By placing a tall pot one next to the other, you can create a unique railing, which will additionally provide a quiet corner, perfect for relaxation. Of course, the ideas do not end there, modern garden pots can be placed along the path or at their intersection. Thanks to this procedure, the space will look really delightful. The undoubted advantage of outdoor pots is the fact that flower arrangements can be adapted to the given season and thus you will get four different decorations.

Modern garden pots can be placed along the paths or at their intersection.

What flowers are good for outside planters?

A tall pot gives a lot of possibilities. On the one hand, you can plant one magnificent plant, e.g. ornamental grass or ornamental tree, which will stand out at once. On the other hand, the form of the container may encourage you to become more creative and make a lush composition. The tall pots are perfect for climbing species which, if planted by the edge of the pot,  will provide a beautiful cascade of leaves or flowers. For hanging plants, it is worth choosing those with a bushy, but also soaring form. Thanks to this, an eye-catching arrangement will be created.

Best Flowers For Container Gardening:

  • hanging plants form long shoots (the most impressive species can grow up to 1.5 meters). Thanks to large tall terrace pots they will present themselves in full splendor:
    • ivy-leaved pelargonium and petunias are flowering classics, very popular plants for balcony boxes that perfectly diversify large tall containers,
    • plectranthus,  ipomoea, chanterelle ivy, dichondra – known for their interesting leaves set on impressive long shoots, it is worth combining them with flowering species,
  • bushy plants are species that will fill the middle floor of the composition, these can be perennials, but also shrubs, which need a little more care and pruning so that they retain their proper shape and do not dominate the composition:
    • spiked speedwell , mossy sage, sedum spectabile, perennial coneflower, dasiphora fruticosa will delight with their flowers,
    • Fortune’s spindle, common barberry, senecio Angel Wings,  silver ragwort will fill the compositions with their green or silvery shades.
  • soaring plants – when designing compositions in tall garden pots, it is worth choosing one plant that will become the dominant of the arrangement:
    • ornamental grasses such as pennisetum purpureum, pampas grass, Chinese miscanthus,
    • canna – it is an unusually large, beautifully flowering plant. This is a proposal for large garden pots, because otherwise canna may overwhelm the entire composition due to its size,
    • ornamental trees – sea buckthorn, salix integra,rose or euonymus tree.

Large, tall garden pots require beautiful, lush compositions, so it is worth planting at least 2-3 different plants of a various form. The effect will pleasantly surprise you.

Brown, white or red pots – which color should you choose?

The flower arrangement in pots is extremely important, but it is not the only aspect that affects the appearance of the decoration. Another factor that cannot be overlooked is the right choice of colors. The best way is to adjust it to the surroundings, the appearance of the building, the terrace or garden decor, not forgetting about your own preferences.

A white tall pot will look good in almost every space, but take into account that it can get dirty easier. Brown garden pots are equally popular too, they are a classic among containers for a balcony or terrace. If you are looking for something practical, but also a bit more original, it is worth paying attention to corten containers or much easier to maintain polyethylene pots, which look very similar and do not need additional care.

The most options provide plastic tall pots, which can come in almost any color: from classic anthracite and white variants, to delicate powder colors, outstanding red, rose or blue shades that perfectly match the popular modernist style.

Modern pots from the Stella collection

If you are interested in modern pots, which are distinguished by a unique modernist style, be sure to learn about the Stella collection from Terraform. We offer a very wide selection of polyethylene pots with a unique form, which even without plants remain an impressive decoration of space. All thanks to designer, angular edges. The material from which the pots are made, assures high resistance, thanks to which the containers can winter outside in excellent condition. In addition, they come in two versions: with a shallow and deep bottom. Thanks to this, you can choose outdoor flower pots for the planned floral arrangement. Potted plants with a larger root system will certainly be satisfied with the second option.

Be sure to read the whole range of Terraform solutions. Certainly in the Stella collection you will find the highest quality pots that are perfect for the terrace, garden, hotel, restaurant or public space.

Tall garden pots- perfect complement to the terrace

Tall plastic pots mean a lot of arrangement possibilities. If you want the terrace to take on an interesting character, it is worth choosing them. The original form and beautiful pot plants will create an excellent decoration of the outside space.

The Flower Tower after the season – 4 ideas for autumn decorations

Autumn has its rights – low temperatures and less sunlight mean that the flowering period is almost over. However, this does not mean that with the end of September, cities have to become gray and boring. Sometimes it is worth replacing summer plantings with autumn decorations, so that the surroundings continue to delight for the next months. In this text we will prove that the Flower Tower does not have to disappear at the end of summer.

