What about…ornamental grasses?

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This is the question that was asked when arranging this year’s greenery in the center of Świnoujście (Poland) and along the seaside boulevard. The answer turns out to be unequivocal – this is a great idea! We are sure that this unusual concept will enter the canon of the most popular flowers.

Świnoujście, Poland | source: www.terra-flower-tower.com

This year, Świnoujście (Poland) was dominated by a twofold approach to urban greenery: on the one hand, tried-and-tested as well as popular types of flowers were chosen, and on the other … residents together with guests were surprised by an unconventional solution for planting the Flower Towers. The cascade constructions were filled with lush ornamental grasses – until now reserved primarily for planting directly in the ground, in XXL pots or flower boxes mounted on railings.

Świnoujście, Poland | source: www.terra-flower-tower.com

This “natural experiment” turned out to be a full success – the decorations do not only look great, but also they will survive until late autumn, without any need to replace plants with seasonal specimens.


Świnoujście, Poland | source: www.terraformdesign.eu

In the seaside town, popular flowers were planted too – the tallest Flower Towers were planted with begonia and fuchsia, flower boxes were filled with ipomea in a duo with surfinia, and the concrete XXL pots, among others, were planted with more and more popular canna.

Świnoujście, Poland | source: www.terra-flower-tower.com

Interestingly, in Świnoujście one could notice a trend related to flower meadows – because who said that it is impossible to arrange them in the Flower Towers? The lower Flower Towers were planted with meadow specimens that attract pollinators and, what is more, they help to preserve biodiversity. The unique, eye-catching visual effect does not need to be mentioned!

Świnoujście, Poland | source: www.terra-flower-tower.com

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