Outdoor hanging decorations – a new trend to beautify cities


There are many ways to beautify public space. Natural decorations, mainly seasonal flowers, have been in the lead for years. Additionally, murals can work well too, as they can turn a blank wall into a real masterpiece, and at the same time carry an important message. Hanging decorations have become a new trend in improving the aesthetics of cities. If you are wondering what decorations will be the best, where and how to hang them, in this post we will present you 4 solutions from the Austrian town of Schärding that will surely beautify any space.

Which outdoor hanging decorations should you choose?

Colorful hanging umbrellas above the street.

Outdoor Hanging decorations in public spaces can be associated with red lanterns placed over cosy streets in China or Chinese districts located around the world. These airy, paper elements are the first kind of a decoration that comes to one`s mind, but it certainly cannot be classified as durable. A hanging decoration made of paper will require frequent replacement with a new one, which can be not only expensive, but also difficult due to the fact that they are fixed several meters above the ground.

Colorful umbrellas hanging over the streets are gaining popularity. The recipe for success with such urban decorations is to provide the right number of elements in proper colors. Umbrellas should be densely placed so that one touches the other and almost completely covers the street from the sun. When it comes to colors, rainbow colors definitely work well. A popular idea is to use city colors. Colorful umbrellas over the street are a very effective hanging ornament that will surely attract tourists.

Colorful umbrellas and paper lanterns are not the only outdoor hanging decorations that are suitable for urban space. If you are looking for a solution that will be durable, light, and at the same time will delight passers-by with strong, expressive colors and an interesting, unusual form, openwork elements will be an excellent option. Especially that they will work as a hanging ornament, as well as a wall decoration. They are made of rainproof, moisture-proof fiberglass, which is why they are perfect for outdoor space. In addition, the translucent structure will facilitate assembly and make the mounting stable and safe. Even a strong wind will not be able to do any damage, which is extremely important in the case of any outdoor hanging decorations.

Hanging decorations above the street

Narrow streets surrounded by beautiful, old tenement houses are often one of the most popular attractions of the city. Tourists love to go off the popular sightseeing routes to admire the architecture of a given place and feel the unique atmosphere. For this reason, it is worth taking care of such space. This task may seem troublesome to achieve, because the tight, shaded passages make it difficult to integrate additional greenery there, as well as to place a sculpture or an artistic installation. However, it is enough to look just above ground level to find the greatest potential of such spaces. A hanging decoration will be perfect above one’s heads.

Thanks to the proximity of old tenement houses the ropes can be spread between the buildings in order to fix hanging decorations. However, remember to do it professionally. First of all, the lack of a stable assembly may lead to falling down of outdoor hanging decorations. Secondly, a solid fixing will serve for many seasons and it will certainly prove useful not only for summer decorations, but also for Christmas accents, Easter eggs and many others.

Streets decorated with hanging ornaments.

The unique city welcome sign

The city’s welcome element usually looks like a large sign with a coat of arms or a logo belonging to this place. Sometimes one can see metal structures with a signboard decorated with hanging flower pots. However, the options don’t stop there. At the entrance to Schärding, one can admire a very interesting installation, which is an artistic city gate. The town is located on the Inn River, and a bridge with a steel arch extends to the center from the west. The city authorities took advantage of it as a support for beautiful hanging decorations. More than a dozen orange tulip suspended on a steel structure add color to the space and bring a smile to the faces of passersby.

Welcome sign in Schärding – created from orange hanging decorations.

The standing decoration with a hanging element

Colorful openwork structures perfectly complement green squares. Vivid colors such as yellow, pink, purple and even bright green are the distinguishing feature of the area. They change an ordinary public space into a picturesque, fairy-tale corner. In Schärding, lovely hanging decorations are fixed on green, slightly bent pillars. Such a technique made the decorations resemble fairy-tale lanterns or giant flowers.

Flower square and hanging decorations.

A outdoor hanging decoration in the company of a monument

Monuments are an inseparable element of every city. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked by tourists. Colorful hanging decorations placed around the monument will beautify the surroundings and make it impossible to miss the sculpture. Thanks to this, more people will become interested in the story associated with it. Metal posts that can be firmly attached to the ground to make sure that the beautiful hanging decoration remains in its place.

The monument adorned with colorful outdoor decorations.

Schärding – a consistently decorated city

The town of Schärding is famous for its charming, colorful houses, as well as for variegated openwork decorations suspended in different parts of the town. This choice made it possible to admire eye-catching decorations installed in various places, from the entrance, through the green squares, to the Old Town area. Thanks to this, the town not only stands out from the others, but also presents itself very coherently.

Openwork decorations come in many shapes, which allows you to choose the appropriate element to the space. In the city of Schärding one can only see tulips, but there are various hanging decorations available, such as flowers, umbrellas, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, stars, balls and many more. If you want to see what other variants of outdoor hanging decorations have a look at the catalog of summer or Christmas ornaments.

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