Autumn decorations in the Flower Towers

Autumn decorations on a flower tower. Source: Oschatz City

In spring and summer, the Flower Tower plays the first fiddle and does not leave the scene for many months. As August gives way to September and heavy rainfall as well as lower temperatures come, the most common plants in the Flower Towers (such as surfinia, geraniums and ipomea) begin to lose their freshness. The beginning of autumn is a good time for care and preventive treatments to protect them against basic diseases and pests. However, it should be remembered that the time of summer decorations is almost over.

Usually, the first half of October is the time when withered plants should be completely removed from the Flower Tower. Then you have to choose one of the following options:

  • dismantle and move the Flower Towers to the storage area,
  • decorate the Flower Towers with plants that are more durable and resistant to external conditions to create an autumn decoration,
  • leave the structure – it is made of durable galvanized steel, so it should remain unchanged even in the most capricious weather, but one has to take into account that without any decorations, the Flower Tower will not be able to fulfill its basic role.

Why is it best to choose the autumn arrangement of the Flower Tower?

First of all, we extend the decorative function of the product and avoid the situation when the Flower Tower remains empty while waiting for Christmas (see our post to find out how, with the help of a special cover, turn it into an original Christmas tree). Moreover,  the Flower Tower left in its final place allows you to save time, money and work that would have to be spent on disassembly, transport and storage. Not to mention that in this case, the risk of losing a screw or other single element of the structure increases significantly.

Flower Towers – classic autumn decorations

Ornamental cabbage looks great on a flower tower

Creating urban autumn decorations does not have to be difficult at all. The most important thing is to use plants that will adapt to the weather conditions at this time of the year. On first sight, your choice may seem limited, but that’s not true. The Flower Towers can be planted with heathers or chrysanthemums – these two options already create a very wide range of colors, ranging from white, yellow, orange, through strong red, to rose and violet.

However, the choice does not end there, in addition to flowering plants, ornamental leaf species are also suitable. This category is dominated by ornamental cabbage, and right next to it there are plants that are both beautiful and durable: glechoma hederacea, gnaphalium, plectranthus glabratus or common ivy and periwinkle. Also, ornamental grasses are worth mentioning.

To gain a nice effect, it is enough to plant the Flower Tower with a selected plant in one or more colors. It is a proven method that guarantees satisfaction. Take a look at few autumn compositions, and you will find out that the simplest solutions are really good.

Choose diversity

By juxtaposing different colors of the same plant, you can create interesting urban decorations. Intertwined chrysanthemum seedlings in contrasting colors (red and white) change the Flower Tower into an autumn chessboard, two shades of decorative cabbage arranged in tiers or diagonally allow to create an aesthetic composition that looks good in any setting. However, in order to compose autumn decorations that will not be indifferent to anyone, you have to go a step further.

The appropriate selection of various colors and plants is a real art, but also a way to arrange a unique natural masterpiece. How can this be achieved? Take a look at the examples.

The diverse autumn compositions make an electrifying impression.

Decorative cabbages planted in stripes with chrysanthemums accompanied by a tuft of ornamental grass in a dark color. In this case, different sizes and colors of plants create clear layers that perfectly harmonize with each other. An unquestionable advantage of autumn decorations is the fact that it will look a bit different every day. Chrysanthemum buds will flourish, enriching the arrangement and adding color to it.

Skillfully selected plants are the basis for the appearance  of the Flower Tower, but also make it fit into the surroundings. An example is the second arrangement. The combination of maroon cranberry leaves, green accents in the form of juniper and long hanging shoots of the periwinkle turned out to be a great idea. The whole thing corresponds very well with the crowns of trees that change color for autumn.

Autumn harvest

After the summer season, the Flower Towers can also be decorated in a slightly different way. A multi-story rack gives many possibilities for this. The autumn Flower Towers, in addition to the aforementioned plants, decorated with natural elements will look marvelous too. These can be pumpkins, sunflowers, dried rowan fruits, leaves, as well as twigs of fir, pine, spruce, thuja or juniper. Dressing up of the Flower Tower can become a special event for residents. We are convinced that not only the youngest would like to take part in it.

For the autumn decorations, the Austrian town of Moosburg, apart from flowers, used moss, mushroom figurines, dolls, and even seasonal vegetables and fruits: pumpkin, corn, grapes. Moosburg shows that the Flower Tower can also be an original symbol of the area, highlighting its most important advantages.

Urban planters decorated with natural autumn decorations look spectacular.

