Winter the pot – it was a flower decoration, now it will be a Christmas decoration!

Thanks to large pots, a bit of color is brought into the urban space. From the beginning of spring until late autumn, you can admire beautiful flowers. When the temperature drops below zero, and frozen plants need to be removed, the question arises, what to do with urban pots for the winter? Transport and store them? Or rather not move them and only protect the pots from cold? Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. However, are these the only possibilities? In the case of Gianto pots, there is one more option. Leave the plant conatiners in their place and create an unusual Christmas decoration.

What to do with urban planters for the winter?

The transport of large urban pots requires, first of all, financial expenditure, and second of all, storage space. Both aspects will grow at a dizzying pace with the increasing number and weight of pots being transported. You must also take into account the risk that they may be damaged while traveling to the warehouse. However, the stable temperature and the roof overhead will allow all pots (regardless of the quality) to wait out the coldest months in an unchanged way.

The second option is to leave the urban pots in their place and make sure that the frost during winter does not harm them. Resistance to cold and unfavorable conditions mostly depends on the material and quality. The winter period will be difficult for wooden pots to survive. There is no doubt that you will have to plan an appropriate impregnation in the spring to keep them looking good. In the worst case scenario, you have to reckon that they can decay. Those made of poor quality plastic, if left to frost, probably, will not survive until the next season. Metal counterparts will be prone to rust, but this can be dealt with by painting. Pots made of architectural concrete and polyethylene are best prepared for the winter. They are not afraid of frost or snow.

Pots made of architectural concrete and polyethylene are best prepared for the winter. They are not afraid of frost or snow.

When you decide to leave your city planters outside for the winter, consider adding some Christmas decorations. Thanks to this, empty containers will gain an additional function. They will become a Christmas decoration, meaning you will be able to kill two birds with one stone! Moreover,  you will save on transport as well as on a place for storage and you will avoid the risk of damage, pleasing the residents with an original decoration. Additionally, as soon as the weather permits, the pot will be ready for spring flowers. Thanks to this, your city will start to impress with colors the fastest of all.

Christmas with a natural tree

A live Christmas tree in a pot in public space is not as common as it used to be. This is most likely due to the greater care requirements than in the case of their artificial equivalent.

natural-christmas tree-in-a-pot
Gianto pots are large enough to plant a medium-sized conifer.

However, a natural Christmas tree always draws attention, and a container for urban plantings is a great place for spruce. Why? Gianto pots are large enough to plant a medium-sized conifer, and their depth allows it to be placed in the ground with a root ball. Thanks to this, you will successfully plant the tree in a different place after the Christmas season. It is a win-win situation.

Nature is beautiful in itself, so a live Christmas tree in a pot will look good even in the sauté version. However, to follow the tradition, it is worth decorating the tree so that it becomes a real queen among the city decorations. No idea how to do it? You can look for inspiration on our blog or take some advice from the residents. If there is more than one pot in your neighborhood, plant a conifer in each and leave their decorations to schools or organizations, sports groups, etc. Then you will get a unique gallery of Christmas decorations.

An original Christmas tree in a pot

The cone Christmas tree looks great in the Gianto pot.

The second solution is extremely convenient and will surely decorate the area for many winter seasons. For Gianto pots with a diameter of 80, 95 and 120 cm, you can choose a dedicated cone-shaped TerraChristmas cover that will resemble a real Christmas tree. Despite the fact that the Christmas decoration is based on a strong steel structure that has been densely braided with high-quality garlands, it remains light. Also it allows for assembly without the use of heavy equipment, which is required for other urban decorations.

The cover placed in the pot makes a great impression as the twigs slightly bent away from the cone. Thanks to this factor, the cone tree does not resemble a perfect geometric figure aymore and takes on a more natural character. It only takes a few moments to install it – the cone is anchored to the ground in the pot.

This solution is simple and effective, the Christmas decoration will not tip over due to winter wind and it will delight residents throughout the whole Christmas season.

A cone tree in many forms

Gianto pot covers have another siginifcant advantage that cannot be overlooked. They will adapt to your needs and ideas. Together with an experienced account manager, you will be able to create your dream cone tree that best suits your surroundings. Take the reins of designing Christmas decorations and decide on:

  • garland color – choose classic bottle green or one of the bolder options: red or white,
  • decorations – the cone tree can be decorated with baubles of any color,
  • lights – to make the Christmas decoration also noticeable in the evening, it is worth adding LED Christmas tree lights to it, according to your preferences, they can have a warm or cold color.
Design your own Christmas tree in a pot.

