The blue and yellow trend in cities – the charity campaign „In Solidarity with Ukraine”!

Although the dreadful events in Ukraine have been going on for over a month now, it does not mean that the enthusiasm for help should be fading away. Organizations, cities, public and private institutions do everything in their power to support refugees, but also those in need who remained in their country.

In addition to collecting the necessary means to live, it is also important to show solidarity. That is why many cities decide to hang the Ukrainian flag on masts. Blue and yellow illuminations appear on buildings, and some murals are created on their facades. As a result of these events, a new trend was born – decorating urban spaces with spring flowers in the national colors of Ukraine. Most towns, planting the Flower Towers, flower beds and squares, decided to use blue and yellow pansies.

Blue and yellow large pots.

Charity campaign of the Terra Group company

Solutions of the Terra Group company helped to bring greenery to places where it is not possible to create traditional flower beds. Therefore, it also observes the initiative to decorate the space with the colors of the Ukrainian flag with attention and approval. Additionally, in a spontaneous gesture of solidarity, the company saw the potential to help those most in need. For that reason, Terra Group created an action entitled “You show solidarity, we support those in need. Together we will do more! “. It means that if purchasing any number of Gianto pots (Classic, Sito, Tablo, Grande, Plane Ring Lux) in blue and yellow colors, the company will donate 10% of the net order value to the Polish Humanitarian Action foundation, which actively helps the victims of the war in Ukraine. Thanks to this, a small gesture turns into real support.

Blue and yellow city pots

Large city pots in blue and yellow colors will stay in the space longer than flowers, so the gesture of solidarity will not end with their fading. The initiative will keep reminding you of the constant need for help. In addition, in large pots, you can create beautiful plant compositions that will soothe and lift the spirits of not only refugees, but also those who provide support.

Charity campaign will bring help and beauty

The Terra Group charity campaign will bring not only help to those in need, but also natural beauty to the space. Please contact your Terra Group Account Manager.

Spring in the city – pansies in a pot, daisies in a flower container

The Flower Towers are one of the most effective ideas for spring compositions in cities … but not the only one. Plants can also appear in flower boxes and pots – large, colorful and exceptionally resistant to any inconvenience. What to choose and what is the best way to plan plantings to make sure that spring will come to the city in its full glory?

Pansies – the best choice for cities

Blooming plants looming up from city streets and squares are the best way to say goodbye to winter and its grayness. Pansies, due to their charming appearance as well as resistance to cold and low requirements, are the best idea for the first plantings.

Interestingly, selected species of pansy bloom already on the first days of March, which is why they are perfect for arranging urban space. Thanks to pansies, you will be sure that spring will appear in the city in a blink of an eye. This charming, inconspicuous flower impresses with its properties: for lush flowering, it only needs fertile soil and a sunny (or even semi-shaded) place.

Various spring flowers

When decorating cities, not only pansies with color flowers will help. They can be combined in a spring composition with daisies, tulips and other weather-resistant plants. Pansies planted in the Flower Towers, flowerbeds, boxes, pots, Easter flower containers in the shape of an egg, and even hanging Flower Towers mounted on street lamps or walls, effectively color the gray surroundings at a time when you cannot count on other plants. Once their charm fades, they can be quickly replaced with summer plants: pelargonium, ipomea or surfinia.

Spring in the city – compositions in a pot.

Blooming Pyramids

The most resistant plants can be planted at the beginning of March so you will be able to enjoy the first flowers in the city even before the calendar spring. The Flower Towers bring color not only in summer, they are perfect for launching interesting compositions in every season of the year. If you want to learn more about it, check out our post on seasonal flower containers. No wonder that more and more cities and towns in Poland and not only decide to make spring compositions. Here are some of the most interesting arrangements.

In Strzelce Krajeńskie the Flower Towers planted with single-colored pansies were set. Each one had a different color of flowers (yellow, white, purple) creating a very impressive effect.

Spring in the City – Flower tower with pansies in one color.

Świnoujście presented asymmetrical, multi-colored spring compositions. The cherry on top were decorative bunny ears placed at the very top of the Flower Tower. Thanks to this procedure, spring has come to the city, but also a sign of the upcoming Easter.