The Flower Tower in the garden decorated for autumn

While natural decorations in cities after the summer season are becoming more and more popular, autumn decorations in front of the house, on the terrace or in the garden are absolutely common. Most often you can find heather in boxes, pumpkins or bunches of leaves. Such decorations can be perfectly displayed on the entrance stairs. However, what to do to prevent the fall decorations from being obscured by garden furniture or other items on the terrace?

The solution to this problem is all kinds of racks. Although the Flower Tower is associated mainly with urban space, it can also become an interesting autumn garden decoration. A steel structure planted with decorative cabbage or heathers will turn into a unique, very original, plant column. The Flower Tower on the terrace looks spectacular, but for an even better effect, it is enough to combine it with lanterns or other decorations. Thanks to this, you will get a very nice corner that will make you want to spend every free moment in the fresh air.

The Flower Tower can be an unusual and original autumn decoration on a terrace or in the garden.

Autumn in colors

The end of the sunny spring and summer period does not have to mean saying goodbye to flourishing urban compositions. The Flower Tower is perfect for a variety of autumn decorations, which will not only add charm to the space, but also fill the gap between summer and winter. Thanks to this, after this season, the Flower Towers will be ready for Christmas decor without any additional work. It is worth implementing some creative ideas to create a fabulous atmosphere even in a less unfavorable aura.

Outdoor hanging decorations – a new trend to beautify cities

There are many ways to beautify public space. Natural decorations, mainly seasonal flowers, have been in the lead for years. Additionally, murals can work well too, as they can turn a blank wall into a real masterpiece, and at the same time carry an important message. Hanging decorations have become a new trend in improving the aesthetics of cities. If you are wondering what decorations will be the best, where and how to hang them, in this post we will present you 4 solutions from the Austrian town of Schärding that will surely beautify any space.

Which outdoor hanging decorations should you choose?

Colorful hanging umbrellas above the street.

Outdoor Hanging decorations in public spaces can be associated with red lanterns placed over cosy streets in China or Chinese districts located around the world. These airy, paper elements are the first kind of a decoration that comes to one`s mind, but it certainly cannot be classified as durable. A hanging decoration made of paper will require frequent replacement with a new one, which can be not only expensive, but also difficult due to the fact that they are fixed several meters above the ground.

Colorful umbrellas hanging over the streets are gaining popularity. The recipe for success with such urban decorations is to provide the right number of elements in proper colors. Umbrellas should be densely placed so that one touches the other and almost completely covers the street from the sun. When it comes to colors, rainbow colors definitely work well. A popular idea is to use city colors. Colorful umbrellas over the street are a very effective hanging ornament that will surely attract tourists.

Colorful umbrellas and paper lanterns are not the only outdoor hanging decorations that are suitable for urban space. If you are looking for a solution that will be durable, light, and at the same time will delight passers-by with strong, expressive colors and an interesting, unusual form, openwork elements will be an excellent option. Especially that they will work as a hanging ornament, as well as a wall decoration. They are made of rainproof, moisture-proof fiberglass, which is why they are perfect for outdoor space. In addition, the translucent structure will facilitate assembly and make the mounting stable and safe. Even a strong wind will not be able to do any damage, which is extremely important in the case of any outdoor hanging decorations.

Hanging decorations above the street

Narrow streets surrounded by beautiful, old tenement houses are often one of the most popular attractions of the city. Tourists love to go off the popular sightseeing routes to admire the architecture of a given place and feel the unique atmosphere. For this reason, it is worth taking care of such space. This task may seem troublesome to achieve, because the tight, shaded passages make it difficult to integrate additional greenery there, as well as to place a sculpture or an artistic installation. However, it is enough to look just above ground level to find the greatest potential of such spaces. A hanging decoration will be perfect above one’s heads.

Thanks to the proximity of old tenement houses the ropes can be spread between the buildings in order to fix hanging decorations. However, remember to do it professionally. First of all, the lack of a stable assembly may lead to falling down of outdoor hanging decorations. Secondly, a solid fixing will serve for many seasons and it will certainly prove useful not only for summer decorations, but also for Christmas accents, Easter eggs and many others.

Streets decorated with hanging ornaments.

The unique city welcome sign

The city’s welcome element usually looks like a large sign with a coat of arms or a logo belonging to this place. Sometimes one can see metal structures with a signboard decorated with hanging flower pots. However, the options don’t stop there. At the entrance to Schärding, one can admire a very interesting installation, which is an artistic city gate. The town is located on the Inn River, and a bridge with a steel arch extends to the center from the west. The city authorities took advantage of it as a support for beautiful hanging decorations. More than a dozen orange tulip suspended on a steel structure add color to the space and bring a smile to the faces of passersby.

Welcome sign in Schärding – created from orange hanging decorations.

