Łabiszyn – the Kuyavian-Pomeranian town in flowers


Łabiszyn is a small Polish town located near Bydgoszcz. It is certainly not the first place on a long list of places worth visiting, but an appropriate approach to urban greenery makes Łabiszyn look better than many tourist towns. This is one of the main reasons that should encourage travelers to visit, and the authorities of other places to follow an example from Łabiszyn.

The center of Łabiszyn

Łabiszyn stands out from other places in Poland when it comes to the most important point of the city, i.e. the center. Contrary to the prevailing tendency to revitalize the Old Towns, which usually ends with a concrete empty square, Łabiszyn did not follow this path. In the most representative place, you can still see the square with a lawn, the Flower Towers, trees, paths, benches, and around it breathtaking flower beds with densely planted ornamental grasses and flowers. There are so many seedlings that the whole thing looks like colorful, fluffy carpets. As if that was not enough, the authorities of Łabiszyn focused on additional decorative elements. Yellow, blue and white large pots planted really luxuriantly are a decorative dominant.

The most important point in the center of Łabiszyn is the town hall. It is a simple but charming building that has also been decorated with flowers. Lush surfinas are hanging from the windows resembling pink pillows.  Pink dahlias appeared where there was access to ground and along the sidewalks the pots with a yellow variety and a plume of ornamental grasses were arranged. A metal bench winds around the plant containers (the colors of which match the planters in the central part of the market), providing residents additional seating. Admittedly, it is as impressive as it is efficient.

Nadnotecka Street

The Noteć River flows through Łabiszyn and surrounds the Old Town with two branches. However, the increasing distance from the town center does not mean a reduction in the care for public space. On Nadnotecka Street, there are colorful, round benches with flower pots, which delight with flowers every year. This is another classic example straight from Łabiszyn concerning the appropriate approach to aesthetics in the town. We are simply stunned looking at the effect.

Łabiszyn is beautiful in every aspect

The whole idea of planting not only the main part of Łabiszyn, but also the extraordinary care for plants, means that larger towns and cities would certainly envy such an effect. We sincerely hope that the photos will serve as inspiration for others, because our dream as well as other people too, is that the space in which they live or visit should be as aesthetically pleasing as Łabiszyn. Interestingly, this Kuyavian-Pomeranian town matches the unique and beautiful decorations to the season.

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