In Rzepin, the Flower Towers were decorated with white and red (colors of the flag of Poland) pansies. Thanks to this, the spring flower containers in the surroundings of the Monument to the All Fallen (also known as the Eagle Monument) bring solemn, sublime mood.

Oschatz deserves special attention. The German town presents really impressive flower arrangements every season. Each level of the Flower Towers is decorated with different pansies or daisies.

Or maybe spring compositions in pots?

The first flowers in the vividly colored large pots from the TerraForm collection are also a good way to bring spring into the city. Polyethylene containers are chosen for public spaces for a reason – the material from which they are made guarantees resistance to mechanical damage and an unchanged color for years. The pots are almost indestructible, so they are an ideal solution for cities at any time of the year.

The first example to follow is Gorzów Wielkopolski! A red, blue and yellow pot is right next to a huge Easter egg. They have been planted with yellow, purple and blue pansies – the whole thing creates a beautiful Easter decoration.

Spring composition with pots.

For some time now, Dębno has been proud of the yellow and red Gianto and Sito pots, which already in spring are planted with flowers in various parts of the town. Also they are in the main square, where the pots are integrated with a bench.

Spring in the city

Plants in public space play a very important role. It is not worth waiting for the summer months with plantings. Flowers can successfully appear at the beginning of March. Thanks to this, not only spring will soon come to the city, but also blooming compositions will enjoy the residents almost all year round.

To help concrete squares – large urban pots restore greenery

A concrete square is something that often abhors residents. In summer, the heated surface does not encourage relaxation. However, complete removal of the pavement is not always a good solution. Is there an option to turn the urban desert into an oasis that is friendly to people? In our opinion, it is possible. In this case, large urban pots will be a great help here. Thanks to them, the square can turn green without any additional construction works. How is it possible? We will present three towns in which the square has changed beyond recognition.

A town square – what is its role?

Historically, the spacious square has been a lively heart of the city. All the main roads converged there to facilitate trade. With time, when the tradition of markets lost its importance and the local people started to go to stores or shopping malls, the flat, paved area in the center changed its functionality. Now the square is a place of rest for residents and tourists on a daily basis, and during holidays it is a space for celebrations, concerts, fairs and other important events.

On a daily use, the square is a place of rest for residents and tourists, but on holidays it is a space for celebrations, concerts, fairs and other important events.

Concrete vs green

These two extreme roles are the cause of disputes about shaping the surroundings. On the one hand, city events require a paved, empty square, and on the other, an ideal relaxation place needs all kinds of plants, benches, fountains, and garbage bins. To create a place that perfectly performs both functions, it is best to take them both into account when creating the project. Then you can easily arrange the appropriate zones. Things get more difficult when the square is already modernized and there is a huge concrete area. In this situation, there are two possible solutions.

Is there an option that will turn an urban desert into a people-friendly oasis? In our opinion, it is possible. In this case, large urban pots will help.

First of all, a complete change of the surroundings: removal of concrete pavement  and adding more plants. However, the costs of such a step are enormous and they are actually associated with the next major renovation. The second solution does not require additional heavy work. It is enough to put on large urban pots in which you can plant a variety of plants, and in the largest models even trees. To prove that it is possible, we will present three concrete squares which, thanks to mobile plantings, have found the perfect compromise between a paved surface and urban greenery.

Skwierzyna in the new edition

In 2016, the market in Skwierzyna was modernized. The neglected area disappeared and a large square appeared in its place. Thus, the most representative town space has returned to its former appearance from several dozen years ago. However, the area in front of the town hall no longer fulfills the role of the municipal merchandising space. Therefore, the town authorities faced the challenge of developing the square. After the renovation, street furniture appeared: simple in form, anthracite pots, benches, the hanging Flower Towers on lamps, and a fountain in the center. Although the water from it cooled the inhabitants down on hot days, they paid attention to the small amount of greenery.

In 2021, the town authorities decided to allocate part of the budget to bring additional plants into the square. In order not to interfere with the paving, large urban pots, which can be planted with numerous flowers and even trees, were selected. The market square in Skwierzyna was filled with gray and green containers of various forms. As a result, the plantings differed from each other depending on the size and shape of the pot.