The standing decoration with a hanging element

Colorful openwork structures perfectly complement green squares. Vivid colors such as yellow, pink, purple and even bright green are the distinguishing feature of the area. They change an ordinary public space into a picturesque, fairy-tale corner. In Schärding, lovely hanging decorations are fixed on green, slightly bent pillars. Such a technique made the decorations resemble fairy-tale lanterns or giant flowers.

Flower square and hanging decorations.

A outdoor hanging decoration in the company of a monument

Monuments are an inseparable element of every city. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked by tourists. Colorful hanging decorations placed around the monument will beautify the surroundings and make it impossible to miss the sculpture. Thanks to this, more people will become interested in the story associated with it. Metal posts that can be firmly attached to the ground to make sure that the beautiful hanging decoration remains in its place.

The monument adorned with colorful outdoor decorations.

Schärding – a consistently decorated city

The town of Schärding is famous for its charming, colorful houses, as well as for variegated openwork decorations suspended in different parts of the town. This choice made it possible to admire eye-catching decorations installed in various places, from the entrance, through the green squares, to the Old Town area. Thanks to this, the town not only stands out from the others, but also presents itself very coherently.

Openwork decorations come in many shapes, which allows you to choose the appropriate element to the space. In the city of Schärding one can only see tulips, but there are various hanging decorations available, such as flowers, umbrellas, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, stars, balls and many more. If you want to see what other variants of outdoor hanging decorations have a look at the catalog of summer or Christmas ornaments.

Shopping mall landscape desing – how to create a friendly space

The shopping mall is one of the most visited places on the city map, both by residents and tourists. In order to offer customers the greatest availability of products, and at the same time maximum convenience, such facilities very often turn into small towns that are able to meet almost all the needs of visitors. It is worth paying attention to the shopping mall landscape as a well-designed external space can make the satisfaction of visitors significantly increase, and more importantly, they will want to drop by as often as possible.

There is no doubt that the main goal when visiting a shopping mall is comprehensive shopping. However, for a really successful shopping tour, an important aspect is not only a variety of shops and services, but also dining areas, entertainment and aesthetics. The appropriate combination of all those ingredients will allow to create a perfect place for a friendly meeting or plan a day off with the whole family. Most of the facilities look great inside, but when it comes to shopping mall lanscape, there is still a lot of work to do.

A square in front of the shopping mall

The surroundings of a shopping mall are very often limited to a huge parking lot stretching to the horizon. Unarguably, it is impossible to omit places for vehicles in the plan, however there is much more potential in the outer area. A well-designed square may become the greatest attraction for the youngest, but also for the older ones. It is enough to take care of a relaxation zone, attractions for children, plants and small architecture.

The shopping mall lanscape has great potential, all you need to do is design the square well to enjoy a functional space.

Why is the proper arrangement in front of a shopping mall so important? First of all, because it is the first space that visitors see, and if it looks nice and stands out with functionality, it will certainly become the showpiece of the complex. In addition, the spacious square is perfect for arranging an area for a break between visits to subsequent stores.

What should be in the surroundings of the shopping mall?

  • A relaxation zone, or in fact relaxation zones, because one point for all visitors of a shopping mall is definitely not enough. Benches, seats, deckchairs are elements that cannot be missing, but to be fully successful, you also need to ensure the right atmosphere. Even the most comfortable piece of furniture will not work when placed in direct sunlight, especially on a hot August day. It is best to plan a resting area under the tree or to provide a special roofing, e.g. sun sails.
  • Plants – it is a real ‘must have’ in every shopping mall surroundings, which can completely change the space. The best option is greenery planted directly in the ground, but if this is not possible, large pots are perfect for this task.
  • Small architecture – this is an extremely important aspect, starting from the utility ones, such as lamps, bicycle stands, garbage cans, to those that improve the appearance of the surroundings- sculptures, fountains, mist sprayings, street art.
  • Attractions for children – many shopping malls have playrooms where you can leave your children and go on a shopping tour in peace and without whining. However, special attractions outside can make a trip to the shopping mall something really special for the youngest.
  • Refreshments – the large space in front of the shopping mall is an ideal place for popular food trucks. Regardless of whether it is a small snack, ice cream, coffee or a dinner, it will certainly taste much better in the open air. A good-quality restaurant on wheels can even encourage you to visit a shopping mall.
Plants, attractions for children, benches, a fountain are all things that should be included in the shopping mall lanscape.

The secret of the perfect shopping mall landscape

Arranging area around a shopping mall may seem complicated, but it is enough to follow a few rules to create a guest-friendly outdoor space. Get to know our 3 points that will make the square look unique.