Openwork Christmas tree and more

Although light, white openwork constructions are not what comes to mind when you think about Christmas decorations, when combined with Christmas lights, they can impress everyone. For this reason more and more such Christmas decorations appear in public space. These can be large figures or smaller accents. If you want to know more about it, see our post on openwork decorations.

For winter, Gianto pots can be decorated with such subtle elements. You will have a choice of an openwork Christmas tree or a hemisphere. The method of assembly is very similar to the aforementioned covers for pots – they are anchored to the substrate left in the plant container. These are not all advantages of this solution. In addition to its amazing appearance, the translucent structure allows sunlight to enter the interior. Thanks to this, if there are evergreen plants in the pot, they will not be completely deprived of light.

The sphere and the openwork Christmas tree look great in colourful pots.

Proven Christmas city decorations

It has been known for a long time that solutions combining several functions assure the greatest savings. This is the case with the Gianto urban pots that are left outside for the Christmas season. Choose one of the options: a live tree, a cone tree or openwork covers from the TerraChristmas collection and enjoy additional Christmas decorations. This way, you will not have to invest in additional seasonal decorations and organize transport or storage space for them.

Street lamp decorations – great way to decorate streets for Christmas

A long street in the vicinity of the center, a promenade or a market square are places about which city officials care most during the Christmas period. The surroundings of the main buildings, such as the town hall or the municipal council, are easy to decorate. It is enough to place a giant Christmas tree or interesting light illuminations in the center. The other areas though, may be a bit more problematic.

There are many solutions, but in this post we will focus on one which except the aesthetic function, has additional positive aspects. Street lamp decorations are basically standard in all representative places in the city. During spring and summer, to the delight of residents, they diversify metal street lamps with flowers, thus creating decorative objects from ordinary elements of public space. In winter, lanterns can also delight everyone. How? Read the text in which we will prompt how to turn hanging Flower Towers into Christmas street decorations.

In winter, hanging Flower Towers can turn into spruce balls with Christmas baubles.

Street lamp decorations all year round

The decorative potential of lamps has been noticed a long time ago. Very often, on the market square or promenade, street lamps are decorated with hanging, blooming plants. When winter comes, there is no possibility to have flowers. Therefore, usually the hanging Flower Towers are dismantled or left on a street lamp, which is not very aesthetic.

The first way seems to be better. The structure is not exposed to cold, snow or rain, which has a positive effect on its durability. However, people, time and suitable weather will have to be found for dismantling. Although it is not difficult to remove hanging Flower Towers from the street lamps, you need to take into account their number. If there are several dozen lamps on the market square, promenade or along the street, the work will be much longer than you might initially think, especially if frost or rain.

Leaving on the street lamp decorations doesn’t have to be a bad choice. First of all, pots made of galvanized steel can deal with unfavorable conditions during winter without any problems. Secondly, the lack of flowers can be replaced with another solution. TerraChristmas brand creates special Christmas decorations that effectively cover the hanging Flower Tower on the street lamp. Thanks to this, it not only gains a protective “disguise” that covers the planter, but also a completely different image.

Decorative Christmas balls consist of two parts. The hemispherical frame is made of durable steel, and aesthetic Christmas garlands which are woven between the wires, resembling vivid spruce twigs. After mounting on the street lamp, a ball with dense needles is created, fully covering the Flower Tower. Such street lamp decorations will look great if there are also Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations in their surroundings.

Christmas street lamp decorations will add to the atmosphere in the city.

Christmas street decorations adapt to the needs

You do not need to be a specialist to know that the best effect is achieved if the Christmas decorations are properly adjusted to the space. Original, one-of-a-kind compositions can become the main attraction of the city. Aesthetics is important, but also uniqueness, thanks to which the space will stand out and attract tourists. That is why it is very important to have an impact on the final appearance of the decoration, and not to choose standard variants.

The twigs on the Christmas covers come in three colors – classic, natural green, vivid red  and snow-white that brings to mind frosty winters. In addition to the color of the Christmas ball, you can decide whether the street lamp decorations will be equipped with additional elements.

