Urban decorations and functionality – how to make decorations in urban space practical?


All city residents want to live comfortably in their space, therefore, it is very important to take care of the landscape elements. We pay attention not only to places for waste segregation, public benches or playgrounds, but also to quite specific components of urban life. Of course, this applies to urban decorations that should please the eye of passers-by and build a coherent image of the city. After all, it is a natural human need to surround oneself with aesthetic objects. As the awareness of this subject is increasing among city authorities and local communities, one can notice more and more interestingly developed urban spaces. We admire various art installations, exhibitions of local artists and commemorative plaques. At such moments, however, one question arises: could urban decorations also perform practical functions?

Yellow urban pots

Modern street furniture

One of the most interesting ideas in contemporary design is creating useful street furniture. Such facilities not only meet the tangible need of the residents, which is integration and joint recreation in urban space, but also add an artistic flair to every place. For this reason, more and more cities decide to set up designer, modern public benches or flower containers to combine two goals in one:  the comfort of residents and the revival of public space.

People, who want to enliven their surroundings with bright colors, will certainly be interested in colorful, metal city benches. It is definitely a more budget option than art installations, as it will work in any space. Colorful benches attract not only the eyes of tourists and residents, but also themselves – passers-by will be much more willing to rest on a designer bench, which originally fits into the urban space. Importantly, such benches are made of various metals, making them much more durable. It is also impossible to ignore their advantages during bad weather; after the rain, it is enough to wipe their handrails with a tissue, and not, as in the case of traditional wooden benches, to wait for many hours for their drying.

Modern public bench with a flower pot

Public benches in non-standard, geometric shapes will work in the same way. Furniture with an artistic touch will add a designer character to each district—it will refresh the historic, traditional promenades, and will also match the fronts of modern hotels. In these cases, street furniture in gray or graphite colors will be a good choice.

How to take advantage of street furniture in a creative way?

A very original way to arrange street furniture is to use a construction that will allow to combine a bench with a flower pot. Thanks to this, it will be possible to launch greenery into the center of every city. What’s more, passers-by will be delighted with a bit of shade in which they can rest during hot days. A designer example of combining urban greenery with a public bench is the street furniture set, called QUINTOS, which goes together with GIANTO. This modular set allows you to freely integrate several large pots with wavy, modern benches. The unique advantage of this collection will be the ability to adjust the row of benches, colors of pots and their sizes to your individual idea.

Those who miss colors in urban space may like the idea of vibrant, round ZEBRA benches, which go with GIANTO pots. This uncommon project has already gathered a lot of fans, which can be admired, for example, in Łabiszyn (check the photo below).

Colorful urban bench with a flower pot

Another multi-functional solution is the combination of flower pots with bicycle racks. Such a decoration of a car park or promenade may encourage more people to use ecological means of transport, and at the same time, it will provide greenery to the public space. Placing such facilities between a busy street and a pavement will also ensure the safety of passers-by, which is a great advantage, especially in larger cities. Some also decide to aesthetically block the car traffic on the promenade… for which they use modular urban furniture — benches, the Flower Towers or litter bins. This solution will certainly increase the comfort of residents in many places.

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