1. Choose the scale correctly

It cannot be denied that the building of the shopping center is a real giant, therefore the square around is large too. Extensive open space requires small architecture appropriately selected for its scale. In such a situation, large or standard-sized objects, but in larger numbers, work best. Without this rule, the elements “disappear” in space, and the square may look undeveloped and empty.

Appropriately selected street furniture is clearly visible in front of the Dodenhof Shopping Center near Bremen. Huge TerraForm pots appeared on the square (the largest Gianto Grande is 160 cm high). To furnish the open space even better, they were placed in groups of three, thus creating very intriguing arrangements. Large pots have one more advantage, they can be planted with trees that will provide the desired shade or create a very interesting, lush plant composition – be sure to see how you can make a really blooming public space in the very center of the city.

Three richly flowered, huge pots are a highly original piece of decoration in the square in front of the shopping mall.

2. Stand out

The square of the shopping mall offers a wide range of possibilities. The distinctive elements are highly recommended as they can be an ideal meeting point for visiting groups – it is a great convenience. Also, they encourage visitors to take a photo with them, which later will certainly appear on social profiles and will be an ideal promotion of this place.

What elements will make you stand out? In front of the Dodenhof Shopping Center there is a very interesting art installation – consisting of garden chairs painted in expressive, strong colors. They look marvellous in the company of equally colorful huge pots. There are really a lot of ideas, if you need more inspiration, check out our post on street art.

The colorful large pots and chairs are a very interesting art installation.

3. Say a definite ‘yes’ to changes

Shopping mall landscape should also change with the seasons. Thanks to this, regardless of the month, the square will look delightful. In summer, there are numerous possibilities. It is a time for flowers, splashing water from the fountain and relaxation zones. When most of the plants fade and the day is getting shorter and shorter, you should opt for eye-catching sculptures and decorations with lighting. In winter and spring, don’t forget about Christmas and Easter decorations – large-scale, of course. See the entry about XXL baubles and one-of-a-kind huge Easter eggs.

The decoration of the outdoor space of a shopping mall should be chosen according to the season. Summer is the best time for beautiful plant compositions.

A shopping mall – the place that will be remembered

A well-arranged surroundings around a shopping mall is as important as an aesthetic interior. The characteristic and well-planned external space will certainly encourage you to rest for a moment, as well as to visit more often.

Curved Planter Bench – Lubsko with new elements of small architecture

Street furniture is a very important part of the city. For an aesthetic effect one needs pots, for neatness – garbage cans, for comfort – bicycle stands, and for a moment of rest – urban benches. However, to be successful in planning, it is not enough just to place them in city space. It is good to choose street furniture that will not only perfectly fulfill its role, but will also be consistent and suited to the surroundings. How to do it? Take an example from Lubsko, which can boast an eye-catching arrangement in front of the town hall, where a curved planter bench appeared!

City benches – which one to choose?

Not all city benches are the same. Very popular classic wooden models with a backrest are slowly giving way to other creative projects. Oval shapes are popular, e.g. a circle bench around a tree and an impressive combination of materials. It is best if design goes hand in hand with functionality, thanks to which the element of small architecture becomes an inseparable part of public space.

Curved planter bench in Polish city Lubsko.

What to pay attention to when choosing a city bench:

  • material – wood, metal, concrete, plastic – what counts is aesthetics, but also durability and cost of maintenance. Wooden city benches require impregnation, otherwise they will quickly lose its appearance, but also they can be damaged.
  • ergonomics – the main role of the city bench is to create a place to rest for passers-by. Everyone needs to sit down for a moment to catch a breath, repack things or sip a favorite take-out coffee. However, overly comfortable seats can contribute to some problems. Simple but lovely benches with backrests can become a favorite spot for local rascals who will occupy them all day and night.
  • additional functions – the city bench does not have to fulfill only one role. Seats with a solar panel and smartphone charging ports are becoming more and more popular. Also an interesting option is a curved planter bench in which you can plant beautiful plants.
  • own style – if the bench is to look good, it should match the surroundings. Therefore,  individually designed solutions will be a great option.
  • stable fixing to the ground – without fixing, there is a chance that the city bench will fall over or will be displaced by those who do not respect public property.

Curved planter bench chosen by Lubsko

The town hall in Lubsko is a very interesting historic building. The Renaissance building with a white-brick façade has become a showcase of the town. Due to their historical character, there was a need for city benches that would not be too modern and would attract attention at the same time.

Lubsko town hall with city benches.

The choice fell on the Zebra city bench from TerraCity. The round seat is perfect for squares, because it fills the undeveloped space, and passersby can sit on it from all sides. In addition, the model is equipped with a large pot, in which one can plant perennials, shrubs and even trees.