First of all, it is worth adding traditional Christmas decorations to the spruce ball, such as Christmas baubles. One cover with a diameter of 700 mm holds about 30. This is an ideal number as the elements are evenly distributed but do not visually burden the Christmas ball. The choice of colors is yours, it can be one, two or many colors. Thanks to this, you will certainly be able to create an ornament in the colors of the city or one that perfectly relates to the surroundings.

To make the Christmas ball look amazing, also when it gets dark, choose Christmas lights in a warm or cold shade. It is not without reason that the most popular city decorations are Christmas illuminations. A string of LED lights will illuminate the spruce branches and add a magical atmosphere that will certainly encourage everyone to take afternoon and evening walks. In addition, street lamp decorations with bright, sparkling points look great in the photos.

Christmas balls with Christmas lights will create a unique atmosphere in the evening and encourage walking around.

Well protected urban pots

Hand-made spruce Christmas covers are dedicated to hanging planters – W600 by Terra, as well as Jiflor 600 and 800 by Atech. The designers paid special attention to the assembly system, which on the one hand must be durable and keep the decoration stable throughout the Christmas period. On the other hand, it had to be universal to fit various models of street lamps. That is why the fixing of the Christmas covers, depending on the diameter of the street lamp, can be placed on the top or bottom of the decoration.

Snow, frost, sometimes rain and sleet – these are the charms of the Polish winter. The worst thing is that they are the most favorable conditions for destruction, mechanical damage or the development of rust. Not all street lamp decorations can survive these difficult, cold months without visible changes. Christmas balls by TerraChristmas are made of galvanized steel, which works well even in severe frost and humidity. Thanks to the dense Christmas garlands, the hanging planters are additionally protected. Such a cover is not only a decorative but also a functional element: it allows you to keep the flower containers without dismantling and storing.

Street lamp decorations made of durable materials will survive even the harshest winter.

Original and functional Christmas street decorations

If the street lamps in your city are already decorated with flowers, it is worth considering Christmas balls. These are not only unique street lamp decorations, but also a great way to protect the whole construction for the winter and save time that would have to be spent on dismantling and re-hanging them in the spring.

PVC baubles and Christmas trees – original outdoor Christmas decorations

When autumn is fully settled outside, the trees are shedding their leaves, and the days are getting shorter, this is a sign that it is high time to take care of the Christmas atmosphere. Outdoor Christmas decorations are essential elements of every city, restaurant, hotel, store, shopping center or office building.

Every year there comes a time when you have to consider whether to choose the ones from the previous season or pick something completely different. In order to make the right decision, it is necessary to ask yourself a few questions. Do the old decorations still look good? Are they damaged? Maybe it’s time for some change? New outdoor Christmas decorations will surely attract the attention of passers-by and guests, add a breath of freshness, and thus create a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas decorations are an important part of the city in December.

Standing or hanging decorations?

Outdoor Christmas decorations bring to mind mainly large, richly decorated Christmas trees, pyramids made of baubles, standing or hanging illuminations – in this case, the choice of shapes and patterns is simply unlimited: from a large bauble, through gifts, angels to Santa on a plane or sleigh with reindeer. This is big but at the same time breathtaking investment will certainly pay off. Not only will it become the main point of interest, a destination for walks and trips, but it will also be in every photo of tourists and locals. However, such outdoor decorations can be afforded if you have enough space for display and, of course, storage after the season.

In addition to large outdoor Christmas decorations, we cannot forget about smaller ones that will remind us of the upcoming Christmas at the entrance to the building, along the street or in the square. The Christmas Covers are perfect for such tasks. They are designed to change summer flowers into original free-standing Christmas trees. Moreover, summer plantings in urban pots can be changed into Christmas trees too and hanging Flower Towers on street lamps can be transformed into Christmas street decorations. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to check out our post on transformation of a flower tower.

Of course, this is where the list of ideas ends. In a shopping center or hotel, a golden figure of a reindeer will make a splash. A square, park or roundabout is a great place for XXL baubles. They will look best if set randomly across the entire surface. Outdoor Christmas decorations can take many forms, so it is also worth getting acquainted with less known examples, such as decorations made of PVC boards.

Christmas decorations made of PVC boards can be used indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Christmas decorations made of PVC boards

The construction of Christmas decorations made from PVC boards resembles advertising stands. Most often, they consist of one or two sheets that are attached to an X-shaped metal base. Precisely cut PVC boards with a colorful print and a stable frame create a unique Christmas decoration. Due to its light weight and easy assembly, transport and movement is not a problem. In addition, Christmas decorations can be quickly and easily dismantled after the season. In this way, they take up very little space.

