XXL Easter eggs in Kozienice,  i.e. creative urban activities


Although Easter time has just passed, in some places we can still admire amazing Easter decorations. It turns out that more and more local communities are becoming very creative when it comes to decorating their urban spaces. This season, the Kozienice Municipality also took on such a challenge, and we have to admit that the result is simply stunning!

XXL fiberglass eggs as a canvas for local artists

As we mentioned in the previous article, residents have many possibilities when it comes to painting XXL Easter eggs. In some towns the eggs were decorated by kindergarten children, in others by local professional artists. It was no different in Kozienice — the local community joined forces and prepared the urban space for the coming Easter.

XXL Easter eggs in the Kozienice Municipality were made by younger and older residents, including local artists.

Decorating Easter eggs was a social act and art materials were donated by the Mayor of Kozienice — Piotr Kozłowski.

We love this creative approach to decorating urban space—it serves all residents, and such actions certainly support establishing closer relations among neighbors. Beautifully painted eggs in the Kozienice Municipality delight everyone, which is why we strongly encourage you to visit the town and maybe even… join the action next year?

Thank you very much for the photos and congratulations to all the artists!

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