As standard, the round Zebra bench has colorful rungs that look great with vividly colored plant containers. However, the project of Lubsko required subdued shades that would harmonize with the historic nature of the surroundings. For this reason, the multi-colored steel parts of the seat were abandoned in favor of a single color: ancient copper. Then the dark green pots were selected. Thanks to this, the city benches in Lubsko are one of a kind, and more importantly, they perfectly match the surrounding buildings.

Bench with planters from TerraCity

A curved planter bench will be great for  any space, especially because the color of the seat and pots can be individually adapted to your needs. In addition, if you are not a master of planning and aesthetics, you do not have to choose blindly. The Terra Group team will help you decide on the most suitable colors for your surroundings, and then provide the finished effect on the visualization. Contact your account managers and get more than just a city bench.

Colorful art in public places – 4 examples of beautifying the city

If a city is to be a pleasant place to live in, a properly designed and useful space is not enough. Aesthetics, modernization of neglected urban elements  and properly  maintained plants are important too. It is worth adding some magic ingredient that will start attracting tourists  and make the city recognizable,  but also which will remain in the memory for a long time and even longer in photos. Art in public places, because we are talking about it, has enormous potential. See 4 examples of proven art installations that make a sensation in many places around the world.

Is public art important?

Art is associated with museums and galleries, where you can admire amazing sculptures and beautiful paintings. However, let’s face it, such places are not the first choice of tourists who visit the city. Artists found a way to reach a wider audience and this is how public art was created, e.g. graffiti, murals, or sticker art.

Art in public places is most often associated with illegally made graffiti.

Very often, painting on the walls of buildings is considered vandalism because it damages someone else’s property. However, art in public places does not have to be associated only with illegal activities. To enjoy unusual city decorations, all you need is an appropriate design as well as consents of local authorities.

Common accessibility is the greatest advantage for which it is worth moving artistic installations to open, public spaces. In addition, such unique works promote the place, attract tourists and make the city stand out from the crowd. We should also mention their decorative function, as well as the fact that the installations raise awareness of residents and visitors to artistic creativity. Due to its easy recognition, art in public places is often a characteristic meeting point.

Large colorful sculptures are part of art in public places.

Art installations in public space

Art installations in public places can take many different forms. From the aforementioned murals on the walls of buildings, through spontaneously performed actions, to carefully designed and solidly made sculptures or figures. We have prepared 4 examples of art in public spaces that will enliven the surroundings and can become the elements the city is famous for.

Colorful umbrellas over the street

It might seem that an umbrella is only useful in the event of rain. It turns out to be an item that will allow you to design a very interesting public art. What do you have to do? It’s easy. Just hang colorful umbrellas over the street. Thanks to this, a unique alley will be created, providing shade and a unique atmosphere that is worth capturing in the photos.

This type of art installation is perfect for narrow streets and small spaces, where there is no much place for standing decorations. In addition to umbrellas, other decorations can also be hung between the buildings. Openwork elements (e.g. figures in the shape of flowers, butterflies or cranes) made of fiberglass will look great. They are extremely durable as well as resistant to weather conditions, and at the same time have strong, expressive colors. For this reason, they will perfectly match colorful umbrellas.

King of photography – a big sign with the name of the city

A large inscription with the name of the city is a very popular way to launch an art installation into public space. Sometimes a single huge word turns into an entire phrase or a play on words, and in the capital of the Netherlands, for example, you can admire the inscription ‘Iamsterdam’. This trend of decorating cities is so strong that districts, housing estates, universities and even parks also want their own inscription.

Why is this happening? A large inscription with the name of the city has all the necessary features to become a must-have for any souvenir photo. Firstly, it is large and attracts attention, secondly, a glance is enough to be sure where the photo was taken, and thirdly, it gives almost endless possibilities of posing. More creative people will quickly abandon the idea of simply standing next to a large inscription in favor of spreading out in the letter “o” or standing on the highest possible part of an artistic installation.

A big sign with the name of the city usually appears on photos from the trip.

Original XXL figures

Sometimes a beautifully designed green space only needs a decorative icing on the cake, and on the other hand, there are highly urbanized places that only lack some nature. In both cases, the answer to the problems are huge openwork figures that work very well in the role of public art.

Garden decorations are a great addition to green public spaces.

You can choose from sculptures in the shape of butterflies, dragonflies, flowers or decorative spheres. Thanks to such elements the space gains a unique character. Of course, we do not forget about the places in which concrete predomines. Then the best solution is to create floral arrangements in a openwork bowl flower or a tilted globe. We guarantee that the effect will be electrifying.