Advantages of Christmas decorations from PVC board:

  • available in many shapes, sizes and colors,
  • they are light so they can be easily moved,
  • professional printing technology guarantees intense colors and great quality,
  • impervious to changeable, winter weather – the material is resistant to rain, snow or frost,
  • they have a strong, stable frame that can be attached to the ground – forewarned is forearmed,
  • they will decorate not only the interior, but also the market square, promenade, entrance to the building, the construction does not absorb water and does not need maintenance,
  • they will prove themselves as an urban Christmas decoration, decoration for a hotel, shopping center or restaurant,
  • due to easy cleaning, they are perfect for public institutions (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, offices).
Christmas baubles and trees made of PVC boards – original Christmas decoration for outside.

All shapes of Christmas

Everyone has a slightly different vision of Christmas, which is why PVC outdoor Christmas decorations come in many shapes and sizes. Basically they are divided into 2D and 3D decorations. The first ones are made of two polyvinyl chloride boards that are firmly attached to a metal frame. The second ones resemble folded plywood decorations. Two elements superimposed at right angles create a three-dimensional form. Both versions have a colorful print on both sides, thanks to which they look great on each side.

Christmas decorations made of PVC boards can take the shape of a Christmas tree with straight ends, upturned or rounded, but also the shape of Christmas balls, Santa Claus (3 versions), a snowman (2 versions), and a snowman with Santa – see all variants of PVC Christmas decorations. Christmas trees and baubles come in both 2D and 3D designs. Decorations with Santa or snowman are in 2D only.

PVC boards are ideal for making Christmas decorations.

Moreover, a Christmas tree and a bauble made of PVC boards can have various, colorful prints. Such outdoor Christmas decorations are a great solution thanks to which you will give Christmas and New Year’s greetings to all residents, tourists or employees. Another idea is to include the name of the hotel to gain an atmospheric advertising stand. There are many options, but there may be even more …

A unique Christmas decoration

Individual graphics can be printed on each PVC bauble and Christmas tree, such as company logo, city coat of arms, or your own wishes or text. Thanks to this, the created outdoor Christmas decorations will become one of a kind. They will build a Christmas atmosphere and also convey exactly what you want to say.

They will build a Christmas atmosphere and also convey exactly what you want to say.

Furthermore, if you decide on several decorations, you can create an infinite number of combinations – whether it is an alley of baubles along the sidewalk or a cheerful Christmas bunch by the city’s Christmas tree. In the next season, all you need to do is change the composition to get a completely different look.

Christmas atmosphere at your fingertips

There is no doubt that Christmas decorations are an inseparable element of any space – offices or public institutions. The wide offer makes the choice of Christmas decorations almost unlimited. However, it is worth choosing such elements that will become a unique accent, bring a smile to many faces and thanks to which you will be able to feel the magic of Christmas even more.

Christmas memories from Bavaria

Unfortunately, Christmas is over, but we can still enjoy that unique atmosphere. Some of the Christmas city decorations still keep our sidewalks in the festive time. We will be able to enjoy them for at least a few days more – just like the residents of the German city of Vilshofen an der Donau.

Traditional Christmas trees, chains of colorful lights, colorful sugar canes – these are our beloved symbols of Christmas. Last Christmas season, they also appeared in one of the Bavarian cities – Vilshofen an der Donau. Undoubtedly, their charm cannot be denied, but the large christmas baubles have become the main character of the composition – this is the reason for which it is so difficult to pass them by indifferently!

Due to their dimensions and beautiful red color, these Christmas decorations turned out to be a real hit. They will definitely return to the sidewalks next season. We have already started the big countdown to next Christmas!

See the gallery of Christmas photos from the city of Vilshofen an der Donau. Click on the thumbnail to see it in full resolution.

Christmas decorations – big baubles and the Christmas tree

The special moment of the year has already come – despite the difficulties that have been with us for several months, the tradition of decorating streets for holidays does not change. Before we start reviewing this year’s proposals, let’s recall how beautiful the European cities looked during the last winter. Here is a Christmas composition from the German Marktredwitz!

Click the photo to see it in full resolution:


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XXL Baubles for public spaces

More and more European cities are dressing up for Christmas, among them Świdnik (Poland). Huge Christmas balls and Christmas ball pyramids in a romantic red color turned out to be the hit of last season … and they will certainly be appreciated this year too!

