Edge rubber seal – an essential part of the Flower Towers


The Flower Towers have become a permanent element of urban landscape. The durable steel structure makes it possible and easy to create a vertical garden full of flowering plants, even in the case of a paved surface. However, to make the Flower Towers look equally beautiful for many years, it is necessary to ensure that all elements are in their place but also that they are in a good technical condition. One of the most important parts is the rubber seal protecting the edges of the steel rings. What is it for? Is it actually necessary? In this post, you will find the answer to these questions. Additionally, we will show you that the edge rubber seal is the best option.

The Flower Towers look marvelous and thanks to the edge seals they are safe for passers-by and plants.

What is the role of the rubber seal in a cascade planter?

The well-thought-out steel structure of the Flower Tower assures an amazing visual effect, however, it is worth taking a look at the additional, sometimes invisible elements too. The decoration consists of thin sheet metal rings. Each of them is precisely laser-cut, which makes its edges sharp. Were it not for the proper protection in the form of a rubber seal, the urban decoration would pose a risk of injury at the time of planting, and later, when the Flower Tower appears at its destination place. Additionally, the exposed edges of the rings may damage the greenery. This is why the use of an edge gasket is indispensable.

The no-glue edge rubber seal protects against cuts and damage to plants.

For the safety of residents, put on a non-adhesive seal

Each new Flower Tower is equipped with a resistant ring edge protector. However, those planters that have been decorating public spaces for years may need to have the edge seals replaced. It is good to take care of this before the summer season. If the old ring seals have been damaged or have slipped off and lost somewhere, it is not worth relying on hand-made replacements. In this case, the safety of residents counts most, so buying accessories dedicated to the Flower Towers is essential. The Terra Group company closely follows the latest technological solutions and decided to abandon traditional glued trims in favor of durable and resistant non-adhesive rubber seals.

Why is a non-glue edge rubber seal the best option when replacing ring protections in the Flower Towers?

  1. The design of the edge seal allows for push-in assembly without additional adhesives.
  2. Quick and easy assembly.
  3. A glued seal may slip over the years as with time the adhesive loses its properties. The glueless rubber seal will always stay in its place.
  4. It is extremely resistant to harmful external factors, such as rain, high humidity, UV radiation.
  5. These types of non-adhesive seals are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. They are successfully used in boats, motorboats and industrial machines, which guarantees that in the case of the Flower Towers they will perfectly fulfill their task for many years.

The Flower Towers are a very popular solution for public spaces. With the proper choice of flowers, the cascade planter can be a decoration all year round (check more on this subject in the post about the seasonal planters), therefore each of its elements should be resistant and durable. The highest quality accessories make the Flower Towers a good investment in the aesthetics of the city for years.

If your Flower Towers don’t have a non-glue edge rubber seal, be sure to consider buying it. Accessories dedicated to cascade planters can be ordered from the Terra Group Customer Service.

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