Art in public spaces can additionally bring beautiful flowers into the environment.

Light illuminations not only for Christmas

The public space should be delightful during the day, but also after dark. That is why at Christmas, when the sun is setting very quickly, cities choose illuminations first and foremost. At this time, the market square, streets, roundabouts and shopping malls are decorated with millions of tiny lights, which are shaped like stars, baubles, gifts, reindeer (see our post on glowing Christmas decorations).

This type of Christmas art in public places is extremely popular, so why not choose the magic of light also in the summer season. After all, warm evenings encourage walks and it is worth preparing the surroundings for residents and tourists. Illuminations will look particularly good in the company of water reservoirs or fountains. Then the colorful rays reflecting from the water surface will create a fabulous spectacle.

Illuminations work well as public art, especially near the water.

Say yes to art in public places

Public art is not only graffiti or expensive sculptures made by artists. To create an eye-catching art installation, you need a few simple elements, such as colorful umbrellas, openwork decorations and a few lights. When you add flowers to it, you will get an extremely beautiful decoration that will enliven even the most concreted space.

If you like our ideas, see the catalog of summer decorations from Terra Group or contact your Sales Advisor.


Edge rubber seal – an essential part of the Flower Towers

The Flower Towers have become a permanent element of urban landscape. The durable steel structure makes it possible and easy to create a vertical garden full of flowering plants, even in the case of a paved surface. However, to make the Flower Towers look equally beautiful for many years, it is necessary to ensure that all elements are in their place but also that they are in a good technical condition. One of the most important parts is the rubber seal protecting the edges of the steel rings. What is it for? Is it actually necessary? In this post, you will find the answer to these questions. Additionally, we will show you that the edge rubber seal is the best option.

The Flower Towers look marvelous and thanks to the edge seals they are safe for passers-by and plants.

What is the role of the rubber seal in a cascade planter?

The well-thought-out steel structure of the Flower Tower assures an amazing visual effect, however, it is worth taking a look at the additional, sometimes invisible elements too. The decoration consists of thin sheet metal rings. Each of them is precisely laser-cut, which makes its edges sharp. Were it not for the proper protection in the form of a rubber seal, the urban decoration would pose a risk of injury at the time of planting, and later, when the Flower Tower appears at its destination place. Additionally, the exposed edges of the rings may damage the greenery. This is why the use of an edge gasket is indispensable.

The no-glue edge rubber seal protects against cuts and damage to plants.

For the safety of residents, put on a non-adhesive seal

Each new Flower Tower is equipped with a resistant ring edge protector. However, those planters that have been decorating public spaces for years may need to have the edge seals replaced. It is good to take care of this before the summer season. If the old ring seals have been damaged or have slipped off and lost somewhere, it is not worth relying on hand-made replacements. In this case, the safety of residents counts most, so buying accessories dedicated to the Flower Towers is essential. The Terra Group company closely follows the latest technological solutions and decided to abandon traditional glued trims in favor of durable and resistant non-adhesive rubber seals.

Why is a non-glue edge rubber seal the best option when replacing ring protections in the Flower Towers?

  1. The design of the edge seal allows for push-in assembly without additional adhesives.
  2. Quick and easy assembly.
  3. A glued seal may slip over the years as with time the adhesive loses its properties. The glueless rubber seal will always stay in its place.
  4. It is extremely resistant to harmful external factors, such as rain, high humidity, UV radiation.
  5. These types of non-adhesive seals are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. They are successfully used in boats, motorboats and industrial machines, which guarantees that in the case of the Flower Towers they will perfectly fulfill their task for many years.

The Flower Towers are a very popular solution for public spaces. With the proper choice of flowers, the cascade planter can be a decoration all year round (check more on this subject in the post about the seasonal planters), therefore each of its elements should be resistant and durable. The highest quality accessories make the Flower Towers a good investment in the aesthetics of the city for years.

If your Flower Towers don’t have a non-glue edge rubber seal, be sure to consider buying it. Accessories dedicated to cascade planters can be ordered from the Terra Group Customer Service.

The blue and yellow trend in cities – the charity campaign „In Solidarity with Ukraine”!

Although the dreadful events in Ukraine have been going on for over a month now, it does not mean that the enthusiasm for help should be fading away. Organizations, cities, public and private institutions do everything in their power to support refugees, but also those in need who remained in their country.

In addition to collecting the necessary means to live, it is also important to show solidarity. That is why many cities decide to hang the Ukrainian flag on masts. Blue and yellow illuminations appear on buildings, and some murals are created on their facades. As a result of these events, a new trend was born – decorating urban spaces with spring flowers in the national colors of Ukraine. Most towns, planting the Flower Towers, flower beds and squares, decided to use blue and yellow pansies.