Świdnik, Poland | source: www.terrachristmas.com


Last winter, one of the most interesting ideas for the Christmas arrangement for the city was chosen by Świdnik (Poland). Near the Constitution Square, a pyramid of red XXL baubles was created, and right next to it, individual Christmas balls appeared – they were placed on the lawns in a random arrangement, giving the impression of a free, even spontaneous composition. Thus, the decoration resembles the one we know from home interiors – it is informal and natural, i.e. one that brings the best memories of Christmas.


Świdnik, Poland | source: www.terrachristmas.com

How was the pyramid made of huge Christmas balls created? This is a very interesting process – each of the baubles is solidly based on a frame hidden inside – thanks to it, the decoration, although seems to be light and delicate, is very stable and will not fall apart. Similarly, individual baubles were stabilized – all fixed on smaller supports, which ensure that none of them would change their location – neither due to strong wind nor acts of vandalism.

Świdnik, Poland | source: www.terrachristmas.com

Instead of a Christmas card … an XXL Christmas ball!

Can traditional Christmas city decorations still be presented in an innovative way? Is there a way for them to play a slightly different role than before? Along with this season, we start a new Christmas trend – a creative idea to give wishes…

XXL Christmas baubles and Christmas covers for large pots have been decorating the markets and promenades of our cities for several winter seasons. Although they are still an intriguing novelty, they can already be entrusted with an additional, completely unexpected task. The trend of placing various content on their surface is becoming more and more popular – from wishes to city emblems or company logos.

Source: www.terrachristmas.eu

Personalized Christmas city decorations – a wish carrier

Why is the presence of wishes or logos on the Christmas elements such a good idea? First of all, because of its creativity – such an enchantingly  presented content is even more memorable, original, and above all – unique. This is a great way to distinguish the entrance of the company, city square or any space under the roof – corridors of the city hall or shopping mall. Importantly, it is not an ordinary label – the inscription placed on the surface of the pot with the cover or on the XXL baubles is protected against weather conditions and damage. Minor scratches, discoloration or fading will not occur.

How does an XXL bauble become a wish carrier?

It’s very easy! You can take care of it personally, but it is much more comfortable to entrust this task to specialists. When choosing large baubles from the TerraChristmas collection, you can additionally choose the option of placing a label on their surface with any message. To be sure about the effect, you can order free visualisation any time you want. In this way you can be certain that the final composition will fully coincide with the expectations.

Source: www.terrachristmas.eu

How to put a logo on a pot with a Christmas cover?

A logotype or Christmas wishes may appear not only on the XXL bauble, but also on the city pot. Right after Christmas, the decoration can be easily removed without damaging the surface of the container, so that it can become the basis for a new, spring composition.

Luckenwalde – just wonderful Christmas!

There were a lot of Christmas decorations around. One could admire unusual ornaments and atmospheric light strings. In the German city of Luckenwalde, exceptionally unique elements appeared: intensely red XXL baubles and slender openwork decorations.

The Christmas composition was set on one of the city’s roundabouts, which is passed by the inhabitants of the nearby neighborhood every day. It is an important place worth emphasising – especially in the run-up to Christmas.
For this reason the character of it was pretty changed – the roundabout space was filled with slender openwork decorations in the shape of cones. These elements inspired by the traditional Christmas tree were illuminated with strings of delicate lights, therefore, the composition is most delightful in the evenings. The illumination of the roundabout is another benefit and a way to disperse the early winter dusk. Moreover, the crossroads became more visible and so safer.

Luckenwalde, Germany | source: www.terrachristmas.com

Openwork decorations were not the only distinguishing feature of the roundabout because also they were accompanied by XXL christmas baubles in traditional red color. Intriguing, large elements caught the eye, making the composition enliven the estate plunged in autumn and early winter.

Luckenwalde, Germany | source: www.terrachristmas.com

Residents of the Luckenwalde estate could enjoy the beautiful decoration of the roundabout … And they will certainly be able to count on similar attractions in the coming years – city decorations from the TerraChristmas collection (including the mentioned large baubles or openwork decorations) are made of such solid materials that they will not be harmed even by the most severe winter or accidental mechanical damage. What else … Simply – Happy Christmas!

Luckenwalde, Germany | source: www.terrachristmas.com