  • The Gianto Classic model – in pots with a classic shape and a height of 95 cm, hanging plants appeared, creating the impression of “pouring flowers”.
  • The Plane Ring Lux model – a container in the form of a bowl, characterized by a small height (45 cm) and a huge planting space. In such pots resembling flying plates, rich floral arrangements with canna, ornamental grasses and surfinias appeared.
  • The Gianto Tablo and Grande models – these are the largest pots with a height of 120 and 160 cm, therefore, they can be planted with trees.

In total, 10 new large urban pots appeared in the main square in Skwierzyna. They filled the empty space with impressive decorative plants.

A distinctive accent in Mikołajki

The Sailing Village in Mikołajki is another place on the map of Poland that has decided to modernize its area. Various materials were used for the promenade reconstruction and a modern square, which needed to be developed, was built on Kowalska Street. It is a lively place visited by hundreds of tourists every day. That is why the city authorities decided to focus on an element that will be remembered by everyone, i.e. large urban pots. Their biggest advantage, which attracts the eyes of passers-by and even encourages them to take a photo, are vivid, juicy colors – red and orange. Such colors turned out to be a bull’s-eye and they wonderfully enlivened the gray surroundings.

Decorative trees and grasses were planted in large urban pots. The classic Gianto models as well as the huge Grande and Tablo pots, which can also serve as a table, appeared not only in Skwierzyna but in Mikołajki too. It will be perfect for a snack break while walking around the marina.

Large urban pots – some color for Torgau

The square surrounded by historic buildings is a real urban treasure. Many German cities and towns can boast of such an architectural gem, but one of them decided to stand out from the others. With what? Colorful, large urban pots! As evidenced by the large square in the very center, the Saxon Torgau has a commercial history. It turned out to be an ideal place for mobile greenery.

The vivid colors of the containers are a bold step. The success was achieved due to the balanced colors of the facades surrounding the market. Thanks to this, green, yellow, orange, blue and red pots have become a distinctive accent that does not create the effect of an urban mishmash. It turned out to be a great idea to arrange the containers in groups of 3 at numerous places on the square. Various models, colors, sizes as well as plantings create unique compositions, and the whole looks very coherent.

The case from Torgau shows that it is sometimes worth choosing less popular solutions to achieve an even better effect. Thanks to the colorful, large city planters, the square has gained its individual character and it will look fabulous on postcards or in holiday photos. If you want to see more pictures of the Saxon town, be sure to check out our Torgau post.

Large urban pots make the squares green

Large urban pots are a great solution for concrete squares. They launch plants into the most representative areas without the need for costly renovations. It is worth choosing models in which you cannot only create beautiful floral compositions, but also those that are distinguished by form, color and functionality. This way you can kill several birds with one stone. Therefore, eye-catching greenery will appear in the square, providing a place to sit or eat a meal comfortably.

Winter the pot – it was a flower decoration, now it will be a Christmas decoration!

Thanks to large pots, a bit of color is brought into the urban space. From the beginning of spring until late autumn, you can admire beautiful flowers. When the temperature drops below zero, and frozen plants need to be removed, the question arises, what to do with urban pots for the winter? Transport and store them? Or rather not move them and only protect the pots from cold? Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. However, are these the only possibilities? In the case of Gianto pots, there is one more option. Leave the plant conatiners in their place and create an unusual Christmas decoration.

What to do with urban planters for the winter?

The transport of large urban pots requires, first of all, financial expenditure, and second of all, storage space. Both aspects will grow at a dizzying pace with the increasing number and weight of pots being transported. You must also take into account the risk that they may be damaged while traveling to the warehouse. However, the stable temperature and the roof overhead will allow all pots (regardless of the quality) to wait out the coldest months in an unchanged way.

The second option is to leave the urban pots in their place and make sure that the frost during winter does not harm them. Resistance to cold and unfavorable conditions mostly depends on the material and quality. The winter period will be difficult for wooden pots to survive. There is no doubt that you will have to plan an appropriate impregnation in the spring to keep them looking good. In the worst case scenario, you have to reckon that they can decay. Those made of poor quality plastic, if left to frost, probably, will not survive until the next season. Metal counterparts will be prone to rust, but this can be dealt with by painting. Pots made of architectural concrete and polyethylene are best prepared for the winter. They are not afraid of frost or snow.