Blue and yellow large pots.

Summary of the charity action

The charity campaign “Solidarity with Ukraine” has ended. During this time, Terra Group sold 32 blue and yellow pots with a total value of PLN 40,139.25. As promised, 10% of this amount (PLN 4,013.93) was donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action Foundation. It helps those affected by the war in Ukraine, organizes humanitarian transports, and provides psychosocial and financial support.

Special thanks to:

  • The German city of Bottrop,
  • the Czech town of Zatec.
  • Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences,
  • the Polish municipality of Kosakowo.

Charity campaign of the Terra Group company

Solutions of the Terra Group company helped to bring greenery to places where it is not possible to create traditional flower beds. Therefore, it also observes the initiative to decorate the space with the colors of the Ukrainian flag with attention and approval. Additionally, in a spontaneous gesture of solidarity, the company saw the potential to help those most in need. For that reason, Terra Group created an action entitled “You show solidarity, we support those in need. Together we will do more! “. It means that if purchasing any number of Gianto pots (Classic, Sito, Tablo, Grande, Plane Ring Lux) in blue and yellow colors, the company will donate 10% of the net order value to the Polish Humanitarian Action foundation, which actively helps the victims of the war in Ukraine. Thanks to this, a small gesture turns into real support.

Blue and yellow city pots

Large city pots in blue and yellow colors will stay in the space longer than flowers, so the gesture of solidarity will not end with their fading. The initiative will keep reminding you of the constant need for help. In addition, in large pots, you can create beautiful plant compositions that will soothe and lift the spirits of not only refugees, but also those who provide support.

Charity campaign will bring help and beauty

The Terra Group charity campaign will bring not only help to those in need, but also natural beauty to the space. Please contact your Terra Group Account Manager.

How do hanging flower planters work?

Hanging flower planters for urban space resemble a ball covered with lush plants. But what is behind such an impressive effect? Why is the decoration mounted on lanterns such a popular solution in arranging towns and cities all the word?  

Hanging flower planters – what is it ?

When hanging flower planters are filled with hanging plants, it creates the effect of a floral ball. The solution is perfect for balconies, terraces, but also for public spaces. At home, all you need is a hanging flower basket with a hanger to create a beautiful effect. The case is a bit more complicated when it comes to cities. The hanging flower planters usually appear on street lamps, and to make them stable and resistant to all weather conditions, a really thoughtful and durable construction is needed.

Hanging flowerbeds on street lamps.

Terra hanging flower planters

The best solutions should be protected against copying by dishonest producers. That is why the Terra hanging flower planters have a number of patents that guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and ensure an excellent decorative effect. What distinguishes hanging flower baskets is their ring structure. Each of them has from one to even three levels that narrow towards the top. Such a structure means that the flowers planted in the planters create a perfect ball effect. The more rings, the more impressive the effect you will achieve. Thanks to this, even in the case of high street lamps and large spaces, it will not be possible to miss hanging flower planters.

Importantly, the steel structure of the hanging flower planters is resistant to rust. Moreover, the solid mounting as well as its construction dedicated to a specific infrastructure means that the suspended decoration will always stick firmly and stably, regardless of weather conditions.

Flower baskets on street lamps

Street lamps differ in diameter and height. In case of Terra hanging planter it is not a problem as they have a wide range of fixings. Additionally, city lamps do not always impress with their aesthetics, but their regular setting creates perfect conditions for launching greenery into even the most concreted places. A hanging flower planter can be placed at any height, so you can easily cover less attractive parts of the street lamp and obtain a beautiful effect, which is especially impressive in the case of long communication routes – promenades, main markets, main streets.

Hanging flowerbeds on street lamps.

Healthy flowers mean beautiful floral ball

This impressive decoration is the result of excellent conditions in which flowers grow. Only the lowest ring has a bottom, therefore the root system of plants has enough space for development. The open structure also allows the water to spread freely to all plants. Thus, it reduces the risk of overflow, which can lead to plant rot.

Hanging flower planters on lamps in urban spaces.

A solution that works

Many places have already found out how the hanging flower planters work in practice. The spring season is just around the corner, so it’s time for other towns an cities to join the group of beautifully flowered places!

A great way for flowers in the city

Due to comfortable movements of cars and people, modern urban space often appears as a desert covered with concrete without any greenery. Lack of flower beds and lawns makes it almost impossible to launch flowers – and their presence is so desirable by the inhabitants! In such a situation, hanging flower planters work perfectly. Floral balls mounted on street lamps  soften the austerity of urban architecture.