Spring in the city – pansies in a pot, daisies in a flower container


The Flower Towers are one of the most effective ideas for spring compositions in cities … but not the only one. Plants can also appear in flower boxes and pots – large, colorful and exceptionally resistant to any inconvenience. What to choose and what is the best way to plan plantings to make sure that spring will come to the city in its full glory?

Pansies – the best choice for cities

Blooming plants looming up from city streets and squares are the best way to say goodbye to winter and its grayness. Pansies, due to their charming appearance as well as resistance to cold and low requirements, are the best idea for the first plantings.

Interestingly, selected species of pansy bloom already on the first days of March, which is why they are perfect for arranging urban space. Thanks to pansies, you will be sure that spring will appear in the city in a blink of an eye. This charming, inconspicuous flower impresses with its properties: for lush flowering, it only needs fertile soil and a sunny (or even semi-shaded) place.

Various spring flowers

When decorating cities, not only pansies with color flowers will help. They can be combined in a spring composition with daisies, tulips and other weather-resistant plants. Pansies planted in the Flower Towers, flowerbeds, boxes, pots, Easter flower containers in the shape of an egg, and even hanging Flower Towers mounted on street lamps or walls, effectively color the gray surroundings at a time when you cannot count on other plants. Once their charm fades, they can be quickly replaced with summer plants: pelargonium, ipomea or surfinia.

Spring in the city – compositions in a pot.

Blooming Pyramids

The most resistant plants can be planted at the beginning of March so you will be able to enjoy the first flowers in the city even before the calendar spring. The Flower Towers bring color not only in summer, they are perfect for launching interesting compositions in every season of the year. If you want to learn more about it, check out our post on seasonal flower containers. No wonder that more and more cities and towns in Poland and not only decide to make spring compositions. Here are some of the most interesting arrangements.

In Strzelce Krajeńskie the Flower Towers planted with single-colored pansies were set. Each one had a different color of flowers (yellow, white, purple) creating a very impressive effect.

Spring in the City – Flower tower with pansies in one color.

Świnoujście presented asymmetrical, multi-colored spring compositions. The cherry on top were decorative bunny ears placed at the very top of the Flower Tower. Thanks to this procedure, spring has come to the city, but also a sign of the upcoming Easter.

In Rzepin, the Flower Towers were decorated with white and red (colors of the flag of Poland) pansies. Thanks to this, the spring flower containers in the surroundings of the Monument to the All Fallen (also known as the Eagle Monument) bring solemn, sublime mood.

Oschatz deserves special attention. The German town presents really impressive flower arrangements every season. Each level of the Flower Towers is decorated with different pansies or daisies.

Or maybe spring compositions in pots?

The first flowers in the vividly colored large pots from the TerraForm collection are also a good way to bring spring into the city. Polyethylene containers are chosen for public spaces for a reason – the material from which they are made guarantees resistance to mechanical damage and an unchanged color for years. The pots are almost indestructible, so they are an ideal solution for cities at any time of the year.

The first example to follow is Gorzów Wielkopolski! A red, blue and yellow pot is right next to a huge Easter egg. They have been planted with yellow, purple and blue pansies – the whole thing creates a beautiful Easter decoration.

Spring composition with pots.

For some time now, Dębno has been proud of the yellow and red Gianto and Sito pots, which already in spring are planted with flowers in various parts of the town. Also they are in the main square, where the pots are integrated with a bench.

Spring in the city

Plants in public space play a very important role. It is not worth waiting for the summer months with plantings. Flowers can successfully appear at the beginning of March. Thanks to this, not only spring will soon come to the city, but also blooming compositions will enjoy the residents almost all year round.

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