Pots made of architectural concrete and polyethylene are best prepared for the winter. They are not afraid of frost or snow.

When you decide to leave your city planters outside for the winter, consider adding some Christmas decorations. Thanks to this, empty containers will gain an additional function. They will become a Christmas decoration, meaning you will be able to kill two birds with one stone! Moreover,  you will save on transport as well as on a place for storage and you will avoid the risk of damage, pleasing the residents with an original decoration. Additionally, as soon as the weather permits, the pot will be ready for spring flowers. Thanks to this, your city will start to impress with colors the fastest of all.

Christmas with a natural tree

A live Christmas tree in a pot in public space is not as common as it used to be. This is most likely due to the greater care requirements than in the case of their artificial equivalent.

natural-christmas tree-in-a-pot
Gianto pots are large enough to plant a medium-sized conifer.

However, a natural Christmas tree always draws attention, and a container for urban plantings is a great place for spruce. Why? Gianto pots are large enough to plant a medium-sized conifer, and their depth allows it to be placed in the ground with a root ball. Thanks to this, you will successfully plant the tree in a different place after the Christmas season. It is a win-win situation.

Nature is beautiful in itself, so a live Christmas tree in a pot will look good even in the sauté version. However, to follow the tradition, it is worth decorating the tree so that it becomes a real queen among the city decorations. No idea how to do it? You can look for inspiration on our blog or take some advice from the residents. If there is more than one pot in your neighborhood, plant a conifer in each and leave their decorations to schools or organizations, sports groups, etc. Then you will get a unique gallery of Christmas decorations.

An original Christmas tree in a pot

The cone Christmas tree looks great in the Gianto pot.

The second solution is extremely convenient and will surely decorate the area for many winter seasons. For Gianto pots with a diameter of 80, 95 and 120 cm, you can choose a dedicated cone-shaped TerraChristmas cover that will resemble a real Christmas tree. Despite the fact that the Christmas decoration is based on a strong steel structure that has been densely braided with high-quality garlands, it remains light. Also it allows for assembly without the use of heavy equipment, which is required for other urban decorations.

The cover placed in the pot makes a great impression as the twigs slightly bent away from the cone. Thanks to this factor, the cone tree does not resemble a perfect geometric figure aymore and takes on a more natural character. It only takes a few moments to install it – the cone is anchored to the ground in the pot.

This solution is simple and effective, the Christmas decoration will not tip over due to winter wind and it will delight residents throughout the whole Christmas season.

A cone tree in many forms

Gianto pot covers have another siginifcant advantage that cannot be overlooked. They will adapt to your needs and ideas. Together with an experienced account manager, you will be able to create your dream cone tree that best suits your surroundings. Take the reins of designing Christmas decorations and decide on:

  • garland color – choose classic bottle green or one of the bolder options: red or white,
  • decorations – the cone tree can be decorated with baubles of any color,
  • lights – to make the Christmas decoration also noticeable in the evening, it is worth adding LED Christmas tree lights to it, according to your preferences, they can have a warm or cold color.
Design your own Christmas tree in a pot.

Openwork Christmas tree and more

Although light, white openwork constructions are not what comes to mind when you think about Christmas decorations, when combined with Christmas lights, they can impress everyone. For this reason more and more such Christmas decorations appear in public space. These can be large figures or smaller accents. If you want to know more about it, see our post on openwork decorations.

For winter, Gianto pots can be decorated with such subtle elements. You will have a choice of an openwork Christmas tree or a hemisphere. The method of assembly is very similar to the aforementioned covers for pots – they are anchored to the substrate left in the plant container. These are not all advantages of this solution. In addition to its amazing appearance, the translucent structure allows sunlight to enter the interior. Thanks to this, if there are evergreen plants in the pot, they will not be completely deprived of light.

The sphere and the openwork Christmas tree look great in colourful pots.

Proven Christmas city decorations

It has been known for a long time that solutions combining several functions assure the greatest savings. This is the case with the Gianto urban pots that are left outside for the Christmas season. Choose one of the options: a live tree, a cone tree or openwork covers from the TerraChristmas collection and enjoy additional Christmas decorations. This way, you will not have to invest in additional seasonal decorations and organize transport or storage space for them.